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Large and well-stocked natural foods supermarket chain, acquired by Amazon.com in 2018. Offers selections in natural groceries and specialty foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well home cleaning and natural body care products. Find vegan foods like tofu and soy products, plant milks, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese, frozen meals, vegan burger patties, cereals, nuts, and much more. Has deli and prepared foods department. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by gr8vegan


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10 Oct 2022

Enough quality vegan options for us travelling through

Either for vegans cooking from scratch, the occasional vegan shopper or someone like us, travelling through there are sufficient vegan options here to keep you going for 2/3 days, in terms of pre-made or cooked items you can eat outside (in a car park unfortunately, which is a bit grim or inside their equally grim seating area).
Or take them elsewhere of course!

Pros: Sufficient vegan options including hot like pizza, Lower prices than Down To Earth, All foods I had tasted great

Cons: Overweight coffee/juice bar lady’s bad attitude, Poor plant milk choices at said coffee bar , Could do better with vegan labelling



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04 Jul 2022

Perfect for what we needed

It was exactly what we needed! We stayed in a condo in Maui and being vegan, we planned on making most meals at the condo. Whole Foods had lots of vegan options and proteins which was exactly what we needed. Plus, it was near the airport - making it super convenient.


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Non Veg
30 Aug 2019

whole foods should be more conscious of health

Upon entering store you are confronted with anti-bacterial spray for the cart. Apparently management doesn't know or care about the damage done to our microbiomes from these products. Then when you go in, you are hit with a wireless signal. Again, they are showing a complete disregard for our health. We have no choice but to be bombarded with wireless EMF while we shop as fast as we can to get away from it. At the olive bar, there is no choice to buy olives without toxic vegetable and rancid seed oils added. Too bad. You just have to drive out to Mana in Paia to get the natural olives. May as well get the grass-fed bones while you are in Mana as well, as Whole Foods doesn't sell them. Same goes for the food bar. The food contains toxic oils. These oils block your cell membranes from taking in nutrients and removing toxins. I was happy to see that they finally started selling more organic produce, and at a good price at that. It's a welcome change to their policy of way overcharging for everything and having so few truly healthy and organic choices. But still, most of the produce is overpriced. Hope that the management decides to consider our health and remove the wifi and purell. It used to be that a health food store cared about our health. You would not find anything with added sugar and chemicals. Now the sugary and really toxic stuff is prominently displayed to catch people's attention and cater to their addiction for toxic chemicals and sugar. Whole Foods should be leading the charge to change this attitude, not amplifying the problem. We are waiting for integrity.

Pros: selling more organic produce , Good prices on organic produce

Cons: Offering to destroy your microbiome with Purell, Bombarding us with wi-fi against our choice, Lack of natural foods


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08 Feb 2018

Just another Whole foods.

Its a chain, so there's a base set up for every store. The prices are alright, there's a good deal of variety in things you can buy from produce to housewares. I'm a fan of the burrito station, you can get a pretty big burrito made for you for 8 dollars unless you add a lot of extra things. Haven't had a chance to try much else besides that, but I'd recommend the burritos. It's also pretty close to the airport. They have banana slip caution signs too which is awesome.

Pros: Burrito station, Banana slip signs, Reasonably priced things

Cons: Nothing to write home about


Points +38

07 Jan 2018

Great commercial supermarket

Please can someone start this chain back in Switzerland ? Although I do prefer little local shops that are not too commercial, this big chain has everything I am looking for. Not cosy, not perse local and cheap, but for the lazy dog in me: great. And I have to say that the foodbar is tasteful. Fresh delicious and more choice than with most other supermarket chains.

Pros: everything you need under one roof

Cons: expensive


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01 Sep 2017

Not impressed

Came here for the salad bar. Contrary to other reviewers, I found only a few vegan options and they were all kind of plain and boring. Food was mediocre. I also couldn't find that one raw dessert that every other health food store I'd visited on the island had. I'd suggest going elsewhere...

Cons: salad bar


Points +3635

03 Aug 2017

Large Store

Was here on a past trip and came back again. This time I was rather more impressed. The prices are fairly comparable to Whole Foods on mainland US, perhaps just slightly more. It stocks all the essentials one would need for eating well.

Posi Britt

Points +679

27 Apr 2015

Free wifi and good hot food bar

I love this place. I drove over from Kihei multiple times because I love Whole Foods so much. This one didn't have the best selection when I compare it with Phoenix or Seattle but I still loved it and found pretty well everything I could need. I loved that a lot of the produce was locally grown. Seriously, locally grown, organic macadamia nuts? Yes please! I found the liquor section a little bigger than it needed to be because the store wasn't as large as other Whole Foods but I also don't drink so those sections always seem large to me. Decent frozen section with things I haven't seen at other locations was nice too. A welcome addition for anyone travelling and staying in a place with a kitchen to cook all your own food.

Pros: Lots of vegan products, Free wifi, Decent hot food bar

Cons: A little expensive, Not as good selection as other locations


Points +134

26 Oct 2013

Walking distance from cruise pier

As a vegan cruise visitor to Kahului, Whole Foods Market was a welcome sight. I wish that I hoarded more vegan desserts to keep in my room, but during this single visit I picked up a wonderful cauliflower salad from the deli and a comforting vegan fruit turnover pastry.

Pros: prepared foods have ingredient labels, can sample prepared foods at deli

Cons: expensive


Points +15739

28 Sep 2012

Whole Foods

I was quite happy when I found this Whole Foods, particularly when it came to the hot bar. I couldn't tell what I got exactly, as I put everything marked as vegan in my container. Although I can tell you that it all was tasty. I also got a ginger carrot soup that was really good...and that's coming from someone that doesn't really care for that type of soup. I hope to stop back in again during my trip to Maui.


Points +2359

31 Jan 2012

one of the the best whole foods!

There are a few local natural foods storess, they are great, this whole foods is just beyond amazing. The vegan items are on par with the best whole foods on the planet. They have a several vegan stations for mexican, pizza, vegan sandwich menu, vegan apple turnovers, the list goes on and on. Make this your stop to fill up right when you get off the plane!

Pros: massive vegan selection

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