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Raw food cafe and juicery, opened Oct 2016 in downtown LA. Serves all-raw food and treats except for bowls with quinoa. Juices are pre-made in its kitchen and offered in glass bottles. Has a raw ice cream and dessert counter. The non-vegan item used is honey. Confirmed open May 2020. Open Mon-Sun 9:00am-11:00pm.

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First Review by aximal


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11 Nov 2023

Happy that this raw food place exists

Wonderfull experience with friends. Love the atmosphere and the food.

Pros: Thankful that this raw restaurant is here

Cons: Parking was not easy



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27 Sep 2023

Super Pricey, Great Food

My recommendation is get a make your own salad, very big portion for 17 dollars. Pretty much anything else will totally break the bank, but it’s LA. My meal was insanely delicious, highly recommend if you have the budget.


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19 Sep 2023

Great smoothie!

Stopped in for the tropic thunder smoothie and it was amazing! It’s awakening and I can feel the cayenne at the end.
I’d return to try their food next time!

Pros: Lots of seating, Raw vegan

Cons: Honey on the menu, Waiting time is a little long


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16 May 2023

she. ate.

I quite literally am speechless. I don’t have buyers regret. Even though it is expensive, it’s worth it. I enjoyed every bite. So juicy and creative for raw vegan. In the past I’ve had really dry and unsatisfying raw food. But this spot is definitely my new favorite. Period. Can’t wait to try everything on the menu.

The aztlan is a HUGE serving size and absolutely delicious. So creamy and light. Raw. Perfect go-to salad that’s GIVING LIFE. There is no competition. She came. She delivered.

The bbq bacon chorizo burger is smaller but filling. I loved the dehydrated bun. The zucchini bacon was a perfect addition. The bbq sauce was awesome. Recommend if you’re craving a burger but want to stay healthy. It’s still giving burger. IMPRESSED.

Pros: Raw vegan , Filling , Creative and creamy

Cons: Expensive


12 Jul 2023

I’m going to try this place based on your review-thanks!


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14 Apr 2023

Always delicious and fresh fresh fresh

First off, let me say that I have never had anything I didn’t enjoy at Wild Living Foods.

This trip, I had the Geisha rolls, which were an explosion of flavors and textures, and the spicy mushroom soup, which was a creamy mushroom bisque with green onions. Both fantastic.

I marveled at the existence of a $23 milkshake while a homeless Michael Jackson impersonator walked past. It was a complete DTLA experience.

It’s quite expensive, otherwise I would have to give it five stars. I mean gosh how expensive can a dehydrator be? But always a great choice for flavorful food that will leave you energized and happy.


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29 Mar 2023

Raw deliciousness

Despite having honey this place is great. It shouldn’t be advertised as vegan. With that being said it is an amazing place for some raw vegan food. The food here is phenomenal.


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18 Jan 2023

While Bees Are Dying...

And all this time I thought honey was an animal's sputum! No wonder so many people are confused thinking that vegans can't eat honey! Thanks Wild Living Food for educating this silly vegan loser who stupidly thought that honey was only the product of an apis collecting nectar, digesting it, vomiting it up, then fanning it with its wings until it condensed into honey in a labor intensive process intended to feed their own community and babies.

How stupid and wrong I was to believe such paranoid vegan propaganda! Honey can be made without exploiting or harming any animals! Millions of bees don't have to be killed in the industrial mass production of honey every year anymore! Come to Wild Living Food, and see how easily it is turn the product of animal abuse and exploitation into delicious plant-based food! F*ck the bees! We can make our own honey!

Since I use HappyCow with the vegan filter, I would not have know that this plant-based restaurant that serves magical honey exists; nor would I have gotten to witness their processes of miniaturizing their employees who then fly around with a little bucket collecting pollen and then mixing it with stomach enzymes and regurgitating, then fanning it with the most adorable little ethically sourced paper fans to carefully control the evaporation and thereby reducing it to honey!

Lucky for this vegan, they have a big sign on the wall announcing everything is plant-based or I would have thought they just use the regular common bee-vomit honey that kills millions of innocent animals per year!

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-18

Pros: sells magic honey made from plants, just like a made up fairy tale, or a yuppie f*cking fantasy

Cons: now i have to wonder, what other animal abuse products, are actually, secretly plants too


31 Oct 2022

I have seen vegan honey or plant based honey though. It’s usually an inverted sugar like glucose or something like agave or maple syrup.


31 Oct 2022

Yeah, it's really easy to use anything else, mind boggling why people can't simply respect bees enough to simply leave them alone.


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10 Jan 2023

Raw Vegan Goodies

I loved it. The tacos were delicious, the shop products included sustainable items, and dining area was clean and spacious. #Veganuary

Pros: Gluten Free, Soy free options, Helpful staff, Cool items to shop


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29 Dec 2022

Favorite spot in LA

If you haven’t been here, I recommend it. Keep in mind if you’re new to being raw healthy vegan your taste buds might need to adjust for all this healthy food. Aka When you order a cheeseburger don’t think of the usual cheeseburger you get elsewhere.

Pros: So many options , Everything tastes good

Cons: Only one location , Parking


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17 Oct 2022

Delicious raw

Giving them 4 Stars only because they are not a full vegan place, but spring rolls are so good and we also got rainbow wrap.


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10 Aug 2022

Not fully vegan but delicious

Amazing dining experience! Fresh, raw and organic! Service friendly and helpful

I had two delicious dishes: sushi! Wow so yummy and healthy without rice but with great vegan greens and cheese. The presentation was on point, as was the taste!
The other Bowl: Macchi Pichu Bowl was so delicious! Especially with the sesame dressing (please order this dressing!). The greens are fresh, quinoa is perfectly cooked and also the Brazil nut cheese is tasty! Haven’t had it before. A must visit in LA
I only saw last minute that they have infused water to drink!
One thing: it would be best to not use honey so you can be completely vegan! Maybe switch to agave nectar or just leave it so it’s healthier anyway

Pros: Vegan food , Raw, Healthy

Cons: Honey!


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30 May 2022

The best, worth the drive.

Los Angeles has a lot of great vegan restaurants. Wild Living Foods is something special. Tasty, large portions, and mostly raw in the bargain. The Amaru Stew is so good (quinoa, broccoli, carrots, beets, onion, moringa, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, coco jerky, kale chips, avocado). Can’t even describe the taste. A little spicy and salty, with every ingredient working together to deliver something unique. And wait til you try the lettuce tacos. Simply outstanding.

Pros: Everything they serve is fully organic, mostly raw, Their culinary creations explode with flavor, Staff is knowledgeable and courteous

Cons: Kind of a dodgy neighborhood at night


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02 May 2022

Pleasantly surprised

If I’m honest, I avoid raw food places because I thought it would be bad but we were hungry and the food here was amazing. We played it safe and got the avocado toast and the bruschetta and it was honestly the best we’ve ever had! I wish I got something a little more elaborate to see what that would’ve been like.


02 May 2022

Get the bowls! They’re all amazing and super fulling!!!


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29 Apr 2022

Rudest staff member

I’m really sad to write this review, the food is really great, I’ve been several times before, but today my visit was let down by an extremely hostile staff member.
He was rude from the moment my friend and I walked in. I asked the prices of some items that did not have prices marked, and he acted like it was a huge inconvenience to check the till to let me know the prices, and was generally rude and hostile for the whole visit. I’m sure he was having a bad day but that is no excuse to treat customers poorly.


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17 Apr 2022

5 stars

The food here was phenomenal. The food had so much flavor and was very creative. I picked out an amazing vanilla milk from the prepackaged juices.

Pros: In the downtown area perfect for before/after club, Delicious , Creative and from scratch menu items

Cons: Pricy


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11 Mar 2022

Honey, why oh why?!

This restaurant could be perfect, no question about it!

Instead honey, horrific honey is still incorporated (needlessly). Please in the name of bees, switch to maple syrup, agave, the list goes on.

Honey is made by bees for bees, and their health can be sacrificed when it is harvested by humans.

Mass breeding of honeybees affects the populations of other competing nectar-foraging insects, including other bees. Overwhelmed by the ever-inflating quantities of farmed bees, the numbers of native bumblebees have declined.

We enjoyed our meals but do not feel comfortable having our money support bee deaths and exploitation. Please go vegan!

Pros: large menu, great atmosphere, awesome location

Cons: honey, price, honey


30 Oct 2022

Stoopid Vegoon! Bees are tiny robots not animals! 🤦‍♀️


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05 Sep 2021


49 years eating a Vegan diet,and this place is in my top 10 worldwide!

Pros: Variety , Service , Very nutritious food


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27 Aug 2021

dope raw food

if you’re into raw food, this is the spot for that.

4 stars because there’s honey in lots of drinks (WHY)

Pros: nice staff, good work environment

Cons: Honey!!! The honey is useless


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12 Jan 2021

Good restaurant, but not vegan

They are not a vegan restaurant as they serve honey. On their website, they say that "The best way to protect the bees is supporting organic farms and not purchasing any foods with pesticides." Another great way would be to not steal bee's honey.

That said the food is good and there are a lot of choices. The place is clean and nice.

Pros: Food quality, Choice

Cons: Use of animal products, Parking, Very small


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19 Dec 2020

food's great

delicious, healthy, very good.


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10 Mar 2020

My favorite Raw spot

They have very unique, top quality offerings! Raw, organic, bright, beautiful, delicious and welcoming. Great variety too. Can’t go wrong.


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05 Mar 2020

Try the burgers

The burgers are out do this world, I never understood raw food and accidentally bought this but was not disappointed. So much flavour packed into a raw burger

Pros: All vegan , No heat

Cons: Expensive


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09 Nov 2019

Worth it

Creative, colorful, healthy, delicious.
On the expensive side, but definitely worth it.


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20 Oct 2019

My favourite raw food in the world!

This is raw food heaven. The menu is amazing. I've loved everything I have tried. I would love to eat here more often.

Pros: The best raw food I have ever had, Staff and ambiance great.

Cons: Bit pricey. , Parking costs in DTLA

Healthy Oak

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19 Oct 2019

Incredibly delicious and sophisticated raw dishes

Wow. We are licking our chops after a stunningly tasty meal. We both started with soup: broccoli lime and veggie noodle which were fabulously seasoned, and they are steam warmed which makes the flavors dance on your tongue. Then we had the basil pesto pasta which was warm and sumptuous and literally melt in your mouth goodness and the flat earth pizza which was a symphony of harmonious flavors.

Pros: Tons of options , Incredible desserts, Organic and Whole Foods

Cons: Pizza portion is very small


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31 Jul 2019


Food was amazing. It came out quickly. The music was good. Love love will be back.

Pros: Everything is vegan , Fresh , Delicious


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09 Jul 2019

My favorite place in earth

Amazing raw food everything is delicious.
Best ice cream ever

Pros: Staff super Friendly , All raw, Best food ever

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