Vegan and vegetarian pizza place that has a wide range of pizzas with either regular or vegan cheese. For coffee there is both soy and oat milk. Reported closed August 2023.

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First Review by SteveH


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09 Mar 2023

Pizza yumyums

[EDITED]: The pizzas here are welcome treats to a vegan palate in the land without many pizzas (for vegans). Even though pizza isn't really an everyday sort of food friend, it can satisfy a longing in your soul. This pizza does. Get the "pepperoni" with vegan cheeze.

The atmosphere is so chill. You can always trust an establishment that takes good care of its plants and knows good lighting and music. (Almost always-- in this case a reliable yes).

Bonus: I have brought omnis here who really enjoyed the food.

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-19

Pros: Vegan cheese!, Very cute, cozy artsy atmosphere, Easyish to find.

Cons: If driving, call ahead to get parking



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16 Feb 2023

Ate it too fast for a pic!

I was having a serious pizza craving and I was happy to see this place on Shuttle. I went with the spicy pepperoni and it was so good I inhaled it and did not even think about taking a pic. There will definitely be a next time.


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11 Feb 2023


Everything was good, but there was no vegan wine as a glass.


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27 Jan 2023

Good pizza, strange sitting situation

They serve really good vegan pizza with some unconventional flavours, so that's amazing. The restaurant had some interesting chairs that we could not really figure out though.

Updated from previous review on 2023-01-25

Pros: Delicious pizza, Classic and unconventional flavours

Cons: Weird chairs


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08 Jan 2023

Best Mac and cheese.

Small pizza joint about 10 minute bus ride from Hongdae station. Ordered the pepperoni pizza, Mac and cheese, and a goose IPA.
Pizza was delicious and had a great level of spice. Did find that the toppings fell off, but that's easily fixed with a fork.
Mac and cheese was the highlight - 100% everyone needs to get this. It's the absolute best (vegan or not) Mac and cheese I've ever had. It was definitely the highlight, and the only downside was its small portion.
Agree that the chairs are weird and uncomfortable.

Pros: Best Mac and cheese ever , Delicious

Cons: Chairs are uncomfortable


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09 Dec 2022

Cute store

I've been there earlier to eat pizza, sadly they didn't serve any when I was there. πŸ˜” I went with the Mac and Cheese instead. It was delicious, but weirdly, half the portion consisted of mashed potatoes πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ and since it's considered as a side dish, the portion was pretty small. Still, it was really good. I definitely want to go again to check out the pizza.

OH and the chairs. I'm not sure how you are supposed to sit on them, they really are strange, I straddled it like a saddle (because I was afraid to not get back out if I thread my legs through) but that's probably very wrong πŸ˜‚


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07 Dec 2022

Exactly what neighborhood needed!

There was a lack of vegan pizza options in this area, now filled by Vezza!

The pizza was perfectly cooked. Personal sized pizza carefully made. Thin crust. Vegan cheese was also perfectly baked.

Owner was also really friendly and eager to explain her menu.

Ate one pizza... took away another 😊

Update: Sandwich was a big miss for me πŸ™. Pizza still great. Mac n Cheese very good.

Updated from previous review on 2021-09-23

Pros: Pizza perfectly baked


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07 Aug 2022

So so good

Vezza offers the same pizzas with either normal or vegan cheese (as well as other dishes like mac and cheese). I've been here twice now. The first time I tried the pepperoni and the second time the margherita. The vegan pepperoni was really delicious but I found the pizza overall to be a bit too filling. I LOVED the margherita and will get this one again. It's a little out the way of hongdae but worth the bus ride or walk. The staff are really friendly. The seats are strange but worth it πŸ˜‚

Pros: Delicious vegan cheese and pepperoni , Friendly staff, Good portion size - very filling

Cons: Strange seating but worth it


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12 Jun 2022

Great pizza with uncomfy chairs

Pizzas great. Homemade vegan cheese and peperonis. Nice portion size. Basil pesto was nice with burned pieces of sundried tomates on top. I liked their dough as well. I finished all the crust it held up the toppings well without being too wet. Well seasoned. Just really uncomfortable chair and table And no airconditioning which i dont mind just letting you know think it could use a fan.


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04 Jun 2022

Desert pizza in disguise

I was not expecting the fig and arugula pizza to be so overwhelming sweet.. I had to scrape off some of the "sauce" because it was too much. But besides that it was a really good pizza!

Cons: Very pricey


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17 May 2022

Amazing mac & cheese and vegan pies!

I ordered mac and cheese, a regular and pepperoni pie for delivery through Coupang eats. That had to have been the absolute best vegan mac and cheese I’ve had in my entire life. The creaminess and texture was incredible! I just wish the portion was a bit larger. Even my non-vegan friend was in love with it! The pies were great too!! I love the cheese that they use. They were kind enough to add service β€œfreebie” of vegan peanut butter cookies that were just as delicious as my meal. I’ll definitely order from them again!

I’ll order again and update the mac and cheese photo after its been mixed!

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-17

Pros: Vegan cheese option, Free peanut butter cookies with my order

Cons: A little pricy but i think its worth it


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20 Mar 2022

amazing mac and cheese

friends and i did some vezza delivery and i was pleased with the pizza. the cheese is really good. crust was a bit floppy, but would love to give it a try in store. the mac and cheese looked like it was going to be terrible, but was seriously one of the best i ever had. would skip the sweet pizza next time.

Pros: amazing handmade cheese


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15 Jan 2022

Decent pizza

Compared to other options in Seoul the pizza was delicious and reasonably prized. However, as other people have already written, the sizes aren't exactly huge, and I finished mine in no time. I would definitely come back though!


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31 Dec 2021

Real vegan cheese!

I had a pepperoni pizza and Mac and cheese. They make their cheese in house, and it tastes like legit cheese! I think they probably used a probiotic to ferment some nuts or something. I loved the pizza! The Mac and cheese is also delicious, but it doesn’t taste like American Mac and cheese (FYI).


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18 Nov 2021

Pretty good pizza

I had a very similar experience to the other comments. Pizzas are individual sized, decent flavor, seating kind of weird. I do plan on going back.

Pros: Vegan options, Vegan cheese and meat

Cons: Seating, Hours open are sporadic


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12 Nov 2021

Cute home-made pizza

Happy that there is a fully vegetarian and vegan pizza place! All pizzas can be veganized with plant-based cheeses.

There are some interesting topping creations, featuring e.g. sweet pizza with fruit and mozzarella.

Each pizza is a one-person serving, so it is rather small. Sadly, prices are a bit high, especially when veganizing the pizza.

They said that they will start using house-made vegan cheese in December and then lower the prices. Very much looking forward to that!

The location itself is very new and quite big. It has a modern interior with unconventional seats.

Pros: Handmade pizza, Vegan options, Friendly staff

Cons: Either expensive or too small


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17 Oct 2021

Good, but you will get a mini pizza

The pizzaβ€˜s taste amazing, but the size is way too small for a lunch/dinner. Strange seatings and the music is a bit loud.

Pros: Delicious, Friendly owner, Vegan cheese option

Cons: Pizza is very small, Expensive, Uncomfortable seatings

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