Restaurant serving plant-based Chinese and Asian dishes. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-8:30pm, Fri-Sat 12:00pm-9:00pm.

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First Review by carey


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01 Sep 2023

Hits the spot

Great option for vegan Chinese. Food is always good and the ladies that run the place are absolute sweethearts. Definitely worth a stop if you are in the area.



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17 Aug 2023

Incredible Chinese Food

Blown away by this place. Every dish was completely awesome. My favorite dish was CS9 Veggie Ham, Mixed mushrooms, Tofu and sauce in hot pot.

Pros: Huge restaurant , Lots of parking , High quality food


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11 Jun 2023


Great food. Love that everything is vegan. The General Tso tofu is amazing! Customer service is awesome here! And everything is freshly prepared. Although they are a bit spendy, you get at least two meals out of every order so it's worth it.

Updated from previous review on 2023-06-11

Pros: Very tasty and large portions, Huge variety of Asian inspired dishes

Cons: Some of the fried foods can be a bit greasy


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25 Apr 2023

you have to know what to order// $$$$$$

We have been regular customers at Yuan Su for years. One note is that every menu item has gone up $/yr, so over 5 yrs it has increased at least $5. This changes how much food we can get and the prices are higher than some places that are making organic meals from scratch, which this is not.
You have to know which items are deep fried and which are not. Some veggie dishes are really mostly celery, like a ton of it, or poorly cooked mushrooms. The dumplings are poorly made & greasy and not worth the $10/6, honestly not worth half that.

If you can navigate the menu well, you can get a well balanced meal. I crave and love their soups, which have become expensive.

Generally I think the staff tries their best and means well. Not without issue: if you get takeout verify the lids are completely on. Other issues I will keep private for the benefit of the doubt.
We generally have slowed our roll here, and become infrequent visitors. We'll get soup, but some dishes can be a little bit of deep fried with a ton of celery for $20. Less of a problem when it was half that. So a bit on the hit or miss side of things, whereas prior it felt more 'on'.
Our last entrée was very greasy, the same one not being so last visits.

Pros: something East of 205! , soup

Cons: constant price hikes , menu navigation , veggie variety & quality


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04 Mar 2023

Chow Down on Chow Fun

We ordered Turmeric Fried Rice (with peas and carrots) and Veggie Beef Chow Fun. Big plates of food were served within minutes. The fried rice was flavorful, but not oily. The Chow Fun included flat noodles, carrots, bean sprouts, and snow peas. I would have preferred more beef, but otherwise it was good.

Pros: all vegan, big portions, customer service, quick service, off-street parking


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07 Feb 2023

Definitely will be back

The sizzling beef and peppers was excellent. We also had the dinner combo #1. The beef and broccoli was excellent too. Service was very good. Place is huge inside so you don’t have to worry about not getting a table and they have good parking. I asked about anything not being vegan, she reassured us everything was vegan.

Pros: Huge menu to choose from

Cons: Little spendy but everything is now


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09 Jan 2023

Da Bomb

Don't let the name fool you - it's actually ALL vegan.

This place is a hidden gem. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but don't let that fool you. Inside is gigantic and looks like a dim sum place.

The food is class American Chinese food. It's greasy, fried and delicious. The General Tso is to die for.

We love this place and crave it all the time.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-09


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20 Aug 2022

Classic American Chinese

If you are craving Chinese takeout you won’t regret coming here. This restaurant is a staple for me and every dish is delicious. Finish with a lager and you’ll be in heaven.


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06 Jul 2022

Just like classic American Chinese food

This restaurant was so fantastic. I was a bit skeptical at first when I pulled into the parking lot - it seemed a bit run down and there weren’t any super clear signs for the location. The menu was enormous, but we ended up ordering potstickers, chow mein, beef and broccoli, and sweet and sour chicken. The food was SO good. I haven’t had American Chinese food in years, and this brought back so many memories. Tasted absolutely fantastic and I would definitely recommend checking this place out.

The more the merrier when dining here, since splitting dishes between your group means having more variety for your plate. Portion sizes are great and I’d suggest ~1 dish per person in your party.

Staff were also super friendly and helped make the experience that much greater. Definitely check this fantastic restaurant out!

Pros: Huge menu, Large portion sizes, Super friendly staff

Cons: Location is a bit run down


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06 Jul 2022


This was exactly what I would hope for from a Chinese-American restaurant, but it was all vegan! I was very pleased to enjoy some old “classic” Chinese food that I used to love, but this time plant based:)


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04 Jul 2022

Best restaurant in Portland!

Food is consistently delicious, owners are the nicest people ever, prices are great for the portions you get. My only complaint is I no longer live down the street and have to drive 30 min for my fix. 😭

Pros: All vegan deliciousness , So friendly , Great value


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14 Mar 2022

Best Vegan Chinese

I’m so thrilled there is an all-vegan Chinese restaurant, and am amazed that all my favorite dishes can be enjoyed at Yuan Su.
Great pot stickers and sauce. Their thinner, more like gyoza, than you usually find in Chinese restaurants, but still really delicious. The hot and sour soup: spot on!
Their scallion pancakes are crispy and savory. Their mapo tofu was solid. I enjoyed it more as a leftover. Kung Pao tofu- great textures and flavors.
They were really busy at Christmas, and I was so encourage to know so many people were supporting this vegan restaurant.


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16 Dec 2021

Why isn’t this place exploding?!?!

A pleasant surprise coming to this amazing restaurant. It is pretty quiet but the owner said take out/ delivery was popular.
They have all your favorite Chinese dishes- 100% vegan!!
Try the orange chicken and the house special chow mein, they won’t disappoint

Pros: 100% vegan, The prices are awesome, Food is delicious


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03 Dec 2021

Secret Garden

Truly a magical experience

Pros: Amazing secrets

Cons: More people need to find this place!


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24 Nov 2021

This place is amazing!

Everything I’ve had here is amazing. The staff is so nice. Be sure to check them out


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05 Nov 2021

Authentic vegan Chinese

Very authentic vegan Chinese food! Checkout the mapo tofu!


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23 Oct 2021

100% Vegan

Impressed with the options, quality, and pricing but wish there was a vegetable in my order. I will keep exploring the menu tho. I liked the #3 combination plate.


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18 Sep 2021

Our go to Chinese

Love coming here when I’m feeling like some vegan Chinese. Highly recommend the “house chow mien.” Of all the things one the menu I’ve tried it been the favorite.

Pros: All vegan


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15 Sep 2021

Worth the stomach ache

Amazing vegan chinese, very greasy though so eat in small amounts!! Try the sweet n sour chicken its the bomb

Pros: All vegan chinese

Cons: Greasy


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06 Aug 2021

Superb food, stellar staff

The most extensive vegan menu in the city - every vegan option you may want! The staff is very kind and I am a definite regular when I want to eat out. Couldn't recommend enough!!

Pros: Endless vegan options , Super delicious, Affordable


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06 Jun 2021

My favorite vegan Chinese

everything is great! get sesame balls hot out of the oven every time

Pros: Everything is vegan, Excellent selections, Nice staff


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03 Jun 2021

Hole in the wall but delish

You would t expect it but this place has great food

Pros: Large portions, Other meat alternatives (than tofu)

Cons: No great ambiance , Weird location


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26 Dec 2020

I wish I could come here more often

I love that they have delivery now.

Pros: Tons of options, Vegan for days

Cons: Location


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26 Dec 2020

In love with this place

I really enjoy my time here. I love the atmosphere and the food. I really do love eating General Tso again. I make it a point to buy an extra sauce to go. The faux meat is really good

Pros: Everything is Vegan, Huge menu , Delivery

Cons: My twin said it's cat


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10 Oct 2020

Terrible Food!!! Greasy vegan food

They said there were veggies in our ordered dish and there were NONE! The tofu was a 1/2” thin slice covered with 2” of fried batter, making it impossible to taste the tofu! The “ mushroom roll was just tiny pieces of mushrooms in seitan...it was slimy.
They say they’re open, but only for takeout.
We got our order home and opened it up and couldn’t believe how bad it was! We returned it and will never go back!
Don’t waste your time and money here!

Pros: Got full refund , None, None

Cons: Terrible food, greasy, Misrepresentation on menu descriptions


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16 May 2020

Sweet and Savory and delicious food.

Awesome Chinese American restaurant. Good broccoli and faux meat type food. Many many dishes on the menu. Try it, they will not disappoint!


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06 Feb 2020


Very delicious, fully vegan, Asian cuisine!! It was a pleasure to eat here! They have just as many, of not more, menu items to choose from than any non-vegan Asian restaurant and they all look super tasty ! They use vegan meat and fish alternatives in their dishes and just transform common Asian meals in to a vegan, plant based plate of goodness ! I would definitely recommend you to check it out!!

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