Vegetarian and Vegan Travel

Making plans for a trip to an unfamiliar city or country? Looking forward to try local, ethnic vegetarian food and vegan food; explore ancient sights; learning a new language? Like you, we at HappyCow, enjoy planning trips to all parts of the world. Our adventures have taken us across continents into nearly 60 countries over the past decades, and we hope to share some useful travel tips with you. Below are information on vegan and vegetarian guesthouses and accommodation, vegetarian travel guides and travel planners, top-rated cities for eating vegetarian cuisine, and other travel discoveries.

HappyCow Site Destinations:

Global Travel Guide to Vegetarian B&Bs
A look at some bed & breakfast, resorts, spas, retreat centers, accommodations that cater especially to vegans, vegetarians, and health-minded travelers.

HappyCow 101: How to Eat Veg While Traveling
A starter guide with helpful tips.

Top Veg-Friendly Cities in the World
The top 5 cities according to member votes and cities on HappyCow with the most listings.

Airplane Meals
Useful information on how to make flying easier for vegans and vegetarians.

Asia Travel and Your Health
If you are going to Asia for the first time and wish to stay healthy while there, this is a must read for Westerners.

Eating Vegetarian Food in Asia
Explore a few basic vegetarian food from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan.

Conscious Camping
Camping in an RV veg style.

HappyCow Community: Eat Healthy While Traveling
Our members share their travel tips.

Veg Travel Links
Some vegan and vegetarian travel sites.

City Spotlight: Istanbul, Turkey
Travel tips and info on eating vegetarian in Istanbul.

City Spotlight: Toronto, Canada
Travel tips and info on eating vegetarian in Toronto.

City Spotlight: Orlando, Florida
Travel tips and info on eating vegetarian in Orlando.

City Spotlight: Austin, Texas
Travel tips and info on eating vegetarian in Austin.

Vegan Food Trailers: Austin, Texas
Video interview and sampling various vegetarian food trucks in Austin.

Travel French Polynesia
An introduction to the islands, plus recommendations for vegetarians and how not to starve while visiting Moorea.

Travel Los Angeles
An introduction to the city of angels, plus recommendations for the best eats, shopping, and fun outdoor activities around LA.

Travel San Francisco
An introduction to the city by the bay, plus recommendations for vegetarian restaurants, shopping, and fun activities to do while visiting San Francisco.

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