Established in early-2015 an all-veg store offering a variety of food and products. Has recipe books, faux meat, gluten-free food, and vegan items like cheese, mayonaise, and ice cream. A small line of vegan cosmetics include shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel, solid toothpaste, and deodorant. Open Tue 10:00-12:00, 15:00-19:00, Thu-Sat 10:00-12:00, 15:00-19:00, Sun 10:00-13:30.

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First Review by serrarose


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08 Aug 2023

Treasures to be found

From the outside, the place doesn't seem like much, but once you start looking around inside you find so many delicious treasures!
Unfortunately not every fridge had products stocked this time, but we will definitely be back later because we found some really good things! The vegan "Salami" is to die for, and the tofu shrimps are delicious. Around Christmas we found vegan caviar here, which was a perfect little fancy bite on a piece of toast.
The shop keeper is always very friendly and welcoming as well.

Pros: Has real treasures, A decent variety of products, Very friendly owner

Cons: Not everything is always on stock, Check the opening hours in advance



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29 Jul 2023

Amazing store

Like a literal kid in a candy shop. With all vegan food stores, I can’t help myself.

There was also a cafe section, and we got a waffle with chocolate sauce. It was delicious but the waffle was a teeny bit stale.

Still so close to 5 stars, if the store was a bit larger or the waffle a bit better, it would have been sent over the edge.

Pros: All vegan, Nice staff

Cons: Stale waffle


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31 Mar 2023

Perfect Supermarket

Small shop with a great selection of vegan food. They have French "Salami" and many options of vegan Cheese.


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08 Mar 2023

Like a kid in a candy store :)

So many vegan options to choose from and a lot of good snacks. I wish I had a place like this near where I live

Pros: Many vegan options, Lots of things that are hard to find elsewhere

Cons: A bit expensive


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20 Nov 2022

Très beau choix pointilleux

Full vegan et ça fait plaisir ! Beau choix en similis et fromages pour une épicerie !! Bravo d'encourager tout une dynamique de quartier ! 👏🏻

Cons: Un peu plus cher (mais c'est normal !)


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07 Oct 2022

Full vegan shop

In this shop, everything is vegan, from food to cosmetic products. I go from time to time and always find something pleasing. Staff is friendly.

Pros: Full vegan shop, Many products, Friendly staff

Cons: Missing products depending on the time of the day


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06 Oct 2022

Great shop

We always try to stop at the vegan shops when travelling. This had a great selection of food products (also some toiletries) The prices seemed good too. We don’t have a fridge or I would have bought some of the refrigerated products. We did find biscuits and chocolate plus some B12 tablets. Nice shop, nice service.

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-06


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10 Jun 2022

Excellentes gaufres véganes !!

Énormément de choix, des produits trouvables nulle part ailleurs !

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-10

Pros: Le paradis des vegans

Cons: Un peu éloigné du centre de Lille


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03 Dec 2021

Vegan supermarket

Fantastic little shop that has everything you might need- pantry items, refrigerated goods (fake meats, cheeses, ready to eat food etc), toiletries and more. We got a few snacks and a sugar waffle which was great. Worth visiting!


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02 Sep 2021

Perfect store

I love this place, you can find here everything you need in a vegan kitchen.

Pros: Fresh waffels


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01 Sep 2020

Le meilleur magasin vegan de Lille

Un plaisir de rentrer dans ce magasin et de trouver l'intégralité de nos besoins.
B12, tofu, liquid smoke ...

Pros: Choix


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29 Jun 2020

Petite boutique bien remplie

La boutique est petite mais propose une jolie gamme de produits frais (fromage vegans, alternatives aux viandes...) et de conserves. J'y ai découvert quelques produits.


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02 Apr 2020

Great store. Small, but with everything you need

They have a great selection of vegan products.


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19 Jan 2020

Good variety of vegan products

The store is not big, but they do provide many vegan products which are hard to find anywhere else in town. For instance, cheeses, fake meats, pizzas and many other ready-to-eat foods.
You can also find a nice range of plant-based milks, juices, snacks, sauces and more.
Great place to stock up on vegan stuff!

Pros: variety, friendly staff


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13 Jan 2020

Vegan shop

The perfect place to find that one niche vegan replacement that you've been missing so much : vegan camembert, fish substitute, white chocolate, vegan advent calendar. It also has more and more food to eat on the go : waffles, sandwiches, cakes.
There's often events to meet vegan brands owners and taste their products or meet vegan cook books writers etc.

Pros: Great quality cheese replacement, Support small producers, The waffles are amazing

Cons: A bit on the pricey side, but it deserves it


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20 Jul 2019

Le magasin vegan de Lille

Choix unique de produits vegan et équipe de très bon conseil !


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11 Jan 2019

Super shop vegan

Sur les 3 semaines à Lille, j’ai du aller faire mes courses 3 fois la bas, j’ai fais découvrir des produits à des amis non Vegan et ils ont bien aimé. J’ai pu acheter des produits que je ne trouvais pas ailleurs (cosmétique pour homme, fromage « les petits Vegan », pâte à tartiner Vego » et tout pleins d’autres choses). Le propriétaire est super sympa!

Pros: Choix important , Staff sympa


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08 May 2018

Nice shop

Nice vegan shop. you can find everything you need: mock meat, vegan cheese, chocolinette, icecream, vegan cosmetics...
The staff is really friendly.
The location is good, not too far from the center :)

Pros: 100% Vegan shop, Friendly staff, Good price


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07 May 2018

great place

100% vegan store, very nice staff , very handy :)


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17 Apr 2018

great vegan shop

You can find almost everything you want in this little shop. And if you can’t find something, just ask as the owners are very friendly and can give great advice!


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27 Aug 2017

Good place to shop vegan goodies

In Lille as a city where vegan is quite underrepresented it was a nice encounter to find a store to go to for getting specific vegan supplies. In my opinion such shops add visibility and a sense of community next to just being a shop for groceries. - Yes, you can buy all the basic and necessary vegan foods in a regular supermarket or organic store. Well, this shop has all the "special" vegan goodies you might also crave or want to try. From frozen lemon cheezecake and savoury pies to chocolate and tea to soap and solid toothpaste on a stick. You can be sure to find everything you are looking for here. The assortment seems carefully chosen and also pays attention to ecological aspects. As a visitor in the country, I was also happy to see some local products I did not know yet. Would love to see more.

Pros: vegan, good assortment, imported and local goods


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09 Aug 2017

The place to shop!

You will find everything you need to cook vegan here, at respectable prices. And its well located.

Pros: so many food, so friendly staff


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03 May 2017


Whether you are just passing through Lille or living here permanently I fully recommend Vegetal et Vous.

The team are really welcoming and friendly and their stock is brilliant. Everything is tested before it's sold so someone in the team can give you a personal review.

During the summer months you can also grab a sandwich and a fresh cake, during the winter a nice warming soup (and cake) and if your lucky then vegan hotdogs are also occasionally on the menu.

Basically if your out and about, your sorted


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02 Dec 2016

Un must pour Lille !

Ma boutique préféré!


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12 Aug 2016

Quel bonheur !

Quel bonheur de découvrir autant de produits véganes et souvent bio, sans avoir à se soucier de la composition ! Pouvoir se faire plaisir avec des produits éthiques, s'offrir un petit baume à lèvres sans avoir à payer 5€ de frais de port...
Et quand on ajoute un super accueil et une ambiance très agréable, on est forcément conquis !

Pros: L'accueil, Les produits véganes, Les bonbons ;-)

Cons: Trop loin de Dijon ! ;-)


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05 Jun 2016

Magasin spécialisé en nourriture Vegan :)

Chouette petit magasin dans le centre de Lille, près du métro Gambetta, on y trouve tous les aliments vegan alternatifs (chantilly, pâtes à tartiner, fromages, garniture à pizza, ...). Et les personnes en charge du magasin sont vraiment top, le petit plus qui fait plaisir d'y aller ;)

Pros: Equipe sympathique, Présence d'aliments rares, Bien situé


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03 Jun 2016

Best shop for all ur vegan grocery needs!

I moved to Lille a month ago and this locally owned vegan grocery store is where I go to get my fix of vegan supplies. Small, friendly and suitably stocked this places offers a range of products from cosmetics to vegan dairy products, mock meats, canned items, frozen goods, sweets and pet food.

The store colour codes it's items so you can easily purchase foods free from gluten/soy/Palm oil.

I believe (apparently) they stock some items with egg/non vegan but I have never seen any non vegan items for sale.

Love this little piece of greatness in Lille (a city in itself not super vegan).

Pros: Vegan/Locally owned

Cons: Located in city centre with only city street parki

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