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Serves meat, vegan options available. Small pizza and pasta restaurant with an extensive, separate vegan menu offering pasta, hero sandwiches, pizza, and various appetizers and snacks like mozzarella sticks, wings, cheezy fries, and garlic knots. Daily slice and dessert options. Offers vegan gluten free pasta and pizza crust. Previously called That Pizza Place. Open Tue-Thu 11:30am-9:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:30am-10:30pm, Sun 11:30am-9:00pm. Closed Mon.

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First Review by Lauralei


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08 Oct 2023

Tons of vegan options here!

Everything vegan is clearly labeled and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable about the vegan options. They seem to always have several vegan choices for slices and rolls, plus you can order even more vegan stuff if you've got time to wait. They have vegan wings, chick'n tenders, heroes, pasta (including a la vodka!), calzones, salads, entrees, desserts, and oh yeah-awesome pizza. The crust is great, and through they use Daiya, they don't go overboard with it. It's not always easy to find good vegan food on Long Island so this place is a good find! Prices have gone up since new owner took over.

Updated from previous review on 2017-01-07

Pros: extensive vegan menu, easy parking, great pizza crust!

Cons: Overpriced desserts aren’t always fresh, serves meat



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17 Sep 2023

So many delicious options!!

I go there all the time and they always have something new, like garlic knot crusted mac and cheese vegan pizza! The vegan upside down Sicilian pie is favorite!

Great new desserts

Updated from previous review on 2023-07-08

Pros: Awesome kind staff, Beautiful interior


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29 May 2023

Remodeled and now Vinny's Pizzeria & Ristorante

New look but same great food. I love all of their vegan options. They have pizza, pasta dishes, garlic knots, sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, and so much more. They are very transparent about using the same fryer for vegan and non-vegan items which I appreciate. Love this place!

Pros: Unique and delicious slices , Indoor and outdoor seating


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07 Dec 2022

The best vegan pizza

If I could give That Pizza Place 5 stars, I would. This place is that good! Everything we've had here is phenomenal. From the speciality slices (buffalo chicken, barbecue, mac n cheese, chicken parm, etc.) to the classic pies, you really can't go wrong. And the non-pizza items are just as great! Personally, I'm obsessed with the seitan tenders and mozzarella sticks. Their dedicated plant-based menu is to die for, and honestly, if That Pizza Place decided to go completely vegan, no one would know the difference and they'd be get those 5 stars, no problem.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-02

Pros: Dedicated vegan menu, Lots of vegan options, Friendly staff

Cons: Not fully vegan , Pricey


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04 Jun 2022

This place never disappoints

The pizza is amazing and the vegan options are basically endless. I recommend the eggplant rollatini pie with vodka sauce and the vegan wings.

Pros: Endless vegan options


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08 May 2022

Solid alternative to 3 Brothers.

I was so impressed by the menu, I forgot to try the pizza! Ordered a Buffalo seitan roll, buff cauliflower (redundant, I know. But I’m always looking to see who can execute without being too greasy. Large chunks of cauli, but a bit oily for my palate), rice ball (very good), and escarole and beans soup. If you like garlic, you’ll love the soup; which was the highlight for me. Will def return.

Pros: Extensive vegan menu, Happy & friendly staff create super casual vibe, Easy to park


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27 Nov 2021

Vegan pizza with Violife Cheese

Most delicious vegan pizza! I can't wait to try the other vegan options and maybe even order for catering.

Updated from previous review on 2020-12-05

Pros: many options, violife cheese, Catering available


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23 Aug 2021

VGF motzsa sticks!

OK OK they have VGF motzsa sticks! These were amazing! Absolutely loved them and would go back just for the motzsa sticks.

I ordered a VGF pizza, it was pretty pricey and not very good. Just canned veggies on top, not fresh, they also didn't have a lot of traditional pizza toppings which was weird to me (pineapple and got peppers). The outer edge of the pizza was excellent crust wise, chewy and crisp but the inner 2/3 was very undercooked so that typical mushy gf crust. I was disappointed as you'd think a place that specializes in VGF would know how to cook their crust to perfection.

They also had really good pre-packaged VGF Italian finger cookies (from a different company). The brand was Pride Enjoy.

I'd go back for motzsa sticks and finger cookies but not pizza.


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21 Aug 2021

Maybe Better Fresh

I have been there a few times and had some slices and was over underwhelmed as they are dry and cardboardy. Went last night and I felt the same once again. We also got gluten-free mozzarella sticks that I thought was okay, but my wife loved. Her gluten-free pizza was nothing to write home about at all.

Pros: Extensive Vegan Selection

Cons: By the slice is just meh


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23 Feb 2021

The Best Pizza Place for Vegans!

That Pizza Place has the best selection of vegan items around! Don’t be fooled by the name it’s not just pizza. They have a ton if vegan appetizers, entrees and even desserts. Definitely worth a trip! I wish I lived closer.


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19 Jan 2021

Best vegan pizza !

This is my go to pizza place for sure ! I go every Friday ! The creations of pizza are amazing !!!! Follow them on IG for the latest and newest pizza creation. Lots of vegan pizza !! Always fresh. They also have a vegan menu with other food items. They make home made vegan chocolate chip cookies , they sell vegan pride enjoy rainbow cookies and have vegan hot chocolate. Now back to the pizza the crust is delicious so is the sauce. The slices are huge !! You just have to go try it for yourself and see. It does not disappoint!

Pros: Lots and lots of vegan options


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27 Sep 2020

The best vegan pizza ever!

They continually blow me away with amazing vegan pizza creations (garlic knot crust pizza? calzone crust pizza?! Yes please!) Lots of vegan options, not just pizza, new creations often, and special vegan lunch menus on select weekends. Worth a trip to get a few pies!

Pros: Lots of amazing vegan pizza options, Friendly staff

Cons: Some pizzas are expensive (but truly worth it!)


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14 Sep 2020


If I could give this no stars I would. Unfortunately this was one of my go to pizza places for vegan pizza on Long Island. I have been vegan almost 4 years now and had a horrific experience about 2 weeks ago. I placed my order from the VEGAN MENU, I ordered the Eric to be specific. The man who took my order seemed extremely bothered to be taking my order and very confused when I asked him for this sandwich. (Buffalo seitan and Mac and cheese) When I arrived home to eat, I took a bite and didn’t think twice that there could potentially be MEAT in my VEGAN sandwich, so I took a bite and immediately noticed something was wrong, the “seitan” was white and looked like chicken, so I had my non-vegan boyfriend try it and see and he couldn’t tell if was or wasn’t so we called the restaurant. We spoke to someone who works there and they were able to confirm that it was in fact chicken in my sandwich along with dairy which I haven’t had in YEARS. He provided us with no solution besides wanting to make a new sandwich, which was a solid NO & said the man who took the order had only been working 3 days. Clearly there was a lack of training given to this man on the IMPORTANCE of keeping the vegan food separate from regular, and having basic cordial skills. I was sick to my stomach and couldn’t eat the remainder of the night I to the next morning. It’s sad to have to sit here and write how mad and disgusted I am over this and I will never go back to this place simply because of their lack of attention to detail and the potential chance of putting my body through that again. BE VERY SPECIFIC AND ASK ALL QUESTIONS IF YOU GO HERE.


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13 Jul 2020

Endless Options

Tons of options and always delicious. I love the eggplant parm hero, mozzarella sticks, chocolate chip cookie, and their slices.


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24 May 2020

Finally good GF vegan pizza!

We love their vegan, gluten free pizza! So tasty! Extra 'mozz' and spianch on a 'vodka sauce' pie!

Pros: Great vegan selection, Friendly staff, Good pizza


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Non Veg
19 Jan 2020

So amazing. Big slices. Good taste.

Lots of good options to choose from. Whole pie is huge.

Pros: Whole pies , Lots of options- whole menu, Pasta, calzones, desserts


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20 Oct 2019

By the slice

Best vegan pizza on the island. A ton of selections by the slice along with a few rolls and rice balls. The regular slice was so good!

Pros: Good amount of seating , Lots of vegan options

Cons: No available bathroom for customers


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18 Jul 2019


i got a regular vegan cheese slice for $2.50 which is very affordable! but the pizza seemed very old & there wasn’t a lot of cheese on it. i would still come back though just because of the convenience


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29 Jun 2019


rather small pizza spot. they have a whole vegan menu as well non vegan. they offer a variety of pizzas, pastas and salads. if you ever heard of krave it on bell blvd in bayside, queens and always wanted one of their amazing topped pizza but a vegan version then this is YOUR PLACE.

Pros: not pricey at all.

Cons: small with not alot of tables.


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27 May 2019

Lots of vegan options

Food was very good and there are lots of vegan options to choose from. Staff was friendly too. Small establishment but there are a few tables to sit.


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16 May 2019


I volunteer at the shelter down the road and always stop in after. The food is amazing, lots of vegan options and decently priced.


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01 May 2019


Awesome vegan options in a town where not a lot is offered. However i will say as somebody who used to work in a pizzeria and is female the female employees here are not nice and I’m always super friendly.

Pros: Good “NY” pizza , Amazing vegan menu

Cons: Staff is young and not very friendly


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29 Mar 2019

SO Good

i would give this 5 stars if i could, the vegan buffalo chicken pie gives me life


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10 Mar 2019

The best

If you’re looking for a place that sells over 6 vegan pies including specialty (bbq seitan, garlic knot Mac and cheese, etc) at once by the slice, this is where to go. You will never be bored, they have a plethora of items to choice from which are AMAZING.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Constantly new choices

Cons: Pricey


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26 Feb 2019


To put it bluntly, this is the closest you’re going to get to the deliciousness of Screamer’s Pizza in Brooklyn. I absolutely love how it’s about 50% vegan and 50% omni food because I have tons of delicious options and any meat eater can eat what they usually eat. I don’t like that I can’t give 5 stars. I ate ONE slice of vegan Mac and cheese, buffalo wing, vegetable pizza and I wasn’t hungry for 7 hours. I will DEFINITELY be going back.

Pros: Almost everything can be made vegan, Affordable, Very friendly staff


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28 Dec 2018

Delicious food, comfort vegan cuisine that is not always common to find!

So it won’t let me give a 5 star rating since it isnt fully vegan or vegetarian-but this place deserves 5 stars. Other than it being a little pricey, this place has the coolest options around Long Island. It really is a stand out because it isnt a sit down restaurant, so I can take the food back to my house and enjoy a Friday night with a movie and food. I cant lie I’ve actually snuck their food into the movies. It’s so good! Their vegan eggplant parm pocket is my favorite thing on the menu. They sell quick so call ahead and make sure they are available. Everything ive had besides the wings were delicious, but most people do enjoy the wings. I think I didnt like them because they were take out, and they got gross on the car ride home. I need to go back and try them when I eat there. Yum!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Unique foods that arent always available on LI, Variety of foods, change options often

Cons: A little pricey but nothing too crazy


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27 Dec 2018

The only reason to go to Levittown

Once served me a half-cold calzone, but every other time totally delicious

Pros: Everything you’d ever want from a pizzeria, vegan, Tasty, Friendly staff

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