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Large and well-stocked natural foods supermarket chain, acquired by Amazon.com in 2018. Offers selections in natural groceries and specialty foods, nutritional supplements and vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well home cleaning and natural body care products. Find vegan foods like tofu and soy products, plant milks, vegan ice cream, vegan cheese, frozen meals, vegan burger patties, cereals, nuts, and much more. Has deli and prepared foods department. Seating provided indoor and outside. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-9:00pm.

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12 Jan 2019

Has raised prices

Use to like going here but since bought out by Amazon they actually raised their prices.

Pros: Lots of vegan options

Cons: Too expensive



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16 Nov 2018

Go to Grocery Store

Love whole foods, clean and great produce selection! Friendly staff and fabulous upstairs and outdoor seating. Can get a little pricey but for vegan and organic produce it's worth it!

Pros: Very vegan friendly

Cons: Tends to be on the more expensive side


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21 Aug 2017

just another wfm

i miss greenlife, which was the store this used to be. they've turned it into another whole foods market, which is great for chattanooga, but greenlife was such a gem in the city! this wfm has a large selection of produce (more than the stores i've seen in atlanta) and a whole case of kombucha with flavors that are rarer to find elsewhere. staff here seem to be friendlier than most wfm.


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10 Jul 2016

Overall Impression Was Okay

Whole Foods in Chattanooga is a nice place with lots of Vegetarian/Vegan options, however the food itself wasn't anything to brag about.
I was pretty happy to see clearly marked Vegan options, but a lot of them in the self-serve buffet were either almost empty or dried-out from being in the heaters too long. Also many of the soups and tofu options were simply not tasty at all.
There were some good finds though, the mock chicken salad is INCREDIBLE!! I still can't believe it's not actually chicken, the texture is just like meat. Also they have a vegan pizza option where you can buy by the slice which was decent. The crust was great, but vegan cheese got a little too runny and pizza got kind of soggy. There also have a juice bar, but it is very expensive-around 5-6 dollars just for a 16 ounce cup.
The store in general has a nice vibe to it with an upstairs dining area complete with tables and couches. I saw a few students studying while snacking and it was very relaxed and quiet.
The only major complaint I had was I can across some fruit being placed right next to packaged raw meats in the same display cooler. As a vegan it just turned me off, and for health reasons they could have found a better place to keep the meat or at least put it in a separate display bin.
Overall, nice place, but way too expensive for what you get.

Pros: Vegan Options, Clean and Quiet, Friendly Staff

Cons: Very Expensive, Meat Placed Near Veggies, Overcooked/Dried Out Self-Serve Buffet


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20 Feb 2016

Vegan fast food

Chattanooga is pretty hip, and all the hippest market shoppers are here- maxing out their hipster-ness in family form or otherwise. This place is crazy busy but has all the best of standard vegan grocery items from fruits and fresh veggies to non-dairy milks to salad bar choices to whatever a market carries. Be happy it's here!

Pros: Salad bar, Produce, Juice bar


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24 Oct 2012

Love this store

Some vegan food options and a some vegan desserts options.

Pros: vegan chocolate bars, good salad bar, vegan soup


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03 Feb 2012

My favorite grocery store in Chattanooga

Greenlife is an awesome grocery store with a huge selection of vegetarian and vegan options. They always have top-notch produce and a great variety of baked goods including artisan breads, fancy desserts, cookies, bagels and muffins. Their vegan in-house cookies are a little greasy for my taste but the vegan blueberry muffin was fluffy and delicious. They also have a newly expanded hot bar complete with vegetarian and vegan options, a salad bar, and a deli counter where you can order sandwiches or pizza. Across from the sandwich counter is a cooler with pre-made salads, hummus, wraps, soups and other "to-go" meals and snacks. Greenlife is also located in the North Shore shopping district so it's a great place to stop for lunch if you want vegan or vegetarian options. The hot bar and salad bar are weighed so sometimes meals can get a little pricey but in my experience the food has always been delicious and worth it!

Pros: selection, location, excellent food

Cons: price (weighed salad and hot bars)


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14 Sep 2011

Greenlife Grocery

I was travelling through Chattanooga on a Sunday, when (sadly) Sluggo's North Vegetarian Cafe was not open, so I was glad that Happy Cow recommended this. It has everything a vegan would expect in a Whole Foods, but the service was particularly nice (they were happy to run a stiff artisanal bread through the auto-slicer), and the location was great too (withing walking distance to a park along the Tennessee river).


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02 May 2011

Awesome "Green" area!

I love this place! It's like your normal Whole Foods...with the exception of the liquor license, and the convenience of drinking a beer outside on a beautiful day, with a plate of veggie food from the hot bar. Sounds perfect to me! My sister and I got made-to-order vegan sandwiches at the deli, and we were both very happy. The building is all eco-friendly/Green building standards. Lots of cool shops nearby. I would recommend this to anyone!

Pros: Awesome food, Great area, Like-minded people

Cons: you get what you pay for!

chouettes crepes

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26 Sep 2009

a fine place

i'm vegan and i work at greenlife, so i eat there almost every day, usually from the hot bar. there is almost always something nutritious and warm to eat there, but sometimes it's dreadfully disappointing and i wonder who on earth thought it was a good idea to pour an entire bottle of tamari in the kale, or dump a pound of salt into the tofu scramble. i'd recommend taking advantage of the sample cups before committing to any one dish unless you want to get your recommended amount of sodium for the week.

they offer two kinds of vegan muffins and usually one kind of vegan cookie. the vegan raspberry muffins rarely have more than 1 raspberry (travesty!) and the blueberry taste healthy, which may or not be your thing. the cookies aren't out-of-this world, but they are fresh-baked and vegan, which is more than the rest of chattanooga can offer.

there's also a deli, which sometimes has cool stuff. "the golden bowl," which is a tofu dish, i've heard is very good.

other notes:
*they also make fresh smoothies and coffee drinks, with soy milk available.
*there's a sushi bar, which caters better to meat-eaters, but they do offer veg sushi.
*the whole store also offers lots of allergy-friendly items.
*you can call before you go to check the menu, which i'd recommend because sometimes there are very few vegan items on the menu of the day.
*the fresh fruit at the salad bar is often very good
*you can order your own personal sandwich, which is a bit pricey, but also they aren't stingy with the good ingredients.
*they have a liquor license, so you can buy beer or wine and drink it inside or outside.

Pros: vegan-friendly, pleasant atmosphere, alcohol served

Cons: expensive, cafeteria-style, sadly average vegan baked goods


22 Feb 2013

This review was written in '09, and since that time this type of undeliciousness has become history - no more! I work at Greenlife/WFs, as well, and the food truly is incredible - there are vegan items in the cold & hot cases, & the salad bar & bakery are superlative. All around the store, up and down the aisles, rest many vegan products. It's a wonderful place - a great environment in which to work, shop, eat, and just hang out when you have the time, and that's what many folks do - just hang out & enjoy themselves, it's always worth the trip & visit.


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18 Sep 2009


Thanks to Happy Cow for being here to help me find this fantastic place - I had a great dinner and wish I had been here during the day to visit the shops that are around this buisness. Great Buffet, Great Pizza - SORBET made fresh daily was awesome - I wish jackson, ms could be as fortunate!

Pros: excellent food, healthy cuisine, friendly staff

Cons: Not in my home town!


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25 Aug 2008

Very Nice

I stopped here during a road trip [my friend said this is the best place in Chattanooga] to get a sandwich. I ordered a custom [Vegan] sandwich and a soy latte; both were very good. Overall, this store looked like a Whole Foods and carried almost everything Whole Foods does. Not only was this store nice, but Chattanooga is beautiful! If you're driving through here, stop for an hour or two and eat your lunch by the river.

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