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73 Caledonian Road (at Kings Cross Station), North London, England, N1 9BT

All-vegan variety boutique stocking a large variety of goods from vegan foods like cakes, sandwiches, frozen ready meals, and Cornish-style pasties to vegan shoes, pet snacks, books, and clothing. Has SSOV produces t-shirts, hoodies, bags, and accessories. This is also is the headquarters of the Secret Society Of Vegans. Open Mon 11:00am-7:30pm, Tue-Sun 10:00am-6:30pm. Hot food may stop being offered at 6pm.

Reviews (41)

First Review by Jemima

Always a nice place to stop by - Edit

Vx is a cool place that's conveniently not very far from St Pancras/quite easy to get to, so I come here quite often when I'm coming into and out of London. I haven't paid much attention to the clothing and whatnot they do here, though I will note that also exists though not covered in this review. I want to firstly praise the more unusual imports they carry: just today I got some really wonderful whipped cream from them, though they also carry an exceptional amount of different cheeses (Very important and often hard to find as a vegan!!). There's also stuff like the Vegan Egg, which whilst I'm yet to try, is a good representation of how vast and interesting their stock is. They do their own line of miniature ice cream pots, which from what I gather are mostly coconut-based and whilst they are a little unusual, they're very fruity (rather than sickeningly sweet like some can be) and generally a nice treat, if not specifically my favourite sort of vegan ice cream. There's a good selection of drinks too, in my opinion. The staff aren't always the most talkative, but they've still provided fair and good service whenever I've went. Frankly, the real reason I wrote this review is to promote the hot food they do here: if you're big on junk food, somewhere like Vx is a great stop to make. Specifically, I think you should try the Philly Burger if you go here, with its spice and its gherkins and its incredibly generous amount of cheese. I have done some incredibly questionable things in order to fit a visit to Vx and a Philly Burger into my schedule in the past. The sandwiches they do here are okay (bread can be a bit chewy but still a positive experience), the eclairs are great and calzones and quesadillas decent, but most of all, I place a strong recommendation on the Philly Burger, the light of my life.

Pros: Philly Burger exists and is here, Great variety in stock, Close to the centre of London

Cons: Wish the seating area was bigger, Minimal staff interaction (Good for some I guess)

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Pretty good - Edit

I've been here several times and usually think the food is fairly good, but am not really blown away. Now that other places like Vegan Hippo and Temple of Hackney are around, I think they have much better food and choose them over Vx. Vx does have some nice things for sale, including fake meats, merch and lots of other stuff (even home made ice cream, which I've yet to try). The food itself is okay and the desserts tend to be pretty good.

Pros: Good location, Lots of great products for sale

Cons: Food only okay

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Fantastic selection! - Edit

This place has great vegan alternatives from chocolate to cheese, and even clothing, bags, and other goodies such as stickers and pins. We had a toastie and donut from the ready-food selection and they were delicious and very reasonably priced. The staff was also incredibly friendly and helpful. Highly recommend taking a visit for all vegans in London and alike.

Pros: Selection, Price

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Disappointing - Edit

We made a detour in the pouring rain just to pay a visit to Vx and sample some of their hot food which we've been assured is ok. We arrived at 6:01pm and there were 2 people infront of us who arrived 2 minutes before (note: this time is important).

They were served and when our turn came, we requested hot food, we were rudely told by the female staff member, "I am not making hot food now" she then went on to say that they stop making hot food at six.

We asked if there was anything else that could be done, she agreed to make some toasties for us, which, to our slight disappointment tasted like vegan leather. While she was "making" the toasties (with ample help from a pleasant male colleague) she proceeded to complain to him (very loudly) about how the previous customers joined the queue at 1 minute before six, S*** (her words not ours) she had to make some food for them.

All in all a disappointing experience, and we shall not return.

Pros: Ok coffee cake

Cons: Less than satisfactory service, Bad toastee

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Great lunch counter - Edit

Was at a conference near by and desperately needed quick vegan food. Was not disappointed, the lunch counter had lots of great vegan sandwiches. Ended up going again the next day. Also really great vegan desert case.

Pros: Good fast to go food

Cons: very small

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Great for snacks - Edit

I stopped in after arriving in St Pancras. It was a pleasant 5-10 min. walk from the station. Next time I take the train I will buy something for the ride in this small shop - the vegan calzones looked particularly tempting!

Pros: Location, Freshly made options, Couple of outdoor tables

Cons: Small, Mainly Junk food

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great wee shop - Edit

happened to be in the area after getting a coffee locally, no vegan deserts available, so I came here.
great wee shop the only thing that would improve it is a little fruit & veg selection. a few sandwiches and cake available. plenty of meat replacement, some brands I had not seen before. They even stock a cheeky vegan haggis, bless!
a small range of clothing and shoes available, and lots of badges.

Pros: choice, location, staff

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I miss it! - Edit

Went on a trip to london. Spent most of my money here. I have no regrets. The food is amazing and I am living for their nachos.

Pros: SO GOOD, variety

Cons: far from home, eats money because you want to try all

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V for Vision - Edit

This is a straight up vegan shop selling only vegan food and clothing items, so that's all you really need to know. However, I can elaborate to make my review a little more ornate. Not too far from Kings Cross, just along the Pentonville Road and then left on Caledonian Road. The deli and fridge range is superb with a fantastic selection of Tofurkey products which I've never come across before and a substantial range of vegan cheeses and faux meats from Germany. We are talking proper german sausage and huge blocks of cheese. I wish we could have carried more stuff back home. The sweet tooth is very well catered for here in terms of chocolate spreads, cakes, doughnuts and croissants. For a shop of this size, the product range is impressive. You could spend a long time in here in admiration. Fast food and take away is also available.

Pros: great product range

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Loved it! - Edit

I had been wanting to go to Vx for years and finally traveled to London and was able to visit. Such a cool place to get vegan souvenirs and snacks. I stocked up my bag with tons of vegan snack items to hold me over while I traveled around the UK and was stuck in airports and train stations with no vegan food. I also got cool Secret Society of Vegan coffee cups/posters/hoodies etc to bring back to the states. The staff were really friendly, too. All around great place. Now they offer full blown food, so I can't wait to go back.

Pros: all vegan clothes and food, nice staff, cute storefront

Cons: a trek out of central london

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okay- overpriced and clique staff - Edit

Firstly, the majority of the products here are at least 20/30p more expensive than other small retailers (for instance the Haelan Centre in Crouch end).
The food from the counter is rubbish- just the products they sell heated up and bought in cakes etc.
The people who work here are the kind of vegans that put people off being vegan- very clique and judgemental.

vX has nothing on stores such as Veganz (in German) which offer a massively wide range I products at just above normal retail prices. vx need to offer their game and offer healthier options, more inclusivity and moderate their prices on products that are readily available elsewhere.

Veganism should be accessible to everyone..

Cons: clique staff, over prices , hot food is really crap

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Love it - Edit

This place rules. They have a kick ass range of vegan groceries that are otherwise hard to find, great cakes and sweets and do hot food on the go. Great clothing too! Such a fan of my VX shirt!!!

Pros: Great selection of items, Easy to get to

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Worth a visit - Edit

It is worth a visit and you are sure to find something you haven't seen before (or have heard people raving about online!). It's not cheap and (for me) a pain to get to. If your in the area go and try the vegan kebab and a cream doughnut :). I will give it a four 'cow' rating but if I could it would score 3.5 'cows'

Pros: Eclectic selection of products, Everything is vegan

Cons: Not the cheapest place around

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Great shop! - Edit

Visited Vx and bought some snacks, a spacebar and lemonade. Cozy shop, really nice staff. Had really pretty vegan shoes, and good selection of vegan "groceries". All the food they had on the menu looked lovely, but sadly we had just eaten. Will definitely visit again, and get something to eat.

Pros: lovely staff, good selection

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Awesome place for food in London - Edit

I discovered this shop/café with amazing vegan food and service on a work trip to London. The food was ace, it's really nice to find somewhere that isn't all vegan wholefood for a change. The staff were great too. Having travelled up from Cornwall, I was amazed that in busy London, they remembered me and my food allergies when I returned for a second visit.

I'll be back when I visit London again!!!

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Vx - Edit

The shop was small, but it had a lot of different vegan food - cookies, chocolates, marshmallows, vegan "meats" and cheeses, ice cream and so on. We also ate our lunch there which was very tasty.

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Vx, London - Edit

I went here yesterday. What a fabulous place.

Firstly there's a little cafe where they sell hot dog, quesadillas, kebabs, sandwiches. I had one of each either while I was there or later having ordered to take away. Each was great with my favourite probably being the hotdog.

There is also a small health food shop section where they sell food in a chiller, confectionery etc.

They sell clothing but most wonderfully for me is that they also sell vegan footwear. For the 1st time in 3 years I was able to try footwear rather than buying over the internet.

The people work there were friendly and welcoming. The place has a great slightly quirky vibe which I loved.

Pros: All vegan, Footwear sold among other things, Nice atmo

Cons: Not on every corner in the world sadly

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Fantastic selection of vegan junk food! - Edit

I always try and make a detour here whenever I visit London, not least because of the incredible range of vegan cheeses you find here which I haven't been able to get hold of at home in Scotland. They also stock a huge range of vegan chocolate and cereal bar type things! The staff are really lovely and friendly, with huge enthusiasm for their products and veganism in general.
Updated from previous review on Monday September 16, 2013

Pros: Lovely, friendly, enthusiastic staff, Great range of vegan junk food, Their vegan cheeses are amazing!

Cons: Quite a small shop

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Amazing range of vegan products and great food - Edit

There is such a cool range of products here - stuff I had never seen before. Amazing vegan cheese, sausages, biscuits, etc. We ordered some food too - a cheese and chorizo sausage toastie and nachos. Food was awesome, it's just a shame there is no longer a downstairs area to eat in. They put a table and chairs outside but it started to rain. We got some cupcakes too which were amazing, so many different flavours.

Pros: Great range, Good food

Cons: Not much seating

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Great little shop! - Edit

Since going vegan last October I've been scouring the internet for new places to shop and I stumbled upon Vx. If you're going to make a trip down there and you're not sure what they sell, check out their website. The selection is huge, so huge in fact when I visited a couple of weeks ago I was really surprised to find the shop is a lot smaller than I expected! The guys at Vx are doing great things with the space they have available.

The best thing about Vx is the choice of CHEESE. Finding a vegan cheese that isn't horribly flabby and potato-y has been really difficult for me. I tried out the Jeezini cheese that they stock and I am in LOVE.

Huge selection of vegan "junk food" (yum), drinks, cheese, fake meats, clothing and shoes. They also sell Cat and the Cream cakes which are hands down some of the best vegan cakes around.

Staff were super friendly and helpful when I was in there so I'll be back for more cheese in the near future! :)

Pros: Great selection, Friendly staff, CHEESE

Cons: That it isn't closer to my house

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Worth a visit :) - Edit

Visited the store for the first time a couple weeks back.
It is small,so choices are limited- BUT, they had items we've not seen before in our local health stores and I think it's a great idea having snacks and clothes etc in the same place.
I've only been vegan for a few months so getting new ideas for shoes was certainly useful, as I'm yet to update my wardrobe!

The only (sort of?) down side is its isolated location; unless you're going nearby I guess you'd be making a trip here, JUST to go here. But I'd certainly go, just worth mentioning =) Plus the old Kings Cross building (which i've shamefully never seen before) is stunning so make sure you have a good look round when you come out the tube (if you use it of course).

The cat and the cream cake was delicious, and next time I'll be trying one of the sandwiches!!

Pros: All vegan, variety of items

Cons: isolated location, small selection

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yes, it is worth! - Edit

friendly staff, open on sunday, variety of food from different countries you would hardly find elsewhere...

Pros: kind of everything we need, shelving is clear, not confusing, vegourmet and mortadella sausages!

Cons: small shop

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vegan paradise - Edit

This shop is wonderful! The first thing I saw when I came in were all the chocolates! They have a great choice of cookies and bars and also savoury frozen food like quiches and vegan cheese. They also have incredibly good cake, I only tried the blueberry one, but will definitely be back soon to try the other cakes too!
Unfortunately it can be quite tricky to find leather-free shoes in high street shops, so coming to this shop was a really nice change. I went for Macbeth trainers, but they also have beautiful ballerinas.
I can definitely recommend this shop. The staff is really friendly and helpful too.

Pros: all vegan!, friendly staff, in central London

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Finally visited VX - Edit

I've wanted to visit VX for ages and never got around to it everytime I was in London. I finally went a few days ago and was a bit disappointed. I am a big fan of the shop in general but the staff member working wasn't friendly and even when I tried to start a casual conversation they did not join in. Maybe I visited too early in the day but most of the food I bought was from Ms. Cupcake so I kind of thought I should have just gone there instead of trekking across London to VX. I just expected the staff to be a bit more approachable but maybe that is too much to ask.

Pros: nice food, good selection, unique products

Cons: unfriendly staff, unfriendly atmosphere, out of the way

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Joloco 14 Mar 2013 - I agree with this review - the staff can be really miserable. It depends who you get I suppose, sometimes it's someone nice. But more often than not there's an awkward, quiet atmosphere. Lighten up, guys!

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Great vegan shop! - Edit

I was thrilled to find a completely vegan store when I was in London this past weekend. Vx is fantastic! They've got lots of freshly baked and prepared food (I bought a lot of it and ate it over two days!) and many imported products from Germany and around the world. The woman who was working when I visited was very helpful and friendly, and even provided restaurant recommendations and directions for London AND Paris! Definitely stop by!

Pros: Great selection, Friendly staff, Easy to find

Cons: Didn't have my shoe size :(

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Super cool! - Edit

Vx is the right place if you look for a shop to live your vegan style.
They have many clothes and information material. Also they have quite a lot of books and accessories like wallets and belts.
Also they have a huge variety of vegan candy (chocolate,cookies,ice-cream) and other foods (vegan sausages and cheese).
The service is very helpful and friendly.

if you are vegan and have a stay in london, you have to be there!

Pros: Lots of foods, Lots of clothes, Very nice service

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Brilliant :) - Edit

Love stopping off here on my way to/from Kx to stock up on things that are really hard to find elsewhere or treat myself to wicked cupcakes etc.
Vx have introduced me to some great "cheese" and I love seeing the new things they stock!
Super helpful and friendly staff are a big plus (like saving me a cupcake when I frantically tweet them) and it's getting harder to resist the great selection of funky bags/wallets/shirts/shoes etc...

Pros: Great Range , Friendly staff , Convenient Location

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Small, but packed with vegan goodies! - Edit

I went to Vx on a recent weekend trip to London, and got some vegan goodies I can't get my hands on at home; some vital wheat gluten, a Hurraw chocolate lip balm, Primal strips and a white chocolate/macademia Luna bar, as well as some badges and a strawberry/chocolate cake! The guy working there was really nice and super helpful, good experience all round! It would have made my day if they stocked marshmallows! :P

Pros: Well stocked with hard-to-find items, All vegan!!!, Nice staff

Cons: Small

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Vegan oreos! - Edit

Very close to King's Cross, Vx is a great stop to stock on decadent vegan cookies, Vegusto cheeses, Wheaty products and all sorts of vegan treats. Good selection of t-shirts, shoes, books etc. I have been here several times and have had mixed experiences with the staff (some friendly, some could have maybe tried smiling)

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Last minute thought! - Edit

As my partner and I walked out of St Pancras station it dawned on me that we hadn't been to the new SSOV shop in Kings Cross. We took a five minute walk and found the shop very easily. There was plenty of goodies and clothes on offer and the staff were very friendly. We had some hot drinks and some awesome cupcakes. We also brought two t-shirts :D

Cons: A little expensive

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Good stuff - Edit

Smaller than I anticipated but they still had a decent selection of vegan items. Wish I lived nearby, it sure would make getting vegan cat food easier! I bought a non-leather belt and delicious raw vegan truffles. The gentleman at the counter was helpful and friendly. Lucky London to have such a place.

Pros: good location, friendly staff, good value

Cons: small selection

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Lots of potential - a little brusque - Edit

As mentioned in a previous comment I too probably expected a little too much from Vx but it's still great to see a 100% vegan shop anywhere especially one that does clothes as well as food.

I tried to make conversation with the guy behnd the counter by saying I'd been following them online and that I'd just been to Ms Cupcake in Brick Lane (I mentioned this because they also stock her cupcakes) to which he replied "we've got that here I don't know why anyone would go to Brick lane" he seemed annoyed and really didn't seem to want to talk at all which I thought was a little discourteous considering I was a new customer, I don't live in London and was on a mini vegan venue tour with my girlfreind and had come all the way from Dulwich to Vx. So I didn't bother talking anymore and we continued to look around with this seemingly annoyed man behind the counter.

Anyway I got a couple of snacks for the coach back to Cardiff and left. Had the staff been les rude and had we known there was a lounge part with drinks etc we may have stayed longer but we went to the pub instead.

I will most likely visit again but hope the staff are in a better mood next time. Please cheer up! :)

Pros: 100% vegan, nice clothes, nice shoes/trainers

Cons: negative atmosphere

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Definitely Worth a Visit - Edit

I went to Vx for the first time today and the person at the store (R., the owner) was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I had a few questions about being vegan and he was able to provide me with the information which I sought.

It was good to see a store dedicated to selling vegan products since I do not know about any other stores which exist in the London area that exclusively sells vegan products. It was apparent that R. was passionate about veganism and his philosophy/enthusiasm about being 'vegan' was contagious and inspiring.

I was trying to stop consuming milk but I did not like soy milk, rice milk, or oat milk because I did not like their consistencies. I explained my preferences to R. and he provided me with a sample of Kara (coconut based milk) which I love. In no way did he try to 'convert' me nor was he judgmental in any way when I was asking him questions.

I purchased some kara and then ordered a shake. The shake was delicious (I purchased the trio cookie/mint one).

I have now decided to stop drinking milk. I do not think that I would have made this decision if R. had not provided me with the information and taken the time to give me a sample of the Kara milk.

There was quite a good selection of vegan sweets & food available for sale in the shop along with various clothing, badges, patches, shoes, condoms, plastic cupcake protectors, etc. There are sofas downstairs where you can sit and drink/eat.

I was informed that Vx was holding a cake event tomorrow (Sun., 4 July 2010) and there are other community based events which are also held in the shop.

Overall it is a place worth visiting if you are interested in veganism and you want to support businesses which promote the vegan lifestyle.

Pros: independent business, good vegan products, friendly/knowledgeable staff

Cons: there is only one Vx - should be more!, prop mask on display not for sale, no hot food available for purchase

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rudee 03 Jul 2010 - Thanks for the nice review! It was nice to meet you. Glad to hear that I could be of a help!

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Good leisurely shop - Edit

Me and my three year old daughter popped into Vx on a horribly sticky and hot afternoon and were glad to be met by the air conditioned and proverbial cool of Vx.
Vx is not hard to miss, which is a good thing as its not something I would recommend missing out on- it has a vast array of vegan-friendly foodstuffs lining its shelves and fridges, including hallowed hard-to-find vegan junk food! yay! We loved the chocolate fudge-filled trios we picked up. The pricing was fair and nothing to complain about.
Vx allows has an array of non-leather but not hippyish footwear and a good selection of tops, hoodies, hats, patches and stickers to choose from. The man behind the counter was friendly and happy to give impartial advice but also let us peruse at our leisure.
Vx also has a downstairs area where you can enjoy a tasty vegan hot drink or two, also in which it holds it games nights and cake swaps (dying to get down to the next one! yum!)
Overall an enjoyable shopping experience and I for one, will definitely be going again.

Pros: Friendly staff, Good stock, Vegan-friendly!

Cons: Bit of a walk away, Premises not disabled-friendly

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Great for cake - Edit

Delicious homemade sweet things to eat and drink and great vegan shoes and groceries. All they need are fresh homemade sandwiches/salads and it'll be London's perfect vegan place. It needs supporting as it grows. Go eat cake and drink crazy milkshake

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rudee 22 Feb 2013 - thanks for the review!
We are now selling fresh sandwiches and wraps! Including bean burritos and mock-duck wraps! We are also carrying the vegan sandwiches made by "Fresh!".

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An alternative point of view - Edit

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad to see a purely vegan shop near Kings Cross and I did visit just a few weeks after the shop opened, I liked the selection of 'junk food', you know cookies, chocolates and those kind of products that make terribly nice treats but that's all they are - nice treats. While I'm prepared to pay a little extra and treat myself ever now and again, it will probably remain a special occasion. To be fair, I probably went along with too high expectations. I'd never seen the stall in Camden and after visiting the website, I was under the impression that I would find a fridge full with freshly baked cakes, vegan cheeses and the like and dozens of shoes to try on...but being a new and relatively small shop, I suppose that kind of large inventory isn't really feasible.
One thing I do want to call out though is the value and the great taste of the "chicken" burger and nuggets. Sadly, they didn't have any nutritional values or ingredients listed but since I don't suffer any allergies, I bought a pack of the burgers and have to say they were delicious and good value too. My conclusion: it's definitely worth a visit if you are in the area but manage your expectations and don't expect a vast array sprawled out across 2 floors.

Pros: Relaxed atmosphere, Unusual cookies and treats, Friendly staff

Cons: Bit too pricey, Range not as big as the website suggests, No nutritional info on some products

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rudee 22 Feb 2013 - We've been open since February 2010 and there are more stuff we're planning to do. Like having a real pastry fridge and add some new shelvings and racks to be able to add more shoes & clothes to the shop.

In the few months we have been open, we have managed to keep things exciting for our customers by constantly adding each week some new exciting items to the shop (doughnuts, profiteroles, jelly beans, new t-shirts).
We have also improved the deco and added here and there some cool posters/furnitures.
We have also organised a bunch of events (Cake Swap, Game Night).
I am so proud of Vx. There's nothing similar in the UK.

ONE THING: "it's definitely worth a visit if you are in the area but manage your expectations and don't expect a vast array sprawled out across 2 floors." - THERE'S A WHOLEFOODS STORE IN KENSINGTON IF YOU LIKE FLOORS.

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lysi 22 Feb 2013 - Thanks for the response Ruppee. Sounds like you are doing a lot of great things. Don't get me wrong, I'll definitely come again as I like the shop (or I wouldn't have given 3 out of 5) and have more realistic expectations now. Particularly interested in the savoury food items - the burgers were delicious and I think you might have added some more items by the sound of other comments. I did like the sweet treats that I bought also but since I can't restrain myself when it comes to sweets in the house, I'd rather stick to buying "everyday" food items. Seems like the weekend opening times have been extended, which is also great. Lysi

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Must visit! - Edit

This place is not only a vegan haven, but sells some of the yummiest cakes and baked goods you can find (regardless of whether you are meat-eater/vegetarian/vegan). The staff is friendly and you're free to browse and chill out in the lounge downstairs or get help/advice/recommendations should you want it.

I like to go in a shop and not feel hassled but feel like I can ask for help should I require it. I've visited Vx about 4 times now on my own and also with a non-vegan friend and have been really happy with the service and products everytime. My meat eating friend loved the whoopies and her coffee.

My only down point is that I can never decide what to have because it all looks (and tastes) so yummy! Luckily, the staff are good at helping with that - or I buy one of everything and have it over a few days!

Good selection of shoes and clothes, too!

What more can i say; go see for yourself.

Pros: great products, very friendly, good portions

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Great, centrally-located fully-vegan shop - Edit

I'll keep it short and simple:
- 100% vegan
- fresh cakes, sandwiches and salads
- plenty of vegan junk food (nutty chews being a BIG favourite with me)
- friendly staff
- soft drinks, soyshakes and hot drinks (plus a lounge to enjoy them in)
- the chance to meet an amazingly shy little dog
- ssov and other merchandise, shoes, books
- frozen burgers, nuggets, ready meals and sorbets.

Seriously, guys. It doesn't get much better than this.

Pros: central, fully-vegan, great selection

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Some biscuits,think it sells other stuff primarily - Edit

Small stall in the Camden Market Hall. It is in a corner if that helps.

Food wise there are a few packets of biscuits and some Lara bars. The rest is clothing with punk? art with references to veganism and some other miscellaneous items such as condoms.

The person there when I went was fine.

Prices are fine I guess. I didn't check too much as wasn't in the market for it.

Food is a sideline here, the primary business is t-shirts/ promoting veganism and maybe other some other aspects of veganism I think.
They seem to have quite a big presence on the internet. Bigger than their Camden stall would indicate at least.

Pros: Biscuits if you like the ones they have

Cons: limited food

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rudee 02 Jul 2010 - this is a review for the old and now closed Secret Society Of Vegans stall in Camden Town... Why is it here under Vx?

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