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Serves meat, vegan options available. This pizza place has vegan cheese and sausage, and vegetable toppings. Also has hummus and veggie plate, veggie burger, and salads. The gluten-free crust is vegan; regular crust contains honey. Open Mon-Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

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First Review by Mirkwood


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17 Aug 2023

Great for when it rains

It started raining at our campground so this was a great place to duck away for lunch.

Pros: Server very knowledgeable of vegan options.

Cons: Vegan stuff is a 'premium topping' $3.25



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31 Jul 2022

Great Vegan option on the dairy state

Their regular Crist is in fact vegan, they offer vegan cheese and vegan sausage as well as a variety of veggies.

The only down side is the price and it can be a bit of a wait when it's busy.


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27 Dec 2021

Yummm… I loved finding a great vegan option Xmas wknd in Door County.

A few more options would be great but I was super happy with my pizza!

Pros: I loved the veggie options for my pizza! , The vegan cheese was yummy., They also have a vegan sausage option.

Cons: Would be cool to see a few more vegan options.


27 Dec 2021

Going to Door County this summer, will keep this is mind thanks!


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16 Sep 2021

Great vegan pizza in Door County

We visited the Sister Bay location of this local chain. We ordered a pizza with vegan cheese and sausage...one of the best we've had in a long time. Also had a nice selection of WI microbrews.

Pros: Tasty vegan pizza , Friendly waitstaff, Reasonably priced


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01 Sep 2021

Great pizza 🍕

I wish I could give this place 5 stars. The pizza was excellent. Our kids loved it too. The beyond sausage crumble on top of the pizzas was sooooo good. Plus all the delicious veg and vegan cheese. It was just great! The salads also are wonderful. One of the best I’ve had out!!! They have such a friendly staff and the location is right on the park/grassy area/lake- so we ordered to go and sat on a bench in the park to eat while the kids continued to play and swim. It was just a wonderful experience. We ate there 3 times on our 5 day trip. ❤️


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22 Aug 2021

4.5 stars

My family has been coming to Wild Tomato since it first opening in Fish Creek and we LOVE their pizza, salad, and bread. The garden salad is ridiculously good because the dressing is so amazing and the ingredients are extremely fresh. They offer vegan cheese for pizzas but i’ve found that they use a few different kinds, some of which are better than others. I’m pretty sure I got Daiya cheese once which wasn’t my favorite, but a few times including the 2 most recent times it seems like they were using home made mozzarella or similar cheese. This was MUCH more delicious.

Be aware that the pizza is big city prices (expensive) and the wait is often long to eat there. Consider doing take out pizza which is just as tasty but far less wait!


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30 May 2021

Good brick oven style pizza.

Very good pizza crust and restaurant is located right on the main thoroughfare.

Pros: Outside dining , Good music, Fast service

Cons: Each vegan topping is a $3 up charge. , Limited parking, Will not share WiFi


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22 Nov 2020

Good options

I got a pizza with a bunch of veggies on it. They offer vegan cheese and sausage. I like that they have more options than most places, but they could be better. Good place to go with non-vegan friends or family.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Could be better, Price


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03 Oct 2020

Great pizza!

The vegan options were delicious!

Pros: Great vegan options

Cons: Outdoor seating was cold!


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14 Oct 2019

Good food but pricey.

Pizza is good but extremely pricey!

Pros: Vegan cheese, Vegan sausage

Cons: Expensive , Crowded , Regular crust isn’t vegan


31 Jul 2022

Their regular Crist is in fact vegan(maybe it was not before), I was just there the other day.


03 Nov 2022

Oh must’ve changed! It used to have honey forsure. That is good!


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05 Aug 2019

Good Placs

Went there on the weekend and had a 45 minute wait... however the pizza was worth it since they had vegan cheese and sausage

Pros: Good Salad, Vegan Cheese, Vegan Sausage

Cons: Expensive


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28 Jul 2019

Less than par vegan food spot

This restaurant has progressively become less and less appealing for anyone who is vegan. I have had many faults with this restaurant over the years that have led me to not recommend this to any one that is vegan.

Most recently I discovered that their original pizza crust contains honey. When ordering a vegan cheese or vegan sausage pizza, no server in years indicated to me that there is honey in the crust. (While it has been made to my attention that they do offer a gluten free crust without honey, it still stands that servers have never indicated about the allergen in the original crust.) It is not acceptable to not understand conflicting allergens in food items - albeit their clause of allergens in the menu, staff ought to show some knowledge or concern for their customers and know allergens.

There is a lack of understanding of allergens in communicating with the staff to the customers. In the past I have ordered a vegan sausage topping (wheat product) and been given a marinated tofu topping (soy product) without any knowledge. Recently I inquired about the new Cauliflower steak bocadilla meal and I was told it was vegan - then when asking about the aioli - it is clearly not vegan, as well as another item in the meal not being vegan. This meal replaced an overly marinated portabella vegan option, which was not very good, which even replaced a great tofu lettuce wrap meal from years ago which was vegan.

The vegan options have become worse over the years.
The staff has had an inadequate knowledge of allergens in multiple experiences. And on top of that, It's necessary to order a pizza crispy so that it's even cooked all the way through in their wood oven.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Multiple instances-lack of understanding allergens, Options have become worse over time, Pizza is often undercooked unless told well done


06 Jan 2022

Our first trip there we learned one of the chefs was vegan. Wonder if he’s gone now. Seems like you have to either eat vegan or have a close friend or relative who is vegan to be able to understand every ingredient is important.


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08 Jan 2018

Plenty of Vegan Options

Daiya cheese, Vegan Sausage, and a lot of veggies make this place a great vegan pizza in Door County. Staff is super friendly and they also have a good beer selection

Pros: vegan cheese and sausage

Cons: normal crust has honey in it, serves meat


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29 Aug 2017

Great Vegan Pizza

We ordered the veggie pizza but asked for it to be vegan with vegan cheese. We also ordered our vegan pizza with the gluten-free crust (GF crust only comes in size small). It was fabulous. The staff was very accommodating and knowledgeable. We also each had a salads that were fantastic as well, but three of us shared the small with our salads and were full. The pizza was quite expensive. It was $4 for the gluten-free crust and $3 for the vegan cheese. There was a vegan sausage option as well. Great outdoor area and kid and dog-friendly! We will definitely be back!


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30 Mar 2017

expensive! ??

Well first off you have to order the gluten free crust in order to have vegan pizza as their regular crust and those little cups of dough are not vegan. So that's an up charge. I have spoke with them requesting them to make their regular crust without honey and use a honey sub like apple honey or Aguave nectar it has yet to happen. They do offer vegan cheese for an up charge. And vegan sausage that is not gluten free for an up charge. Also the vegan pizza is smaller than a nonvegan pizza. I have been to both locations many times and over 50% of the time they mess my order up. I've had them put cheese on my salads, regular meat on my pizza, and forgetting our drinks completely! But we still go there a lot. It is very good food when they don't mess it up. Always crowded and always a wait to be seated. The one location is super small resulting in a very loud community style seating arrangement.

Pros: vegan cheese ?, vegan sausage ?, ?

Cons: expensive ?, crowded ♨️, often gets orders incorrect ❌


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10 Jun 2016

Great pizza with vegetarian and some vegan options

My wife and I had a great dinner here. The restaurant has a great outdoor patio setting with heaters mixed throughout... Terrific ambience.

As far as vegan options, the sauce and crust are both vegan and they also have a delicious vegan sausage. They were also kind enough to divide an appetizer bread basket into separate baskets of vegan and non-vegan breads.

Pros: Great wood fire pizza; not greasy, Ambience and setting are nice , A few vegan and plenty of vegetarian options

Cons: Expensive. 2-3$ for extra toppings, per topping

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