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Large and well-stocked natural foods supermarket chain, acquired by Amazon.com in 2018. Offers selections in natural groceries and specialty foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well home cleaning and natural body care products. Find vegan foods like tofu and soy products, plant milks, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese, frozen meals, vegan burger patties, cereals, nuts, and much more. Has deli and prepared foods department. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by Tatiana


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27 Apr 2023

One of the worst vegan hot bar at a Whole Foods

The hot bar for lunch/ready food was terrible. Probably one of the worst I have seen at a Whole Foods.. Was pretty much nothing for Vegans except basic hummus, basmati rice and the vegetables. Would not recommend stopping there if you are looking for ready to eat food while you are vegan.


29 Apr 2023

Napa has a few good restaurants to check out.
Dutch Door or Platanito Latin Cuisine are my fav over there.


02 May 2023

Thank you yes, we enjoyed the location, just the Whole Foods was poor in terms of options at the hot bar


02 May 2023

And thank you for the suggestions, we will check it out next time we are in the region 馃檹



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12 Aug 2021

Whole Foods Market

Nice Whole Foods with a great vegan selection in Napa. Last time I stopped by, I went to the hot bar to get breakfast and saw some lady mixing the spoons from the meat items to the vegan items and she didn't seem to care when confronted about it. That said, I will never trust the hot bar at this location again...but really, this could happen at any Whole Foods.


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19 Jul 2021

Not consistent

This establishment is not consistent for its vegan customers. Napa is already very vegan unfriendly, this location does not care about keeping vegan options stocked. We tried getting vegan donuts for a long travel day, arrived before store opening so there should have been no reason we couldn鈥檛 get vegan donuts. They said they didn鈥檛 have any. Nothing pre-packaged either. Very sad.

Napa Valley Vegan

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25 Dec 2017

Whole Foods Limited Vegan Options

Upon arriving in Napa in 2011, I was disappointed by the vegan offerings compared to the other Whole Foods I鈥檝e shopped in nationwide. I made an effort to speak to managers and over the next couple years saw great improvements. These improvements even included the hot bar, deli, burrito bar & Bakery. After talking to the Manager a few times, I even got them to make vegan pizzas using Miyoko鈥檚 mozzarella & vegan pepperoni. They featured a famous Chef鈥檚 recipes which included several excellent vegan additions to the hot bar. Things were really coming together well! But by 2016, that all began to change. Vegan options began disappearing from the prepared foods area & the hot bar/deli became a vegan waste land. Nothing on the hot bar was correctly labeled. The vegan macaroons were removed from the bakery with no explanation. Then when Amazon took over recently the vegan meat, cheese and yogurt began disappearing off the shelves & were never restocked. I noticed on my last visit that the meat/cheese section was moved to the back of the store & shrunk in size considerably. The hot bar & deli are a disgrace now. Without saying a word, Whole Foods essentially has told us vegans to leave & don鈥檛 bother coming back. Just like that they took a loyal WF customer for the last 12 years and told me they no longer wanted my business. At the peak, I shopped this store 2 or 3 times a week. Now it has dropped to 2 or 3 times a month.

Updated from previous review on 2017-12-05

Pros: convenient location, near other shopping

Cons: parking lot is ALWAYS busy, lots of vegan junk food, many vegan options gone, Vegan options on the hot bar & deli are subpar


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22 Jan 2008

Finally a reasonably close location!

The closest location so far, opened last week. Being in Napa, it has a huge deli/bakery/preprepared foods section. It was gigantic. There is a coffee bar, cold deli, hot deli, taqueria, pizza, bakery, specialty chocolates, sushi, and a large by the pound self serve hot/cold deli bar. On Saturday night this section was totally packed. I got the self serve hot/cold deli bar, where there was an awesome vegan Indian style burrito (garbanzo beans and rice in a tortilla). The store also had a large wine section with wine tasting (I did not go through it, so I'm not sure how many vegan alcohol choices they had). Also, one side of the store was a large natural body section. Definitely a standard Whole Foods market, with some nice touches to appeal to a lot of the local population who would shop at this type of market.

Pros: Only 30 minute drive, Huge preprepared food section

Cons: meat section, can be very expensive

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