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Est. 2015 a vegetarian restaurant in downtown Honolulu. Choose your food from a hot bar. Mostly Chinese temple style dishes. Modern design. Profits go to support the temple. Open Mon-Fri 11:00am-2:00pm.

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First Review by Wilmarie.g.g


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29 Aug 2022


Typical Chinese buffet-.a bit pricey.

Pros: Ok food

Cons: Pricey



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12 Feb 2022

Great Options

Great to stop by to grab items and go and plenty of spots to sit inside. Love that the food is ready to pick from and take out on the spot. All the food is vegan and the staff are sweet and helpful.


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07 Feb 2022

Good choices

Lots of good choices. Love that you can pick anything on the menu and not have to worry about whether it is vegan or not.


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22 Aug 2021

Very filling

Massive portion sizes - I got the three side combo and I can say the combo part was definitely not necessary (and I eat a lot). The food was good but maybe not my favorite of the trip, I really liked the noodles and the crispy rolls.

Pros: It was all vegan when I went - ask to make sure, Massive portion sizes


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22 Aug 2021

Really yummy and filling

The food was delicious and the staff were so nice! I would definitely recommend this place for some yummy food, I think the menu changes maybe daily but it was all vegan when we went (expect for drinks but they have soy milk). I had the noodles a base and then the mixed veggies were so good with the potatoes in it.

Pros: All Vegan? I would ask to make sure


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15 Apr 2019

Great food - get it to go

The food was delicious and affordable but I found the smell of the building overpowering. I don’t even know what it smells of - and I’m not overly sensitive to smells - but it was a huge distraction from the food and diminished my enjoyment.

Pros: All veggie/vegan, Good food, Affordable

Cons: Off putting environment


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02 Mar 2019

Great Spot!

A clean, welcoming vegan oasis in downtown Honolulu. The reviews below give the story. Friendly staff, good food, good prices. Note that it's only open at lunchtime, and you might want to avoid the noon-1 PM rush. It's become a very popular place! (had their red bean soup today!)

Pros: good food, good prices, friendly staff

Cons: all Chinese temple food


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12 Nov 2018

Yummy buffet with daily specials

Buddhist food buffet (they do use some dairy and some egg). Affordably priced, with 3 plate size options. You have a choice of 2 different rices and a noodle dish as the main item (I generally skip it in favor of more of the veggie dishes). Then you choose from a nice variety of veggie dishes. Lots of fake meat is used, but if you're not into that, there's plenty else to pick from. There's also generally 2 specialty items, like spring roles or mashed potato balls or patties with ginger sauce. I also like ordering one of the side (cost extra) choices, like the brothy soup or a dessert. My fave dish is the jai which they offer twice a week.
My not quite 5-star rating is because the dishes are all a but oily, like a bunch of oil was put in a wok and veggies thrown in for a quick stir fry

Pros: Assortment of dishes, Daily specials, Choices of plate size

Cons: Dishes tend to be oily, Hard to find parking


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Mostly Veg
17 Apr 2018

Veggie friendly Chinese food? Sold!

I love love love this place! They have all those Chinese dishes I usually don't eat because it has meat in it... like mapo tofu and that turnip cake thingy. Now I can eat all the Chinese food I want without picking out the meat! This is heaven.

I usually get the 4 choices for $10. It's enough to feed 2 people... so technically that's $5 for lunch. That's a deal!

Ok, so parking is non existent so this is how you get food from here.... First you need two people and one car. Then one person jumps out of the car, runs in, buys the food, and runs out all while the driver circles the block. Then hop right back into the car and off you go to a nearby park to enjoy your food. Works every time. :D

Pros: Veggie friendly Chinese food

Cons: Sometimes very oily


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13 Mar 2018

Gem in downtown Honolulu

If you look for Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant in downtown Honolulu and like Asian flavour, you should visit this place. I think this place is a gem and makes you very comfortable. You can choose meal items from their dishes and they serve you accordingly. (2 items-$8 / 3 items-$10 / 4 items-$12 taxes included) Their place is very clean and staff are all friendly and helpful. I visited there during lunch time, and it's almost full with people.

Updated from previous review on 2018-03-12

Pros: Tasty vegan dishes, friendly staff, free jasmine tea

Cons: busy during lunch time


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05 Nov 2017

Lunch treasure

Having eaten here more than 25 times, I'm happy to share the good news.
Clean, tasty plant-based variety of Asian dishes. Menu varies daily, Helpings are huge, very tasty and fresh. One can go around back and look into the kitchen, which is very clean and continually making fresh supplies to the steam table.
If you wonder what a dish tastes like, they'll happily offer you a sample bite.
Some dishes many contain a lot oil, others are fat-free.

Pros: Tasty, fresh, clean, Huge helpings, very low price, Very friendly staff


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17 Oct 2016

Cleansing, bounteous and delicious

After a visit to Iolani Palace, we walked 3 blocks to this place for lunch. Generous plate for 10 bucks of two starches and four dishes. The ma po tofu and curry were amazing, and the soy skin rolls were dreamy, if only a little greasy. Gracious service and cafeteria like environment. Highly recommended.

Pros: food, price, service

Cons: open only three hours a day


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16 Jul 2016

Good food, good price, kind people

This place is vegetarian with vegan options clearly labeled. Their hours of operations are short so be sure to get there early. We got there close to closing time and they were out of many vegan options. However, they brought us extra fresh food from the kitchen to our table after we had paid as a kind gesture. We were not expecting that and were happy with what we already had but we really appreciated their act of kindness.

Pros: good vegan options clearly label. Fairly cheap.

Cons: no parking


17 Mar 2022

Not so good - March 2022
After closing due to Covid, it reopened for take-out only and more recently back to full service. The description of the main dishes remains the same, but the food has sadly declined, from the previous A+ to a D-. Many ingredients are different and inferior to the past, most dishes are now floating in oil, and essentials, like plain brown rice, are no longer available. The complimentary hot tea and even water are no linger offered,

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