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Animal Rights/ Products

Why Martha Stewart Says ‘No’ to Factory-Farmed Eggs

In the April issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine, Martha talks about the flock of chickens at her farm in Bedford, New York. She started raising her own hens, she says, after personally visiting a factory egg farm. “I was so disturbed by what I saw—the cruel, inhumane conditions—that I vowed to always have my own coop,” she writes. The “cruel, inhumane conditions” Martha speaks of are the battery cages…

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Animal Rights

Bruno: A New Perspective on Happy Cows

By Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati: Sitting in my office in downtown Boston I stared out the frosted glass and dreamt of Italy. A small farm filled with animals wandering in green pastures, clucking at my heels, waiting eagerly to have grain and hay thrown into their troughs. One more month, and I would be volunteering on a small organic dairy farm nestled in the pristine Italian countryside.   While I had been…

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Animal Rights/ Politics

Oppose Obama’s pick for Secretary of Agriculture

Good thing the Organic Consumers Association is on this stuff… Obama plans to nominate Tom Vilsack as Secretary of Agriculture.  Vilsack is known for supporting Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) or factory farms and for promoting genetically engineered crops and animal cloning. The Organic Consumers Association has organized a petition for all concerned citizens to join their call to action and block Vilsack’s confirmation as the next Secretary of Agriculture.…

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