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Large and well-stocked natural foods supermarket chain, acquired by Amazon.com in 2018. Offers selections in natural groceries and specialty foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well home cleaning and natural body care products. Find vegan foods like tofu and soy products, plant milks, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese, frozen meals, vegan burger patties, cereals, nuts, and much more. Has deli and prepared foods department. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by groovyvegan


Points +1041

13 Oct 2020

Go to the Annapolis store!

This store is small and has so little that it’s worth the drive to the Annapolis store. It’s twice as big and the employees are much more helpful!

Cons: So small



Points +811

21 Jul 2019

Chaotic and cramped

This is my least favorite Whole Foods. I don't find that they have as big of a selection as other Whole Foods locations such as the downtown one. It's always packed here and the aisles are hardly big enough to get down with a cart. I always feel awkward and cramped. Not a fan.

Cons: Cramped, Too small


Points +932

02 Mar 2019


I think Baltimore has the worst Whole Foods out of the ones I have visited from NY to PA to the west coast. The variety is lacking, especially in the hot food bar area.

Cons: Expensive , Lack of hot food bar options compared to other WF


Points +234

17 Dec 2018

Peace a Pie, but Pizza, Bye

My husband has worked with WFM for years at multiple locations, and my critique is not so specific for this store. The range of products sold at the store is stupendous -- I'll give them that. But they now reject BYO containers (while Mom's, on the other hand, encourages them). Their Animal Welfare program is a sham, as evidenced in multiple investigations of suppliers' farms; so they are champions of the wide-spread "humane-washing" phenomenon. Their recycling / compost bins are combined and all trashed. And with the purchase by Amazon and deceptive raising of their minimum wage, they are slashing staff (both entire positions and hours) and repeatedly run out of vital items. But be it know, as long as he works there, my husband makes a damn fine pizza! (Customers call ahead to see when he's scheduled, which at this time, is hopefully a shift or two before the end of the year.)

Pros: best selection, Michael's (V) pizza

Cons: BYO containers rejected, proliferating the humane lie, poor worker conditions


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10 May 2018

good ole times

I remember this place as a kid when it was called Fresh Fields. We weren't vegan at the time but were very plant based and always came home with delightful goodies and fresh veg.


Points +89

27 Oct 2017

They need more vegan items & better customer service

I just recently relocated back to Baltimore and I was glad to know this location of Whole Foods was still in Mt. Washington as it is relatively close to me. That being said I will not be going out of my way to shop here in the future. The customer service of the employees I encountered was awful. The girl working at the pizza bar was especially rude. I saw they had one vegan pizza and I asked if I could have the last 4 slices. She looked at rolled her eyes and snapped "its self serve"! Like how dare I ask her for anything. This was the first Whole Foods I've encountered where it's self serve at the pizza bar, and there weren't any signs saying it. So I guess I was supposed to use my Jedi mind and just know. I also felt they were extremely lacking in their choices of vegan foods. Their CEO is supposedly a vegan and yet the Whole Foods stores at least the ones I've been to even in Austin where their headquarters is don't have the amount and quality vegan items as the coop food stores do. That said I think I'll only be shopping at this location if I really need something and I've exhausted all other options.

Cons: Lack of Vegan food choices. , Customer Service


Points +213

16 Feb 2013

Small compared to other Whole Foods

I've been to other locations that were much more expansive than this, especially in terms of the ready-made food area. The one at this location is pretty lacking, and not really worth the price. That being said, I still go out of my way to shop here because I love Whole Foods. It's a small space and the aisles get crowded, so try to go during off hours.

Oh, and the bakery is pretty good. I haven't really tried the bakery at any other Whole Foods stores though.

Pros: All natural, Good value on shelf items, Great for special diets

Cons: Expensive conventional produce, Cramped space, Bad value on ready-made items


Points +910

22 May 2012

Good vegan options in general

I tend not to get salad bar or prepared food items in general and have not even tried to get these items at this Whole Foods, so I can't speak to what has been said in the previous reviews. However, I shop at this Whole Foods often and definitely feel like there are tons of vegan options in general... non-refridgerated, refridgerated, and frozen stuff galore! Once in a while I catch a fabulous deal on a vegan item (e.g. $3 off vegan pizza!).

Pros: good vegan options in general

Cons: expensive (like all WF's)


Points +180

13 Sep 2011

Whole Foods in Baltimore = I'm happy

While I agree with the previous reviewer, I must add that the local vegan products sold at this Whole Foods are YUM. I still find plenty of vegan stuff that satisfied at the hot and salad bar. Also, thank goodness for vegan muffins and cookies at the bakery! (not that I get them upon every visit...)

Pros: local vegan food, comfortable size, in a cool location

Cons: tiny bulk aisle, not a lot of vegan stuff


Points +299

01 Jun 2007

Dismal hot- and cold foods bars for vegans

I've been to a number of Whole Foods Markets in 4 states, and this one is the most dismal for vegans, if you want to go to the hot- or cold foods bar and eat in. Vegan items are often made non-vegan or non-vegetarian, for example the tofu dish has cream, and the red beans and rice contains pork. Salad dressings are not labelled with the ingredients. And pasta items don't specify whether there is dairy or eggs.

The prepared foods section, however, has several decent vegan offerings including lentil burgers. And their reduced-fat vegan chocolate mousse is delicious. None of the ready-made sandwiches are vegan. They used to carry a vegan vegetable sandwich, but no longer.

The produce section has a much smaller selection of organic produce than other Maryland grocers including Roots Market and Wegmans.

Pros: X-lint Vegan Choc. Mousse

Cons: Vegan unfriendly sal. bar, Vegan unfriendly hot bar

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