Serves meat, vegan options available. Asian restaurant serving vegan appetizers as well as faux duck, chicken, beef or tofu dishes. Open Tue-Sun 11:00-14:00, 17:00-21:00. Closed Mon.

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First Review by SelimaSukhram


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13 Aug 2023

Vegan duck

We had the seafruit in tempura as a pre dish, the Vantastic peanut dish with vegan duck and the Vantastic Chopsuey with vegan duck as well as half a liter of lemonade with mint, which was too sweet. The predish was good but the chopsuey came with a way too sweet sauce. Both main dishes had only very little veggies and a lot of duck, the ratio of duck – rice and veggies was not ideal.

Pros: Many vegan options, friendly service

Cons: lack of veggies



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25 Jun 2023


There is a whole section in the menu with vegan meals. Plant based chicken or duck is offered. It was very tasty and the service was also nice.


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30 May 2023

Viele vegane Optionen

Neben den gewöhnlichen Gerichten mit Fleisch gab es viele Angebote auf Sojabasis. Sehr lecker!


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12 Sep 2022

Unexpected gem

I for one love vegan meats and the menu at this place exceeded my expectations in the wasteland of vegan dining that is Baden Baden. Especially enjoyed the shrimp tempura and mock duck.

Pros: A plethora of choices, Half liter lemonade servings , Delicious crispy shrimplets

Cons: Not cheap, but nothing is in this place


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23 Jun 2022

Many vegan options, delicious food, friendly service.

Good choice but it’s always could be more choices for vegans.

Pros: Many vegan options , Delicious , Friendly service


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29 Dec 2021

A good vegan choice, more like fast food

Not the healthiest dishes I guess but good for a quick lunch/dinner. I didn't really enjoy the vegan duck as I don't like vegan meat that tastes too real, I hoped to get mock duck but it looked and tasted (my husband told me so) more like duck meat.
The summer rolls can be made vegan - delicious.

Pros: Lots of vegan offers, Not too expensive, Good homemade lemonade

Cons: Not everyone (incl. me) likes that kind of meat, Vegan meat tastes too real (negative to me)


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18 Aug 2021

Appetizers rather than satisfying meals

1st: Ask for special lunch offers (or check the hidden blackboard) - they do not offer them to you unless you ask them explicitly! Also we were charged the regular price even though the dish was offered for a special lunch price on the blackboard (which we discovered only after ordering).

2nd: I do not need huge portions to be full, but this time I was still hungry when I left the restaurant after one of the vegan main dishes (a mango curry with tofu and rice) and some vegan automn rolls as appetizers. Also, I am not a fan of all those mock-up vegan meat things, that are the main part of their vegan menu section. On the other hand I was happy to have at least something in my curry as it contained only few vegetables.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-18

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-18

Pros: Clearly labelled vegan options, Outdoor seating

Cons: Lunch offers are only presented upon request, Very (!) small portions, only few vegetables, Vegan options build mainly on mock-up meat options


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11 Aug 2021

More like fast food

This place has a lot of vegan choices, but most of them are mock meat dishes, which is something we don‘t really enjoy. So we chose one of the few other vegan dishes: Spring rolls with rice noodles. Unfortunately, this was rather like fast food and also quite boring: A hand full of readymade spring rolls that were heated up (the same ones that you can buy in the supermarket), some noodles, and a little bit of a very boring salad. The sauce tasted good and the meal was filling, but it was far from fresh.

On the other hand, there are not many vegan options in Baden-Baden and the taste was still ok (if nothing special), so I still think that this was a good pick.
Moreover, the outdoor seating is nice, service was very friendly, and the location is very good as well when you are exploring the city centre.

Pros: Many vegan options, Nice outdoor seating, good location, Friendly staff

Cons: Not fresh, but readymade food


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22 Nov 2020

Very delicious!

The restaurant has a huge vegan section on their menu with things like vegan duck and vegan seafood that all tastes very authentic. Definitely a great place in Baden-Baden if one is looking for a restaurant with an actual selection.

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Meat substitutes taste very authentic , Nice staff


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01 Nov 2020

One of the only vegan options

In Baden-Baden, and they do it very well, and have way more to offer, than for vegans than other asians restaurants in Baden-Baden or for that matter all restaurants here.

Pros: Friendly staff, Good portions

Cons: Don't understand German that good

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