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Serves meat, vegan options available. Mexican restaurant offering sweet potato and portobello burritos. Specify vegan when ordering. Staff is knowledgeable about about veganism. Open Mon-Wed 12:00-21:00, Thu-Sat 12:00-22:00, Sun 12:00-21:00.

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First Review by Mufke


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Mostly Veg
22 Oct 2023

Delicious Mexican food

I ordered quesidillas with sweet potatoes. It was just delicious! The weather was good and we were seated outside, in the cosy city center of Maastricht.

Pros: Freshly made, tasty food , Outside seating, City center



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19 Jun 2023

I’d definetely go back

Finally had the time for a little trip and went to Maastricht. Definitely a good day which was topped off by very good food. The tacos were very tasty and it is possible to choose the level of spiciness that suits the client best. Also, staff was very nice and definitely helped in improving the mood even more.

Pros: Lots of veggie options that can be made vegan, Fun staff, Good quality/price ratio


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23 Feb 2023


I had the sweet potato vegan burrito and it was so tasty!!!


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04 Dec 2022

Okay burrito

Whe went here based on a recommendation, however we were slightly disappointed.

We were told the veggie and Portobello could be made vegan and that there was a vegan aioli and chipotle sauce. We tried the aioli with Portobello and chipotle with the veggies. It was tasty but I missed the smokiness of chipotle and some creamyness of a cheese/cream replacement.


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09 Oct 2022

Sabroso y picante

Tienen tres opciones veganas muy completas y varias salsa, a parte de otros platos. La camarera muy atenta y cuando le pedí salsa vegana ya me avisó para no poner queso. El sabor riquísimo y si te gusta tienen opciones muy picantes

Pros: Muchas opciones veganas , Muy buen sabor, Personal atento


Points +257

04 May 2022


Had the sweet potato burrito. Was okay, but omg it was sooooo spicy, my whole mouth bourned

Pros: Goop price

Cons: Not that great


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03 May 2022

Great burrito place

Small burrito place with vegan options in the heart of Maastricht.

Several things like burritos and Quesadillas can be made vegan so make sure to check before you order.

Service is on the slow side, especially when it’s busy.

Very limited seating so make sure to come in early or make it a take away meal.

I’ve tried the vegan veggie burrito and the vegan portobello burrito and they were delicious!
Highly recommended!

Updated from previous review on 2022-04-18

Pros: Decent vegan options, Friendly staff, Reasonably priced

Cons: Service can be a bit slow, Limited seatings


Points +593

04 Apr 2022

Yummy sweet potato burrito

Very good sweet potato burrito. The large portion is filling. Took a long time I felt hungry again. The not spicy burrito was a bit spicy. So if you don’t like it spicy choose the not spicy one.

Pros: Large portion is filling


Points +1999

19 Mar 2022

Sehr lecker

Sehr lecker. Mild war auch schon sehr scharf.


Points +56

26 Feb 2022

Obsessed with the portobello burrito 🌯

They have a lot of vegan options!


Points +94

31 Oct 2021

Great vegan options

Takeaway place with limited seating. Fast and efficient. Have multiple veggie burritos that can be made vegan. Jalapeño sauce has a good kick to it, vegan aioli available as well.


Points +253

06 Aug 2021

Vegan Burrito

I’ve been there multiple times now and it tasted delicious every time! Just make sure to not overestimate your spice level, since also the mildest is rather spicy already!


Points +281

05 Aug 2021

Delicious spicy burritos

Had a small vegan burrito with sweet potato which was super delicious. Even without additional sauce the burrito is spicy.


Points +48

14 Jul 2021

Super lekker vegan burritos!

De jongens zijn erg aardig, leggen alles goed uit en boven alles en most important de burritos zijn echt lekker. Lekkerste burritos in de hele stad. 👌👌
Veel vegan opties!

Pros: Veel vegan opties, Smaakvol, Grote porties


Points +36

26 Jun 2021

Veggie and vegan options

I had a nice vegan burrito here, good price. They have some veggie and vegan options, really like the food in here.


Points +88

15 Feb 2021


My boyfriend and I both got the small portobello burrito (mine vegan and his normal). Make sure you specify you’re vegan when ordering. The staff will be very helpful.
I recommend getting both the chipotle and vegan aioli unless you like it really spicy.

Pros: All the vegetarian options can be made vegan , Good food


Points +173

26 Sep 2020


1st time: Tried the small portobello burrito (good lunch size), delicious! I'm definitely coming here again to try out the sweet potato one😍

2nd time: So this time I tried the sweet potato one, which was also very jummy! This is my fav food in Maastricht👍

Side note: the first time it took some 20 minutes which was a bit long, but the second time it took less than 5, so I think waiting time depends very much on who's working.

Updated from previous review on 2020-08-21

Pros: Lots of add-ons to choose from, 3 unique vegan options, Reasonably priced

Cons: No cons


Points +96

21 Sep 2020

Heel lekker, vriendelijk personeel

Mijn vriendin had de veggie burito met buritosaus. Ik had de zoete aardappel burito met aioli (vegan). Gelukkig was het mooi weer en konden we op de markt op een bankje in het zonnetje van onze lunch genieten 😋😁


Points +46

23 Jul 2020

Veel keuze, veel toppings

Genoeg vegetarische keuze. Heerlijke betaalbare en volgepropte burritos.

Pros: Goed geprijsd, Veel keuze, Lekker

Cons: Weinig zitplaatsen


Points +127

15 Feb 2020

Good burrito

Simple good burritos. Spicy is very spicy! Very small store and very few places to sit.

Pros: Good burritos , Good price

Cons: Small store , Very few places to sit


Points +757

05 Jan 2020

Can taste the love

The mushroom and the sweet potato burritos are both very good. I love the option to make it as spicy as you want. "Very spicy" might have been a bit too much 😅

Pros: Delicious burritos

Cons: Long long waiting time


Points +106

22 Dec 2019

Standard burrito but service was lovely

Lots of vegan options which was super good and very decently priced for what you get. The service was super lovely too. It’s a nice a burrito not anything spectacular. I’ve had such amazing burrito and this was to be honest very average.

Pros: service was super lovely , The layout of the place is nice and fun , Reasonably priced

Cons: Food needs to be more seasoned and just tastier , Quite average.


Points +76

14 Oct 2019

Delicious food, friendly staff

Very cute place in the center of Maastricht. They have 3 vegan burrito options which are really really nice (Veggie, Portobello, Sweet potato). The staff is friendly and knows about veganism so you just have to specify you want it vegan. Only downside is the long waiting time.

Pros: Different vegan options, Tastes good, Friendly staff that knows about veganism

Cons: Long waiting time, Not a lot of sitting space


Points +134

04 Oct 2019

Not coming back again

The vegan sauce was so spicy (even tho I like spicy food) that you couldn’t even taste the other ingredients and when you could they were not so delicious, just normal. Also, there are few people working for the amount of demand so it takes a long while to get your food.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Sauce SO spicy that you can’t feel other taste, Not so savory , Takes a long time


Points +29

11 Sep 2019

Delicious with good vegan options

Funky burrito joint with delicious vegan options! Sweet potato and portobello, highly highly recommend! The vibe in this place puts a smile on everyone's face.

Updated from previous review on 2019-09-11

Pros: Delicious food, Fast and friendly service, Very good value


Points +241

31 Aug 2019

Good food, service meh

I used to go here often and always got the burrito with portobello, made vegan. Service used to be really good; but has been going downhill lately. It took them 20 minutes to prepare my burrito last time with no other customers around. When I kindly asked how much longer it was gonna take, all three staff members got really rude. They told me I should stand all day in a hot kitchen. They didn’t believe me when I said I was waiting for 20 minutes until they checked their cash register. Weird way to treat paying customers.

Pros: Cheap, Tasty

Cons: Service is hit or miss


Points +118

24 Aug 2019

Good burrito, ok atmosphere

The burrito was good but the staff were a little unfriendly - may have just caught them on a bad day. The Sweet Potato and Portabello can be made vegan if specified, and they have a ‘go vegan’ sticker on the till.

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