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Nepal, Tibetan

Serves meat, vegan options available. Asian noodle shop restaurant. Has a vegetarian section on the menu, and some dishes can be made vegan. Tofu is an option alongside meat. Most servers are accommodating so if you are vegan just specify. Portions are large. Also has green tea ice cream, coconut flan, dessert spring rolls, and vegan sorbets. See menu on their website. NOTES: They give you shrimp chips upon sitting. Also, they fry tofu in the same oil as chicken and fish. Open Mon 11:00am-9:00pm, Tue-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm, Sun 11:00am-9:00pm. Open daily.

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16 Reviews

First Review by Katty


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17 Jul 2023

Great Update

I'd been going here since 2005, and was back in the area to try again. Glad to see the menu is very clearly labeled and there are plenty of tasty options!



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15 Jun 2023

A solid option

I got the tofu appetizer and pad see ew modified without egg and fish sauce to be vegan. It was good but not mind-blowing. Make sure you specify “vegan” and read the key carefully. There are a few codes and what I first thought meant vegan (VG ) just meant “can be made vegan” (with omissions).


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01 Dec 2022

Veg-friendly—just watch out for the shrimp chips

Even you’re seated, let them know you don’t want the shrimp chips—otherwise they will bring some to your table while you’re preparing to order. Other than that, they are vegan-friendly with clearly labeled options. I especially like the Vietnamese spring roll salad, phad kee mao, and yellow curry, all of which can be made vegan with tofu.


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16 Jul 2022

Vegan-friendly and delicious!

I often get takeout from Zen Zero. Their online menu clearly indicates which items are vegan or can be made vegan, and there are plenty of options. I'm still learning about where to find good vegan food at restaurants, but I know that Zen Zero is always a safe bet! If it's important to you (as it is to me), you can request paper takeout containers vs. styrofoam.


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16 Jan 2022

Love Zen Zero

I’ve been coming here almost a year now and the food is consistently good. They are very vegan and vegetarian friendly. The staff is always helpful and friendly. I’ve met the owner in previous visits and it’s important to them that they cater to diverse diets. I also think quality is important to them - if you have an issue with the food they will make it right. I’ll be a customer for many years to come. #Veganuary

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Choices clearly marked on the menu, Good quality at a decent price

Cons: Writing on menu is small and difficult to read, No animal free fryer


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12 Jan 2022

Lots of options with knowledgeable staff. Don’t eat the chips, not vegan.

Went with 3 other people. We all got different dishes and were all satisfied. Went home with leftovers. Highly recommend! #Veganuary


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23 Mar 2021

Vegan Waitress

Do not eat the chips that they put on the table when the server comes to the table. They are shrimp chips. It's kind of deceiving because it looks like rice chips or something.

They put fish sauce in all of the Thai curries and it cannot be made without it. I've never seen this at a Thai place before. P

haram Tofu from the vegetarian menu is the best dish ever. It's loaded with peanut sauce and tofu, would recommend it.

Updated from previous review on 2021-03-23

Pros: staff members know about vegan diet, many options, affordable

Cons: Thai curries cannot be made without fish sauce., They put shrimp chips on the table without asking


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22 Sep 2019

Tofu with peanut sauce

I enjoyed their tofu with peanut sauce. Didn’t love it enough to go back (too many other great places in Lawrence)


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27 Mar 2019

Satisfying Asian Food

My husband and I love going to Zen Zero when we’re in Lawrence. Ask the waiter or waitress for the vegan menu and they’ll let you know what items are vegan or can easily be made vegan. We always go home satisfied (and with leftovers!). Would highly recommend eating here.


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16 Dec 2018

Consistently very good

We did carry out last night. I had my regular vegan yellow curry - yummy as usual.


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27 Feb 2018

Great vegan options

As you can see from the list I uploaded there are a variety of vegan options. The waitress was very knowledgeable and gave me that list to look over before ordering. My food was delicious!

Pros: A lot of food for your money


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28 Aug 2012

Never say never

I ate here several times a couple years ago, and just wasn't impressed. I finally went back last month and boy did I change my tune! The wait staff carry lists of which items can be made vegan, and it's a pretty substantial list! I tend to stick to noodle dishes, and they have made my food correctly every time. Add that to the friendly staff, large portions, and cheap price tag, and you've got yourself a winner! The otherThai restaurants in town either have refused to make a dish vegan or use so much oil it's unedible.

Pros: Knowledgable staff, Inexpensive price w/ large portions, Very accommodating

Cons: Not very authentic, Not many vegan appetizers


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24 Mar 2012

Great tofu!!

My boyfriend and I were totally surprised to find a veg-friendly restaurant in the middle of kansas. We told the server that we were veg and had no problems. We got local tofu curry and the veggie stir fry and everything was great! The stir fry was not super greasy at all, felt healthier than after most stir frys! The prices were very reasonable. I was also able to get a bubble tea without dairy. I am a big fan of green and red curry however, and they can only make the mushroom and yellow curry without fish sauce.

Pros: Big menu, Local tofu, Reasonable prices

Cons: Green curry has fish sauce :(


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11 Feb 2012

Consistent tastiness

I'm sorry to read that Gr8vegan had such a terrible experience here. This has been one of my favorite places to eat in Lawrence for 7 years or so. I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but I dine here with vegan friends and omnivores alike, who love it. I have never been dissatisfied with what I've gotten there, and I've never heard of anyone else getting undercooked rice. I am unaware of the soy milk situation there, because the only drinks I ever get there are the delicious teas (their iced jasmine green tea is remarkably refreshing) or their tasty cocktails (I recommend the lychee martini), or occasionally juice, beer or wine. They do have a dedicated list of veg/vegan stuff, which consists of lots of flavorful stir-fries, made with fried tofu and various veggies and sauce. Again in contrast with Gr8vegan's experience, I have always found their veggies fresh and well-cooked. Some of their noodle dishes are higher in noodles and tofu than veggies, but if you ask for an extra dollar's worth of veg, they will add a good amount. The dishes are all around $7, so an extra dollar shouldn't break the bank. As another reviewer noted, any of the noodle or stir-fry dishes on the menu can be made with tofu rather than meat. This gives vegans a wider range of choices than any restaurant in town. What do I like? I love the Singapore Noodles (rice noodles with snap peas, carrots, onions, bok choy, a couple of other veggies, and a light curry sauce. It comes with egg, but I ask them to leave that out, and you can , too) and the drunken noodles (I think those might be egg noodles, but you can sub vegan noodles. Comes with Thai basil, tomato, onions, and oyster sauce). The portabella mushroom and Asian eggplant satays with peanut sauce and sweet onion relish are my favorite appetizers, but the veggies moms (samosa-like dumplings) and fried tofu w/dipping sauce are great too. Their soups are great and come with tofu if you ask. The broth is (or used to be -- haven't had soup there for a while, so ask!) vegan. The house salad is nice, especially if you ask them to mix the two house dressings (peanut and sesame ginger). I also recommend the Thai Basil tofu stir-fry, and the Pharam Tofu is good, though the peanut sauce is very rich! The red, panang, and massaman curries are also very good. For dessert, I recommend the sorbet trio, and definitely ask if they have any of their homemade coconut milk ice cream on hand -- it usually comes in green tea or taro. Enjoy!

Pros: wide veg/vegan selection, big servings for modest prices, pleasant interior

Cons: long wait for a table possible, no reservations accepted, overpriced alcohol


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19 Sep 2011

low quality vegetarian dishes, no soy milk

I was really hoping for a Thai Iced Tea, but they don't have soy milk and wouldn't blend a bit of tofu to make one for me. The rice was undercooked and I nearly broke my tooth. The veg was of the lowest quality, probably frozen or out of a can. Absolutely horrible. No one at our table finished their food. The place is wildly popular with long waits for tables, who knows...

Cons: no soy milk, low quality produce, long waits


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07 Jun 2011

Appetizing & Affordable-easy vegan meal

I've lived in and around Lawrence awhile, and this is one of my favorite places to go in town. It's amazingly cheap for the amount of food you get. Most meals are $6.99 and I always have leftovers (they use Styrofoam, bring a container!).
They have a vegetarian section (back of the menu). I recently stopped by and asked if one of their vegetarian entrées was vegan, and was told that all of the vegetarian options listed are vegan. Don't know if this is true, but it's what they told me. Who knows what their definition of vegan is.
Also, many options on the menu could easily be made vegetarian or vegan. They offer tofu alongside their animal flesh options.
I haven't encountered an entrée I didn't like. They have a variety of flavors; spicy, mild, sweet.
Best of all, if you order something that lists a lot of veggies, you GET a lot of veggies. Love it.

As a side note, the atmosphere is pleasing, as well.

Pros: Tasty, Easily Vegan, Cheap

Cons: Some of their waiters are mediocre, Use Styrofoam

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