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Eating Well is for Everybody

By Ann Gentry, Real Food Daily: Is it elitist to want to eat well?  It’s a question that often comes up, because food choices are so personal and people like to take sides. People are influenced by their personal and cultural history, as well as taste buds and impulses when it comes to making food choices. And for many people, it is their financial status that plays the biggest factor.…

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Food Can Heal the World

Food Can Heal the World by Ann Gentry That’s a pretty big statement! Remember the song, “We can heal the world?”  How could anyone in the last 20 years forget?  Love: heal the world, food: heal the world.  Love and food are interconnected, but lately food seems to be getting a lot of people in a lot of trouble.  In these same twenty years, statistically, the world over, people are…

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