Vegan and gluten-free bakery offering cakes, cupcakes, brownies, hot drinks and soft serve ice cream. Est. 2017 previously at 152 Brick Ln. Open Wed 12:30-17:00, Thu-Fri 12:00-17:00, Sat 12:00-18:00, Sun 11:30-17:00.

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First Review by lauraXsynthesis


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15 Aug 2023

Simply superb

Updated review.

Back again. This place is so lovely. Cake portions are massive. I'm rarely beaten by cake but had to take some home in a doggy bag.
Super cafe with fab choice of cakes and cupcakes - all vegan and gluten free. So spoilt for choice. My daughter was in heaven. Cakes were delicious. Staff very friendly. And there was a lovely dog who was very chilled with the kids.

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13 Aug 2023


I received a lovely warm welcome on arrival from a little girl who clearly is a natural born seller! She told me about the cupcakes (supervised by the adult staff) and I chose the lemon flavour to takeaway. It is a gluten free bakery too, so personally I found the sponge a little dense as someone who doesn’t avoid gluten. The icing was nice and lemony, but a tad too sweet for me.


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13 Aug 2023

had super high expectations

after everything I’ve heard but didn’t liked the cake that much unfortunately. we bought two different pieces and nah - just wasn’t it

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11 Jul 2023


the red velvet cupcake was super great! 🌱

Pros: friendly staff


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17 May 2023

Decadent full-on layer cakes

I don't think it'd be possible to come out of here disappointed, unless they were sold out.


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08 May 2023

Lovely place!

We happened to stay in an Airbnb right across right across this lovely bakery and had breakfast there on our very first morning.
Everything is vegan and gluten free so perfect for me and my gluten free friend! We had an Americano, which was really good, and two cupcakes: chocolate and cookies 'n cream. Even though, they were very sweet and we had preferred a cream cheese topping instead of buttercream, we enjoyed our breakfast with the cutest dog joining us on the bench🥰.


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01 May 2023

cute little bakery

I loved it! The interior was cute and the food tasted amazing. I had a peanut butter brownie and the rainbow cake.


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26 Apr 2023

Epic rainbow cake

The rainbow cake looks like it might disappoint but certainly does not - one of the best vegan cakes and gluten free too!

Pros: Lots of choice of cakes, Gluten feee too, Very reasonably priced


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16 Apr 2023

Brilliant cakes 🎂

We had the rainbow 🌈 cake and a red velvet cake here and thought both were delicious! I would definitely recommend this place and will be back to try more options next time I’m in the area.


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28 Mar 2023

Lovely Bakery

I had to try the iconic rainbow cake and it did not disappoint. Staff are very knowledgeable about allergies - only one row of cakes contains nuts. I have seen lots of other reviews mentioning about the texture being dry (as all cakes are gluten free), this isn’t something I noticed at all - the cake was delicious! The coffee is also amazing. A must visit if you’re in east london.

Updated from previous review on 2023-03-28

Pros: Amazing range of tasty cakes, Great Coffee, Cute cafe with lots of friendly dogs.

Cons: No Oat Milk - Just Soya, Coconut and Hazelnut


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26 Mar 2023

Coffee and cake

Lovely cafe in the brick lane area of London. Really good coffee and cake options.

Pros: Great choice of cakes , Delicious coffee

Cons: No oat milk


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19 Mar 2023


I had a coffee and a cookie which were both amazing - I could notice the lack of gluten in the texture but the flavour more than made up for it, I think if I didn’t know it was gf I wouldn’t have actually noticed. The interior of the store is gorgeous, I could have sat in there all day. My niece is vegan & gf and I can’t wait to bring her here! Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.


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20 Feb 2023

Good cakes

I would give it 4.5*. We liked the cakes, as they were tasty and good sized portions are served. People who are celiac will love it, as everything is gluten free. However, I feel the lack of gluten does affect a bit the mouthfeel.

Pros: Tasty cakes, Good portions


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30 Oct 2022

Such great cakes

Was so impressed with the choice of cupcakes and cakes at VIDA bakery. We got the lemon drizzle and red velvet which were both so fluffy and tasty - can't believe that they are both vegan and gluten free!!
The interior is great, the staff were lovely and the location was perfect.
Only problem was there was a lack of drinks, no iced coffee or tea like the menu said.

Pros: Great vegan cakes, Lots of choice , Lovely staff

Cons: Lack of drinks


16 Apr 2023

The beverage next to the cupcake really looks like tea


16 Apr 2023

@celine_yourgreenblog it was the only tea available out of all the choices - which was multiple different teas


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27 Sep 2022

Where bathroom?

Interesting and cute looking desserts, nice interior, but the fact that the bathroom was closed for customers was bizarre. I recommend to address this problem immediately.

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28 Jun 2022

VIDA Bakery - 3.5

I really want to love VIDA Bakery but I really don't like gluten-free, unfortunately. VIDA's gluten-free baked goods are better than most other options, but just not for me. I love the atmosphere and the pretty rainbow cakes.


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22 Jun 2022


We ordered three different cakes from Vida Bakery for an event - all the guests, not just the vegans and coeliacs, ALL the guests raved about how delicious the cakes were. And they didn't crumble instantly with the first bite which tends to happen with GF and VG cakes. Highly recommend!

Pros: coeliac friendly too


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17 Jun 2022

Amazing place

Too bad it was almost all sold out when I visited but what was left was delicious!


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17 Jun 2022


delicious vegan cakes, will definitely be back

Pros: wide choice, pretty interior, the owner has a cute dog

Cons: sells out fast


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08 Apr 2022

Gorgeous Brownie

Really nice and clean with nice atmosphere, all the cakes look great! We had a coffee and a peanut butter brownie. Really nice and not over expensive as some places can be in this area. We will visit again for sure!

Pros: All of the cakes and vegan , All of the cakes are gluten free, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Nothing


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27 Mar 2022

Instant sweetness

Lovely, friendly place in Brick Lane. All cakes and cupcakes are vegan AND gluten free, so 4 stars automatically. I tried a Notella cake which was a real treat, but a bit too sweet for my taste.


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17 Oct 2021

Insanely good!

Went today for the first time with my partner and we absolutely loved it! We recommend the salted caramel muffin and the rainbow cake 😍

Pros: Everything is vegan , Lots of options, Pet friendly


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01 Sep 2021

My eyes are too big for my tummy!

I always buy way too many cakes when here. But they are really rather great!


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02 Aug 2021

Amazing custom cakes!!

I ordered a custom cake for my birthday and it was PERFECT! My non-vegan friends couldn’t believe that it was vegan, let alone gluten free! It was absolutely gorgeous and tasted even better than it looked.


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Non Veg
28 Apr 2021

Best Gluten Free & Vegan Cakes!

As someone who has been gluten and dairy free for years, I've become used to missing out on nice treats. But then I stumbled across Vida, and I was so surprised to find somewhere I could actually eat! They had a selection of tiered cakes, cookies and cupcakes. I chose one of each and they were all delicious! Probably the best gluten free treats I've ever had. They kept in the fridge for about 4 days as well, and were just as nice after that long.

The lady who served me was lovely and friendly. It was a great experience and if I lived closer I would definitely be going on a regular basis!

Pros: Good Location, DELICIOUS CAKES - best I've had! , Lots of choice

Cons: Slightly expensive


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20 Apr 2021

Vegan Sweets

Tried the rainbow cake here and it was decent. It wasn’t my favorite, but would love to try some of their other stuff.


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09 Mar 2021

Delish cake

Vida Bakery is another success story, they started off four years ago with stalls at markets and festivals selling cakes free from dairy gluten and egg.
They became so popular that they opened a permanent shop on Brick Lane in the summer of 2018.
Vida Bakery is hard to miss on Brick Lane with its rainbow cake displays.
Inside, you will find captivating cup cakes and cakes to choose from.
The best day to visit would probably be the weekend as they have more cakes to choose from while on weekdays there are only three.
I decided to try the red velvet cup cake and leave the cakes for the weekend when there would be more choices.
The red velvet cup cake was shockingly good, the texture was spot on.
I loved the way it was firm yet moist just like your regular cake but this was eggless!!
The cakes are definitely worth trying because they are unsuspectingly eggless and vegan!
Will definitely be coming back.

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