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Serves meat, vegan options available. Reported having vegan options - ask. Open Mon-Sun 7:00am-3:30pm.

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First Review by Munchi-chi


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14 Aug 2023

Welcoming cafe

Queer friendly, great outdoor seating, awesome staff.

The menu is not the most obvious to navigate, but many things are vegan-able in addition to the plant based options listed. Ask your server.

Almond milk chocolate chai 🤩

It is smaller portions, not somewhere to go famished. Perfect for a light brunch.

Updated from previous review on 2023-08-14

Pros: Outdoor seating, Awesome drink menu

Cons: Higher effort ordering , Not a vegan restaraunt



Points +1991

09 Apr 2022

Not impressed

I felt like the omnivore friends I was eating with got twice as much food as me, but I paid more because I was vegan

Pros: Good to have vegan options on the menu

Cons: Super crowded, Small portions, Overpriced


Points +40

06 Mar 2022

Underwhelming vegan options

C'mon, this is Boulder, do better

Pros: Your omnivore friends have plenty of options

Cons: Need to go somewhere to eat after you go here


12 Jul 2022

Agree - limited vegan options. They could try a smidge harder.


Points +65

27 Jul 2021


I appreciate that they have a few vegan brekkie items, but they’re objectively not good. Too much oil; too much vegan cheese (yes, you can have too much); too little seasoning; and inconsistent quality. I can prepare a tofu based breakfast that eclipses anything on their menu with my eyes closed. Go to Tangerine instead… still not a great vegan breakfast, but certainly better than the Walnut.

Updated from previous review on 2021-07-27


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14 Mar 2021

Vegan breakfast plate

I had a vegan breakfast plate and it was phenomenal! The restaurant has a fun vibe and service was excellent too!


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25 Jul 2020

Pretty good vegan tofu sandwich

Really fast and cheap decent food in-house vegan sausage and sandwich

Pros: I’m house sausage vegan , Very fast


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29 May 2020

The food is ok...

The food is just ok... they do have vegan options but not worth it for the price.

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Expensive, Kinda bland


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20 Jan 2019

Veg options are not great

I've had quite a few of their vegan options and none were good. They don't actually cook or season the tempeh or tofu, they just slice it and stick it into whatever dish. They have both vegetarian and vegan breakfast sausage (standard frozen brands). Their soups have no seasoning besides salt.
I give them two stars because they are trying. If you eat eggs and cheese there are a lot of options with vegetables. If you are vegan there are enough things to get you through a meal with omnivores, but it's not somewhere I'd recommend unless you have picky relatives that need a "normal" American breakfast.
This is a community institution though, a sanctuary for everyone, and they do a lot of charity work. If they could learn to cook veg options I would like to be able to recommend it.

Updated from previous review on 2018-01-28

Pros: Charity work, LGBT friendly, Make an attempt to cater to veg options

Cons: They don't cook tempeh or tofu , Poor use of seasoning , Disappointing veg options


Points +16

01 Jan 2019

Horrible food

My husband and I stopped by on our vacation to Colorado, such a waste of money. He ordered a coffee and as soon as they brought him some milk there was something floating in it. We let the waitress know and she brought him another one which had something else floating in there...I was already grossed out. I ended up ordering the tofu scramble, should’ve read the reviews about the bland tofu. I had to add pepper and a lot of hot sauce to give it some flavor. As I was finishing up my food I had a last piece of toast and as I was picking it up noticed a hair on a piece of tofu under my toast. I was so disgusted. Will not suggest this place to anyone!


Points +24

20 Dec 2018

Walnut cafe tofu 'scramble'

Tofu is raw in cubes with no seasoning. This is how meat eaters 'think' we eat.

Updated from previous review on 2018-12-20

Pros: Vegan option even if it's not great, Nice people, Community vibe

Cons: Bland and raw seasonless tofu, Soggy potatoes


Points +365

06 Sep 2017

A lot of food but a little bland

A lot of food, and vegans can have it our way. Tofu scramble was bland but did the trick.


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26 Jul 2017

Lots of options but just OK

The Walnut Cafe (and their other location) are really popular and they do have lots of vegan options like tempeh, tofu scramble, potatoes, soy cheese, Earth Balance and meatless sausage (make sure you get the vegan sausage because they have a vegetarian version that has eggs in it) .. .. but to me, it's just ok.

The tofu "scramble" is just giant cubes of un-seasoned tofu --- you have to smash it up with your fork if you like the scramble texture and even then there's no real flavour since tofu is tasteless. You can add veggies to lots of things though.

The tempeh is better as a potato/scramble hash option but the breakfast potatoes are also big chunks of potato that have the texture of boiled potatoes even though they are nicely spiced.

They use some kind of soy-cheese here that I don't care for. I'll only go here if omni family or friends really really want to go.

Updated from previous review on 2017-07-26

Pros: vegan options, vegan butter for toast

Cons: tofu scramble not scrambled , they don't use Daiya


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25 Apr 2017

Good then not so much

I went for the first time in November 2016 and had the Boulder Scramble with potatoes and avocado as the sides and it was awesome which is not a word I use much in relation to restaurant food. I've made it back twice since then and the scramble has been absolutely bland and I had to add hot sauces to make it have some flavor. The staff is always nice but the food just isn't measuring up anymore.

Pros: Friendly staff

Cons: Food isn't very good now


Points +659

08 Jun 2015

Great to have breakfast

Great place to get vegan breakfast. Well and quiet located. A lot of vegan options and substitutions for cheese and egg in their menu. The staff is well informed about vegan lifestyle. Nice outdoor seating too in sunny days.

Pros: Outdoor seating, A lot of vegan options


Points +20

22 Dec 2014

South Side Walnut employee checking in...

Ask us!

We've got many great vegan options that aren't listed on the menu.

Some of my favorites are:

Fish Tacos sub tempeh for the fish and 86 sour cream. The salsa 13 is to die for! Gotta get a side of guacamole too.

#7 sandwich 86 cream cheese and add Dijon mustard. Be warned though, many breads are not vegan. Try the rosemary olive oil focaccia.

Sautéed veggies are available as a side, and are an awesome mix of spinach, artichoke, roasted red pepper, tomato, mushroom, and red onion.

Substitute tofu or tempeh for egg in any dish and ask for soy cheese.

Potatoes are vegan and can make a great base for a scramble with the sautéed veggies. Add some ranchero salsa and guacamole, and you've got one fantastic vegan, soy-free meal.

Nowhere on the menu is broccoli listed, but we've got it! Ask and you shall receive.


Points +179

11 Aug 2014

Great brunch spot

About what you'd expect from Boulder. Quirky little place with some good vegan/vegetarian options. The staff is always very friendly, but sometimes you might have to wait to get a table.


Points +106

01 Jul 2012

Very Enjoyable!

My husband and I recently visited Boulder in May of 2012 (we went to school there and are moving back). We went to both Walnut locations. The first one we went to was the north side one. We loved it. While they don't have a ton of vegan options they had at least 3-5. My husband and I ordered different items and loved them. We didn't have a problem getting the vegan cheese substituted. The bhakti chai is DELICIOUS too! I can't wait to drink it on a regular basis. A couple of days later we went with friends to the South location. I felt like there was a little less vegan wise but I made up my own dish and half jokingly said they should make it a special named "Kabuki Jukie" our server loved the idea and said she'd try to make it happen. AWESOME! All in all we had a wonderful experience at both locations. Being vegan and currently living in Chicago (very vegan friendly) it would be nice to see Boulder restaurants add more vegan items to their menus and straight up vegan restaurants but I think it will happen in no time and can't wait! I highly recommend checking out The Walnut Cafe!

Pros: service, price, bhakti chai

Cons: # of vegan items, not using daiya , not using upton's seitan


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17 Oct 2011

Tasteless tofu

The Boulder Tofu Scramble, is not scrambled for one. Second, they don't add ANY flavor to the tofu. It comes with cheese, so you have to ask for no cheese. I've complained, in writing to the manager at the South location and was told they've never heard this complaint before. She must have forgot as I was told by a handful of vegans that they've complained too. IF you are vegan then you want to make sure you get the vegan sausage, not vegetarian. The potatoes are really good & plentiful. The temphe is good, but then again they really don't flavor that either. Temphe just taste better out of the package then tofu.
Since this is one of only a few places you can go in Boulder as a vegan to get breakfast, I'm glad it's there. But I really wish management would listen to suggestions regarding the tofu.

Cons: tofu

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