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Chill & colorful place with a warm & welcoming vibe and a view of the town, sea, other islands and the sunset. Lots of reggae music - sometimes live. Has a large vegetarian menu where nearly all dishes are vegan. Serves mainly Filipino cuisine but also pesto and nachos made out of sweet potatoes. Has tofu dishes. Offers juices, tea, beers and cocktails. Reported fully vegetarian November 2022. Previously called Ala-e Hippie House. Open Mon-Sat 9:00am-1:00am.

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24 Nov 2023

Awesome rasta vibes and great food

Very clearly labelled menu with vegan and vegetarian dishes that are mostly Filipino with some burgers, mushroom shawarma, and pesto pasta. The vegan gyozas are nice and the pakvet (indigenous dish from northern Philippines) was delicious. Cocktails were also nice (the rumhansi made with calamansi and rum is very refreshing). Love the decor and music!

Pros: Lots of clearly labelled vegan dishes, Delicious food, Chill rasta ambiance



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24 Nov 2023

Food was oke. Music and personel could be much better

Food was nice. Philipino dishes, curry. Don’t order the rice with tofu. Very boring. The guys who where working there didn’t speak english very well. It was a quite night but the food took way to long. It said reggea bar but they played very loud rock music. I wouldn’t come back here.
The menu was very chaotic😅


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08 Nov 2023

Amazing vegan Filipino food!

I loved the Aubergine omelette(I can’t remember the Filipino name) it was so tasty. I ordered a side aswell to takeaway as the portion sizes were small but it’s not expensive so that was fine. I did have to wait a while for my food but it was worth it


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05 Oct 2023

Grading on a curve...

It's nice to have a menu where I can choose freely, though it's quite a large menu and some decision paralysis starts to set in 😅

The food generally is okay, I wouldn't make a deliberate trip for this but it's fine.

I suppose the worst thing, really, is how long the food takes to arrive - if it's a busy night, be prepared to wait at least 1.5 hrs.

The non-vegans didn't enjoy it much at all, if that helps to know the type of menu 🙈😅


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26 Jul 2023

Killer views and vibe, ok food

Ala-e Hippie House has one of the best views in town to watch the harbor and a sunset. It’s got a through and through hippie vibe too.

Both of these come at some minor inconveniences: a bit of a walk from the town center and ticketing furniture and stairs.

The servers and knowledgeable and friendly, but at least the one thing I ordered wasn’t nearly as good as I imagined it would be based on the reviews.


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08 May 2023

Waited a long time, had no tofu...

I liked the vibe in here, very hippy feel, and obviously lots of vegan options - very rare for Philippines. But I waited a long time to get a menu, never mind get served. When they finally came to take my order, what I ordered was not available, they had "no tofu", which considering 50% of the options on the menu had tofu in them, was very frustrating. Would have been nice to be told up front. The food itself was ok, but a little boring and quite small portions. Shame.


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26 Apr 2023


Amazing venue with a great view of the sunset while you're eating. The vibe is unbeatable. It's the perfect place to spend an evening. The food is tasty and great value.

Pros: The view, Great vibes, Tasty food


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25 Apr 2023

The best!!

I loved this place sooooo much! The views were insane watching the sunset. I loved the vibes, I loved all the dream catchers and the decor and we played games it was just perfect!
The food was delicious and the price was amazing. 5 out of 5, just wish I could have visited more times.

Pros: Dream catchers , Views, Food

Cons: None


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15 Apr 2023

Best place for vegan food

Take off your shoes before entering! This bohemian style restaurant serves up fantastic local dishes as well as other items. They also have mock meats for those who enjoy.

Pros: Traditional food made vegan, Nice ambiance , Cheap

Cons: Long waiting time, Small-ish portions , It's hot inside


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25 Feb 2023

Very good food, with a view

I shared three dishes with my partner and they were al amazing. Very nice view over the sea and the mountains. Good place to watch the sunset. Staff was friendly and quick. The food is delicious and fresh. Would definitely go again!


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31 Jan 2023

Get the tofu sisig!

We ate here twice. The mushroom shawarma is nice but more a lunch option. The second time we went we shared the cauli-oli with mushroom gravy then had the tofu sisig and plant based chicken burger. It was all SO tasty!!

Pros: Lots of vegan options , Delicious , Very cool vibe


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21 Dec 2022

Nice place, out of touristic centre

All foods offered are veggie or vegan, which is clearly indicated on the menu. Service is friendly and fast.


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10 Dec 2022

Must-visit while in Coron!

This place is awesome for vegans and vegetarians alike. The menu is huge, really cheap and delicious, plus the hosts are lovely and the vibe is super cool! The only cons are that the food can sometimes take a while to be made - particularly during busy times/when you come with lots of people (burgers come out much faster). Still a must-visit in Coron!

Pros: Huge and delicious menu, Great prices, Lovely hosts

Cons: Food can take a while to arrive


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17 Nov 2022

best vegan food in Philippines

Great vegan menu options, great flavour and cheap prices too. The vibe of this place in unreal, really a space to unwind in. Just what we’ve been looking for.

Pros: Lots of options, Atmosphere

Cons: No cons!!


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16 Nov 2022

Love it!

There is alot of options for vegan and even more for vegetarian. The staff is very friendly. The price is not expensive. The only con is they take them to serve us the food, took more than half hour.

Pros: A lot of vegan options, Tasty food, Good view

Cons: The food take time to arrived


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13 Nov 2022

Good food with a chilled vibe

Loved the vibe and really friendly staff. The staff told us about every meal in the menu. Some of the items werent available.
We didint have to wait too long and the service was fast.

Liked how the staff really seemed to know what is vegan. I asked for the calamansi juice and they told me it has honey. As a vegan of course I cant eat honey so I got the juice without honey. They also made everything for me vegan, changing mayo to hummus etc.

Food was good and overall a good experience, would go again.

Pros: Many vegan options, Good price

Cons: Some items in the menu aren't available


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02 Nov 2022

Vibe 10/10. Food 6/10.

Was really nice just to sit in this place and escape the stress of travelling and the Philippines for a second. Food could be better but was enjoyable and not bad.


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03 Jul 2022

Affordable, yummy food

Delicious food, affordable price, cool place

Pros: Yummy food, Cool place, Affordable prices


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09 Dec 2019

Bad service

This place is on a hill so don’t make the mistake of walking here in the midday heat like we did 😅
Once we arrived we were told to take a seat upstairs with a really nice view.
However we sat there for about 20 minutes before we were told that we couldn’t order any food, we would have to wait 1hr 30 mins for the chef to come back. They offered us to stay and wait and enjoy the view but we decided to leave as we were hungry.
Disappointed they seated us and let us look through the menu and wait before telling us they weren’t serving food at 1:30pm.
I guess they hoped we would stay as it’s a long walk.
Can’t say we will go back again, as nothing on the menu jumped out at us anyway :/


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30 Sep 2019

Food not fresh, slow service

We literally waited for one hour to get our food even though there were just a few customers. And the tofu in the curry is stinky, the other noodle dish is just too salty. We never got the water we asked for.


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24 Sep 2019

Cool vibe

The place was awesome and has a lot of potential! They could probably invest in a few more fans to keep the place cooler though. I ordered sweet and sour tofu which was sooooo good but it was literally just tofu, no rice or veggies as you would expect. My friend ordered stir fry veg and same thing- no rice. But we combined our meals and ordered a plate of rice and all was quite tasty!


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22 Sep 2019

Amazing sunset eatery

Great food, clean and gorgeous hippy vibe. Recommend the sweet and sour tofu - it’s sat for two but I’d get it for 1 and add some rice!

Pros: Good music , Great view , Tasty vegan food


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14 Jul 2019

Great vibes, good food

We had lunch here on a hot day in the off season. The staff were lovely and the view from the little mezzanine was great. The had Pink Floyd playing and the old Wizard of Oz on with no sound. Very relaxed/weed-smoking related theme. The nachos were good but they include mayo and cheese. My mate was very happy with his beef burger.

Pros: Fresh, tasty food, Good vibes, Great view

Cons: Don’t list all ingredients for each dish


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07 Jul 2019

Delicious dinner with a view

We loved our dinner here! We had the tofu curry, fried rice & spring rolls. It was all delicious. The food arrived quickly. The atmosphere of upstairs was cool.

Pros: Atmosphere , View , Good vegan options


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11 May 2019

Vegan menu but food is not great

There is a separate menu of vegetarian options, many of which are vegan, but the food was not great. Homemade and not with much skill. The place also smelt pretty bad, although it had been raining.

Pros: Several vegetarian options, most vegan

Cons: Poor food


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09 May 2019

Nice place!

They have 2 menus, one veggie/vegan and one with meat on it. The place is very nicely decorated and has an awesome view on the ocean. We spent a rainy afternoon there and I really liked the tofu curry. On the menu it said „good for 2 people“, but the portion was good for one hungry human. Recommended to check out this place!

Pros: Own veggie menu, nicely decorated, good view

Cons: Small portions, Long wait for food


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27 Mar 2019

Vegan options, great vibes!

According to the owner the cosy place/restaurant is currently in the process of removing its meat dishes (while still keeping fish). They happily created a vegan dish for me, just talk to the owner or his partner (the chef), as the staff might not be familiar with the term vegan. And a plus for musicians: Join them for a jam session! Highly recommended! Good people..

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