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62/4 Moo 4, Phangka Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand

Cafe and juice bar serving vegan and raw food, est. Apr 2015. Has falafel, hummus and pita, guacamole; could create your own salad. Vegan except for bee product. Hosts workshops. Relocated from 123/9 Moo 4, Narmeang. Open Mon-Sat 11:00am-7:00pm.

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19 Reviews

First Review by yogi cafe

The best raw food with lovely cafe - Edit

we went to walk and pop in very surprise had little cafe but good menu good food fresh ,so we went everyday for lunch some day had dinner.well we had good food healthy for this trip holiday.

Updated from previous review on 2015-09-26

Pros: excellent food , good cafe with good music, freindly staff

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excellent vegetarian cafe - Edit

I recommend delicious fresh juices, a huge vegetarian burger, a fantastic smoothie bowl !!!! yum

Pros: excellent food, delivery, quiet place

Cons: non, non, non

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Quality of food but overpriced - Edit

Small place in Central Festival mall . Quality of food is high . The burger is tasty but small portions and overpriced .

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Great food but FAR too expensive - Edit

Me and my boyfriend trekked a couple of miles to the jay place near here to find out it was closed despite it being down as open on the app. We were walking back and decided to go in here as we were super hungry! We looked at the reviews saying it was expensive and were hesitant but in the end our hunger got the better of us!

The location is a little hard to find, it's round the back of the mall and can be reached by going through the mall itself, coming out the back and taking an immediate left. It's right next to the private road.

The cafe is nice enough and we took seats next to the fan. My boyfriend opted for the falafel (they didn't have it) so he went for the chickpea burger instead. It was an extra 80 Baht for fries so he decided against them. I went for the vegan sandwich.

The food came in good time but the portions are measly, especially when you consider the price. My boyfriend's burger was small and had a tiny amount of salad with it. I got half a club sandwich (tomato, onion, lettuce, kidney beans, avocado) with what tasted like cashew cream sauce. Now don't get me wrong, my sandwich was probably one of the best sandwiches I've ever had, the sauces were so good and the vegetables were fresh! But I honestly can't get too enthused over half a sandwich that cost 240 Baht!!! That's even more expensive than the UK! At least give me a full sandwich for that price. My boyfriend thought the burger was okay if a little dry.

All in all the food is nice but it's not worth it, I wouldn't recommend unless you absolutely need to eat something that second!

Pros: Good food

Cons: Small portions, Ridiculously overpriced

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Very expensive! - Edit

Tried out Yogi Cafe last night. Cute little restaurant but hard to spot from the road. When we arrived we decided to sit next to the fan because it was very hot and this cafe is located outside so no air conditioning. We only lasted about 2 minutes in that spot because some security guards sitting next to the cafe were smoking and pretty much blowing it in the fan.. and the fan blowing directly in our faces. Really gross... especially if you are wanting to enjoy some food. After we moved seats we were ready to place our order! Except the things we wanted to order they didn't have... this went on for about 5 items on the menu before they had something we could have.... that was very disappointing. So we ended up choosing items we wouldn't have normally liked just because they were the only things they had. When the food arrived the presentation was nice. Raw pad Thai lacked in flavour.. we are in Thailand. Usually pad Thai has a little flavour or spice to it. The burger was good but messy. Once the bill came we were surprised it rang to about $30 Canadian for such small portions and lack of zest. I think that if you are going to charge prices like that you should have the menu options customers are wanting to order and the flavour to back it up!

Pros: Healthy

Cons: Expensive , Lacking flavour , Limited menu options available

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Great desserts, though mains are a bit bland and overpriced - Edit

We appreciate the fact that Yogi Cafe is offering healthy food and much of it is vegan.

However, having been to the original Bophut location of Yogi Cafe (R.I.P.) in its golden days, and having enjoyed it a lot, we had high hopes for this new location at Central Festival, but found it a bit of a disappointment. This current incarnation of the Yogi lacks the heavenly "wow" flavor of the original, yet retains its celestial pricing, making it a poorer value proposition. The meals at the new Yogi Cafe are still fresh and palatable, but merely average in flavor, tending toward simple and bland (and the texture of the burgers is now mushy and dry). The merely-average quality of the food makes it hard to justify the way-above-average prices — especially considering that Samui now is blessed with completely vegan restaurants where one can get food with twice the flavor for half the price or even less.

The shining exception is the desserts: Yogi Cafe still does absolutely scrumptious vegan desserts, and if you're in Chaweng it's worth stopping by just to satisfy your sweet tooth, if nothing else.

If you do plan to have a full meal here, be sure to bring plenty of cash, as it's easy to drop in the neighborhood of 500 THB per person with mains, drinks, and desserts. A place charging prices this high really should accept credit cards for the convenience of their customers, but they don't.

Updated from previous review on 2017-02-26

Pros: Great vegan desserts

Cons: Overpriced mains, considering the mediocre quality, Not all vegan (some dishes have dairy), Doesn't accept credit cards

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Expensive but tasty - Edit

They have good kombucha even though it's expensive just like everything on the menu. At least compared to thai prices haha. Healthy, raw and gluten free options not to mention the dessert selection. We tried the vegan burger and some raw salad. They were okay but portions were very small. Place is cute and the staff friendly.

Pros: Healthy options, Nice vibes

Cons: Expensive, Small portions

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Good to have but just average and overpriced - Edit

I am happy to see such a place in the middle of touristic Chaweng. However, the food and prices were disappointing.

We've tried vegan burger and pita with hummus. Both were unacceptably dry and even didn't seem fresh. Portions are good but prices are still much bigger than in other places of the island. Plain water (no way to eat these overdried chickpeas without additional liquids) was added to the check which was not so big money but surprising.

I hope, you'll manage to make everything better in this place, so everybody will benefit. Good luck!

P.S. Last year, we've tried Yogi Cafe at The Wharf and our experience with their food was much better.

P.P.S. And one more advice is to add some signs inside the Central Festival to find you. It was not so easy to understand how to reach you — only a guy at "Information" desk helped us to go _out_ of the Festival and come to the place from outside (Chaweng Road).

Pros: Good location for tourists, Healthy food

Cons: Overpriced, Not so fresh food, Not easy to find from the Central Festival

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Good vegan burgers - Edit

We got 2 burgers, pizza, Mexican wrap, and one raw chocolate dessert. All vegan, food was little bit dry but tasted good.

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Delicious food cooked with style - Edit

All freshly made , and so tasty

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Poorly executed food - Edit

Had a couple of vegan burgers here and they were not good at all. Way too dry and not enjoyable in any way. Much like putting a handful of sand in your mouth. I can't speak for the other menu options though.

Message to the owner : Sort it out!

One positive point is the service was friendly.

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Little disappointed - Edit

8pm, May 6th 2016Walking street night, so understandably busy. Eatery is located alongside a kids playground, super noisy. We ordered the Mexican wrap and a coconut. It took a long time for the coconut to arrive, in fact many people went to the counter and ordered coconuts after us which were served to them before we got ours. I had to mention to the solitary girl that we were thirsty and waiting and then she brought one to us. She was over worked but she was doing her best. When the food came it was tasty but the portion was small. Not only that, but it was completely different from the menu. It was sold as containing avocado and veggies, but it did not. it camw with tomato, basil and beans. It was not advertised as having cheese, but it did. I went to politely ask the girl working there about us ordering an item that was completely different to the one we were served but she couldn't handle the polite questioning as to why it had come completely different from the menu. I explained that this was not cool and that we should have been told about the lack of ingredients when we ordered. I wanted also to ask her about the beans used (the yogicafe touts itself as an organic cafe) as they tasted very much like baked beans from a can, though i cannot be 100% sure. The girl almost started to cry and as i tried to pay she told me that it was her fault and that she would pay out of her wages. Normally i would accept this gesture, but being Thailand i imagine she does not make much and she was really trying her best so i insisted on giving her the 500bhat (more than 10 pounds sterling) for 2 small wraps that did not come with their advertised ingredients and possibly baked beans inside. I don't care where i am in the world, if i pay 5 pounds for a sandwich i expect it to have some substance to it. very disappointed.

Pros: Tasty

Cons: Overpriced, disorganised, canned beans, small portions, different to menu, no manager present to talk to

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yogi cafe samui - Edit

Very tasty but overpriced. If I paid ten dollars NZ for a sandwich in NZ I am pretty sure it would fill me up. Now I'm just hankering for another and 20 bucks on sandwiches is just too much.

Pros: tasty

Cons: slow, understaffed, had to be reminded to bring ou

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Healthy, organic food! - Edit

This is a great place for a quick healthy bite. There juices are very good, as is the food. I really enjoyed the burger. Mostly vegan except for some new products.

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its okay - Edit

Was pretty pumped for this place based on the previous reviews. But was disappointed. not because its bad, but its not 5*. The food is healthy and nice, but its verging on Bland (had falafel pitta and Beetroot & Papaya salad and two smoothies). That cost us 680.

Both dishes were nice, but simple, and for the price I want to away feeling like I ate food with something about it. This won't be a place I remember in a month.

The cafe is small and right next to a children's playground and the staff we arguing a lot, which meant this wasn't the most relaxing place I've ever been.

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wow prices - Edit

I was overwhelmed with how pricey vegan food in Thailand can be. Even vegan burgers in Berlin are cheaper. I ended up with a raw bounty bar which was good. I found cheaper organic vegan food on Koh Samui.

Pros: interesting menu

Cons: really expensive

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best and most original vegan food ever! - Edit

We've been in this very cozy cafe in the middle of January, during high season. Even if it was quite busy, the service was efficient and fast. Very huge menu, smoothies/juices, burgers, wraps, rolls, falafels, amazing desserts (we tried the raw vegan cake, yummy!). Everything was really delicious and presented in a superb way. Finally a vegan / raw healthy place where to eat in Samui! Defenitely a 5 star!

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worst vegan (burger- ) experience - Edit

First of all.. This app doesn't allow 1 star? Why have it then? Hmmm... Whatever. So, we went to the yogi cafe today after reading the good reviews of the main restaurant in bophut and had a 'car crash' of a lunch experience!
We ordered two fresh juices, two burgers and a side of sweet potato fries. The juices took around 15 min and were tiny (150 baht/ 4 eur). Then another 45!!! min later the burgers came (we were the only customers at that time). The orders were all wrong, the burgers tiny (again) and there were about 10 chewy fries on the plate. We were so hungry at that time that we just went with it... The burger was dry and super boring.
It got even better when some kind of owner/ manager arrived and we could here him say to the person that prepared our food: "that is terrible, you can't serve that" ... That was after we already ate half of it.
When we ordered the bill we had to wait for the manager to come back from the toilet ...
At the end they charged us 1100 baht which equals around 30 euros without even blinking.
After writing this down I realise this was one of the worst food experiences in my life!

Pros: none

Cons: everything, avoid by all m means!

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vegan option in central Chaweng - Edit

Stumbled upon this place which has only been open a week after just saying there are no good vegan options here only minutes prior.
The food was good and options vary from light raw food to burgers with fries. Their yam fries are baked and looked great. I'll definitely be back for dinner. Finally a good place for vegans to safely eat right in the middle of Chaweng! Open late too!

Updated from previous review on Sunday January 10, 2016
Came back for the burger and was a little disappointed. The burger itself was fare, some hard bits inside, maybe from beans, but it was quite small for over 300 baht. The yam fries were super oily and soggy, and not what I was expecting. To me, a burger and fries for 420 baht seems fairly expensive (for Thailand), although this is located in a fancy mall and all organic. If the burger/fries was great it would be alright. Also to note, everything is made to order so it takes some time for the food to come out.

Pros: all vegan food, location, organic & local

Cons: fairly pricy, slow

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