Vegan restaurant est. 2017. Relocated from Thappraya 12. Open Mon-Tue 11:00am-8:00pm, Thu-Sun 11:00am-8:00pm. Closed Wed.

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First Review by Kelly Kelly


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17 Sep 2023


Everything amazing. Maybe the best carrot cake I’ve ever had in my life.

Pros: Food, Service, Price



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25 Jul 2023

Vegan Diamond in the Pattaya/Jomtien rough!

Lovely little vegan restaurant tucked away in a garden-like setting. So clean and stylish. The owner, his family and staff are delightful.

Extensive menu of food and beverage. Thai, Chinese and American/European cuisine provides plenty of delicious choices. Lots of vegan "meat" varieties too...though can be ordered without.


Do NOT pass up this hidden little gem. Even non-vegetarians will love it. CLOSED WEDNESDAY.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-07

Pros: 100% Vegan , Extensive menu , CLEAN


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23 Jul 2023


Loved the food and the place.
U can tell they care about the food they serve u here.

Pros: The food, The presentation , The personal


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08 Jul 2023

Best vegan resturant in pattaya

We have been here a few times allready and plan on going back many more times during our stay. The food was delicious, and super Nice staff. A massive menu with so many options. Definitely something for everyone❤️

Pros: Everything


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02 Apr 2023

Definitely a 5 star

The food was delicious and the atmosphere is chilled.

Pros: Delicious food, Nice place, Lovely staff

Cons: Can’t think of any


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16 Feb 2023

It was the best vegan food I had so far here in Thailand! Highly recommend!

Really good. I will go again

Pros: Delicious „meat“, great consistencies


21 Feb 2023


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16 Jan 2023

Would definitely go back

This is one of the few fully vegan places in Pattaya. The menu is very extensive with loads of options. Food was tasty, and venue is cute. I would go back!

Waiter was not too service focused, and the food came in a somewhat strange order (i.e. starters during mains). Many dessert options were unavailable

Pros: Very extensive menu, Desserts available

Cons: Waiter not very service focused, A lot of the dessert were unavailable


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15 Jan 2023

Vegan noms in Pattaya

Expensive, but tasty, and all vegan. It's nice to have mock meat sometimes.

I had not-pork satay skewers, a spicy yellow noodle not-meat soup, amd a carrot cake with coconut ice-cream.

Pros: All Vegan, Tasty, Many options

Cons: Bit expensive


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23 Dec 2022

Was a bit disappointed

Maybe the hype set me up for very high expectations. But I wasn't impressed with the range or taste of the dishes at this restaurant.

Pros: Fully vegan

Cons: Taste was average , Not much difference between dishes


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19 Dec 2022


Bei den vielen guten Rezensionen, mussten wir das Restaurant ausprobieren. Die Preise liegen im mittleren Preissegment. Für die Gerichte, die wir erhielten, wie sich raus stellte, dann doch zu hoch. Das Satay bestand nicht mehr aus 7 sondern nur noch aus 5 Spießen. Dazu gab es auch kein Brot mehr, wie auf den Fotos anderer Bewertungen. Unsere erste Enttäuschung. Dann kamen die Hauptgerichte. Fake Pork mit Reis und Fake Ente mit Reis. Schön so etwas zu bekommen, aber auch hier waren die Bilder vielversprechender als das Resultat auf unseren Tellern. Die Portionen waren sehr klein. Nach Vorspeise und Hauptgang waren mein Partner und ich immer noch hungrig. Wir freuten uns also auf Desserts. Überall hingen Schilder ihrer Kuchen, die sie anpriesen. Aber als wir bestellen wollten, kam die Ernüchterung: Kein Kuchen zurzeit. Dabei wurde die Auswahl auf der Karte bereits reduziert. Aber selbst diese hatten sie gar nicht. Scheinbar werden hier Einsparmaßnahmen getroffen, die leider nicht zu Gusten der Gäste ausfallen. Wir werden daher nicht wiederkommen.

Pros: Viele vegane Optionen, Leckeres Essen, Schönes Ambiente

Cons: Kaum bis keine Desserts, Kleine Portionen, Preislich nicht gerechtfertigt


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09 Dec 2022

most items from the menu are always "not available"

I was there several times, but mostly half of the menu is not available, so at the end its not so enjoyable. Especially cakes and desserts, juices and smoothies are never available. only basic items. 3 stars because the taste is good and prices in the middle range.


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03 Dec 2022

I’d have eaten here every day if I could…

If I’d known in advance just how good this place was, I’d have either stayed here, or stayed very close by. They made a custom birthday cake for me in advance of my arrival, then I just have eaten here 4/5 times during my 10 day stay

The food, the service, everything was absolutely 10/10

Pros: All vegan , Great service

Cons: None


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24 Nov 2022

celiacs/allergies dont come

she was so incredibly rude. very disrespectful service and i am a very kind person. my boyfriend and i got up and left (which we do not do). when people need to ask allergy questions and are very polite and respectful, please do not full on laugh in their face while shaking your head making it very clear that it is a huge burden for me to ask more than one question regarding a very serious allergy that i DID NOT choose to have. so instead of being rude, be grateful that you do not have to worry about that yourself, because not everyone is that lucky.
i understand there is a cultural difference in some places regarding food modifications but dont you think if i could eat all the dank vegan things that i wanted, iwould? being vegan is EASSSSYY but having celiac is an actual curse and i have to be very diligent about it and it SUCKS. and even when i am as careful as a human can be, some people still lie or mistakes are made and i get very painfully sick for weeks. when gluten enters my system, it is excruciatingly painful and irreversible damage (literally kills the organs that line my gut) allergies are serious so again, be thankful if you cannot relate.
this place had some great vegan options, just not allergy friendly


Pros: lots of vegan yummy options

Cons: zero respect or care for allergies , she was very rude to my face , allergies are not a choice.


Points +1713

24 Nov 2022

cozy place with many great choices

I loved their thousand island salad dressing. I got the "chicken" burger and it came with some french fries and i got a nice fresh salad too. 5star burger and bun!...I am very satisfied with this place. I plan to try all of their foods.
In a great area that has many expats living around there and a very nice beach and boardwalk is about 1km from this restaurant.

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-01

Pros: BEYOND Meat cheese burgers here 250baht, best!, deep fried fish with tarter sauce 9.5/10, Large selection of menu items, ALL are excellent


Points +230

06 Oct 2022

Excellent place

We went for lunch and ordered fried duck with basil sauce and rice, vegan chicken biryani and vegan rolls as a starter. You can adjust the spice level of your food which is pretty convenient. Water is super cheap, costs only 15 Baht. Nice staff with good english skills. Total cost of the lunch was 410 Baht which is pretty cheap.

Pros: Many options, Cozy place , Affordable

Cons: Portion size is pretty small, Ugly neighbourhood


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28 Sep 2022

Great place tucked away in pattaya

Visited sanctuary of truth and this place, great day and great experience all round

Pros: Lots of options , Great food , Friendly staff


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11 Sep 2022

Highly recommended

Thai curries were lovely. We didn’t want any mock meat and asked for vegetables instead, which was great. The curries were nicely spiced and delicious.

Have been multiple times and tried a variety of dishes. The Jobs Tears salad is a favorite of ours.

Updated from previous review on 2021-03-19


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05 Sep 2022

Best vegan restaurant in Thailand

I have tried a few vegan restaurants around Thailand and this one has to be the best I have experienced while the other restaurants were great as well, but the Thai dishes were just phenomenal, thoroughly recommend this restaurant, also as I left at closing time there was a pack of 20 friendly street dogs with tails wagging across the road, I saw the cook bring out two big buckets of left overs and feed them, this kind compassion shines at this restaurant I give it six stars

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-05

Pros: Lots of Thai and European vegan dishes, Beautiful restaurant and reasonably priced, Extremely nice staff

Cons: No cons


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30 Jul 2022

Asian western fushion heaven

A great place with many options of asian and western foods, so every body can find something here that they like.
The food is delicious and had a hard time picking Just a few dishes, Since i wanted to try everything.
Its so nice to have a place where you can order anything without being worried if its vegan or not.

Pros: Everything is vegan, Asian western fushion , Delicious food


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26 Jul 2022

My first taste of Pattaya

Nice vegan food my children enjoyed the strawberry ice cream

Pros: Roast duck was lovely , Nice and clean with a friendly service , Card payments accepted


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05 Jun 2022

Mouthwatering experience at a very cozy vegan place

I was really impressed by freshness and variety of delicious vegan Asian infused dishes. The food is made from scratch to order, the family is very attentive and take pride in the food they serve. A very big surprise how good the food turned out and I will make sure to make another visit! The deserts were exceptional, the Lava cakes is out of this planet! Everything we order was tasty and amazing!


Points +22

23 May 2022


This will be my new local while living in Jomtien this year 👏

Pros: Lots of options , Well priced , Friendly staff and nice atmosphere


Points +154

04 Apr 2022

Amazing vegan fake meat

Had an amazing meal some of the best fake meat I've ever had. This is my favorite vegan restaurant definitely going to come back...

Pros: Great fake meat, Big selection for vegan food

Cons: Food can be a bit garlicky


Points +86

17 Feb 2022

Nice vegan food.

A rare find. Thai and European menu.

Updated from previous review on 2022-02-17

Pros: 100 % vegan, Friendly service, Comprehensive menu

Cons: They close so early ! , Kitchen closes at 7.30pm . , Over-reliant on fake meats.


Points +100

13 Nov 2021

Good taste for all.

Very creative chef. Many menu so different from other restaurants.

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-13

Pros: Good taste

Cons: Far from South Pattaya


Points +2093

05 Nov 2021

Lovely 100% vegan place!

Lovely 100% vegan restaurant with extensive menu serving Thai, Asian and western dishes.

They no longer do rooms since covid so it's just food unfortunately.

The owner and staff are very friendly and the food is very tasty. So difficult to find vegan places in Pattaya but this is a little gem and a must go to if you're in the area.

I had the spicy mushrooms with some brown rice and it was great. I also had a fresh beetroot juice and a brownie with coconut ice cream. All yummy and I definitely want to return at some point!

Pros: 100% vegan


Points +507

21 Sep 2021


Literally use to order here one to two times per day. Wish i had come across this place sooner. it's not everyday you come across a place that's reliable and opening times are reasonable. Most days I could pick just about anything from the menu and it would be prepared better than expected (coming from someone that has visited multiple 5 star restaurants). Staff is friendly and enthusiastic and delivery was available (depending on distance). Desserts are a must try (especially the carrot cake)!

Pros: Selection , Desserts , Flavor

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