Large and well-stocked natural foods supermarket chain, acquired by Amazon.com in 2018. Offers selections in natural groceries and specialty foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well home cleaning and natural body care products. Find vegan foods like tofu and soy products, plant milks, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese, frozen meals, vegan burger patties, cereals, nuts, and much more. Has deli and prepared foods department. This location is 3 stories tall, with food counters upstairs for eating-in. Upstairs market cafe. Open Mon-Sat 08:00-22:00, Sun 12:00-18:00. Sunday: 12pm-6pm (open from 11:30am for browsing).Monday 30th August Bank Holiday: 11am-7pm.

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First Review by Jemima


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24 Feb 2023

Disappointing vegan assortment

Had high hopes to find amazing products, but it was very limited. Also lot’s of non organic food. Found much more options in a small planet organic store!



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23 Dec 2022

3.5/5 - Great vegan selection!

This is a huge store consisting of three floors – two filled with food and another one with toilets. They have a wide range of vegan food including fresh fruit and vegetables, pastas, sauces, sweet treats and a range of dairy and meat substitutes. It is quite pricey but a lot of the food is high quality and organic. I also love that the shelf labels have a little symbol to indicate if a product is vegan. This saves a lot of hassle looking at ingredient lists and is especially useful for products such as wine which you can’t necessarily tell from the actual product labels whether they are vegan. If you’re looking for ready to eat food they also have a salad bar and hot food counters serving pizza slices, burritos and bowls. They also stock a lot of products which are harder to find elsewhere and if I had the money and lived nearby I would definitely be spending a lot of time in here! The reason I haven’t given them a 4 (I only give 5s to fully vegan places) is because they do stock a lot of animal products with several gruesome meat counters, and animal products stocked in with the vegan alternatives on the shelves.

Pros: Vegan labelling on shelves, Hot and cold food counters, Unusual products

Cons: Expensive, Gruesome meat counters


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11 Nov 2021

Always here

I am always here any time I’m in Kensington. So big and full of so much awesome stuff. I have really been missing the upstairs eat in bit during COVID


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18 Sep 2021

Big, bigger, the biggest

An unbelievable store.
So many vegan options, great salads, many breakfast options, so many things you never found before. Very spacious and clean.

Pros: Many vegan options , Well sorted and long opening times, Great fresh veggies and fruits

Cons: Sometimes the staff is not so friendly


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28 Oct 2020

One-stop shop!

This place is *vast* and has everything you could possibly want from a supermarket. It's more of a hypermarket, to be honest, with fresh food counters, as well as shelves and freezers full of the usual storecupboard items. There's also a beauty / health section. Obviously it's not 100% ethical (can you cope with it being owned by Amazon?), and they do sell non-vegan items. But the choice is so huge you could spend hours here. There's a coffee roastery, a bakery doing pizzas to take away...

Pros: Incredible choice under one roof

Cons: Pricey


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21 Oct 2020

Whole Foods

This is the best and largest Whole Foods you'll find in the UK, I wouldn't bother with any other location (they're usually very tiny). This location also sells incredibly delicious vegan croissants in the bakery section.

The store was also recently remodeled in the last month (post COVID) and the downstairs area (where the health/wellness items are) feels a bit more upscale now.


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09 Mar 2020


Whole Foods Kensington has everything you could possibly want or need. Honestly I could spend the whole day (not to mention a whole pay check) here. There is a huge variety of vegan foods, healthy and treats both clearly labelled as vegan. The food court upstairs is a personal highlight as it is home to a delicious veggie grill.


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16 Jan 2020

Spend a hole day here

This place is huge and has practically everything you can imagine. Great vegan products, cosmetics and freshly made take away food. Don’t come too hungry; you’ll go nuts!


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29 Sep 2019

Great store and food hall

This store is pretty large and they have tons of vegan products and foods available here.

They have a food hall upstairs with many different cuisine options. Including a vegan burger stall as well, however the service here was way too slow, so I ended up eating elsewhere.

I ate at Bone Daddies and had the Aubergine and mushroom katsu curry, which is vegan. However just to note the aubergine is fried in the same fryer as the meat options.

Overall this is a great store for vegans.

Pros: Many vegan options , Helpful staff

Cons: Expensive , Slow service at some of the food counters


Points +60

17 Aug 2019

Love this place

A place that meets all your vegan food, beauty and house hold needs. The best place to shop to get all your shopping needs in one place

Pros: Lots of vegan options, One stop shop


Points +36

13 Jun 2019

Best whole foods in London

Definitely best and largest whole foods in London! Love it


Points +2005

20 Jan 2019

Just that amazing!

I only knew the Whole Foods Markets in the United States so far. This one is the first one in Europe I've been to. And I only can say, that this one is at least as great as the WFMs in the States!!! They offer so much raw vegan stuff, it's amazing!


Points +2432

20 Jan 2019

The best wholefoods I’ve been to!

This wholefoods was crammed full of vegan options, from sandwiches and salads to desserts. The building itself and layout were also lovely, with it being spread over 3 floors. The upstairs area also had seating and giant windows- can’t recommend it enough!!


Points +410

15 Nov 2018

So many vegan options

I'm visiting London from Canada and I cannot believe the selection of vegan products available here. I even got some vegan jerky (I wasn't a fan of the product but having the option was awesome). There are shelves clearly marked vegan and just overwhelming options!


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Mostly Veg
10 Oct 2018

Great options

Lots of vegan options, several of them organic as well. Some raw food, and glutens free products. A place to make everyone happy, whether vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Several organic choices


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29 Jul 2018


Very good selection of vegan options. Not a vegan/veggie store of course.


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06 Dec 2017


Huge selection of products. From rows of nut butters, to all chocolates, plant proteins, v cheeses, desserts, baked goods, beauty supplies and more!!! The downstairs has the most extensive range. Also a hot and salad buffet that you can put together yourself, mind you I always get a small amount and it’s super expensive every time

Cons: expensive


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Non Veg
18 Aug 2016

Heaven on earth!!

So many vegan and organic products! And to be honest not as expensive as other main chains like Planet Organic (specially for the quality they offer).


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26 Jun 2016

Best Whole Foods in the world

This store is truly phenomenal. The largest of all Whole Foods stores, it has everything a health enthusiast could want!

Pros: Huge selection, Good restaurant inside store, Great pressed juices

Cons: Can be overwhelming!


Points +511

29 Apr 2016

Best Whole Foods I've ever been to!

Seriously, best Whole Foods I've ever been to. Three floors, the top of which is all food, with a nice big eating area. My partner and I mostly frequented to stock up on snacks and breakfast for our hotel. We both got the house made vegan yogurt parfaits a lot. They only had one vegan muffin in the bakery, but it was really good!

Pros: Lots of ready made vegan goodies , Three floors , Nice eating area

Cons: Only one vegan muffin


Points +4875

31 Jan 2016

Found less vegan stuff than expected

I came here on a business trip, quite in a hurry I admit and with limited time, and I wanted to buy a bunch of vegan items I could store in my hotel room for a few days. I was quite disappointed when I asked a staff member in the bakery for vegan items and all I got was a muffin (or was it a cupcake?). I asked another staff member for vegan items which I could store without a fridge for a few days and he could only point me to some perishable things like salads. There was also a vegan stuffed pancake which sounded nice, unfortunately it was already not as good anymore when I tried to eat it next day and I decided to throw it away. Either there were really not too many items or the staff did not know (bread, biscuits, spread, pudding, cake, crackers...).

I guess I am quite spoiled by the Whole Foods Stores in the US where I never had problems to fill my bags with all sorts of vegan items, even not having the time to read all the ingredients and without knowing any of the products.

The quinoa salad I bought was quite nice.


Points +60

03 Sep 2014

Whole foods market

It has a lot of vegan options: different breads, rolls, chia puddings, smoothies in a bottle, fresh almond milk in a bottle, pre-packed salads, cupcakes, tarts and much more.
Updated from previous review on Wednesday September 03, 2014

Pros: Vegan choices

Cons: Sweets can be expensive, Closing time is at 6


Points +4029

22 May 2014

Huge store

This really is a huge store with lots of vegan choices. It was a bit too busy for me, though, so I didn't really enjoy the experience, although I would certainly go there again, maybe just not in the middle of the day.

Pros: Lots of vegan choices, Good location

Cons: Too busy


Points +13

27 Dec 2013

Not many organic options

I was surprised to find there want a larger selection of organic products. I can only really compare it to the Whole Foods selections they have in Canada. There were, however, LOTS of junky-type foods available. Dangerous to be in there too long. Although they do have three floors, and lots of conventional products, it seems like the store is a matter of Quantity over quality. If it's not organic, I am not interested!


Points +1402

20 Aug 2013


This is vegan heaven! They label what is vegan at the chocolatier and they sell vegan flavoured marshmallows. They have a huge vegan fridge food section (labelled) and so many vegan products like make-up, laundry powder, etc which are cleared marked vegan on the packaging.


Points +6922

21 May 2012

Wide array

Huge, fantastic variety, many prepared hot and cold dishes to take away (pay by weight at buffet), beers, wines, bulk foods....

Pros: many takeaway foods, beer selection

Cons: wish it didn't sell meat


Points +631

31 Mar 2012

Worth visiting

This one is indeed the largest heath food supermarket in London. It is really nice, but the prices are higher than in other organic stores in London.

Pros: Very spacious

Cons: Quite expensive, They sell meat

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