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Wynn Casino Buffet

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3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 89109

Serves meat, vegan options available. Breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets with a few vegetarian and vegan items. Examples include waffles, tofu scramble, sushi, salads, vegan ravioli, Korean pancakes, panacotta, soy ice cream, and candied apples, amongst others. Not all items are labelled; ask the chef to confirm. Can prepare other dishes and gluten-free meals upon request.

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Reviews (22)

First Review by brzlian

Delicious! - Edit

Amazing experience! Once I arrived I made the hostess aware that I was Vegan. She then notified one of the Chefs and the Chef came out to meet with me and gave me a full tour of the buffet... what was Vegan and what could be made Vegan. I ate fruit, waffles, tofu scramble, muffins, Sushi, veggie rolls, edamame, indian food and even saved room for cookies and ice cream! 😍😍😍 I definitely got my $35 buffet worth.

Pros: Mostly everything can be made Vegan.

Cons: It takes a while for your food to be made vegan be

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Disappointed - Edit

My husband and I went to the Wynn buffet last year and were pleasantly surprised at the amount of vegan options, so we went back this year. The price had gone up, and the vegan options had gone down. I essentially paid $50 for tofu and farro. The make-your-own-ramen station, my personal favorite, was gone, as were most of the soy ice creams. The only flavor was cherry chip. The salad bar was also really small with little selection. I was very disappointed and feel ripped off. Will not be returning.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-10

Pros: Nice hotel

Cons: Pricey, Fewer vegan options

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AMAZING!!! - Edit

The Wynn is a MUST for any vegetarian, vegan, or person with food restrictions/allergies. The chef upon request will tour the buffet with you and in addition to what's already safe on the buffet, they can make many other items in the back and you can ask the individual station chefs to veganize a dish fresh just for you. I'm vegan and gluten-free and ate like it was my last meal: waffles & pancakes with vegan butter & syrup, tofu scramble, avocado sushi, edamame, seaweed salad, tofu stir-fry, grilled vegetables, salads, crudite, pizza, grilled cheese & tomato soup, polenta, fresh fruit, guava panacotta, green tea chia pudding, mango tapioca pudding, magic bars, soy cherry chocolate chip ice cream, raspberry & mango sorbets, candied apples! I could've had street tacos and Korean pancakes if I had room. My boyfriend because he's not gluten-free also had cashew cheese artichoke spinach ravioli, vegetable spring rolls, street tacos with Gardein beef, pretzel rolls, and chocolate chip cookies. Everything was fresh, high quality, and just amazing! I ended up having brunch and coming back a second time for lunch. It's well worth the price, just bring your appetite! I recommend trying to go to a late lunch which is cheapest, and staying into dinnertime so you get a sample of both menus.

Updated from previous review on 2016-08-09

Pros: Extremely vegan friendly, Extensive gluten-free options, Special requests welcomed

Cons: Long wait (20-90 minutes), Cramped dining rooms, 2 hour limit

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Really Great - Edit

I was skeptical to hit up a buffet in Vegas, but I called the front desk to ask about vegan options. I was told that one of the head chefs would personally take me around each of the 16 stations pointing out exactly what was vegan. This seemed a little bourgie to me but I figured, why not!

The service was absolutely incredible. The chef took me around each station and literally pointed out exactly what was already vegan, and what could be modified just by asking. At the Italian station there were fruits next to cheeses and deli meats and they offered to get me ones that weren't "contaminated" without even me asking. They made a special batch of brussels sprouts without the pork. They made me a personal pizza (I opted without vegan cheese, but it was an option!) There were mushroom ravioli which were some of the best I've EVER had. There was a whole slew of Mexican and Japanese items for vegans.

I WILL say that I only saw two items LABELED as vegan, which would cut down on them taking vegans around on a personal tour, but their menu is in flux so much I was told, sometimes things are prepared vegan, sometimes not.

The deserts WERE lacking, but was so stuffed at the end I didn't even have room! We learned from our server that Mr. Wynn went vegan and sent EVERY hotel employee a CD about going vegan - this is why the Wynn hotel has such a variety of vegan options at all their restaurants. If I go back to Vegas I will definitely be going back to The Buffet.

Pros: Excellent Food and Staff, Personal Tour of what's vegan

Cons: Long Lines, No Vegan Desserts, Nothing Is Labeled Vegan

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The Buffet very awesome :) - Edit

Prepare to spend $26 for an awesome vegan meal. We asked for vegan options and were given a tour of what was and wasn't vegan on the buffet line. The head chef took us around asking before if we used honey or not. Some items were labeled vegan such as the cream of mushroom soup and tapioca dessert. However, we were told to ask if we forgot what was or wasn't vegan. We were told that the pizza could be custom made vegan, which we requested. The pizza was made with all veggies, mushroom, and vegan cheese; it was the best vegan pizza I have ever had. A vegan made ravioli dish with alfredo sauce was also specifically prepared and again....so so delicious. Vegan bread was toasted and buttered with earth balance's vegan butter. These items were not on the buffet line but were requested by us and made for us. There were two vegan sorbets and a vegan tapioca dessert with oreo, coconut, and almond shavings available for toppings. The chef also told us there was vegan chocolate ice cream available. Little side items on the buffet line were vegan such as carrots, salad, and vegan balsamic vinaigrette (creamy and most excellent), vegan sushi, other veggies, and spring rolls. The creamy mushroom soup was very creamy and delicious. Asian fried rice can also be made vegan with tofu on request. This has been my most enjoyable vegan dining experience. However, I come from a town that offers close to nothing. The chef's personal tour and specific meal preparation was exhilarating. The cost of this experience was undoubtedly worth it.

Pros: Exquisite vegan options on request, Price, Personal attention

Cons: Not everything labeled vegan

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Several vegan options, not all labeled - Edit

I went to Las Vegas for the first time in 2013 and didn’t visit the Wynn buffet due to several negative reviews about vegan options. During a visit this year, after seeing a recent positive review, I decided to give it a chance. I’m glad I did because the food was really good and plentiful. It is true very little is labeled vegan, but if you let the hostess know you are vegan, she will have the chef come out and walk you through the buffet letting you know what is vegan, most of which is not labeled. I asked him why don’t they just label all the vegan items, and his response was that they are constantly changing the menu and it is easier for them to just give the vegans a personal tour. I guess they don’t have too many vegans coming through or that would seem a very inefficient use of his time.

On the day I went for the breakfast buffet, I had corn grits with strawberry and apple compotes from the pancake bar, black bean enchiladas, spanish rice, salsa, roasted potatoes with onions, sushi, orange juice, and two different coconut milk-based puddings. Everything I had was very good. While I didn’t try it, the chef said I could request the cook make a vegan pizza with vegan mozzarella, or request a vegan rice stir-fry at the Asian bar. After going back for seconds, I was stuffed and felt my $22 was well spent.

Pros: Several vegan options, Attentive servers clearing used plates, Tasty food, not too spicy

Cons: Most vegan items not labeled

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Excellent for breakfast - Edit

My wife and I are both vegans and we found many items on the buffet that were vegan or vegetarian. For eating at the Wynn, the breakfast buffet is cheaper than the Society Cafe which is also very good. Ask to be seated in the Atrium; it is light and airy. A minor problem at the buffet is that the items are not labelled Vegan so you have to read the ingredients or ask a server. There are hundreds of items so ask a server about a particular item not a list of all vegan items.

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Wing Lei &The Buffet (my reviews were combined??) - Edit

I have to say I was disappointed with my dinner at Wing Lei. I ordered a Kung Pao vegan entree and it was mostly a plate of broccoli and the sauce wasn't that great. Plus it was very expensive. Imagine my surprise when the bill came and I was charged $5 for a small plate of brown rice! I think they could do a much better job with their food.
Updated from previous review on Saturday January 21, 2012
Not sure how my Wing Lei review was posted here but this review is for the buffet - WHERE ARE THE VEGAN OPTIONS??? Luckily I walked though the buffet before paying $40! There were virtually no vegan options. It was seriously disappointing considering some of the other reviews. The staff did say that a chef could talk with us but it didn't seem necessary. They really need to up their game for vegans at this buffet!

Pros: Strip location, Pretty location

Cons: Too expensive for quality

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disappointing - Edit

I was at Wynn buffet many times. In the past, with 100s of items, many were vegan. This time only three were labeled vegan. Hostess said chef would tell us if we wanted but decided to go to Society. THAT WAS GOOD.

Pros: some vegan food

Cons: very little labled

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Really? $39.99 for dinner? - Edit

We went to the Buffet last Friday night. There were precisely three items labeled vegan. There might have been others but I wasn't willing to engage the staff to try to figure out what to eat. Aren't Wynn's supposed to be vegan friendly?!?! There were candy apples, hummus and some kind of polenta cake clearly labeled. There was SO much prime rib and other meat items that I was disgusted to be in the premises at all. We walked out severely dissapointed.

Cons: Where's the vegan food?, Price, Where's the vegan food again?

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"Not much for vegans" - Edit

I called before going and asked what vegan items they had on the buffet and the woman I spoke to told me that they didn't have much for vegans, "Some salads, some pastas, some breads, but not much." I didn't go.

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Big Win at Wynn Buffet for vegans - Edit

Not only am I a vegan, I also avoid sugar. Imagine my disappoint last year when the veggie delight w/tofu, hit my tongue and the sugar index skyrocketed. This year, when I asked if a salad had sugar in it, the chef came out and walked through the line with us. WOW! Not only did I find out what items had sugar in them, but he told me they could make the item w/o sugar. They made a vegan pizza for us. The veggie delight was prepared for us w/o sugar. Can't go wrong for the lunch buffet, all the vegan options and personal service from the chef. I highly recommend this place.

Pros: Elegant surroundings, friendly staff, Personal service

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Wish I could go everyday! - Edit

We went to the lunch buffet at the Wynn each day that we were in Vegas and were blown away! What variety. Sweet potatoes and parsnips with maple syrup, fried yucca, buddha's delight tofu and veggies, veggie enchiladas, passionfruit tapioca pudding, vegan chocolate chip pecan cookies, etc., etc. Most of the food is labeled vegan (and there is more that is not labeled as well). What a feast! A must for vegans. I am so happy to see a Vegas buffet now offering a plethora of veg options! Can't be rated 5 stars because it's not all veg--but I would definitly give it that if I could.

Pros: many vegan options, healthy

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Wynn Buffet - Edit

I admit I was a skeptic...a plethora of vegan options at a Las Vegas buffet? Get out of here, that's a lie! But it's true, I couldn't believe my eyes. Before we paid to get into the buffet I inquired about these so-called vegan options thinking that there may only be one or two things for me. To my surprise they gave me the option to have a chef personally walk me around and tell me what's vegan-friendly and what can be made vegan upon request. The chef was great, personable, and very knowledgeable about the plant-based diet. He walked me through every dish and nearly every ingredient, I felt like I was getting star-treatment. At the end of my little tour I realized I could have at least half of the offerings on the buffet...and that, my friends, is exactly what I did. I never get to eat at buffets, I exercise, and eat healthy at home, so why not?!?! I enjoyed many things such as Alfredo pasta (custom-made at the pasta station), many different kinds of salads (quinoa salad, chickpea salad, etc.), many kinds of veggies, vegan tomato soup, sushi, ethnic dishes (aloo gobi, channa masala, etc.), candied apples, and the best vegan chocolate chip cookie baked on this planet. Mind you, there were many vegan things I just couldn't get to...I filled up sooner than I would have liked. Overall, this was a great experience, the Wynn is simply impressive. I highly recommend the buffet to vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike.

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drewsoundsred 23 Mar 2012 - Couldn't agree more! What a good idea, having a vegan (Steve Wynn) run a hotel with multiple restaurants! It was the first experience I've ever had with family, where the meat-eaters were eying my plate with envy. We did the buffet for dinner (many, many excellent choices) then went back for breakfast the next day at the Terrace Pointe Cafe. They had a sizable 'Vegetarian' menu and when I asked if any could be made vegan, the waitress explained "They're all vegan". Wow.

Seriously, you should go.

The stuff of dreams - Edit

We went to Wynn Buffet for Christmas because we knew that, as vegetarians, we'd have way more options here than anywhere else.
The wait was LONG, clocking in at about 3 hours. It went by fairly fast, and waitresses brought water bottles around for everyone. One thing I wish someone would have remedied was the screaming kid who wouldn't stop crying for the ENTIRE hour wait in the inside line. Cramped quarters, low ceiling, shrieking child. Not necessary, one of the parents should have taken him out of there (and one of Wynn's staff should have told them so).
Once we were seated, we asked our waitress if she could point out for us which dishes were vegan. To our surprise and delight, she went and got a chef to personally take us to every single station and show us which options were vegan. He was so friendly and went into detail about several dishes. My favorite part was how the crowds parted ways for us. It was definitely star treatment. :-)
The food was absolutely incredible. The highlight for me was the pasta bar, where you can pick your ingredients and sauce. The alfredo (vegan!!) was ridiculously rich and perfect. I'd live on that stuff.
There were so many veggie dishes that I filled up way before getting to try them all.
DEFINITELY worth the price.
My only complaint is that they could always use more vegan desserts! I think there were only 2 options when we went.

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Vegan options at all restaurants - Edit

This is an update to my previous review as we stayed at the Wynn for Christmas again this year.

The Buffet - holiday brunch: There are items labeled vegan at the stations (like enchiladas and ceviche), but it's best to ask the chef to walk with you as some vegan items are not marked. Be forewarned, there are a lot of meat craving stations. You can also ask behind the counters for some items like vegan buckwheat pancakes or pizza with caramelized onions, marinated mushrooms, roasted red peppers, basil and stripes of babaganoush (made by the chef last year - amazing!). Overall, there is plenty to eat, but get there early before the line gets long.

La Cave - like tapas with small plates and wine. This was our favorite place as there were quite a few vegan items and only one was a Gardein dish (other places had more, clearly showing the mark of Tal Ronnen). We had an artichoke flatbread, mushroom tortellini, roasted beets with cream, eggplant and quinoa caponata and Gardein with a caper lemon sauce. The tortellini was by far the best, but it was all tasty. Nice service and we came back two nights in a row.

Drugstore Cafe - we got the vegan egg salad and tuna croissant sandwich combo to go, but there was also a vegan muffin, cookie and soy milk for coffee. They are two separate sandwiches and they are pretty good for fast food.

ZoozaCrackers - this place was super busy when we got there, so you may have difficulty getting a table after ordering, but you can get the order to go as well. Casual deli with vegan sandwich, cheeseburger and matzo ball soup available. The burger reminded me of McDonald's, so up to you if you like that or not. The chocolate shake was yummy too.

Stratta - we ate here last year and got the spicy spaghetti and eggplant napoleon along with a Stratta salad. All good, but nothing to rave about. The service though was excellent and the waiter so friendly and accommodating. We didn't eat here this year, but we did see that the menu has changed with some Gardein dishes added like spaghetti Bolognese and chicken parmesan.

Pizza Place - from last year: The pizzas are made with Teese and the veggies you want ($1 a topping). We got ours with mushrooms, onions and peppers. We also got the breaded tofu parmesan sub which came with a marinara dipping sauce. They were both pretty good. The seating is indoor and outdoor by the waterfalls.

Overall, it's nice to have vegan options available at every restaurant, but it's expensive.

Pros: vegan options at all restaurants, high quality food

Cons: expensive

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Dinner at La Cave - Edit

The food was great, but other places in Vegas were cheaper and better in my opinion. It was definitely worth the trip and experience, and I did enjoy it. It just was not the best food that I had on my trip to Vegas.

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Never Disappointed!! - Edit

I have been visiting Vegas more often, now that my daughter goes to school there. And each time we go to eat at the Wynn or Encore to take advantage of the vegan menus. We have never been disappointed! The food is excellent, it will blow your mind! The breakfast pizza at Society Cafe and the "chicken" parm at Stratta were on the tour this past week, and they were to die for. I have also eaten at Sinatra, Wing Lei and Switch, all were awesome. I am working my way through the entire complex and will try somewhere different next time.

Pros: Excellent food, great service, many choices

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Botero - Edit

While in Vegas we didn't want to miss trying out the vegan options at the Wynn restaurants and decided to go for the Botero. It is a very elegant restaurant with Botero paintings and an original Botero sculpture presiding the room. The vegan menu was limited but very appetising, with one Gardein option on offer. The servers were good and immediately brought us the vegan margarine instead of butter. The vegan churros with strawberry sauce for dessert were a treat. Great option.

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Epic Wynn - Edit

Late in our short trip, my fiance and I discovered the Wynn's vegan accommodations. We had lunch at their buffet, which was expensive ($30 on a weekday lunch) but had such a rich offering. The restaurant was also gorgeous, with the main entry and part of the dining area being in an atrium filled with bright, colorful flowers and plants and filled with natural light. We later returned to a casual burger place off the casino floor (don't remember the name) and had delicious Gardein burgers with AMAZING chocolate shakes, all vegan! We will definitely be staying here next time we come to Vegas!

Pros: Delicious, Variety, Beautiful surroundings

Cons: Expensive, Convenient if you are staying at Wynn

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Vegan Friendly in Vegas - Edit

I ate at a few of the Wynn restaurants on my recent Vegas trip. Overall, I was impressed with the staff's knowledge, and from my experience would say that this place can accurately be described as a vegan friendly hotel/casino.

First I ate at Red 8, an Asian restaurant just off the casino floor. We found the waitress to be very helpful. She explained to us what was vegan on the menu, and even offered a suggestion that wasn't on the menu (a vegan Kung Pao made with, I believe Gardein veggie chicken- very good!). We had edamame, a veg dim sum sampler plate and the Kung Pao. A delicious meal.

Next I ate at Pizza Place, a counter style pizza restaurant in the mall area of the complex. The staff was again friendly and understanding. They had a couple of vegan options including vegan pizza by the pie on request. We got a tofu parmigiana sandwich, which honestly wasn't the best I've ever had, but wasn't terrible either. I would've liked it better if they'd have used Daiya cheese, or at least tried to make a better effort to melt the Teese.

The next day we went to the Buffet. I have to admit, I was skeptical about this one, but my fears were laid to rest very quickly. We told the hostess that two in our party were vegan, and she asked if we'd like the chef to come out and give us a walk. I was expecting a hurried, impatient, somewhat annoyed breeze past the buffet stations, but instead was surprised by a very enjoyable experience. We were greeted by a very friendly, cheery chef that pointed out, in great detail what was and was not vegan. He really made me feel comfortable and at home. The sheer number of options was incredible! MUCH more than I expected. Salads, Indian dishes, Chinese (even veg egg rolls!), Sushi.... vegan pizzas (the one they made us had oyster mushrooms and capers on it-delicious!)and pastas both prepared on request. Everything I tried was amazing. They even had a couple of non dairy sorbets on the dessert bar. I would definitely recommend it for lunch or dinner, and would definitely go back when I'm in Vegas again.

Pros: Friendly, knowledgeable staff, Great food, many options, Some have seperate all vegan menus

Cons: I'd say this is about as good as it gets, for a vegan, in a casino hotel in Vegas

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I decided to post this review about the buffet at the Wynn in Las Vegas because, after searching all over the web, I finally found one single posting somewhere saying that the Wynn buffet was the best bet for vegetarians and I have to agree.

First of all, it is not a 100% vegetarian buffet, it's Vegas after all, but it has a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. All dishes are labeled and the ones that are vegan are notated "VEGAN". There are many different stations with food from all over the world and in each station there was at least one vegan option and one or two vegetarian. For example, the Chinese food station had a dish with steamed vegetables and tofu. The next day it had vegetables with tofu in black sauce. It was delicious. Another station, with Mediterranean food, had Baba Ganoush, hummus and yogurt dip. Italian station with made to order pasta with different sauces and one or two kinds of veggie pizzas (delicious dough). Indian station with Basmati rice with nuts and herbs, and chickpeas in curry sauce. Tossed salad station. Cheese station. Sushi station with veggie rolls. American station with grilled vegetables. Different kinds of breads and the list goes on.
On top of that, the dessert room was great with many different kinds of cakes, cookies, ice cream, mousses, etc.

It is not the cheapest buffet in the city but I found it worth every single penny. After looking at a lot of different buffets in Vegas, I ended up having lunch at the Wynn for 3 consecutive days. So, although it's not a 100% vegetarian buffet, vegetarians and vegans can feast at the Wynn. I highly recommend it and can't wait to go back.

Pros: Excellent food, Healthy choices, Non smoking

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IGrowKale 11 Mar 2014 - I was starving by the time I got to the buffet and took a look at what was available first before deciding if I should eat there. The only thing that was labelled as vegan was some sushi rolls. The staff told me if I talked to the chefs they could help me with figuring out what was vegan. Just from observation there was only the salad bar, some veggie stir fry items, (possibly) cooked veggies and sushi items. Little options and none with much protein in them. I left hungry and went across to the shopping mall and got some veggie tacos!

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