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Listed First! (top-of-page) in homepage Food Finder search result, and color-highlighted for extra attention (example below)
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Special FRIEND banner recommendation next to your business name Friend
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FRIEND Acknowledgement page placement, which is linked-to in every MooZine e-Newsletter, 12 times each year
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Top Priority whenever you need to update the content of your listing
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Good Karma! for supporting this website
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One year minimum required
$29/month per listing
based on 1-year (348/yr)
$19/month per listing
based on 1-year (228/yr)
$9/month per listing
based on 1-year (108/yr)

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Example of Top-of-Page, highlighted appearance in our homepage Food Finder search results (Premium & Plus):

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Priority appearance is by alphabetical order when there is more than one FRIEND in a city or search result.

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If you prefer to mail a check, please remit and make payable in US dollars to:
605 San Vicente Blvd Suite 209
Santa Monica, CA 90402 USA

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Favorite Vegetarian Forum
Web Top 100 Food
24 Carrot Award
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See list of HappyCow business FRIENDs who are benefiting from their Special Priority status - here

"HappyCow links are invaluable to El Piano in Spain. Through HappyCow we receive many visitors who are looking expressly for El Piano as a result of searching the HappyCow website. As southern Spain is particularly difficult for non-meat eaters the HappyCow information, which is clear and concise, is definitely helping travellers and helping us to connect for a better future."
- Magdalena of El Piano, Spain & UK

"HappyCow definitely gave Jazzy Veggie more exposure to new customers. I hear quite frequently from our guests that they have seen us on HappyCow. We are glad to partner up with you to grow awareness for Jazzy Veggie."
- Andy of Jazzy Veggie, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Thank you for creating HappyCow. Often, we hear customers say that they come to our restaurant because of the great reviews they see on HappyCow. You are definitely a very popular and trusted vegetarian website. It is comprehensive and easy to use. Whenever I travel, I certainly use HappyCow to check out what vegetarian restaurants are available in the vicinity."
- Shing Tong of Vegetarian Haven, Toronto, Ontario

"We ONLY promote on HappyCow - we use no other media. Most of our customers find us on HappyCow and we recommend HappyCow, and you are on our homepage."
- Paul of Karma Waters, Hoi An, Vietnam

"We'd like to renew for one more year, of course. From your web site, many customers are coming."
- Hiroco of Ain Soph Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

"I definitely see a benefit for the Business Friends program. Since that's been implemented, I've definitely found that we're getting increased business from new customers who found us on HappyCow. We're a bit out of the beaten path so they really did their HappyCow research, too! Thanks!"
- Chamain of Breads on Oak, New Orleans, Louisiana

"I hear from many of our customers - especially the ones visiting from out of town or even out of the country - that they found our restaurant on HappyCow. Without question, HappyCow is an essential resource for vegan and vegetarian diners and restaurants alike. There's simply no other website that makes the connection for us and that is so well trusted. This is backed up by our research data, as well. Except for Google, HappyCow is the biggest referring site to our reservation web page, and results in many diners coming in to our restaurant."
- Dave of ZenKitchen, Ottawa, Ontario

Rules and Limitations

1. We reserve the right to deny any ad subscriber without explanation. If we deny your advertisement but you have already made a payment, we will refund the money to you.
2. We reserve the right to change the terms and rules at anytime; we will notify you of any change.
3. If at anytime you choose to terminate your FRIEND campaign before your subscription period expires, no refunds will be given.
4. Unless you have already made a pre-payment or have used a "Subscribe" button to pay, all prices are subject to change, without notice, to reflect current web statistics.
5. Only 'pre-payments' and payments placed through PayPal on an automatic renewal plan (subscription), and kept active (means updating your credit card as necessary), will qualify to have this current rate "locked-in".
6. At the end of your commitment period, your FRIEND campaign will be renewed automatically unless you cancel the renewal for the next period before it begins (you may easily cancel the subscription anytime thru PayPal).
7. All stated rates are in US dollars.
8. FRIEND placement order is alphabetical when there is more than one in any City page or search result page.
9. Payment is accepted in US dollars and can be converted from other currency.