Vegetarian food restaurant in the tourist area of Old Bagan. Run by a local family who speak English. Specialties include pumpkin soup and bean curry. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Chelmi


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14 Nov 2022

The best in Bagan! I ♥️ Yar Pyi

Every dish is simply delightful! The staff is so nice and friendly! Make sure to try their tomato peanut curry, tea leaf salad and coconut milk/ avocado and mango shake not on the menu but they'll make it and it's amazing! Don't have a picture of it since I always drank it so quickly didn't even get a chance to take my camera out :P

Updated from previous review on 2020-01-25

Pros: Lots of vegan options, lovely staff, great prices,

Cons: None



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06 Mar 2020

Cute spot/friendly staff

Tasty papaya salad & mango smoothie. Very friendly/nice family running the place.

Pros: Nice area, Friendly staff


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26 Feb 2020

Excelente jugo de mango y arroz con coco

Me pareció excelente la comida. Atención super amable. Servicio eficiente y rápido. Lo recomiendo!


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17 Jan 2020

Good service

I tried the banana spring rolls as per the other recommendations. They were a pretty tasty sweet snack, however they were fairly oily. Their Myanmar tea is also not the best I’ve had but it’s okay. The service in here was good (albeit slightly overzealous) but the staff were helpful. It’s fairly reasonably priced too. Agree with the other comments that its alright for a quick snack or to the the banana spring rolls.


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15 Jan 2020

Yummy and affordable

Quaint little restaurant with very friendly staff, almost exclusively vegan food and a nice atmosphere.


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07 Jan 2020

try their spring rolls

Even though the restaurant was a little crowded and the meal was late, it was delicious. especially their avo juice and fried spring rolls!


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07 Jan 2020

Banana spring rolls

Had a lovely breakfast here. The banana spring rolls were incredible! The service was excellent and the food came quickly.


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02 Jan 2020


As opposed to Moon restaurant this restaurant has a short(er) menu. The qualilty is much better than Moon. More is made a la carte. It takes little bit more time, but you get good fresh and tasty food. Vegetables are al dente (not overdone as by Moon). Try one of the Myanmar dishes. Awesome. But there is also good Western food; the French fries are selfmade from potatoes (as opposed to the standard deep fried soft Mc Donalds fries from Moon). Vegetarian burger is made from egg (sunshine egg - soft boiled). Very kind owner.


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29 Nov 2019

Good Plentiful Vegan Dishes

The food was good with wonderful guacamole and popadoms. Service was quick and the owner was very attentive and nothing was an issue. We had two curries and both were tasty and the level of heat adjusted as one of us did not want a hot curry. Overall a good dining experience. The setting is nice with clean toilets.

Pros: Lots of Vegan options , Nice owner, Local owned and family run


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04 Aug 2019

OK for a quick bite!

Lovely food and service, unfortunately they still use plastic straws.


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09 Jul 2019

Good price and food is delicious

They are so kindly and they offer us a dessert for free

Pros: Vegetarian restaurant with lot of options


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12 Feb 2019

Good food by lovely people

Had a brilliant lunch here. Nice cold fresh fruit smoothies and veggie rice noodles which were very tasty. This place was really quiet but it shouldn’t be as the staff were so nice and so was the food. It’s right opposite the very popular other veggie place Moon but people should also give this place a chance too! We would go back here over the Moon place as we had a nicer overall experience😄

Pros: Mostly vegan options , Lovely staff, Nice and quiet


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01 Dec 2018

Delicious with a wonderful service

This place was our third stop in Bagan. The food was delicious and the service was wonderful. The portions were big and the price was too low in proportion. We took some time to talk with the owner and she is such a sweet and caring woman. Would recommend the place for the food and for the caring personality of the owner.

Pros: almost all vegan


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22 Oct 2018

Best meal I’ve had in Myanmar.

Eggplant tobu curry was amazing.

Pros: Very friendly, Local feel


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23 Jul 2018


We came here for rather tasty vegetable curry, portion was big and the owners were sooo lovely. They even made us fried banana for pudding on the house.
I would definitely recommend this place.

Pros: vegan options , nice owners


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19 Feb 2018

Quick and caring

We ate here few times. The first time we ordered curry(which was pretty bland), pennyworth salad and ginger salad. The best was pennywort salad. The served the food very quickly and always give you some snack before(chips) and after(fruits). Second time, we even got complementary salad. However the prices are a bit high, and portions not too big.

Pros: fast, excellent service, food is ok

Cons: a bit pricy, not too big portions


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23 Aug 2017


I was surprised to find how tasty Yar Pyi was! I came hungry and thirsty, and I left with a happy belly. I highly recommend their banana pancakes, all fruit salads, and mango juice. Delicious and refreshing!

Pros: Tasty food, Authentic food, Veg options

Cons: Bugs, Heat, Restroom cleanliness


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05 Mar 2017

Food was fine, owners were friendly

At first I didn't want to step into the restaurant because I saw it as a copycat of the Moon right across the street. However, I decided to give it a try and was glad I did. The vegetable spring rolls were really nice, and because we actually ordered banana spring rolls and the lady messed up the order, she gave us 3 bananas to compensate.

The "fried potato" (which is actually french fries btw) was pretty oily even though it tasted good.

I like the fact that this place is owned by a friendly family who was attentive to the customers.


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18 Nov 2016

Scrapes a 3*

I tend to agree with others about the sulky attitude shown at times and lacklustre interest in customers.

Food was nice enough, not as good as a number of places we have eaten in Myanmar ( including both Moon restaurants and Marie Min in Mandalay) but then again, it is safely vegan or vegetarian depending on your choice. Something to be welcomed.
Portions were okay. Avocado and poppadoms with lime were delicious. Aubergine curry wasn't a patch on Marie Mins.

We arrived with a view of supporting them more as the underdogs but on our first arrival on eScooter and parking, the scowls and disinterest in us parking on the Moon side of the track was clear to see. As someone else says, great that your are there for us but don't set up opposite a long successful similar restaurant and show disapproval when we exercise our right to choose. They lost at least 1 or 2 more visits sadly due to this rather bizarre approach which must be losing them more business. In retrospect we should have pointed this out as the more vegan and vegetarian options the better!

Pros: It's there and offers some good options.

Cons: Attitude, Mixed quality between dishes.


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15 Nov 2016

Ne pas demander la lune

Après avoir été conquis par The Moon sur le trottoir en face, et après avoir lu les commentaires sur ce resto, il nous fallait le tester. Oui, l'accueil est très agréable, bienvenue dans la famille, mais la carte est moins variée et riche et les plats légèrement en dessous du voisin d'en face. Cela reste toujours du végétarien/végétalien!


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Mostly Veg
29 Oct 2016

best after sunrise breakfast you can get!

I see it s been 3 years since the last review. I went there in June 2016 and I can tell you this place is absolutely yummy. The owners are so sweet and welcoming, yes they don't speak as good English as in the other "Moon" restaurant but I can tell you that this one is better. Especially we use to go there for breakfast because it s the only one open after sunrise and we could see the monks around 7am passing by. Highly recommended :)


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10 May 2013

Annoying owners!

The food was average and expensive for what you got (the tomato and peanut curry was particularly dissapointing) but the worst thing is that the owners sit and moan openly and loudly about the Moon Restaurant opposite - moaning about how busy they are just because they're in the Lonely Planet - yet they have blatantly stolen the Moon's concept and entire menu!


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Non Veg
01 Feb 2013

Great food and friendly service

I ate dinner here in January 2013 after touring the Ananda temple in Bagan. The family who runs the restaurant were very welcoming and spoke excellent English. The dinner: bean curry, pumpkin soup, and fried bananas with honey, was excellent. The restaurant is across the street from another vegetarian restaurant, The Moon, and they both have the subtitle 'Be Kind to Animals'. I think the food at Yar Pyi was better although the Moon was also very good. Yar Pyi is not yet in Lonely Planet so was not as crowded.

Pros: Great food, inexpensive, friendly staff


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25 Sep 2012

Good food and sweet family

We went here several times during our stay in Bagan, and like other places in Asia, if you eat twice in the same day you will get sick. Still despite that, and despite the fact that this place is totally ripping off names, concepts, etc from their competitor across the street "Moon: Be Kind to Animals" we have a soft spot for this place. It's a family run restaurant where most of the family is up front seating and conversing with customers and the oldest daughter is in the back doing all the prepping and cooking. She is an excellent chef and though no formal Western training, makes an impressive salad (and other dishes) that could be served in any Western restaurant. They have an excellent dish called Shan noodles. It is somewhat elaborate when it comes out of the kitchen and needs some professional mixing which the daughter-cum-chef did specially for us (every time we had it). can't say enough about this kind family, our bike tire had a flat and they lent us theirs to ride back home that evening and had their son take us to the bike repair shop the next day. Do try to support them if you can. They don't have the appearance and the tourist-friendly trendiness of Moon, but it is good food and nice folks---just don't go twice in one day!

Pros: Well made tasty food

Cons: Suspect cleanliness, not very atmospheric sitting area

Fifi La Purr

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11 Feb 2011

Double check ingredients but worth supporting!

In a country that has little concept and exceptionally few vege/vegan restaurants Yar Pyi, which classes itself as a veg resteraunt (ovo/lacto) is worth a visit. I'd advise, as i would with any vege/vegan food place, to double check ingrediants and in this case that there is no fish/shrimp paste lurking. Some choices contain egg. The menu is small, the food delicate in taste and the presentation lovely. Big portions of fresh vegetables are a bonus, the citron salad interesting and scrummy and the tofu, made with channa, a Shan speciality, worth a try. The family are lovely and comments/suggestions to enhance their understanding of vege/vegan faire is welcomed, they really put in the effort.

Pros: Lovely family run place, Healthy food, lots of fresh ingredients

Cons: Check ingredients


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25 Apr 2008

Not that vegan friendly

This restaurant is not that vegan friendly, they add an egg to the vegetable soup and their tofu looks a lot like the egg tofu I saw at a supermarket. Otherwise, the portions are pretty small (especially if you have been on a bike all day) but the food is OK.

Pros: nice owners

Cons: not that vegan friendly, small portions

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