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Wayward Vegan Cafe

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801 NE 65th St Ste C, Seattle, Washington, USA, 98115

In Jan 2015 this vegan-owned diner relocated from 5253 University Way NE into this larger space. Now serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day long featuring an extensive selection of American comfort foods plus weekly specials. Has a gluten-free menu as well a kids menu. Not to be confused with Wayward Coffeehouse on Roosevelt Way.

Category: Vegan, American, Fast food, Take-out

Reviews (76)

First Review by HaplessHeather

A new favorite - Edit

Whenever we find ourselves in Seattle, we try to hit at least one or two new vegetarian places from the many available options. Wayward has just become a new favorite! We got there just as it was opening on a Saturday morning, and within half an hour the place was packed. Their menu is huge. I ordered the chicken fried steak, a tofu scramble, and a short stack of banana pancakes. The steak was a little oily but very tasty. The tofu scramble was just plain awesome -- incredibly flavorful. The pancakes were enormous, and I was pleased that they were made with whole wheat flour; my only minor complaint was that they were slightly undercooked on the inside while slightly overcooked on the outside. The staff were pleasant and helpful, and the prices were reasonable. We left completely stuffed and satisfied, and we'll definitely be back the next time we're in town.

Pros: Delicious food, Huge menu, Open daily

Cons: Not health food (if that's what you're looking for

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Great vegan comfort food - Edit

Great tasting vegan comfort food! Big portions, I like that the coffees endless, clean, nice staff and atmosphere. However, they don't

Cons: chairs aren't to comfy, mention organic or anything really about the ingre

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Spot on comfort - Edit

I was visiting family in Seattle and they took us here! I first saw the beautifully designed interior, and it was very busy! We were seated right away.
I ordered scrambled egg, ham tempeh, and hashbrowns with cheese, green onion, and sour cream! It was true comfort food I hadn't had in a while, and so filling! The servers were attentive and polite! Defiantly coming back next time I'm in Seattle. ;)

Pros: Wonderful food, Polite staff, Beautiful Designed Interior

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Plant Based Comfort Food - Edit

Was on vacation on Seattle with a list of veg restaurants to try. Couldn't stop going back to this one though. The breakfasts here are unsurpassed and, since they serve all day, we sampled a bit of the menu. The brown rice pancakes rocked, as did the "omelets" and the club breakfast sandwich. They were happy to leave added salt off my orders so modifications are accommodated. We recognized the owner from the Happy Cow cookbook and said hello.Obvious that the place is a labor of love and it comes through. Would recommend to non-vegs too.

Pros: huge menu selection, great beers, bright and cheery vibe

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Guilty Pleasure - Edit

I always have to get Biscuits and Gravy here! They're delicious! Most of the food here is fattening and fried, great for hangovers! They're good at what they do, but it's not an everyday place for me. Too many mock meats and fried things. Service is hit or miss.

Pros: Hangover Food, Inconsistent Service

Cons: Heavy

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OMG Yum!! - Edit

I love the new location, it is clean, trendy and just looks nice. I visited with my husband and two children (4 and 8 months). The staff was nice, not overly nice, but nice. There are four separate bathrooms, and all were clean. The upstairs area is nice. They had coloring books and legos that had been washed!!! I ordered the breakfast burrito, as I always do, and it was delicious, as usual. Ended up with most of it for lunch the next day (which is a win). My husband got a burger with a meat-like patty. He really enjoyed it. We ordered a plate of fried goodness-sweet potato fries, fried tofu and OMFG mozzarella sticks!!! The ranch was super drippy but the mozzarella sticks were amazing. My only issue was that when the server came to clear our plates, she was holding someone else's dirty plates and cups, which she put down on our table in front of my son. It would have been nicer to just take them five feet to the kitchen so we didn't have to look at anyone else's old food. Regardless, we will be back.

Pros: Clean bathrooms, Clean kid's toys, Mozzarella Sticks

Cons: Sketchy table clearing

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Onward to Wayward Vegan Cafe - Edit

Wayward Vegan Cafe is a vegan haven right off the I-5 at the North end of Seattle. Parking is right in front, or across the road there is a large parking lot. This is a small cafe with a great little balcony section on a second floor. Small wood tables that seat 2 to 4 people. The staff are welcoming and attentive. The menu has a great selection for breakfast lunch and dinner. The entire back of the menu offers gluten-free options that are flavorful and satisfying. We visited Wayward for both breakfast and dinner and both times the food was delicious. Prices were amazing considering the huge amount of food you get. The food in a nutshell is delicious and I would highly recommend this to anyone heading to Seattle or on their way to Portland.

Pros: Great food, Gluten-free options, Friendly staff & easy to find parking

Cons: Can't take the restaurant to Canada

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Thank You Wayward - Edit

My family goes to Wayward Vegan Café so we can have a nice family meal together (my parents lived in Federal Way, Des Moines, and Kent and we live in Downtown Seattle) and we have done that for years starting at their last location. Wayward Vegan Café has moved to their new location and it is bigger and has a second floor. Everyone that works at Wayward is so nice and can do substitutions; they even have a whole page of gluten free items on their menu. The variety of dishes on the menu is amazing and everything I’ve tried is delicious. Excellent place to get a hearty vegan meal and definitely better than the fast food versions, I have nothing to complain about and only good words.

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fine, not great - Edit

HC reviews usually steer me pretty true, so I had all high expectations of this place. We even booked a hotel nearby when spending a night in Seattle. However there wasn't really anything special about Wayward. Nothing particularly bad, but nothing great.

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WOW! - Edit

We love finding places like this when we travel. Our first time here, and it didn't disappoint.

One of our favorite things is seeing a long wait/line at a vegan location. If we were on a schedule I could see it may be annoying... but for us, seeing all of these people (some not vegan at all, just trying/liking the food) is the best.

Once we were in, service was fast and friendly. Prices were good, but portion sizes were too large. Seriously, don't be afraid of a little profit... the food is good, my plate was the size of a whole family platter! Would have paid the same for half the food based on flavors/quality.

Not every flavor is for everyone though. While my wife LOVED their omelette, I thought it was one of the most disgusting things I've eaten in a while... as did the table next to us, they took one bight and that was it. The biscuits and gravy... now we're up my alley :)

Pros: Great atmosphere, Good food (for some), Low cost

Cons: Too much food (seriously), Some flavors are a no-go

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Delicious! - Edit

I have been here twice and both times ordered the reuben sandwich. It was that good! The menu is varied and pretty much everything sounds delicious. The people I went with were delighted with their meals, so all around a very good experience both times.

The new location is much more pleasant with plenty of seating and the atmosphere is lovely. Waitstaff are attentive, helpful, and friendly. They all seemed to be very happy working there even during the Saturday brunch rush.

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awesome place! - Edit

I am only in Seattle for 2 days, but will definitely eat here both days! I had an amazing buffalo chiggin wrap (not on the menu, but made with buffalo sauce because I like spicy!), I also had the curry chiggin salad (I ordered and took back to the hotel for dinner last night......yeah, it's that good!). Now I'm so ready to head back for dinner tonight before hitting the road back to the Oregon coast.

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Amazing! - Edit

I've been to Wayward multiple times and have yet to have a bad meal. A modern restaurant, nice neighborhood, good service, and amazing food. I recommend the hot wings, anything with their biscuits, and the po' boys.

Pros: Something for everyone, Food quality, Ambiance

Cons: None

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Bring friends: Your fav food in a swanky new space - Edit

The new location in a word: Swank. In three words: Swank. Spacious. Bright.

The Wayward for breakfast, yay! Awhile back when they updated their menu, I made a point to stray from my favorites (Biscuits Minimus, Lost Souls scramble and Very Veggie omelet -- maybe with a side of steamed greens and a cinnamon roll) and try new items. Every time we went, I ordered something new until I'd tried just about everything that would fit in my belly (the menu includes some very big, hearty dishes). It's great to have a place you can trust to experiment.

I can now report: It's all good.

In the new location, the Wayward has lost its edgy, self-serve diner-ness and added servers (nice, friendly!). We're already planning to bring more family and friends here — space will accommodate — and I can see us coming more often for dinner.

Gosh, nostalgia: I remember two locations ago my first meal at the Wayward. My mother-in-law actually found and suggested it. I had no idea such a place existed — an all vegan breakfast? The location was, well, rustic, but I was in awe of the menu. Vegan biscuits and gravy?! Wow!

Newly vegan, I was a little intimidated (don't fear the vegan!) but totally delighted.

Then, Wayward moved just south of U-District, to vegan-ville (Vegan Haven, Pizza Pi, Araya Thai), it became our go-to breakfast home. We started to run into friends here — impromptu meet-ups.

The new location — still not far from Vegan Haven — invites more people. It's bigger, brighter and less of a nook.

But you can still order anything you want off the menu with confidence. Fantastic!

The future is vegan.

Pros: All vegan, all the time!, Price, portions, Everything breakfast!

Cons: Health food? Not so much., Not open after 2 a.m., darn!

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Can i bring the chef home :) - Edit

Fantastic. So many choices and all are delicious.
Great hearty breakfasts. Very friendly welcoming staff.

Pros: many many options, very friendly, value for money

Cons: not in my country

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Amazing Food! - Edit

My friend told me I had to eat brunch here, and he was right. The food was delicious! Definitely a must-visit for any vegan in Seattle (although my non-vegan friends were also blown away by the food).

Pros: Breakfast served all day

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Cheap, delicious, with a great vibe - Edit

I have nothing bad to say about the Wayward Vegan. If you're in Seattle you should absolutely stop in. I've been about 4 times and everything I've gotten has been bombin'. Enough said...

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Fanfreakingtastic! - Edit

Oh Wayward- thanks for allowing me to have my first crunch wrap and it be way better than I could imagine. the dips it comes with were incredible and the "beef" crumbles were delicious. My lover had the chicken fried steak and it was equally tasty. The potato cakes it came with were so yummy but we weren't the biggest fan of the greens (when everything else in front of us was partially fried/not uber healthy, greenage came in last place). Servers were way sweet and food came out steaming which is always appreciated. Can't wait to come back for breakfast!
Updated from previous review on Saturday December 13, 2014

Pros: Incredible Food, Crunchwrap Supreme- nuff said , Gravy on chicken fried steak was so good

Cons: Not a single one

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Massive menu - Edit

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but Seattle gives us a run for the money in terms of vegan food. I loved this place! The menu is massive and so is the amount of food you get. I had the Santa Fe scramble and had to get a side of stuffed hash browns. Both were very good. It's super low key, near the university, so mostly students. I overhead one guy say that his mom wanted to eat there every day!

Pros: Lots of options, large portions, reasonable prices

Cons: Maybe too many options!

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Favorite restaurant in the country! - Edit

I love Wayward and go there multiple times whenever I am in Seattle! Their menu is overwhelming because it is huge and everything is vegan! It's hard to decide whether to get something new or to try an old favorite, but I have never been disappointed!

Pros: Inexpensive, Serves breakfast all day., Casual atmosphere

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A must try is everything! - Edit

I was in town for a business trip and had made a plan to visit a different Happy Cow recommended restaurant every night. After eating one meal at Wayward Vegan, I was hooked. I'm positive that every dish you will try will be your favorite. I recommend trying an omelet, which doesn't sound vegan but is and their flavoring of their tempeh captures the smokey rich flavor often found in bacon. So do not delay in trying out wayward vegan, and really everything on the menu is a must try!

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OK - Edit

We just happened to be in the University District and walked by this place. It really is fast food - as it is really oily and fatty. Great potato salad and sweet potato fries. I also enjoyed the sauce they keep at the tables and the service was really fast. Next time I will opt for something that isn't "grilled."

Pros: HUGE menu, table sauce, laid back

Cons: oily

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So many options - Edit

Wayward has SO MANY brunch options. Honestly it's pretty overwhelming.

Everything we tried was great but it would take forever to try everything! Definitely a place you could visit again and again.

Pros: All vegan, HUGE menu

Cons: Overwhelming amount of choices

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Yum! - Edit

Food: 9. Vegan junk/comfort food at its finest. The best item I had was the mozzarella wedges... my first of the vegan kind... I loved them despite not usually liking daiya mozzarella. I was slightly disappointed in the chicken and waffle dish... good but not great. My boyfriend liked his breakfast dish.

Prices: 8. Decent.

Atmosphere: 6. Kinda blah. Could be cuter. Only real complaint, though, is that it was a hot day but they had the door open so it felt hot in there.

Staff: 8. Friendly and helpful.

Pros: Vegan, Good Selection, Yummy

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Meh+ - Edit

I've been avoiding this place since I became a vegan in 2008 because from the look of the place and the menu it looked stuck in that period of time when the vegan restaurant food was unsophisticated and unimaginative. I went this past weekend and my suspicions turned out to be true. Having said that, they do serve the best (only?) vegan "greasy spoon" breakfast in town. The hashbrowns and biscuits are legit, the gravy is good. The tofu scramble is not; I make better at home. This is very, VERY casual dining with only counter service. On the upside, you get a lot of food for very little money. On the downside, this restaurant just doesn't seem to try or care. The plates don't look pretty, the inside is so freaking loud. This place is great if you're suffering from a hangover, otherwise skip it.

Pros: Cheap, Big portions, Lots of variety

Cons: Loud, Unsophisticated, Parking

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Wayward Vegan Cafe is my happy place - Edit

I go to Wayward pretty much every time I am in town from the Eastside, and I have never been anything less than blown away by this amazing vegan diner. I am in heaven whenever I am at Wayward, whether I am there in the morning, chowing down on pancakes topped with fruit and cashew whip cream; in the early afternoon, munching on a BLT; or in the evening, savoring a plate of ****ING RADICAL bacon cheese fries (NO SERIOUSLY GUYS THESE ARE THE MOST AMAZING THINGS EVER).

In addition to the amazing food, the staff is friendly and the wait times are always reasonable. If you plan on setting foot in the U District in the next EVER, then do yourself a favor and grab a meal at Wayward. Or two. Or five. Who's counting? You won't be disappointed.

Pros: food sent down from heaven, friendly staff, did I MENTION THE FOOD

Cons: I can't eat there every day every meal!

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A Top Favourite - Edit

The menu at Wayward Cafe is pretty much endless and everything that I've tried has been great. High quality diner food for reasonable prices. Make sure to stop by on Sat/Sun in the morning as they have to die for home made cinnamon buns. Great location although it does fill up during rush times, especially on the weekend. Staff is friendly.

Pros: excellent food, good value, great selection

Cons: fills up during rush times

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Awesome little restaurant - Edit

Friendly waitstaff, delicious brunch items and quality bottomless coffee. The menu is pretty extensive. I was expecting more of a greasy spoon vibe based on the menu, but it's actually pretty clean and modern-looking. Would defs hit up again.

Pros: Fast, Delicious food, Good variety

Cons: A little pricey

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Good food, nice people - Edit

The food is very good (although greasy and unhealthy. But still vegan!) and the people are nice :) great place to bring omni friends to show them the comfort food side of veganism (it's not all steamed veggies and tofu!!) Every Omni friend I've brought has loved the food too. OH! AND. Best french fries EVER.
Also, they are super accommodating. Normally they have a no-outside-drinks rule, but my fiancé and I wanted to have dinner there for our anniversary and bring a bottle of sparkling cider (and a fancy tablecloth and candle!) so we called ahead and they said it would be fine :) we got all dressed up and had a great vegan meal for our anniversary, and it was very special, with help from Wayward!

Pros: fantastic, vegan food, friendly, accomodating staff

Cons: have to bus your own table, food is greasy/unhealthy

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Yummy! - Edit

I love going to Wayward cafe! My husband and I were going almost every weekend for breakfast. The food is delicious... although not particularly healthy. I love getting the waffle with warm berry compote and Cashew whip. My husband typically go savory and gets the Chiggen Parm which is delicious!

The staff are super friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed.

Pros: Great food, friendly staff, Relaxed atmosphere

Cons: Not particularly healthy, The kitchen could use some degreaser

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Seriously Amazing - Edit

They have the best breakfast food. I love their huge pancakes and can't get enough of them! You don't go to Wayward when you want something healthy, but my goodness it tastes so good. It's like your traditional breakfast joint, like a Coney Island type restaurant, except EVERYTHING is vegan and it's a beautiful thing.

Pros: Fast and friendly, Good prices, Big portions

Cons: Not so healthy

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Awesome menu - for vegan and those resisting - Edit

The place was clean, staff friendly, cool music. The food was delicious and they helped me decide. Portion size was huge. Loved my first experience here. I wanted to order 15 things from the menu!

Pros: friendly helpful staff , clean, awesome portion size

Cons: not more of them everywhere!

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Last visit was five years ago...still miss it! - Edit

This was the highlight of my Seattle trip seven or eight years ago and I made sure to visit when I came back a few years after that. The food was great every time. The Philly Cheese was my favorite but I never had anything there that I wouldn't rate five stars.

Pros: Delicious, Nice decor, Philly cheese

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Finally! - Edit

This place was one of my favourite stops on our Seattle food tour. I ordered the Meatball sub with fries and was not disappointed. Fried/breaded cheese? Who can say no to that? The fries were perfect too.
My husband ordered an omelet. Even though I have had vegan omelets I have appreciated more, there take on it was pretty awesome.
The atmosphere was a bit busy but I am assuming that was due to the crowd being in town for a large punk rock reunion show. Still super awesome! Make sure you go!

Pros: All vegan, Brekfast all day, Meatball subs!

Cons: A bit loud, Can get busy, Not in Edmonton

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Diner food - Edit

This place is great when you want to eat greasy diner food that is vegan. I love their hashbrowns! I always order their breakfast food, since it is served all day every day from 9-9. A great place to take non-veg people who love diner food. They have a very big menu, and good prices.

Pros: hashbrowns, vegan, big big menu

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Vegan with a Punk Rock Sensibility - Edit

When you want a lot of filling, high calorie food for a good price, this is the place! They have made strides towards healthier cuisine in the last year or two, they now offer gluten free bread and big salads as well as all their hearty original offerings. This place has heart and soul. Its a Seattle institution.
Updated from previous review on Friday September 20, 2013

Pros: big portions, fair prices, collective atmosphere

Cons: not a health food restaurant , but you can still make healthy choices

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Glad I found my way here. - Edit

Seattle-ites are spoiled, there are so many amazing vegan/vegetarian choices in the city. I'd never eaten here but had to give it a try. We visited on one of the hottest days of the year, so the restaurant was very stuffy and warm.

The menu is HUGE, almost too big, which brings the worry that the food might not be good. Both salads that my friend and I had were delicious, very generous portions and full of flavor. My grilled tempeh/quinoa/kale concoction was really satisfying and the accompanying tahini-chipotle dressing was finger-licking good. I'll be back, for sure.

Pros: Good food, Good portion size, Many choices

Cons: Stuffy restaurant, Messy

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Diner Style Vegan Fod - Edit

I had dinner here last night and it was great, I had the lasagne. As a vegan it's great to eat somewhere that has as many options as Wayward Vegan Cafe. The prices are very reasonable also.

Pros: Options, Vegan

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Wayward has gone downhill. - Edit

What happened? I used to love this place. My favorite item on the menu was the pancakes because they used to be so fluffy and perfect. I ordered $7 worth of banana pancakes recently and the whole experience was terrible. They were tough, and burnt on one side. Not just slightly burnt, but severely burnt. But I thought I'd just push through it because their pancakes are always good... right?

I couldn't do it. I got about half way and realized I just paid $7 for piss-poor pancakes. I used to wish I could make their pancakes at home. Instead, I was wishing I stayed home and made my own pancakes, which would have been a drastic improvement.

I flagged down a server and turned over the pancakes to show him the very burnt sides. He said "Thank you for letting me know. Next time, tell us earlier." And that's all I got. Just "Tell us earlier next time." Sorry guys, if that's all you've got, there's not going to be a next time.

Pros: usually friendly staff, convenient location

Cons: Unreliable, low quality , expensive

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Oh the sandwiches! - Edit

The chiggen wrap and reuben sandwiches are absolutely amazing! They give you so much food (the huge sandwich plus french fries) that it ends up being two meals, which means that it is super cheap. Great service, fun, funky atmosphere, good location.

Pros: Excellent food, Friendly, Cheap

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Really? They Let Dogs In? - Edit

The food here is decent, but cleanliness is an issue. I've been there when they let a dog in the restaurant. I'm allergic to dogs, and thought that was BS. A dog shaking or scratching clouds the air with dirty dog.

Pros: good variety of food, food is decent

Cons: they let dogs in, cleanliness

5 Responses

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not for us - Edit

Seemingly cheaply made food that doesn't do much either way, in a setting that has people pacing among the tables like they were seeking a parking spot. Service expects big tips, they have huge cans for it and talk about it as they take your order from behind the counter, but that type of service is hard, especially at a bus-your-own type of place.
The place seems a bit dirty. Again, the food was just average and uninspired. Maybe we'll try it a different day.

Pros: vegan

Cons: nasty servers

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So many options!!! - Edit

There are so many options it was so hard to pick. We had to rush picking because the line was forming pretty quickly behind us and we didn't want to lose our table.
The place is quite small. We ordered the special of the day which was fried chiggen seitan, herb biscuits and collard and rice. It was really good. We also got the Sunshine omelet - super rich and flavourful but I could only manage about a third after also trying on the smoky bacon fries.
Luckily we took the leftovers home!
Wayward are not pretending to be a healthy vegan option, there aren't many veggies and it's heavy on carbs and soy but it is comfort food at its best!
Updated from previous review on Monday February 11, 2013

Pros: All vegan, Huge selection, Comfort food!!

Cons: Small restaurant, May be long wait

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addicted to the chiggen wrap - Edit

Consistently good food, friendly service,maybe not always the healthiest choice, but it tastes great and some meals come with steamed garlic kale which is delicious, love the chiggen wrap, country bumpkin, breakfast biscuit sandwich
Only complaint = wish they would use 100% real maple syrup

Pros: tasty, reasonable prices, great service

Cons: not entirely pure maple syrup

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Where we worship the vegan gods - Edit

Awesome staff, awesome food, and awesome vibe. I have been here many many times, and am almost always satisfied. I have watched them grow and they get better and better. Their dinner menu is getting better, but a few dishes need perfection. Breakfast items are their specialty and biscuits and gravy (I prefer country) are probably their best dish. The price is alright and portions are great. I gotta say, I love the staff! The owners are great, but the coolest guy there is Thomas--always upbeat and willing to chat about anything. Highly recommended!


Cons: They need some new art

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Great Vegan Food for the Entire Family - Edit

Great experience at the Wayward Vegan...excellent food, staff, atmosphere, value, selection, and coffee. I stuffed myself on the country fried "steak" meal (with hashbrowns and seasoned tofu) that I was unable to finish. My wife had a veggie omelet (tofu instead of egg) and organic orange juice that was also very satisfying. For the kids, they have $3 meals, which is great considering my kids never finish the food they order! They had tofu scramble, hashbrowns, and toast, but quickly lost interest when they started eating the "French Ticklers" (French Toast sticks from the regular menu), which tasted amazing. So many selections, so little time...best comfort food in Seattle.

Pros: Kid/family Friendly, Big Portions/great value, vegan and organic

Cons: none

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I love you, Wayward! - Edit

O Wayward, where for art thou? My spouse and I chose to visit Seattle after discovering this restaurant online. We ate there at least five times during our stay -- I can't get away from their awesome waffles. Spousey had two omelets that replicated their original counterparts terrifically, a seitan Philly that nearly resulted in my happy death (I was only permitted two, maybe three tiny bites), the famous club, and a whole lot of ranch dressing to go with all of the delicious home fries/french fries/fries fries we got. Again, I was stolen by the waffle combo (comes with scrambled tofu, seitan bacon and a sausage patty) for the first three visits, but eventually decided to be adventurous because Spousey wanted to try everything. The Warlock was phenomenal. The Monte Cristo was delicious. We stopped by one more time on our way to the airport, where I promptly cried goodbyes into my cheezey hashbrowns.

This review might be biased, as there are limited vegan options in our neighborhood. We went to several cafes and veg joints around the Pacific Northwest during our stay -- the combination of food and service has forced itself into our sentimentality and we'll be back as soon as we can.

(For the record, I couldn't eat my sausage patties because they tasted too authentic. That's the only downfall, but it's entirely my fault.)

Pros: Food, Service, Everything else

Cons: Realistic sausage patty

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Best vegan breakfast, even non-vegans will love! - Edit

All the items on the breakfast menu are vegan. The french toast is too die for. My husband is a meat eater and ordered the country biscuit. He could not get over how delicious the vegan sausage and tofu scramble tasted. He said it was better than the pork sausage and eggs. I'm placing this on my favorite list of restaurants in Seattle.

Pros: excellent food, good value

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Hearty food - Edit

There are lots of vegan options here, which is always good. Walking in, I was a little confused on how to order, but realized the menus are located on the side wall. The service was friendly and my food came out quickly. I was planning on taking my food home to eat it, but I couldn't help myself after one bite in the car and scarfed it down like a pig before I got home. It was that good.

Pros: service

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GREAT breakfast - Edit

If you're looking for a great, inexpensive vegan breakfast, go here.

The food is super delicious, the prices are low, and the people were really friendly.

Dogs are welcome, if they're able to lay quietly at your feet. Employees will even bring out a bowl of water for the dog.

Everything my friends and I tried was incredibly delicious, so this place is worth checking out.

Pros: All-vegan, Friendly

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Wayward Cafe - Edit

I ate here for lunch the other day and really enjoyed both my meal and the atmosphere. It's in the university area, so there's a good mix of people that frequent Wayward. I order the same sandwich everywhere I go to, mainly because everyone makes it differently, the Seitan Philly. This one was particularly good, it was made with house-made seitan, daiya, green pepper, onion, and covered with vegan mayo. The vegan mayo part was new to me, and it was a welcomed change! My bf, however, ordered the Warlock and I didn't care for it. Other than that, I highly recommend Wayward.

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My husband and I stopped at this place on our final day in Seattle, and boy are we glad we did. Had we stopped by sooner, we would have gone more than once, no doubt. The place was packed (always a good sign).

We grabbed menus by the door, decided on what to order, made our way to the cash register where we ordered and picked up a "number" to place on our table. Be warned, you will have to stand around waiting for someone to be finished with their table (everyone buses their own table) before you can sit.

Coffee, water, napkins, silverware are all self-serve. When you order/pay there is a place on the receipt for a tip, so you essentially have to tip before you've had any service. They do bring the food to your table though. And boy is it good. I hope the entire kitchen splits the tips.

Dave ordered the "Country Bumpkin" (smile) - Open-faced herb biscuit (to die for) topped with tofu scramble and country-style sausage gravy, with a side of steamed greens with garlic. This was a large plate of food and was really tasty. I was only allowed two bites, and I am still thinking about the biscuit. There was plenty of sausage in the gravy, and the tofu was well flavored and plentiful.

I had The Warlock a sandwich on sourdough with- crispy fried chiggen (I think this was tofu - it was CRISPY and DELICIOUS) with a chipotle-tahini sauce and a side of fries. The sauce was really yummy, and again, the chiggen was so much better than I had even hoped for. The fries were fresh out of the fryer and lightly crisp.

They serve breakfast and lunch fare during their open hours. They close early (4pm), so plan accordingly. Many different types of people were eating when we were there on a Saturday, young and old alike.

Aside from the initial confusion about how it all worked, I really enjoyed the experience and the food, and we will be back the next time we are in Seattle. Check out Pizza Pi too, they are across the street and also delicious. The University District has many options for vegan dining.

Pros: Food Taste, Food Quantity, Food Price

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The best vegan comfort food anywhere! - Edit

I almost always have the Suns over Seattle which is a vegan version of Moons over My Hammy at Denny's. It is sooo good. I've also had the reuben there which was great and the breakfast burrito which is huge. My friends have had the buiscuits and gravy, tradtional breakfast, and pancakes; all with rave reviews.

The place is super cheap and the staff are all very friendly and actually care about your meal. I wish it was open for dinner.

Pros: Awesome food, Friendly Staff, Inexpensive

Cons: Closes at 4

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vegan greasy spoon done right - Edit

This place is not perfect but if you want a hearty vegan breakfast there isn't a better place in Seattle. I've been in a number of times and it's a little hit and miss depending on who's cooking and in winter the dining area is very cold but it's a place worth going and experiencing. If you are vegan and in Seattle you owe it to yourself to get in here and have a nice big breakfast, you won't regrete it. I especially like their biscuits and gravy combinations and their scrambled tofu but I like scrambed tofu, what can I say.

Pros: good hearty food, price is right, biscuits and gravy

Cons: not healthy, cooking can be inconsistant

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all american breakfast - Edit

What an amazing pplace to go and get a real American breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, pancakes, all this crazy stuff that we don't usually have for breakfast in Europe, it's all there. This is definitely one of the better breakfast places I have been to in the US. It might be a bit out of downtown seattle, but definitely worth the trip. And whenn you're in the university district anyway, don't forget to vist the all vegan shop Sidecar for pigs peace.

Pros: great food , cheap

Cons: bit out of the way

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AMAZING!!!! - Edit

My boyfriend and I were visiting Seattle and took a bus to the University district to check out Side Car for Peace Pigs and the Wayward Cafe and we loved that we could order breakfast or lunch items all day! We just wished they were open later so we could have squeezed in one more visit before leaving town. I ordered the TLT and it was fabulous and my boyfriend ordered the special, a Wayward Club, stacked high with all sorts of yumminess! The guy who took our order was very friendly and helpful and we would eat here all the time if we didn't live across the country! I liked how they cook in cast iron and everything is vegan. The prices are very reasonable and they have a nice location for strolling around and checking out Side Car or the Pizza Pi but we ran out of time so never got the pizza.

Pros: extensive menu, all vegan, delicious!

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Impressive- Very Impressive - Edit

When Wayward was taken over by the Pizza Pi/Sidecar for Pigs Peace Team, they improved significantly. When they moved to the new location on University Way (across from Sidecar/Pizza Pi), they expanded the menu and got that much better. When they held the lockdown special and created perhaps the tastiest sandwich I've ever had within the city limits, they pretty much won me over completely. It's hard NOT to stop at Wayward if I'm in the University District, and as long as they stay the course it will remain the best vegan eatery in Seattle. Do wish they were open later, though.

Pros: Food, Service, Food

Cons: Hours

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Great! - Edit

Yummy food! I had to try the biscuits and gravy after reading the reviews, and boy was it good! I also had a scramble, potatoes and toast, all of which were very good but not necessarily terrific. A lot to try on the menu so I'll be back many times.
Definite college atmosphere, very casual.
They do ask you to put everything in the bus bin and they will separate to recycle, which I thought was great - very green.

Pros: Green, Yummy

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Awesome experience - Edit

I ate at Wayward for the first time a couple of months ago and I was highly impressed. The food selection is huge, you can find pretty much anything you are craving and the staff is SUPER nice. I have gone in a few times and I don't look like a vegan in this area...not to say anything bad. But it's the U-District and the people who were there are more earthy than I was but the staff didn't treat me any differently and were very very helpful with the selections. The Philly - AMAZING and the breakfast sandwich - AWESOME! I love going to Wayward but the problem is that it is right across the street from Pizza Pi so it's a hard choice!

Pros: Great food, Great people , Fast service

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Casual vegan dining, huge menu - Edit

The variety and selection of (all) vegan entrees at Wayward was impressive. The environment is quite casual and while we were there, so were many students. It isn't really a "nice" place, but it is comfortable and the food is awesome. I had a delicious vegan omlet, which I didn't even previously know existed!

Pros: variety

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out of the way cafe - Edit

Ihave been there 2 times before the new ownership and liked what I had both times. The atmosphere was relaxed, but was not very clean. I still would go back if I get a chance as it is hard to find an all -vegan place anywhere. Too bad I live so far away.

Pros: good food, not too hard to find parking, all-vegan

Cons: not very clean

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Absolutely a favorite for my family! - Edit

My 2 kids, my husband, and I truly love Wayward. Awesome staff, great prices, amazing selection, and scrumptious food!

The biscuits and gravy are a top choice for us, as are pancakes and scrambles.

We're on the email list for special announcements, so we have a few days to crave weekend specials. They never disappoint!

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Bravo for brunch - Edit

How is it possible that homestyle vegan diner-esque food can be soooo good? Ok, sure, the ambiance is more of the low-key style of a college hang-out.... but just you go and order and you'll be pleased.

While we only ordered brunch, we were there long enough to see the lunch food start coming out. Wow did that look good. But, back to the point: brunch! There aren't that many veg*n-only establishments for brunch, so we thought we'd try this one. It definitely ranks up there as one of the best places for vegan brunch.

The real prize-winner is probably the fact that they do what they do so well! The ample amount of gravy they slather over the biscuits, the sugary overflow of icing on the cinnamon roll, and the crispy hash browns--oh yum! On top of that, the portions are phenomenal and the prices can't be beat! I particularly like that they have garlic greens as a side to some dishes and as an option to purchase on its own.

Still, don't mistake this review for saying the food itself would win the 5 star award for best vegan brunch. It's the combination of portions, homestyle comfort, affordable price, and low-key environment that make this place an excellent choice.

Pros: Portions, Price, Homestyle food

Cons: Small space, Ambiance

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Scrumptious vegan breakfast! - Edit

My wife and I visited Wayward for breakfast. The place is tucked a little off the main strip, so we probably wouldn't have found it if not for happy cow. It's a little place, you order at the counter and they bring the food out. I got the Cheezy Biscuit and my wife got one of the scrambled tofu dishes. We both loved it. As a vegan, it's sometimes hard to find a really scrumptious and satisfying breakfast but this really hit the spot. I am only in Seattle for a few more days but I plan to return tomorrow and try the Wizard sandwich.

Pros: Great vegan breakfast, Good value

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We went out of our way to get to Wayward as we're so deprived of vegan/veg breakfast options! We ordered pancakes that were huge and tasted amazing. We also ordered the Cheezy Scramble that was so different and good and the toast it came with was seriously the best bread I've had. My husband ordered the sausage biscuit with gravy and hashbrowns and that was amazing too! We were so full and content. This was seriously THE BEST breakfast I've had!

Pros: great food, vegan, location

Cons: small area

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What a difference a day makes! - Edit

We had not planned to return to the Wayward Cafe after eating there about a year ago but we heard that good things were happening there under new management and we decided to give it another look. We were glad we did. The new owners have done a great job; the food is terrific. It has gone from just an ok place to a place that we can't wait to get back to. If only we lived in Seatle!

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Best Biscuits and Gravy and its Clean - Edit

So happy with the new owners and recently they expanded their menu!!! The place is clean with Great Food if you haven't been recently becuase you tried it in the past go again so happy we did. Try the Breakfast Biscuit with a side of Mushroom Gravy...MMMMMMM Good! The best yet is the Family Friendly Menu with Affordable Kid Selections!

Pros: Great Food, Kids Menu, Clean Friendly Atmosphere

Cons: Only open til 4pm, Closed Mondays

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Fun cafe! Really a vegan hub in Seattle - Edit

We had a delightful breakfast here this weekend. Biscuits & Gravy / Biscuit tofu scramble sandwich :) The food is good, but the atmosphere is better. Tons of fun quirky vegans filter in and out, its a really cozy feeling. Its on a nice residential street so don't drive right past it, keep your eyes peeled for the red sign and benches!

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new owners at Wayward - Edit

The Wayward has re-opened under new ownership. They are nice people dedicated to the vegan scene in Seattle. Other vegans may recognize them from elsewhere! The menu is slightly abbreviated for the re-opening but similar breakfast and lunch fare as before. The place has a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, some good books to look at, and is clean and tidy.

Pros: good food, all vegan, nice people

Cons: i hope the menu will be expanded

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Good food, fun place - Edit

I was there around Thanksgiving 2007. The place was so packed that we shared a table with some other customers we didn't know (we did not mind at all). The food was good, but could be turned "great" with maybe a little more seasoning and creativity. I didn't notice anything about the cleanliness level, so it must have been fine.

I am new to the area, and will be exploring many other vegan restaurants before I try Wayward again. But I could definitely see myself going back.

Pros: Good food, Fun atmosphere, Friendly staff

Cons: Food could be more flavorful

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