Upscale vegan restaurant and bar. Currently serving a 6-course vegan tasting menu only, with wine pairing available. Reservations recommended. Fully vegan from April 2022. Open Wed-Sun 6:00pm-11:00pm, Sat-Sun 12:00pm-4:30pm.

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03 Dec 2023

7 stars

A brilliant set menu with a sensational movement of flavor
every step was delicious and unique, the additional food items were a must. We chose the wine pairings and Sam did a wonderful job of narrating our wines which were exquisite!!. It was one of two top vegan restaurant experiences in 17 years … the other one is Shizen in SFO

Pros: food & wines!, staff, ambience



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31 Oct 2023

Very unique, fine dining experience.

It’s pretty cool to see how they do so many unique dishes with only vegetables and no mock meats or other mock animal products. Everything is delicious, but weird at the same time. The service was out of this world phenomenal, the best I’ve ever had.. but the price is a big killer for me and it’s a once in a lifetime kinda place to enjoy for sure.


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30 Oct 2023

Outstanding, inventive, truly extraordinary food

I've been vegan for more than 35 years, chasing the best vegan meals in any city I visit. I can honestly say that I have never had a better or more creative meal than the tasting menu at Yellow in Sydney. The chef combined flavors into unique inventions, each bite even better than the last. Ingredients were as fresh and healthy as they were delicious. Fine dining at its best, with attention to detail.

My companion especially loved the atmosphere - a cozy, uncrowded corner with subdued lighting and jazz playing. We arrived when the restaurant opened, which we recommend if you want to beat the crowd.

Pros: Inventive menu, Chef is a genius!, Delightful and helpful staff

Cons: no cons


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22 Sep 2023

An amazing culinary experience

We were looking forward to another great experience eating at Yellow and we’re not disappointed. Every mouthful of food is a unique experience using a unique variety of ingredients.

Pros: Every mouthful of food, Great service from staff, great atmosphere, Uniqueness of ingredients in all servings


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19 Sep 2023

Fine dining and delicious

Truly a lovely experience coming to yellow adored the environment, loved the set menu with all the dishes to try.
Loved some, questioned a few, mildly disappointed by the dessert (got a sweet tooth)

But over all loved coming and getting to enjoy a fine dining experience. You’re never got nail it with everyone, having so many courses, but I admired the creativity and loved so many of the flavours.


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26 Aug 2023

Delicious 6 course fine dining

I loved the whole experience of the place. Six courses of delicious fine dining with paired with non alcoholic drinks which were incredible. Alcoholic pairing also available.

I loved that each course was explained in detail too. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

I would 100% go back, so tasty.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-26


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20 Aug 2023

Amazing experience

What a great evening! You are treated to many courses of creative and delicious vegan food. Each course was explained as it was set down and eating it was a great experience.I never thought carrots could taste so good! I'd highly recommend the non-alcoholic drink accompaniment, all the drinks were lovely and went well with the food.

Pros: Great experience, Delicious vegan food, Lovely drinks


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11 Aug 2023

Truly unique Vegan fine dining

Holy HappyCow! This place is a one of a kind experience. I tasted flavor combinations that I simply didn't know existed. Everything was curated down to the smallest detail. I enjoyed the 'Tasting Menu' along with the premium wine pairing. I also ordered one additional entree (not included in the 'Tasting Menu') so there was a total of 8 dishes brought out with 8 different wines that complimented the food perfectly. Their menu does change quite often, but I doubt this place will make something you won't enjoy. Each time a dish & wine were brought out the waiter did a fantastic job of describing the meal (or wine), its background, the sourcing of the ingredients, how the dish is put together/inspiration behind the meal, how/where the wine is grown and how it compliments the food. Don't hesitate and GO!


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03 Jul 2023

Always beautiful food

I've eaten a few times here and it's great to see this place fully vegan instead of previously being partially vegetarian. The food is delicious and beautiful and incentive. It's a bit exxy but it's a wonderful experience so come here for a special occasion or just to treat yourself to amazing food.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-12


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05 May 2023

Most interesting food

It was so crazy! They made those flavours out of vegetables! It was like an explosion of flavours in my mouth. Very expensive but reeeeeaaally nice

Pros: Flavours of food, Luxury fine dining, Ambience

Cons: Expensive


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13 Mar 2023

Fully vegan fine dining

We had an amazing night at Yellow. The food was inventive, creative and delicious. The staff was great and very attentive without being intrusive.

The restaurant is fully vegan.

The atmosphere is relaxed. This is a great place for date night, special occasions or simply treat yourself.

The menu changes every few months, which is exciting.

You can select a wine pairing or non-alcoholic pairing (with creative and tasty "cocktails" and drinks). We tried both and they were well matched to the food and added to the experience.

We loved all our dishes and can't wait to return.

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-18

Pros: Tasty, Innovative, Cosy

Cons: Small portions, No a la carte option, Still hungry


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13 Feb 2023

Pretty good

Lovely restaurant, nice ambiance, although tables are somewhat tightly squeezed together and personal space is limited. The tasting menu was decent, however there is definetly space for improvement in terms of menu design as well as timing of the dishes. We found some dishes interesting whereas others were disappointing. The menu seems to change quite frequently and while the online menu showed brunt cabbage as one of the mains, we were served a slice of beetroot instead which was ok but not really refined enough for a fine dining tasting menu. The cultured cashew and the smoked carrot were well crafted, but unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the gnudi which were just bland and looked like fish balls in water which I didn’t find very appetising to look at. The desserts were ok but nothing to rave about. We also found the champagne & sparkling wine list disappointing, but apparently it also changes quite often.

We were seated at 8pm which unfortunately meant that staff started cleaning the restaurant at one point and the pace of dishes coming out declined. On multiple occasions we ended up waiting 15 minutes or more for the next course even though the restaurant was nearly empty at the time. By the end of our 3 hour dining experience our energy was drained and we were glad we could finally leave.

All in all the experience is not the best in the universe like some local folk describe, but it’s pretty good. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back although I would definitely try to get an earlier seating.


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10 Feb 2023

So creative, fun! Definitely worth the indulgence once a year.

Creative flavors, impressive combinations. I read the menu and felt like only half of it would actually interest me, but I liked everything except for the beetroot, which I would strongly suggest to cut out of the menu, because nothing there felt any special at all. The most surprising option, the vanilla ice cream and caramel popcorn, definitely deserves a mention, and the appetizer potpourri... Wow! I could eat a whole platter of the blini with chimichurri sprouts. Yes, it might look like you're paying your weight to eat some pieces of vegetable, but just keep an open mind and let the combinations surprise you. Great staff, great ambiance as well. Only downside, you only get one option: the whole menu.

Pros: Very creative, Chill ambiance, Super friendly staff

Cons: Expensive, yes., Only one option, the 8-step menu.


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31 Jan 2023

Nice spot

Yellow is a lovely little spot with a great seasonal menu. For the summer menu there were a couple of optional dishes which included a side and post dinner course, both of which were delicious and added a nice level of fullness to the tasting menu. The popcorn, vanilla caramel dish was absolutely delicious and the roast vegetable oil with sourdough is fab. We got a bottle of oil to go and it’s a real treat. #Veganuary

Pros: All vegan , Seasonal menu

Cons: Parking is a nightmare , A little dear


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04 Jan 2023

Lovely set menu!

We enjoyed the 6 course menu for NYE with s delicious non-alchoholic drinks pairing.
Lovely venue and friendly staff.


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16 Oct 2022

Amazing all around!!

Incredible vegan food, service, and atmosphere. Went here for my birthday dinner with my partner and they served 6 amazing small meals (but very filling by the end!) and even brought a cake for my birthday. It is so homey and lovely!

Pros: All vegan, Beautiful ‘degustation’ style menu, Non-vegans will enjoy

Cons: Bit more expensive (but worth every cent)


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28 Sep 2022

And it was all...

(Protip: This doesn't work like a regular restaurant)

Really nice vibe. Excellent spot for a date if you don’t mind the price, which will be over $200 before drinks.

The room filled up as the night went on and did get a bit loud and crowded, but that may have just been my timing.

Set tasting menu was fun. Not necessarily all good. Not necessarily anything I'd want again. But the experience was decent.

Pros: Concept food...

Cons: ...Not real food


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24 Sep 2022

Fresh and tasty

Even better than I expected, food was fresh with wide range of natural flavours. Was fully satisfied at end of the meal


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05 Aug 2022

Light, but not memorable

Pricey set menu with nothing I’d write home about. Dessert


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24 Apr 2022

What an experience

Had the set menu it was amazing from the bursts of flavour to the timing when dishes came out. I look forward to coming back next season when they switch the menu!


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18 Apr 2022

Delicious but insufficient

When I arrived at Yellow it was just the ambience I wanted, dimly lit with eclectic decor. We were seated in a corner, which was sort of nice, although it was a bit tight and I felt somewhat pressed up against the wall when things were brought to the table. Our waiter/sommelier was wonderful, as were all the staff. However, for me this was one occasion in which the components of the degustation, while almost universally delicious, didn’t quite add up to a full stomach. Much of the food had me making exclamations of delight - the sourdough and olive oil, the polenta and the pistachio ice cream spring to mind - but it was all so dainty. Obviously I know the risks when I embark on a degustation, but I do always hope it will be both delicious and satisfying. Really it was only the dessert - because of the sugar - and the paired wine - because it filled up my stomach - that stopped me being hungry. I understand the focus of a degustation is on artistry and not volume, but in my experience it is possible to achieve both, important when the price is premium.

Pros: Absolutely delicious food, Fantastic service , Lovely ambience

Cons: Small portions, Tight seating


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05 Apr 2022

True vegan fine dining

We have been to Yellow a number of times over the years and it is always at a high world level standard. We have been to many great vegan and vegetarian restaurants in different places around the world and this would have to be number one! If you want a great night out and a lovely setting with impeccable service and superb vegan food then this is it. We have taken a number of friends and visitors here and they all loved it.


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09 Jan 2022

How I’ve missed fine dining…

Since going vegetarian and then Vegan, fine dining on special occasions has been depressingly impossible (or at least a waste of money). Yellow is expensive as you’d expect, but such excellent value for money. The matched wines are an extravagance, and not necessary to enjoy the food. The food is divine.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-09

Pros: Everything is vegan, They happily catered for a soy-allergic friend , A proper fancy fine dining experience

Cons: The matched wines are too much alcohol for me, The price is high, but value for money, So much food, and all vegan!


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15 Oct 2021

Dinner box

First time at Yellow I ordered the dinner box during the lockdown. Worth the price, really tasty food and interesting textures. I’m looking forward to be able to do a dining for a full Yellow experience


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26 Jun 2021

vegan bistro with tasting menu

If you are looking for a vegan fine dining experience, Yellow is the place to go. They often have guest chefs, coming for just one night and create a fantastic tasting menu with wine pairing. We have had the opportunity to dine there several times and every time it was excellent food as well as excellent service.

Pros: creative dishes, excellent service


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25 May 2021


Incredible! We’ve tried to come here a few times, but always have to cancel because of COVID. Had the 7 course and it was sooo good. The staff were very accomodating for allergies and so attentive. Can’t wait to go back!

Pros: Food was amazing , Allergy friendly and aware, Great staff

Cons: Expensive


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17 Apr 2021

A delightful degustation experience

A friend recommended this place in Potts Point. As a couple with differing diet preferences, my partner and I both agree that their set menu is just beautiful and delicious. We picked the 7- course menu (the other option was 5), and just marvelled at how each dish was worthy of being ranked our favourite. We recommend this place to anyone who wants to showcase the brilliance of plant-based food or to anyone who simply wants to have a nice dinner out in Sydney.

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