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Our community is powered by caring people from around the world who are dedicated to promoting a healthy, compassionate, and sustainable lifestyle. More than a guide to restaurants and health food stores, HappyCow is your one-stop resource for everything VEG.
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veg recipes
Soup, Soup, and Chocolate

In addition to writing about their dining adventures, Cow members share their original recipes, with dishes like:
- Mushroom, coconut, and greens soup
- Butternut squash bisque
- Blueberry & coconut raw chocolates

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veg history

Embracing Vegetarian History

Take a look at these historical gems, courtesy of Cow friends at the Ernest Bell Library:
- Vegetarian directory from 1907! (long before HappyCow)
- Vegan ‘butter’ in 1894, aka margarine, and historical vegan marketing campaigns
- National Equine Defence League badge, circa 1910
- Art for the benefit of animals from circa 1924
- The Vegetarian's Barnyard vegetable art from 1935

Mayim Bialik
Veg Celebrity Interview

Actress Mayim Bialik of the American TV show, "The Big Bang Theory," prefers vegan food and uses HappyCow to find restaurants! She talks to us about her new cookbook and about raising her children on the vegan diet.

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Dan Piraro
The Funny Vegetarian

Cartoonist Dan Piraro creates comic strips infused with sharp-witted commentaries about the typical western diet and its effects on human health, the world, and the animals. We present a small sample of Piraro's work.

chuckle time >
Inn Season Cafe
Inn Season Cafe - Royal Oak
Michigan's go-to destination for hearty vegetarian and vegan cuisine since 1981. info >
PuraVegan - St. Louis
Cafe and yoga space serving plant-based meals with raw options and lots of grab-n-go. info >
Dhaba Beas
Dhaba Beas - Prague
Veggie buffet with 6 convenient locations. Enjoy tasty food that's easy on the wallet. info >
Blossom Restaurant - New York City

Savor world-class vegan cuisine in a fine dining atmosphere; in Manhattan since 2005. info >

VeganBurg - Singapore
Serving its signature, non-gmo burgers in 6 unique flavors at 4 outlets. info >
TownHall - Cleveland
A neighborhood bar & restaurant that features Vegan Night every Monday from 5pm. info >
Crudessence - Montreal
Specializes in fresh raw food that's delicious and gluten-free; many locations. info >

* Member participation is the fuel that keep our restaurants & stores guide comprehensive and up-to-date. We give a big shout-out to y'all with extra thanks to this month's SuperCow Ambassadors: Joanna K (Sofia), Harp (Barcelona), and JJo (Mendoza).
* Checkout these 10 amazing animal love stories posted to the veggie blog by Rae Sikora.
* Bethany M. invites us to learn about Food for Thought, a program designed to help shelters adopt an animal-friendly menu policy for their events.
* Dave Simon's book, Meatonomics, delves into the bizarre economic forces behind meat and dairy.
* FARM reminds us that March is Meatout. Organize or join an event to encourage others to try meat-alternatives.

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Vegan Pockets
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Pure Vegan
How one student took otherwise wasted food and used it to feed thousands
Video: eating an egg not made of egg
Going vegan at midlife makes sense
Young activist to celebrate bar mitzvah at vegan restaurant
Vegetarian diet linked to lower blood pressure
Woolly mammoths may have feasted on flowers, living life as gentle vegans
Kickstarter for a new system of hydroponics
Practicing generosity leads to more happiness
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