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5 Reason Vegans Need B12 Spray

Odds are, you supplement your vegan diet with B12, but clinical studies confirm that Methylcobalamin can outperform many of the B12 supplements currently being used. Many people unwittingly succumb to a host of health issues due to nutritional deficiencies, and those who think the main concern is only energy-related are walking a tightrope. 1. Central nervous system becomes vulnerable: Neurological changes are just one of the many effects of B12…

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Health/ Veganism

To Inject or Not To Inject?

You may have heard that B12 injections are the (not so new) energy and metabolism booster for vegans and carnivores alike.  Promises of weight loss and greater athletic performance are also in the mix, which of course is music to most people’s ears.  But is it all it’s cracked up to be and is it worth the money?  Let’s look at some facts as well as some here say and…

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The One Vitamin Vegans Need to Hunt Down and Eat

Imagine what the period at the end of this sentence would weigh and that’s how much vitamin B12 you need on a daily basis (2.4 micrograms/day).  And for the most part, the way to get it is by ingesting animal-based foods like lean meats, poultry, dairy products, eggs and fish.  Since such a small amount is recommended, it might lead you (a vegan) to wonder whether or not it’s important…

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