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Vegan Yuanqi Vegetarian Restaurant is located near the junction of Altay Road and Xinyi Road. Walk about 200 meters north from the junction. On the left side of the road stands a big hotel with two buildings. Restaurant is located 50 meters inside a little alley between A and B wings. Closed on Tuesdays. Chinese name: 缘起素食坊. Address: 新疆乌鲁木齐市阿勒泰路2号大修厂QQ公寓大门内走100米. Call for hours - tell us.

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First Review by Freegan Reich


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30 Jul 2019


Take BRT bus number 4 to this station: Aletailunan. Walk north on the left hand side. I put more pictures of the entrance, check them. A chinese person/ the guard has to let you in.

1 staff can speak English. The menu is quite extensive but the English one doesn't help you as the names are "unpretentiousness" and so on, so you won't know what the dish actually contains.
It's quite expensive. One dish is between 28-58yuan. The cheaper ones are just veggies, the more expensive ones are with mock meat.
Staff is nice. It looks clean.

Food is quite bland, maybe they're not allowed to use salt.
Quite expensive for what it is, but if you want to make sure it's 100% vegan, then you're at the right place.

Pros: Many options

Cons: English menu translation won't help you decide, Prices quite high



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01 Feb 2019

Hard to get in

China has apparently strictened some safety regulations since the last review. You can't enter the street this restaurant is in without a Chinese id card. Happily a Chinese person let me through the gate when I pointed at the restaurant and tried to express I wanted to go there.

One of the staff spoke excellent English and helped me to choose a dish. They had English menu, too. I had this spicy "chicken"-potato-noodle which was quite tasty.

In DiDi this place is called Yuanqi Vegetarian Mill.

Pros: Good food

Cons: Hard to get in


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02 Sep 2017

so grateful for some vegetarian food

Directions are confusing. Between apartments qq not hotel.
Staff were helpful given I didn't speak Chinese. Thank goodness for google translate.


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10 Jul 2014

Typical Fare / Meatless Relief

Directions Addendum: Inside the gate there is a line of small shops and restaurants on your left, Yuanqi is right at the end and upstairs.

The menu here consists of standard Chinese vegetarian options and flavours. The prices are reasonable, the menu has English, and the restaurant is nice and clean. Most importantly, the menu is completely vegan. In China this is very comforting - not having to worry about misunderstandings or the usual amounts of meat in every kitchen and menu.

Freegan Reich

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19 Jul 2012

another little Buddhist spot

Finally got a chance to go here. The taste is very simple and focuses very much on fake meat- I really don't like this kind of thing. Anyway, regardless, it is really a gift to have this place in this city where the cuisine is so meat-heavy. Take note that the area surrounding here is FULL of lots of kebab stands and what-not, so if you are in this area, try to avoid that and head for the Buddhist ambience of this place. Thankfully vegetarian kitchens in China are so much cleaner than others and I noticed the (thankful) absence of smoking here. Not the best, but happy that this place is here! Please note: there is also a cute little spot here that sells the usual selection of fake meats and different kinds of seasonings. I will try to get a card, address and info and add soon!

Pros: smoke-free! , affordable , clean

Cons: more of the same , overly simple flavor , could make this yourself!

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