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味特素食 specialises in yong tau foo. On the menu also are otah, satay, burger, sotong rings, and others. No garlic or onion. Call 90025986 for pre-order. Accepts GrabPay. Open Mon-Tue 2:30pm-10:30pm, Thu-Sun 2:30pm-10:30pm. Hours may vary; call ahead.

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First Review by Cqveggiefinds


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06 Sep 2023

Amazing satay

Have known Uncle for years, and can confidently say this is the best veg satay in Singapore. The sauce is so addictive 🤤

Pros: delicious satay , friendly stall owners

Cons: some waiting time to get satay (abt 20 mins)



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02 Sep 2023

Excellent food, friendly owners

Had a wonderful time chatting to Victor about his cooking and the food available. Skewers were great and the peanut sauce was lovely


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12 Aug 2023

Delicious otah and satay

Delicious satay and otah. The peanut sauce is also nice

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Use styrofoam and disposables , Abit pricey


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31 May 2023

Best satay

Really recommend the satay from Victor! The peanut sauce is gold! ✨

Pros: Satay is delicious! Don’t miss it!


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25 Mar 2023

Yum yum

Satay , otah, those are uncommon to find, good service too

Pros: Satay, Otah, Near MRT


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17 Jan 2023

*MIGHT NOT BE VEGAN Allium-Free Satay and Otah

Personally saw the stall preparing satay, with the mock meat packaging showing that it contains egg. I asked Uncle Victor about it and he said the manufacturer's packaging label was inaccurate. Please make your own informed decision if you do not consume egg!

*UPDATED 26 NOV 2022
The stall might not be vegan. The stall owner verbally says it is vegan and the menu also states it is vegan. However theherbivorefrog took a picture of the stall preparing satay, and the mock meat packaging clearly shows that it contains egg.

Known for their vegan and allium-free satay with amazing texture and taste, approved by my non-veg satay-loving family! Must-order when you're at Circuit Road Hawker Centre (near Mattar / Macpherson MRT). Otah is good well. Heard they make vegan bak kwa during CNY too which I'm keen to try. Btw Uncle Victor was ever featured in an Our Grandfather Story interview!

Updated from previous review on 2022-11-26


29 Nov 2022

Thanks for doing the vegan detective work to find out the satay ingredient contains egg.


12 Mar 2023

Damn just went there today and had the satay then came on here to check it out after. I asked him and he told me it way soya and wheat flour that they mixed themselves.. hmm


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08 Oct 2022

Many options available @ affordable pricing

Cater to both veg & non-veg options


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24 Jul 2022

Best veg satay!

This is so so good! Not only is it similar to the real satay in terms of texture, the taste is also way more fragrant than a lot of the real satays out there! Totally exceed my expectations, highly recommended! 👍🏻

Pros: Incredibly delicious satay, Cheap price, Other veg hawkers nearby


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29 Jan 2022

Bak kwa, otah, bak kut teh

1. Bak kwa (jerky)
The most tender bak kwa i have ever eaten, on the sweet side when it's piping hot, the cute and funny Mr Victor said wait till it's cold, then can taste the saltiness, true enough, the sweetness and saltiness are well balanced when it's cold, more chewy not too tender, yummy, recommended.

2. Herbal bak kut teh
Lots of mushroom and "bak kut" made from sugar cane for the bak kut teh, like the herbal taste, yummy.

3. Otah
One of Victor Veggie signature dishes, their otah is good, flavourful, recommended.

Updated from previous review on 2022-01-29


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Mostly Veg
21 Oct 2021

Yummy Otak

Otak is really yummy! Just tried Satay, really good too! Payment via CC physical card available also :)

Updated from previous review on 2021-10-04

Pros: Otak is delicious, satay good too.

Cons: May have to wait a while if there's mass order.


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25 Apr 2021

Satay and otah!!

Fresh satay and otah cooked on the spot, the male owner fanning the fire for otah and female owner cooking satay. While satay is tasty, we dont find it exceptional for a trip down. Opening time is also wierd (start 230pm). Peanut sauce can be thicker. Otah is thin considering the price. Service need lots of improvement. The owner told us to come back 10 mins but the satay was cooked in 5 mins and just left at counter.

Pros: Freshly bbq satay and otah, Satay meat has good texture and flavor

Cons: Service need improvement, Satay sauce could be thicker, Otah is a tad pricy


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05 Dec 2020

Rare to find homemade vegan otah

Must have the vegan otah and satay
Although it wrote vegan burger, the cheese they put into is definitely not vegan

Peace ...

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13 Jul 2020

Vegetarian Satay!

Vegetarian Satay! Normally, I can easily get good delish Vegetarian Satay and Otah from the Wholesaler and BBQ at home. Today, I was out for a vegetarian food hunt at Circuit Road Hawker Centre which is a Vegetarian Food Heaven and ordered the Vegetarian Satay ($8 for 10 pcs) and Vegetarian and Otah at $2. Authentic taste. It would be much better if it is served with Satay Rice and thicker satay sauce.


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09 Mar 2020

BEST otah and satay, HORRIBLE service

4 stars for the best vegan otah and satay but the worst service ever. read the bottom for my service experience... but first, the food.

1. otah $0.80 each
my favourite. super realistic and fragrant! my non veg family loved it. mild spice level.

2. satay $0.80 each, min 10pc order
another pleasant dish. the mock meat was pretty realistic tho a little too soft, would prefer if a little firmer! i wasn’t a fan of the peanut sauce tho, i like mine with more intense peanut flavours

onto my rant:
the lady boss there is incredibly rude and there is no proper queue system - it’s unclear when you can get to collect the food and i had to make 5 separate trips to check on when my order was ready. by the time i got them, i’ve finished my meal (30-40 min later). furthermore she insists (rudely) that we MUST take the plastic bag and disposables for disposal of the satay sticks and otah leaves. at this point it’s useless squabbling so i just took the 3 plastic bags and 3 styrofoam bowls for the peanut sauce.

Pros: realistic otah and satay

Cons: no queue system, slower service, super rude lady boss, insists on using plastic bags and styrofoam bowls


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24 Feb 2020

Best vegan Otah!!

Wow, I'm so glad we ordered the Otah from here because it was like the real deal but even better. So delicious, perfect texture, and the flavour is just right. Definitely coming back to try the satay, so gutted we didn't get any satay after all of the great comments about it!

Pros: No egg! , On point with flavour, Cheap


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24 Feb 2020

Best vegetarian satay

The otah and satay are really delicious; taste almost like fish and chicken respectively. Claypot chicken rice is also yummy. Stall uncle is super chilled, grilling satay over a small grill so be prepared to wait during peak dining hours.


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02 Dec 2019

Best vegan satay !

This place is a gem. The old guy just sits there all day grilling fresh satay. It's way better than Gokul. I am glad I found this place today . Yaas!


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18 Nov 2019

Satay satay Otah otah

Could be nicer if satay is more crispy & Bbq-ed
A little salty
Otah was good


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10 Aug 2019

vegetarian Satay is nice

The satay is definitely worth a try! Otah too~


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07 Jul 2019

Yummy snacks.

I gave here looking for dinner but sadly they only had otah otah. It was still pretty good. They're were plenty of other veggie places around to get something more substantial.

I shall return on a normal day, but even if they only have the snacks, it's super worth it to get a few.

Pros: Cheap, Local food


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28 May 2019

Best vegetarian Otah and Satay in Singapore.

If you love Otah and Satay, you have to try this stall. The Satay gravy is thick and flavourful with lots of peanuts. Do take note you have to wait for around 30 mins if it’s peak hours...but it’s really worth waiting for.

Pros: Freshly barbecued

Cons: Have to wait


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15 Dec 2018

Best Veg Satay Ever

This is the best vegetarian satay we ever had. However, there is a minumum order of 10 pieces of satay per order and about 10 minutes of waiting time. The satay comes with cucumber slices and satay peanut sauce. The stall also sells otah which can be bought individually. The prices of the satay and otah are on the higher side for hawker centre standards. Still recommended to share if you are coming in a group!

Pros: Very tasty

Cons: Minimum 10 pieces of satay per order, A bit expensive for hawker food


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06 Sep 2018

Best satay

They have the best satays in the world - homemade, juicy yet fibrous, and delicious even on its own. The sauce is not the best, but the satay itself is to die for, an opinion that is corroborated with my omnivore friends. Note that there are limited sticks per day, and competition is high because of their popularity - so snag it as soon as it’s ready before you have to queue and it’s gone.


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05 Jul 2018

Vegetarian otah, satay

Specializes in vegetarian otah, satay...The otah is the best so far that I ever eaten. $0.80 per piece.

Pros: very delicious otah, soft in texture.

Cons: have to wait for some time when busy


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21 Jan 2018

yummy otah and satays!

Amazing handmade BBQ Otah and Satays that’s gonna trick some of your meat eater friends thinking they’re made of meat!

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