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Useful tips on traveling as a vegan / vegetarian. Air travel guide and other travel resources.

Animal Rights

Facts you need to know. How animals become meat and why the vegan diet helps animals.

B&B and Retreat Guide

Looking for veg-friendly accomodation? Quiet getaways, yoga retreats, and spiritual workshops.

Raw Food

Who are the raw-foodist and what do they eat?

Famous Vegetarians

Many famous personalities have chosen to go veg. Have a look who's on this ever expanding list.


Tips on staying healthy as a veg*n. Topics include protein, superfoods, food-combining, and much more.


Spiritual inspiritation to become a vegetarian. Words of wisdom on the matter.


Humor, jokes, comics, funnys. Gotta be able to laugh at yourself, right?

Online Resources

Helpful weblinks to support you on your vegetarian path.

Test Your Veg IQ

Take this little Veg IQ Test and see what you know about being veg!

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