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4F, Bojingcheng Square, 27 Qinglong St, Chengdu, China

枣子树 or Jujube Tree is a causal-fine dining vegetarian restaurant group that operates outlets in Shanghai and in a couple of other cities. Offers an extensive range of modern Chinese vegetarian and vegan dishes, including ones mushrooms and ones with mock meats made from tofu, seitan, and/or yam. Menu has English with photos of dishes. NOTE: please send exact map coordinates to HappyCow. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-2:00pm, 5:00pm-9:30pm.

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28 Reviews

First Review by craigmc


Points +25

28 Dec 2019

Excellent dishes

They offer excellent dishes and very tasty food. However the waitresses don't speak English.


Points +905

26 Dec 2019

We expected more

The restaurant was very easy to find with the help of HappyCow and Apple Maps. The interior is nice and creates a cozy atmosphere. The stuff was very polite, but spoke no English.
We tried three different dishes: the „chicken“-curry (58 Yuan), something like bbq tofu (38 Yuan) and some seasonal vegetables (18 Yuan). The curry was good and different to the traditional Chinese cuisine we discovered the last weeks. The tofu wasn’t spiced at all and the sauce had no real taste. The vegetables were ok, we got spinach with ginger and soysauce - nothing special but ok.

All in all we expected more when we read the reviews at HappyCow, but the stuff and the place were so nice that we can’t give this place just 3 stars.

Pros: Stuff, Interior


Points +27

Mostly Veg
09 Nov 2019

Always happy with this brand

Shanghai, Chengdu: same highest quality of vegan food, same beautifully arranged plates. Staff always available. Highly recommended

Pros: Upscale quality , Delicious and visually attractive , Nice view

Cons: Location not simple to reach, No international card payment



Points +33

07 Oct 2019

Fancy & delicious

This place is very beautiful, and the staff are friendly. It definitely is pricey, but you get what you pay for! There’s less expensive options to choose from so it’s worth it to go and see what they have. You can go up the elevator to the 4th floor, and the entrance is on your left down the hall.

Pros: Lots of choices

Cons: Kinda expensive


Points +80

Mostly Veg
02 Jun 2019

Wonderful, delicious, elegant

It's hard to say how impressed we were with this restaurant. It is an upscale restaurant - cost maybe twice as much as one of the vegan buffets in Chengdu, but still was less than $10 for a wonderful meal, totally worth it. My friend and I ordered 3 dishes, and then ordered another 3 dishes to take away for the next day. ("Takeaway" seems to be understood internationally - although the staff does not really speak English. We did more communication via a translation app) The extensive menu has both English and pictures. The seats are upholstered and comfortable, the atmosphere was quiet and bright. The staff was very friendly and attentive. At their suggestion, we ordered our takeaway to be cooked fresh after we finished our lunch. They were happy to prepare it, even though the lunch hour was over. The restaurant is on the 4th floor - you can see the name (including English) from outside on the ground floor, but you need to find the elevator (lift). If I had more time in Chengdu, I would work my way through the menu, trying everything.

Pros: Delicious food, Great atmosphere, Friendly staff

Cons: A little bit hard to find


Points +226

21 Dec 2018

Nice high quality food

Big easy to find resturant in a mall, since it's located exactly to the left when you leave the elevator (can be seen through the mall's windows like previous pictures here show).
The widest vegan menu I've seen in china untill now including Shanghai! Many traditional Chinese dishes that is always fun to explore and experience (don't expect western-like food).
I've tried two dishes, one was better than the other but maybe just because I usually prefer crunchy food over soft one.

The food:
1. Mapou tofu: first time for me trying this famous tofu style. I didn't like it very much as it was very soft and somehow tasteless. But nice bits of raw pilled tomatoes gave it some interesting twist and helped me finish the whole thing. Very recommended for whoever like very soft and delicate food (maybe even babies).
2. Mysterious pastry: I call it like this since I still have not idea what I've experienced! The crunchy outside dough was wonderful, and it was filled with some kind of sweet filling that I couldn't exactly figure out. Maybe nuts or special local fruits/vagetables. Either way I liked it very much, it was great to finally try pastry after months of searching vegan ones in china. Kinda sweet dish and SUPER HOT from the inside so carefull!

It's a big and nice place with fair-high prices compared to other vegan restaurants. I would've defenatly come back to try more dishes if I was staying longer in Chengdu.

Pros: Hugh menu with a lot of food types, Big and well decorated

Cons: Medium-high prices, No English speaking


Points +20

14 Aug 2018

Amazing food

On the expensive side compared to other local place but so worth it - the wontons in red chilli oil are incredible! Definitely recommend. Go up in the lift to the 4th floor and it's immediately left as you get out.


Points +410

03 May 2018

One of the best meals I've ever had

Myself and two omni (but vegan curious) friends went to eat here and the food and service was great. It was so good that my non-vegan friend requested we go back!

Everything we had on the menu was good but the dumplings in a red oil were phenomenal and the sword beans were probably one of the best things I've ever eaten.

A few things on the menu are vegetarian and not vegan but they're pretty obvious to spot to any vegan.

The service is excellent and attentive without being aggravating. They don't cook with msg either!

Would eat here again and can't recommend enough!


Points +1166

28 May 2017

Nice, mostly vegan restaurant

Located on the fourth floor in a dead shopping mall, it was a bit difficult to find. The staff didn't speak English but the menu was in English. The interior is very modern and the atmosphere is very nice. We got a table by the window and the view was nice.

The food was reasonably priced and tasted very good! I'd definitely​ recommend visiting this place.

Pros: Nice atmosphere and interior, Delicious food, English menu

Cons: Not clear what's vegan or vegetarian.


Points +86

22 Oct 2016

great food

this place is mainly vegan besides a few dishes that contain milk or cheese.the food is very good and so is the service.it's easy to find which after living in China for more than a year now, is pretty rare.our favorite dish was the potato curry and the seaweed wrap salad but everything was good.

Pros: delicious food, easy to find, not too pricy, nice


Points +289

22 Oct 2016

Great food but expensive

We tried three different dishes and all were great. Staff is friendly but doesn't speak English. Menu is in English though. Nice atmosphere.

Cons: Expensive


Points +20

23 May 2015

tasty, but watch out for msg

I went here with a couple friends. We had some mapo tofu, fried mushrooms balls, some greens, and desert. The food was very good but I got super sick from what felt like msg (headache, fuzzy brain, sleepy, thirsty--my normal msg reaction). I normally ask for no msg but forgot when I went here. It kind of turned me off the place though. Still seeking places that don't use msg as a rule.

Pros: flavorful interesting selections, nice clean airy atmosphere

Cons: watch out for MSG


Points +21

01 Oct 2014

Very good restaurant

I loved this restaurant and went there twice during a one-week stay in Chengdu. There's a wide variety to choose from. Some dishes are very inventive - try the mushrooms in mango juice! You can easily avoid mock meat and/or spicy dishes, if you don't like those. My non-vegetarian husband also enjoyed the place very much - this is vegetarian food for food lovers. Nice looking place, friendly staff. Take the elevator to 4F and you're right at the entrance.

Pros: Great food, wide variety, Nice setting


Points +326

30 Jul 2013

Great restaurant

Located 5 minute walk from Wenshu Monastery, this restaurant is quite easy to find as, on the side of the building high up, is a sign saying Vegetarian Lifestyle Restaurant!

It's on the 4th floor and is large. The menu is huge and takes some time to go through and there are pictures and English descriptions.

The staff were great and can speak a bit of English if need be. However this is China so don't expect them know things like I have a wheat allergy (which the Westerner at the next table had) and then expect them to understand. Have it written down!

We had four dishes, the black pepper steak was great, the white and green dumplings very tasty and the beancurd skin rolls were very good.

If you are worried about spicy food in Sichuan, then all the spicy items have peppers next to them on the menu so they are easy to avoid.

Pros: Huge menu, English speaking staff, Good food


Points +91

22 Jun 2013

A hugely disappointing experience

It’s a really fancy looking place at the top of a deserted shopping mall. We ordered roasted pork, green beans and a hot pot. We asked if they could all be served at the same time. We got our roasted pork first (it wasn’t great and looked nothing like its picture in the menu), the green beans came ages later (these were pretty good) and we waited ages for our hot pot (all the while watching other tables getting their orders) by this point we’d finished our other 2 dishes and when we said about the hot pot the waitress acted like it had been forgotten. We said we didn’t want it and didn’t want to pay for it the guy who seemed to be in charge was really rude and walked away from us mid sentence and left the non-English speaking waitress to deal with us. A hugely disappointing experience.

Pros: Nice setting

Cons: Rude staff, Inaccurate photo menu


Points +79

26 May 2013

Best Jujube Tree location

Located in a relatively empty mall, this restaurant is popular with tourists and locals alike.

Arguably the best restaurant in town for vegans, the interior is upscale, the waiters attentive (some even speak English) and the bilingual menu has plenty of delicious inexpensive options.

If you have been to one of the Jujube Tree locations in Shanghai and were not overly impressed, you should give them a shot again in Chengdu.

The chefs are miles better, use less oil, the portion sizing is bigger and the menu is better, featuring great vegan versions of local specialties like dan dan mien and ma po tofu.

Pros: Nice interior, Attentive staff, Great cooking


Points +130

22 Dec 2012

Second best vego restaurant in Chengdu

Located on the top floor of an almost-empty shopping centre, you can get fantastic food in a clean place. A wee bit pricey by local standards, good value by Western standards, but you'll end up ordering a lot because of all the interesting choices.

With such a big selection of things to try, there'll be some misses among the hits. The menu is enormous, like a book, with each dish explained in English, Chinese and pictures. Its full of real Chinese style cuisine from all over China, fusion stuff, and some attempts at modern cuisine (obligatory big white spaces on the plate). Just with vego ingredients instead of animal ingredients. Any Chinese person will recognise the dishes and intent, and you will finally understand why they think so little of your tofu & vegie stir fries at home.

If you get there before rush hour you might hear the staff go through their pre-shift motivation drill chanting.

Catch the excellent Metro to Wen Shu Monastery station.

If you're travelling, be aware this is part of a chain - they have one more place in Ningbo, and four in Shanghai. Plan your trip around it.

Pros: Great food, Clean, Understand what Chinese food is.


Points +3163

19 Oct 2012

High end place

This place is quite nice. It's a bit fancier than the other places in town, and the food is more expensive. The display here is beautiful, and they offer some very nice looking, high end dishes (80-more than 100rmb a plate). They also offer much cheaper food. The very good Mapo tofu is 22rmb for example, and they have many dishes in the 30-50rmb range. The food is good, and the staff speaks a bit of English. The place is obviously popular, and they become quite busy at times. They are not 100% vegan, so check before ordering!

Pros: A bit fancy, Good food, English is spoken

Cons: Not 100% vegan, A bit pricey


Points +21

23 Sep 2012

International flavour in Chengdu

Visited this restaurant twice. First time on my own n ordered sichuan hotpot - the hotpot not exactly sichuan style and shows signs of internationalisation with fresh chilli padi. Typical sichuan cuisine uses mainly dried chilli. The second time was with a non vegetarian friend n he was totally amazed by the food served. We ordered a stir-fry monkeyhead
mushroom, sweet n sour ribs, "crab roe" with tofu, yam w greens n fried rice. Crab roe n yam with greens are must-trys. We were also given a
choice of less oil, less chilli if we want.

given a choice of less oil, less chilli etc. The "crab roe" is a must try.

Pros: International flavour, Friendly staff


Points +65

08 Sep 2012

Ideal Place with Friends or Group

Went there alone so only had 2 dish and a soup.

Had a vegetable soup which was good but portion is small considering the price.

The other 2 dishes was Spicy French Beans and Deep Fried Mushroom in Mango Sauce. French Beans was taste pretty good (I managed to finish it) although I must say the beans were "overfried" and thus were too dry to be grade excellent.

Likewise for the mushroom, although the mushroom goes pretty well with the mango sauce, but the mushroom was deep fried for too long, thus was hard and dry. It would taste better with slightly more moisture.

Overall the meal was pleasant though it is a bit pricy. Ideal place for a meal with a friend or a group.

The place though is pretty classy and the staffs were friendly. Free fruits and free flow of tea.

Pros: Free fruits and tea, Friendly staff, Environment

Cons: A bit expensive


Points +153

17 Jul 2012

Elegant Restaurant

We invited some non-veggie friends who are native to Chengdu to join us for dinner at Vegetarian Lifestyle. We were impressed with the decor and ambiance. We liked all the dishes we tried including the eggplant and the stir-fried Chinese Greens. We had to order additional food after the dishes came out since the portions are on the small side. The noodle dish in particular was lacking in portion size. We didn't try all the veggie restaurants in Chengdu but this had the best food by far. As Sichuan Province is renowned for spicy cuisine, please note that many of their dishes will be on the spicy side.

Pros: Excellent Food, Nice Atmosphere, Easy To Find

Cons: Small Portions

Michael Tait

Points +149

02 Jul 2012

Excellent Vegie restaurant

Modern eatery with good service and excellent food. Try the satay chicken and sweet and sour mushrooms. Very flavoursome, with meaty texture, rich sauces, modest serves,
A$12.Herbal tea is very good (complimentry) Small store at entry sells many vegie items: teas, nuts, health foods.
Michael Tait, Australia

Pros: food, ambience, service

Cons: no beer


Points +1036

12 Jan 2012

Great place

This beautiful vegetarian restaurant serves excellent vegetarian food. The place is a bit difficult to find, you have to take a lift to upper floor of the building, but it's worth searching for. :)

Pros: Excellent food, Beautiful restaurant, Central location

Cons: Bit difficult to find


Points +111

15 Jun 2011


We love this restaurant - the food was so great, and not too expensive. Very nice atmosphere, friendly staff. And the food was really, really yummy. Definitely go there if you are a vegetarian in Chengdu. For vegans, note that this is not a vegan restaurant but it is vegan-friendly. Just let the staff know.


Points +1615

08 Aug 2010

one of our favourites in china!

I recommend anyone who goes to Chengdu to go to Jujubetree. The restaurant is really smart in a separate building between Carrefour and Pacific.

They serve complementary tea and fruit.

They have an amazing varied menu and the food is reasonably priced. We had the spicy dumplings in chilli oil for which you get 6 dumplings for 8 yuan. The pasta coating was delicious and the filling inside was also delicious. We had a tody and sea vegetable hot pot which had lovely soft tofu, and ordered brown rice on the side.

I also won 5 yuan in my change!

They also have a few branches of this restaurant in Shanghai with mostly the same menu and a few different dishes which I would also recommend.

Pros: excellent food


Points +1891

01 Feb 2009

simply divine

it's well worth travelling to the middle of China to dine here. The foods mostly organic, the decor is smart & chic (I'll send a photo later), the food is exceptioanlly good, the service very good not just by Chinese standards, and the place even has spotlessly clean toilets (a rarity in these parts). And it's all non-smoking too.

i had bamboo, capsicum, carrot & mushrooms, etc (Y26); bean noodle & sweet potato shreds (Y16); wantons in chili oil (Y8); an aloe, lemon & honeydew juice (Y20); and roughage cake (semi-sweet with corn, raisin & peas)(Y12); plus large complimentary pot of green tea. All superb.

And i won Y5 off my next meal in one of the vouchers given with my change! I can't wait to get back there. You couldn't find a better place than this for vegan dining!

Pros: non-smoking, no alcohol


Points +57

23 Sep 2008

nice modern restaurant, exceptional service

Well I can't really review the food, I was recovering from a hefty night of drinking. And with having a hangover, well all I could take in where dumplings and noodles. I ate about 1/3 of the food and I didn't even order much. One thing I need to say though is that the service was exceptional, almost the best I have gotten in china.

Pros: great service, convenient location

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