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真的咖啡 opened as a vegan coffee shop summer 2017 at 文山區萬隆街19巷1號. Serves drinks alongside sandwiches and bakery goods made in its kitchen. Reported Nov 2018 to now offer cow milk for drinks. Reported closed July 2023.

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First Review by HaileyPoLa


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10 Mar 2020

Falsely claim a non-vegan cake to be vegan,not vegan-friendly anymore!😒

Used to really like this place and their food when they WERE vegan, but sadly they are not vegan-friendly anymore. I don’t have problems with vegetarian places as long as they clearly and honestly disclose and label what’s vegan and what’s not, but this unfortunately is not what Zhen De does at my latest visit. I was told the blueberry cheesecake and tropical island cheesecake were vegan (spoil alert: they are NOT) when I asked what vegan dessert they’ve got. I double checked before ordering a blueberry cheesecake and the lady confirm it’s vegan. We tasted it immediately felt it doesn’t taste vegan so I asked again what it’s made of, was told it’s made of white chocolate and that white chocolate was vegan. I think I asked 5 times in total and they insisted it’s vegan, I texted a friend who worked there and and asked if they could confirm cos I felt like asking the same staff a 6th time won’t get me anywhere. Then as you can already tell by the 2-star review, turns out the cake is not vegan!😒I think this is the most negative experience I’ve had in Taiwan. Hope they will do better in the future!

Pros: Has vegan options (but not clearly labeled)

Cons: Not vegan-friendly



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07 Jun 2019

Disappointed that it's no longer vegan

Zhen De Coffee used to only offer vegan options, but they've changed and started to offer A LOT OF dairy products for, in their words, "those who need dairy." It's still a vegetarian place, which is 10 times better than a meat-serving place, but I personally have difficulty supporting a business that goes backwards. The last and only time I went l loved their eggless sandwich and vegan milk tea though, so I'm not critiquing the quality of the food/drinks, but rather the ethics. I guess it's up to you if you want to support it!

Updated from previous review on 2017-07-11


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20 May 2019


I went here to try their famous sandwich wich is very delicious. I took the garlic one and if you are also a garlic lover you should try it.
However, I went there with my boyfriend who was not hungry and you should be aware that if you want to sit there you have to consume.
I told him to wait me outside then they said that It was ok for this time but then the staff became super cold.
Not even a goodbye even if I said that It was delicious... So first and last time for me. :)

Pros: Very good vegan non-egg garlic sandwich , Cozy place to work

Cons: Pricey for the size, Cold staff, Non vegan café anymore...


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17 Nov 2018

Disappointingly No Longer All Vegan

This cafe has been a vegan stronghold for years - THE place to go when you need to get some work done, along with a drink and delicious sandwich. It was especially good when About Animals was nearby (it's moved across Taipei).

But they have started serving dairy milk, and they may soon also serve non-vegan items on their food menu.

So it's worth considering if you are in the area and need a nice cafe to work (after all, most cafes serve non-vegan food) but it's no longer anything special, so I wouldn't go out of your way to visit here anymore.

Pros: nice atmosphere, cater to vegans, all vegetarian (I think)

Cons: no longer all vegan


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25 May 2018

THE best no-egg salade sandwiches

Absolutely the best no-egg tofu salade sandwiches . A MUST have tried, I want the recipes, I have to. The coffee is all vegan and good strong, just as Europeans love it.

Pros: No-egg tofu salade sandwiches , Coffee, 100% vegan

Cons: Out of route


Points +812

28 Apr 2018


Good ambiance, good service.
A place to grab a light meal or simply order a drink.


Points +100

13 Apr 2018

Cosy vegan cafe

I enjoyed their latte and "milk tea" a lot, the sandwich is tasty too but a bit of pricy. It's a great place to be alone with a laptop or meet up with friend.

Pros: Cosy place


Points +876

18 Mar 2018

A Place To Relax & Chill

A lovely cafe that you can chill and relax, or even just to work on your laptop. Discount for ordering second drink. However, the cappuccino is not as great as I expected. Surprisingly their Japanese Fried Noodle was very delicious.

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