Donut shop established in Oregon and operates outposts in a few states. Offers unusual flavors, even ones with meat, but also a selection of vegan donuts, such as glazed and chocolate ring, plus a vegan apple fritter. Look for "V" markings. Housed in a pink box building with seating inside. Open Mon-Thu 7:00am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 7:00am-10:00pm, Sun 7:00am-9:00pm.

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First Review by RabbitEars


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31 Oct 2023

Got Donuts? 🍩🥰

I totally forgot to get donuts from here passed it on the way going somewhere else and ran in thinking this will be quick…I also forgot that everyone else wants donuts too🍩

I waited in line, that was not long… ( got longer after me) ( lucky) got a couple but Later on when the taste lingered and I wanted more…
Order online💡made everything so easy

Pros: Good vegan , Options



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27 Sep 2023

Melt in Your Mouth

We had no wait at Voodoo Donuts, and I ordered a vegan glazed. So yummy! It was light and melted in my mouth. I was disappointed there wasn’t anywhere to sit and eat inside and any picnic tables outside weren’t covered from the rain. Their was ample parking on site though which was great.

Pros: Parking , Delectable glazed donut, Vegan options clearly marked

Cons: No seating


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19 Mar 2023

Meh, much better out there

I waited in line for about 20 minutes to get a maple bar and portland creme. They were yummy, but pretty heavy and tasted like fryer grease. I definitely prefer blue star donuts! I'd check out a different veg friendly bakery in portland.


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04 Dec 2022

No Queue in Voodoo!

Not sure if Voodoo isn't as popular anymore or we just got lucky, but there were only two customers when we arrived. There are so many vegan doughnuts that it's hard to decide, but I chose a Raised Glazed. Simple, but satisfying.

Updated from previous review on 2022-12-04

Pros: vegan level in display case


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23 Oct 2022

School Daze

If you like pb&j sammies this is the donut for you! They clearly have the vegan donuts listed/displayed and there are tons of options.


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11 Oct 2022

Friendly service and a nice experience

We only had a 5 min wait in the queue.
They only let one group in at a time.
Donuts were not expensive and were very large.
Tasty but not the most exciting or lightest I’ve ever had. Happy to have tried.

Pros: Plenty of vegan flavours

Cons: Always a queue


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03 Sep 2022

Tooooooo Sweet

Not my favourite donut by a long shot. Had the old dirty bastard. My friends found their donuts also way too sweet. What a bummer.

Updated from previous review on 2022-09-03


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31 Jul 2022

What a calorie bomb

*Old Dirty Bastard* It’s a good donut, no question. Just a little too sweet and too fat. I’ve had „healthier“ donuts before.

The girl in the store asked me in disbelief "Only one donut??" and I was like… ääääh yes just one please. Looks like only full boxes go out the door here.

Updated from previous review on 2022-07-31


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30 May 2022

Love this spot!

Although buzzing with tourists, this place is not overrated. I’ve loved this place since highschool and they have a fully vegan menu. Delicious options, honestly splurge and get a dozen.

Pros: Separate vegan menu , Delish

Cons: Not entirely vegan, Tourists/insta baddies


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07 May 2022

Inventive Vegan Doughnuts

Voodoo Doughnut offers quite a few vegan donut options that are all quite good when you are craving something sweet. My favorite doughnut is the vegan voodoo doll— the first bite is the best, but after eating a whole doughnut I tend to not feel my best due to the high sugar content. Other top picks include the apple fritter and cream filled doughnuts.

Inside of this location, you will find eclectic decorations, ping ball machines, and merchandise. Located on Davis St, this location is often much less busy than the downtown location. Wait times are usually around 0-5 minutes. Voodoo is also open 24 hours, which is a unique factor.

Voodoo Doughnut’s vegan options are certainly worth trying at least once, but do not stack up to local competition such as Doe Doughnuts, which is entirely vegan.

Overall, Voodoo Doughnut offers a unique experience and is worth checking out if you are a vegan. My overall rating is a 3.5/5 just because the doughnuts are very sweet.

Pros: Good vegan options , Cool doughnut designs, Interesting space which draws tourists

Cons: Expect to pay around $4 for the vegan voodoo doll, Extremely sweet, Not an entirely vegan menu


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21 Apr 2022

Great place

One of the best donut shops I have been to. Serve both vegan and non-vegan options so bring everyone along for the ride.
We enjoyed about 9 different vegan options and when ordering they pack them separately to avoid any confusion from the non-vegan ones.
Over all great stop

Pros: Good options, Good price


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07 Jun 2021

Working that voodoo magic!

Great donuts but go vegan already! The meat eaters would not be able to tell the difference at all!

Pros: Vegan options

Cons: Serves dairy


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Mostly Veg
01 Oct 2019

Best vegan fritters!

These are my favorite vegan donuts, either the apple fritter or the maple cream. They taste exactly like a "regular" donut. My boyfriend didn't realize he was eating the vegan version of his favorite Voodoo flavor. Also the employee told me the "cream" filling is the same between the vegan and non-vegan donuts. They're rather inexpensive, too. I find this location is usually not as busy as the other store downtown.

Pros: Great donuts- flavors/texture, Good value, Open 24/7

Cons: Can be a long line


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12 Aug 2019

Amazing vegan donuts!

Got half a dozen of donuts and they were all awesome.

Really loved the dirt donut as well as the Portland cream


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05 Jul 2019

Best donuts ever!!!

I love this place!


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03 Jul 2019

AMAZING doughnuts

Love their vegan options!!! I just wish they had it marked a little better when you’re there. I normally have to go online to try and find which options they have a vegan version of and ask if they have it there. Otherwise, it’s all super delicious and it’s great having access to doughnuts

Pros: Amazing vegan doughnuts!

Cons: Look online for all vegan flavors


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01 May 2019

What a treat

So nice to have so many vegan decadent options!
Bring some time... sometimes you have to wate almost half an hour because of all the customers. But it's worth it anyway...


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26 Mar 2019

Absolutely worth the visit

Best vegan doughnuts I’ve ever had. Highly recommend ordering a 6 or 12 pack of different flavours in advance over the phone to avoid disappointment!!
Best vegan flavour recommendations: Dirt, raised glazed, cock n balls (my favourite every time).

Pros: So many vegan doughnuts (around 10 choices), reasonable price, Heaps of car and bike parking


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02 Dec 2018

Road Trip Worthy

I’ve made the drive here from Seattle for donuts more times than I’d like to admit. Love the donuts and the atmosphere!

Pros: Lots of vegan donuts, Great atmosphere, Parking lot

Cons: Slightly expensive


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25 Aug 2018


Not a lot of vegan options, but the oreo donut was so delicious I forgot about everything else. Most eat when in Portland


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08 Apr 2018

Better line than the original

Lucked out with no line @ 730am! Always a great selection of vegan doughnuts.

Pros: Delicious.

Cons: Cash only


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12 Feb 2018


Line was almost just as long as the flagship location the day we went but, oh well! We needed those vegan donuts...can you blame us?


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09 Dec 2017


Wish there were more vegan options, although the cookies&cream doughnut was delicious. 2 doughnuts will fill you up if you’re starving!

Pros: open 24 hours, not as busy as other location, parking lot

Cons: cash only (ATM avail), can be stale late at night, few options later at night


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20 Oct 2017


I unfortunately visited during a three day stay in Portland in which this store was having the roof renovated. I had no form of transport exact from walking and I walked about an hour and a half to be told they were stocking no vegan donuts as a result of the renovations, despite the piles of regular donuts! I was very angry and didnt visit the other branch out of spite. Voodoo donuts was the main reason I wanted to visit Portland!

Pros: Looks pretty , Lots of branches , On a busy street!



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08 Sep 2017

It's just fun

Fun donuts, fun vibe. Avoid the crowds though - they have barricades set up to funnel people through during peak times!

The PB&J literally just tasted like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich sandwich-not like a donut. Can't hold a candle to Dunwell in NYC! The grape one was pretty good – very sweet.


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31 May 2017

The best vegan donuts I have ever had!

The atmosphere is super quirky, punk rock-trendy style, they have pinball machines and a photo booth inside as well as couches to chill. Service is great! There is usually a line up however don't worry it goes by super fast! They always have a great selection of vegan donuts. Not all their donuts are vegan however they have a labeled rack of vegan ones which makes it really easy to choose from :)
Friendly staff. Best vegan donuts I have ever had! And I have tried a fair bit of different ones all over the world. For the price-which is super reasonable for the quality and experience I would definitely recommend them when you come to Portland! The maple donut is my fav. It's filled with a maple "creme" and the fritter would be my next favorite. All the ones I have tried have been amazing though. Doesn't disappoint!

Pros: Amazing Vegan Donuts!, Well priced for vegan donuts, Cool atmosphere and experience

Cons: There is usually a line up. It goes by fast though, More non vegan vs vegan donuts, No other cons


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16 May 2017

good vegan donuts

Good vegan donuts. Bring cash. Just as good as the locations in other cities.

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