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Vegan cafe, bookstore, and gallery run by people with an anarchistic twist. Hosts debates, workshops, concerts, exhibitions. Serves Zapatista coffee. Has Wi-Fi. Relocated from Fredry 5/3A. Reported closed October 2022.

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First Review by MarkoDj


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18 Sep 2022

Good one.

I went there only one time, people were very friendly, food is good, and they have some nice desserts.
Interesting books if you can read Polish,politically engaged place, that's a plus.

Pros: Very friendly, Good food, Very nice desserts



Points +41

09 Sep 2022

An experience everybody needs of they visit Poznan

Me and my friend went there for lunch and it was the perfect place for us. It is a quite small place but with such a nice vibe. The staff speaks really good english and it was also pretty cheap. And even though it was cheap the food still had a good quality. If your in Poznan you must go there, no matter if your a vegan or not! The food is delicious and the place is absolutely amazing!

Pros: Only vegan options, Healthy food, Nice atmosphere


Points +118

08 Sep 2022

Smaczna kawa

Dobra lokalizacja, aby na szybko wypić kawę. Ładne wnętrze i miła obsługa

Pros: Super atmosfera i obsługa , Wiele opcji wegetariańskich, Bardzo dobra kawa

Cons: Nie można płacić kartą


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17 Aug 2022

Delicious food

Ordered pancakes for breakfast and the portion was huge. We shared a cheesecake while waiting and were meant to eat our carrot cake afterwards but had to take that away with us because we were too full. All food super tasty.

Pros: Huge portions, Delicious cakes


Points +124

28 Jul 2022

Very nice

Cool vibe, simple, filling food


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12 Jul 2022

Best vegan place in Poznan (maybe even Poland 😳)

I have no complaints for Zemsta, the food was all 10/10 to me, the place has a cool vibe and nice music, even the actual area is nice. Completely vegan so nothing to worry about, and I don't even like coffee but it made me think I should get into it 😅.
Got a kotlet schabowy that tasted exactly like traditional polish home cooked meals and a really cheap and delicious blueberry drożdżówka, also peanut butter and raspberry muffin with latte could not miss 😎. Free lemonade if you tag them on insta too :0.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-12

Pros: Everything is vegan (wszystko weganskie), Cheap (tanie), V cool atmosphere (fajna atmosfera)


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12 Jul 2022

delicious food in a welcoming environment

I went on two occasions, one time I got a cappuccino with coconut which was well priced and really delicious, and another time I got kotlet schabowy and drożdżowka which was with blueberry and lemon.

The food quality was super delicious and the price was completely fair - one of the more affordable options in Poznań!

Also a variety of literature covering different topics available to buy, interesting artwork to look at and some Viva! Leaflets with informative vegan statements. (Viva! being a vegan charity that operates both in Poland and the u.k)

Pros: Super affordable , Lots of options , Lovely location


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01 Jul 2022

Great place, great food

Delicious food and friendly people. Cash only.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-01


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02 Jun 2022


Polecam, miejsce warte odwiedzenia.


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20 May 2022

Great food loads of seitan

Great place! Loads of food great price! Would totally recommend!

Pros: Great interior and vibe, Big portions , Nice stuff


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04 Oct 2021

Great food, nice people

They cook tasty meals for little money and seem to be a place to support local progressive activist communities, which is always a plus in my book.


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01 Aug 2021

love it love it love it

go support it immediately. their selection of books is impressive and guaranteed to help you find some hidden gems if you read in polish and the food is good, tasty and homely. payment either by cash or by blik


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22 Jun 2021

Awesome place

I've been there few years ago, but still remember good food. And I liked that they had a lot of books on shelves. Great service,nice people.

Pros: Great food and service


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Mostly Veg
14 Oct 2020

veeery vegan

this is place where you definitely should visit. 100vegan, place for meetings for alternative people, activist from Poznan and Poland.
I can say, this crew is more than 100% vegan

Pros: 110% vegan, lot of books , most alternative location in Poznan


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09 Sep 2020

Not worth the money

To be honest, eating here was a waste of my money. I'm giving 2 stars as the girl working there was nice enough to translate the daily menu for me and bc the portion was filling. I also get that there isn't really any space to prepare a meal and that they have to rely on a microwave. Nevertheless I've paid less in other restaurants in Poland and received way more. It felt like some meal a student would prepare at home the night before, then bring to uni and heat it up in the microwave.
So I had tempeh nuggets, potatoes and salad. That was the menu of the day for 20 Zloty. The potatoes were pretty dry and could definitely have been paired up with a nice sauce. The dill on it was wilted cause of the microwave. The tempeh nuggets were quite tasteless. And the salad just tomatoes and onions. They could have put some microgreens on top and it would have looked so much better.
And since I'm already complaining: the so-called lemonade was just a lot of lemon juice with water. Usually in Poland when you order a lemonade at other restaurants they give you this really fancy concotion.
I'm not that good at cooking but even I could have done a better job.
I do feel really bad about leaving such a bad review but I want to be honest and I want them to improve.

Pros: Filling

Cons: Very simple food that's reheated


Points +22

08 Mar 2020

Savory simple good food

Daily changing menu, we got a good sized not too small bowl of paprika soup and a big plate of typical veganized polish dish with patatoe mash a schnitzel and sauerkraut all together for 25 zloty. Good deal and all tasted really good.
The place is visited by mainly young people and students and is in a basement of the building.
The stuff was super nice and helped us out to get to other places.

Pros: Good fair prices, Full big Meals , Friendly and comfortable atmosphere


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28 Jan 2020

kiedyś było dobre

teraz jest takie se.


Points +30

07 Jul 2019

My favorite restaurant

Delicious food that isn't "fast food", rather often resembling homecooked meals. Doubles as a book store. In the spirit of anarchism, ideal place for all sorts of activists as the owners/workers practice various sorts of activism themselves too. Supports the LGBT movement. Reasonable prices. Animals (at least dogs) are allowed in and you might get a chance at petting a friendly doggo that hangs out in there sometimes.

Pros: Entire menu is vegan, Great atmosphere, Adequate prices


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18 Jun 2019

They are (temporarily) closed

Please check their facebook page for updates.


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17 Feb 2019

Amazing gyros

Friendly staff, cafe/restaurant within a bookshop which makes it very cosy, menu quite limited but what we’ve had had great taste. My gyros wrap was one of the best I had so far. The hot chocolate was nice too very tick and tasty. My friends had also a slice of cheesecake which was very good too. Prices are reasonable. Will miss that gyros wrap honestly.


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Mostly Veg
20 Jan 2019

Unique place

Nice atmosphere, great coffee (the coffee machine was broken, so we got a mug of plain filtered coffee, which was just perfect), bio spritz Fritz in there, cool bookstore. Food was not perfect though, too salty, but it is just my opinion.

Pros: Vegan, Bookstore, Cheap food


Points +83

17 Oct 2018

vegan food and books

Cafe + 100% vegan food and bookstore in one.
Good food, reasonable prices, often changing the menu. On Saturdays, there is a breakfast as an open buffet.
Bad news: small space, sometimes there's no place


Points +25

30 Jul 2018

Rude People

I can't say anything about the food as we were not served any. We got noticeably ignored. People on other tables got their dishes and the waiter also cleaned other tables, even looked at us. Absolutely rude, after several minutes we left. Maybe you shouldn't be German or bring your parents, tho they like to enjoy vegan meals as well.

Cons: rude people, noisy


17 Oct 2018

you order food at the bar - this is a cafeteria + bookshop, you can sit there and not want to eat/wait for your friends, next time just ask? :)


18 Oct 2018

We did go to the bar and tried to talk to people...


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19 Jul 2018

Świetne miejsce

Bardzo przytulne miejsce, przyjemna muzyka. Dużym plusem jest wystrój i mnóstwo książek, które są na wyciągnięcie ręki.
Smaczne jedzenie w rozsądnych cenach. Zawitałam dziś po raz pierwszy i na pewno nie ostatni! 😃


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06 Jul 2018

An amazing fully vegan place in the centre

I've eaten in Zemsta at least one a week for two years so I think that says a lot. I've tried many different dishes from them as they had a different menu every day (I don't know how it is now as I don't live in Poznań anymore) and almost all of them were very delicious. They have a big selection of drinks and the black coffee is pay-as-you-wish. They also have typical Polish dishes but in a veganized version. The prices are very, very good. The cheapest vegan place in Poznań.
The place itself is lovely, with many books to buy and read inside. Very queer and dog friendly (they also have a dog called Jezus that visits the place often).

Pros: fully vegan, Good location , delicious food


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15 Jun 2018

Absolutely recommend

If you are in Poznan you have to go there. Food is very tasty, portions are huge and prices aren't high. And besides that local has got amazing decoration.


Points +120

26 Apr 2018

Seemed amazing

We were very frustrated to get there only for a coffee on.our last day. The portions looked huge and it was truly comfort food. The staff was nice.

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