Vegetarian restaurant serving dishes like fried tofu with white rice, fried rolls, bbq mushroom skewer, noodle soup, and juice with fresh mango chunks. Reopened here in 2019, in a spot between Brown and Temple Coffee; previously at St 7 Makara. NOTE: Reported that egg is used in most dishes, owners do not understand veganism and do not inform correctly about the ingredients of dishes. Open Mon-Sat 7:30am-9:30pm, Sun 9:00am-9:00pm.

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16 Oct 2023

Great for vegetarian

As a vegan, I struggled with the menu as things are not labelled vegan. The kimchi soup is vegan as made with udon noodles, I enjoyed this and a drink. The vibe was nice and relaxing and the restaurant was pretty busy, but still had free tables.

Pros: Great kimchi soup

Cons: Vegan food not labelled , Egg in alot of dishes



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25 Jul 2023

Veg Cambodian Classics

Vitking House has an upscale diner ambience. If you’d like to try Cambodian food, and are vegetarian, this may be your best bet of trying more than the most famous dishes.

I really enjoyed the laksa. The mushroom appetizer was also nice, but a couple of the sharing plates were over fried or under seasoned.


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28 May 2023

A good choice

We arrived 10 mins before lunch closed and they accommodated us.

Pros: Lots of choices, Very cheap $, Friendly staff


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21 Jan 2023


***If you are concerned about having hidden egg in your dishes then don’t eat here. We cannot eat here any more until they label their menu correctly. Egg is used stirred through sauces and in marinades that you would not know***

….having eaten here for many years and asked many times about ingredients we've now been told that the mushroom skeweres are not vegan (despite being told otherwise previously). it's apparent there are other dishes on the menu that might contain egg too but despite offering to help them label the menu correctly they declined saying "we are a vegetarian restaurant". shame as we loved this place...

Updated from previous review on 2022-03-14


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21 Nov 2022

Great Ambience

Good food , good place, good vibes,

Cons: Expensive


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12 Nov 2022

Nice eatery with a tree

The inside is great, very huge space with a tree in the middle.
The food was good! The fried straw mushrooms and straw mushroom BBQ very nice. The noodles and soup were good but nothing incredible.
The staff is nice but do not really speak English.
The prices are great!

Pros: We received a hot tea for free , The mushrooms were incredible, Cheap and local

Cons: Not many vegan options, Not many English speaking staff...


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01 Jun 2022

Easy food

The food is really veggie comfort food. Nothing fancy or too inspiring, but I like it nonetheless.

Pros: On the cheap end, Airconditioning, Lovely designed interior

Cons: Food is not too inspiring


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17 Apr 2022

Not vegan. No communication. Attempted theft

So, first thing to be clear about is this place is not vegan. Cambodians don’t really understand the concept and staff here don’t have the language skills to clarify (which is my fault in their country I know: feel bad)
So, we had to leave.
Because we had ordered drinks we paid for them. On a 10 dollar payment the cashier (their entire role) tried to short change us by $5.
When challenged she clearly knew what she’d done. Then claimed it was just because she didn’t have it. Didn’t apologise.
Strongly suggest you stay away. There are better places here…

Pros: Didn’t see any

Cons: This place isn’t vegan it’s vegetarian!, Couldn’t identifywhether elements were vegan/not, Then attempted theft by cashier as we left


18 Apr 2022

sorry you had this experience. as the Siem Reap ambassador i'm currently speaking with Happy Cow as to what should happen with the Vitking listings (they have 4 restaurants in Cambodia). you are right that they are a veggie and not vegan restaurant and it is impossible to know which dishes are suitable. we offered to help with menu labelling and training but they are happy to be a veggie restaurant.


19 Apr 2022

Thank you for writing. If they had some training by the police with regards what is theft and what isn’t that would also help them.
But suspect they are happy to remain that kind of restaurant, if it’s the cashier doing it!


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18 Jun 2021

My favorite place in SR

I went as many times as I could, I’m big fan of the mushrooms and their soups, my favorite NOODLE WITH CUMIN LEAVE BASIL 🤤

Pros: Local price

Cons: Sometimes is difficult to communicate


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26 Feb 2020

Can’t recommend

We had lunch here and were very disappointed about the food.
After reading all the good comments about this place we had high expectations, but it wasn’t nice at all.

We had one dish which want vegan (the burger) but we asked several times before if there is egg or diary inside... the menu wasn’t helpful in this case and the stuff spoke no or rarely English. So don’t expect vegan food if they tell you it’s vegan ...

The rest of our food wasn’t good too. We had the stir fried tofu in something looks like tomato sauce but just tasted as oil with red colour with a few pieces of Pak Choi and natural Tofu with no taste...

We also had the bbq mushrooms, which were ok.

To say something positive: the interior is nice and we got free cold tea. The prices are low compared to other places in the area, but you we got bad, non-vegan food for it...


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25 Feb 2020

Properly impressed, great ambience, tasty food and really affordable

My experience at Vitking was great. The food was good, but the deep fried tofu was probably the most impressive thing I’ve eaten in Cambodia in the last 3 days. Service is great and the food came reasonably fast and hot! So I’d definitely visit this again in a few days!

Pros: Price, Sufficient vegan options


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25 Jan 2020

Super modern place & nice food

I gotta say this place has such a weird setting for a budget-end veggie restaurant, but not necessarily in a bad way. Massive high ceilings, bright lighting and minimalistic decor - it feels FANCY. Like a modern art museum or something.
Anyways, we weren’t very hungry when we came here so only ordered basic dishes - steamed dumplings, fried tofu and french fries. But everything was really tasty!

Updated from previous review on 2020-01-25

Pros: budget friendly - mains US$2-$3, super modern & clean space, nice food


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09 Jan 2020

Nice environment, cheap menu, mediocre food

It is set in a spacious setting with a large and cheap (yet somewhat uninspiring) menu. Mushroom skewers are recommended. Take care to look carefully at which dishes may include dairy products!

Pros: Price, Spacious Setting


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03 May 2018

Delicious Food

We needed a restaurant close to our hotel so we tried this one and it was very nice. The English is not perfect there but there is no problem at all to order something.

Pros: Good price , Nice food, Nice stuff


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07 Apr 2018

Nice setting but average food

This is a good spot, tucked back from the main road and with seating available in the garden. The menu itself is a bit confusing as the English translations aren’t great. I tried to order the vegan salmon curry (I was intrigued!) but was told they didn’t have it. In the end I got the deep fried mushroom skewer, which was great - very meaty in texture and had a nice crunch! Also ordered fried Chinese cabbage and mushrooms, which was pretty bland, and deep fried tofu, which came with a squeeze of lime and reminded me of fish and chips (the batter was similar). Anyway, it was decent enough but nothing particularly special. Felt a lot more local than the other veggie / vegan places I’ve been to here. Prices were very low but I didn’t have riel and I think it’s more expensive to pay in dollars.

Pros: cheap, nice setting

Cons: bland food , menu unclear


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26 Feb 2018

cheap food in a luxury looking environment

Very nice food and extremely cheap. Great service and always with a smile.
Everyone speaks English without any problem.
Free complimentary tea and WiFi available.
The mushroom bruschetta is highly recommended! We went twice and we had it every time. Also the kimchi soup was amazing.


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11 Feb 2018

Not fully Vegetarian, but good vegetarian options

Our family are here. Good food, but there was meat in some of the dishes which I didn’t expect.


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29 Mar 2017

Very good

Nice garden, frequently visited by local students, nice atmosphere. Good prices but portions a bit small. Tasty!!

Pros: Tasty, Atmosphere, Free tea


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19 Aug 2015

Wouldn't Recommend

Usually I give good reviews for every place I've been to but sadly we went here last night and despite saying over and over that we don't eat egg, we were given dishes with egg in them. We ended up leaving hungry and upset. It's a beautiful place but the staff do not understand English at all and this means the meals come out wrong.


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Mostly Veg
21 Mar 2015

Excelent vegetarian food in a cozy environment

IMHO, the best vegetarian restaurant in town. The restaurant is composed of about 6 open big huts where you have to sit on a small cushion at a small, low table. No panic, for those who do not fancy eating while sitting on the floor, they also have the ordinary tables with chairs. The menu is extensive, the food is delicious (try their mushrooms, or their fried rice with fruit) and reasonably priced. It's a little out of town, so maybe better take a tuktuk. I'll bet, you won't regret having eaten there.

Pros: excellent food, nice atmosphere, good value


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01 Jan 2015

go for the atmosphere

My partner and I spent 10 days in Siem Reap this year and Vitking House become one of our favourite spots to eat, especially in the cool of the evening. It's lovely and quiet but the atmosphere is still warm and generous. A few wooden decks with ceilings and open sides with low tables are always quite full of local students. Sprinklers spray the garden and, as a double bonus, keep the air cool and the mosquitos at bay. I'm surprised people have described it as "out of the way". Sure, it's not on Pub Street but it's 10 min max by bike from the central market. If you're staying in Siem Reap and you don't hire a bicycle, seriously, what are you doing?!

The waitstaff are all very young and really friendly. They speak very limited to no English but there are English translations on the menu. As well as Khmer dishes, they offer Western food like burgers and sandwiches but we steered clear of that stuff coz it looked a bit sad. Everything we had was tasty and well balanced with plenty of fresh veggies but nothing to write home about. Some dishes bordered on bland but, then again, Khmer food isn't heavily spiced. It's easy to over order and over eat because everything is so cheap. They have an amazing selection of shakes, including pumpkin and taro but we weren't able to get them made vegan.
Updated from previous review on Sunday December 21, 2014

Pros: relaxing spot, diverse menu , menu with English translations

Cons: little English spoken


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18 Jul 2014

Vitking - good vegetarian

Good mushroom protein skewers, hot dishes sizzling on hot trays. Limited vegan options, but there were some. Good prices. Nice ambiance. I would go again.

Pros: clean. good ambiance. good pricing.

Cons: limited vegan options. , some menu items not available.


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08 Mar 2014

Tasty and cheap

We ate here twice on a recent visit to Siem Reap. We tried the garlic noodles, spring rolls (with some delicious fake pork filling), noodle soup, and steamed dumplings. We didn't see egg in anything. As far as I could tell, it was all vegan and very tasty. The bill each time was only about 8 US dollars for two of us. The outdoor seating is quite nice and they provide take-out as well. We were hoping to see more "fake meat" items on the menu, but otherwise we were very pleased and would highly recommend this place. It's a little out of the way from the typical Pub St locations, but well worth it.

Pros: Nice outdoor seating, Cheap, Tasty

Cons: Limited selection


21 May 2014

I.m.h.o. the menu is extensive; there is salads, soups, fried rice, sandwiches, many veggie dishes, shakes, and lately they have added "meat" steack and also a little spicy kimtchy soup (Korean plate).


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30 Jun 2012

great for vegetarians. difficult for vegans

I've eaten here like 10 times while in siem reap.

Its away from all the tourists
Its a good environment qith lota of room
Heavily staffed, like 20 people working, even people that park and lock your motorbike
Inexpensive. Each diah is from $1-$2
Everyone is very friendly

If youre vegan its difficult to make changes to order items on the menu. For example, I tries to get tofu instead of egg on a sandwich and they said NO. I said ask the chef and he said no and so did the cashier. Then I offered them $100 if they could put tofu or even just no egg at all, they discussed it and then refused. Also, I tried getting soy sauce instead of oyater sauce and they said it was impossible. Also I askes for no mayo, even showed him 4 pixtures I made with mayo with X on it and it still came with mayo.

Pros: friendly staff, rather inexpenaive, good location (away from tourists)

Cons: impossible to change from vegan to vegetarian


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20 Jan 2012

Delicious and cheapest

During my short stay in Siem Reap from Jan 5 to 10, 2012, I tried all the vegetarian restaurants (According to Happy Cow, only three full vegetarian restaurants)in Siem Reap and found out that Vitking House serves the most delicious and cheapest vegetarian foods. My family and I ordered four dishes of food plus rice and they only cost us less than USD7.5 The environment there is quiet, easy to find, just slidely opposite Angkor High School and just bedise a university.

Pros: cheap, delicious, good environment


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06 May 2011

Atmospheric local place

This is a very lovely place with a few bungalows around a small garden. Friendly staff didn't speak too much english, but picture menu helped ordering.

Portions were whether decent sized or a bit small: we ordered hot plates which were very good and our friends tried some kind of fried rice omelette, which was good too but a bit small in our opinion.

Prices were low, our portions were 5500 and 6000 riels = about 1,3 USD and 1,5 USD, (soft) drinks were about as much as the food.

The staff mixed the orders a few times; twice they brought us something we hadn't ordered, and half of the fruit shakes (2 out of 4) were different flavour that we had ordered; maybe they didn't have grape fruit...

There were a few mosquitos, it didn't bother me but they were biting my friend.

The place seemed to be popular among young Cambodians from wealthier families, and we didn't see any other tourists there. The atmosphere was great and the overall experience was very good too, I would go there again.

The location is ok too, we walked there from the Old Market. It could be closer, but at least it's not a touristic place :)

Pros: atmosphere, cheap food, local

Cons: mix ups


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05 Apr 2011

Lovely garden restaurant

This restaurant is located next to the University of South East Asia & opposite of the Angkor High School. If come from Old Market, cross the river & there is a small roundabout, there is 5 access ways, just take the 11 o'clock way & go straight, about 1km & it's on your left.
Very nice garden decorated, few chalets, big parking, food is delicious & price is reasonable.
For Siem Reap, I would recommend here.
For Battambang, I would recommend "Mercy Cafe"
For Phnom Penh, I would highly recommend "The Vegetarian" at #11, Street 200.

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