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I'm a Wellness Warrior blogger with doctoroz.com (I've burnt off 130 lbs in 2 years starting at age 43). Check out my blogs at www.doctoroz.com/expert/bonnie-matthews www.bonniematthews.com I'm also co-founder of Freekeh Foods, US based brand of the ancient grain freekeh! www.freekeh-foods.com I'm also, motivator, healthy cook and author of a cookbook, "30 Ways to Freekeh!", published illustrator and blogger I am a 47 year old woman in menopause. I used to weigh over 265lbs...and now weight143lbs. I did it all through my own hard work the slow old fashioned way: at the gym! Through eating well and working hard I have transformed my body inside and out. I am now healthier than I ever have been in my entire life! I feel great! I have achieved a new body from the inside out and have learned that we can all achieve amazing things if we truly believe that we can! I am now a Wellness Warrior Blogger on www.Doctoroz.com/expert/bonnie-matthews new posts go up every week stay tuned for tips and yummy personal recipes!!!! and a few laughs... I am also an AAAI Certified Personal Fitness Trainer with a passion for strength and weight loss transformation. I'm hoping to be able to take a boot camp on the road across America to help others get excited and believe that they too can live on this planet in a body they never dreamed possible. I am also a personal Chef teaching others healthy recipes and sharing with them how to create and prepare meals for themselves; shop with them, and portion out food with them. all posts are copyrighted: bonnie matthews 2010

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