Vegetarian cafe serving breakfast and lunch dishes and bakery items, as well as smoothies and hot and cold drinks. Also a retail space for local makers, creators and artisans, as well as vintage and antique items. Open Thu-Sun 10:00am-4:00pm. Kitchen closes at 2:30pm.

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First Review by Sebastato


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30 May 2023

This was written when it was Louis not the new meat place

5/04/2021 I read in a review that the menu had changed so there were more vegan options so I walked up here for lunch. Perhaps the menu I saw was simplified for post covid. I was so happy that most of the options could be veganised. They did warn us that there would be a 30 minute wait. I ordered the pancake tacos. My partner had the breakfast. When they noticed we were still waiting they brought out a cake for us. That was kind of them. They had ran out of hash browns and so my partner opted for mushrooms. When the breakfast came out, there weren’t any mushrooms and I noticed my pancakes seemed to be missing the lemon balm and raspberry coulis. They were very busy and I think close to running out of food. It was all very tasty anyway and I’d love to try the burgers. Kind server.

Jan 2021
I came here for lunch and checked what was vegan. You take a seat but then order at the counter. It’s a big space. I ordered a soy flat white first. It was a nice coffee. Then I had the gnocchi which looked small but was filling. I really liked the gnocchi but I think the sauce could have had a little bit more flavour but I liked the mushrooms. I’d like to try some other options.

Updated from previous review on 2021-04-05

Pros: Coffee, Space , Lots of vegan options



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28 May 2023

Down the Zetta

When I saw that Louis had now become Zetta’s Pantry, indications on the internet were that it was pretty much the same, as they’d kept the same Instagram and Google pages. You can imagine my disgust when came for breakfast and I scanned the QR code only to discover not only that menu is significantly reduced, with unappetising-looking photos of vegan options, but also that the cafe is now serving slaughtered pig and fish up as food. Although Louis did serve up stolen chicken’s eggs, it had a significant and decent vegan menu, with lots of breakfasty dishes both light and substantial, sweet and savoury. For this reason I was willing to overlook the stingy size of their ‘large’ coffees, but I no longer feel so forgiving. We were hard pressed to find anything we wanted to eat. My default choice was the vegan brekky, which lived up to its appearance in the photo of being dry scrambled tofu on a bed of spinach on sourdough with soggy flavourless mushrooms and half a sliced avocado. The gnocchi was better (although not really what I want for breakfast), with a fairly decent and tasty sauce. I have enjoyed many a relaxed breakfast here, as well as a few lunches, but I’m sad to say that it appears to have gone down the sh*tter.

Pros: Nice sauce with gnocchi

Cons: Serves slaughtered pig and fish now, Serves stolen chicken’s eggs and calf’s milk, Reduced menu and unappetising vegan breakfast


30 May 2023

Had a similar experience to this just the other day, incredibly disappointing.


30 May 2023

I know I’ve said it before, but they should close the existing listing. It isn’t fair


30 May 2023

Yes @Kittybiscuit, it’s the same with their Instagram.


02 Jun 2023

I commented on their Instagram and it says after careful consideration they’ve decided to remove meat from the menu


03 Jun 2023

Wow. Good work 😃 Hope fully the food improves too


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23 Apr 2023

The scrambled tofu!!!

Went for lunch on a Saturday, booked beforehand. You order via the QR code which I loved, saves time and you can customise/note down any allergies etc

I got the English breakfast with scrambled tofu. It was 25aud but the portion is huge!!! The scrambled tofu was literally life changing, the vegan bacon was fun, the sausage was nice, good sourdough bread, nice chickpeas(though baked beans would have been better but that’s just me hahah). My friend got the pesto bagel and also loved it!! Such a lovely space, I will definitely be back :))

Pros: Finally scrambled tofu as an option!!!, Lots of seating, Fully veggie+endless vegan options


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26 Feb 2023

Breakfast done right

Went in this morning for a quick breakfast before work. They are open early on a Sunday (which is lovely for us shift workers). Grabbed a soy biscoff latte, the fish bao buns and the biscoff French toast. Wow. All delicious. The service was lovely too, and you can order with the QR at the table if you like which I find super convenient. Definitely will be back.

Pros: All vegetarian can be made vegan, Food was very tasty


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15 Jan 2023

Yummy brunch in a nice setting

The food is tasty, however they have messed up my coffee order and served me dairy milk so I’d recommend double checking your coffee orders.


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20 Aug 2022

So impressed with vegan egg

The vegan fried egg is incredible! There was hollandaise sauce too also vegan so delicious! This place is so underrated! the whole dish was so good the mock chicken, hollandaise, vegan egg, bagel, kale it was all top quality! The hot dog was really amazing aswell! The lounge chairs were super comfy. Is expensive but so are most places in that district of fitzroy and considering nowjere else is cresting vegan egg its definitely worth it.

Pros: Only place in melb with vegan egg, Has comfy lounge chairs, Food delicious!

Cons: Serves eggs and dairy, expensive, table water is from tap not filtered


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14 Aug 2022


Got an uber across town ready for a big feed. Got there an hour before advertised close time and they told us they had just closed the kitchen.

Have had the food before and not worth going back again after this ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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24 Jul 2022

it would rude to not give it a 5

it satisfied all of our expectations and we’d be lying if we tried to fault anything about our experience here. the food was delightful, unique dishes that you can’t get anywhere else. my carnivore bf is officially an omni.


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09 Jul 2022


We took our daughter there on a Friday at 8am for her birthday.. drove across town, it says they’re open at 7am. Got there and a guy smoking a dhurry was sitting out front and said ‘sorry bro the person with the keys hasn’t rocked up’ wut


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19 May 2022

Awesome vegan breakfast!

The reviews on here don't give this place enough credit. Perhaps it's better now than it once was. Had an awesome vegan breakfast here. So delicious, so much food I couldn't eat it all! This will be my new breakfast haunt in Melbourne for sure!

Pros: All veggie, most can be veganised, Delicious, Big portions


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25 Jan 2022

Pretty good

Decent selection but some fairly similar, more diversity and dish styles would be good.

Pros: Good vegan options but some dishes are small

Cons: Fairly expensive


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29 Mar 2021

Delish Brunch Options

I am sooo surprised by the other reviews - this place was comfy and relaxed, had lovely staff and really delicious food with a great selection and interesting menu.

I think they updated their menu recently and every thing on the menu was vegan-isable.

I had the pancake tacos and my friend had the smashed avo - big portions, beautifully plated and really tasty.

Yes it's expensive, but it's in line with Fitzroy prices.

Can't wait to go back and try more!


05 Apr 2021

When I went in Jan, the menu was limited for vegans but thanks to your review, I went back today and it was great to see everything could be made vegan. Thanks for your review!


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19 Mar 2021

Dissapointed. Cold food and expensive

Tried for the first time. Not all vegan, due to eggs and cows milk. Had the veganised big breakfast (tofu scramble instead of real eggs). It was presented very nicely and the flavours weren't bad. However, it was mostly cold. Cold and undercooked vegan sausage, cold tofu scramble (even thoguh good flavou), cold beans. For $25, it should be better.
Person I was with had the egg Benedict ($23) and that wasnt the best. The jack fruit pulled pork thing that comes with the benedict, wasnt very exciting. Hash browns were pretty good, but are the shaped frozen ones. Vegan bacon was tough and stringy. Probaly wouldnt go back. Especially for the price

Pros: Good presentation

Cons: Expensive


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22 Jan 2021

Not bad, but would prefer if it was all vegan

I was looking for a good brunch place in Fitzroy and decided to give this new place a go. I usually try to favour all vegan places. Initially I wanted the souffle pancakes but they no longer do them with a vegan option so I got the green gnocchi which was nice but probably not worth $22. My friend got the bowl and she liked it. The chai latte has honey in it so I got a matcha latte - it arrived lukewarm and tasted like dairy. They assured me they made it with almond milk but they offered to make me a new one which was nice and tasted like almond milk. So nice place but if they went all vegan I would be very happy!


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26 Jan 2020

Good coffee but only one vegan option

Apart from the avocado toast nothing is vegan. Even the muesli is made with dairy yogurt... Quite disappointed

Pros: Only the avocado toast can be made vegan

Cons: Nothing else is vegan or can be made vegan


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01 Nov 2019

Almost no choices

They somehow can't even make smashed avo with macadamia fetta vegan, but couldn't explain why. Ended up with just toast and a salad. Very disappointed.

Pros: Almost no choices


26 Jan 2020

Yeah I’ve checked out the menu a couple of times and the only real option is the salad. The menu in the cafe is different from the one on line, with far fewer choices.


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11 Aug 2019

Great breakfast option

Little gem just off Brunswick Street. Surprisingly one of the few places in the vegan Mecca that opens early for breakfast and has options.
Super delicious hot chocolate recommended !

Pros: Very generous dedicated vegan menu, Nice ambience inside


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17 Jun 2019

Beautiful, not too many Vegan Options

Louis (a cafe named after the owner’s French Bulldog) is a cafe with a beautiful atmosphere, and spaced out seating and furniture. Would be great for wheel chair access, as very easy to navigate. Also have excellent facilities (lovely clean bathroom) and adjoins onto the Zetta Florence stationery shop on Brunswick St.
Their menu rotates quite regularly, so there is always something new to look forward to there.

I have tried the Dorayaki Pancakes, no longer on the menu, but their pancake option is consistently vegan, and has beautifully balanced flavours, and is a fair serving size. Their pancakes tend to be more like hot cakes, however.
They also do a smashed avo with macadamia feta and pico de gallo, which is delightful, and quite a nice, light meal. Their macadamia feta is a great one, and certainly worth a try.

Louis do a great range of drinks, both their iced lattes and cold brews are very well done and refreshing. As are their chai lattes and kashaya lattes, which I would highly recommend, especially since both go very well with soy and almond milks.

Pros: Beautiful atmosphere , Lovely service , Amazing drinks

Cons: Not too many vegan options , Limited menu


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21 Aug 2018

Very nice place

Very nice warm and chilly place, great vegan options. It could be cheaper, though.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly staff.

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