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Vegan fast-food restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Offers veggie burgers, gluten free burgers, wraps, fries, pizza, salad, coffee and tea, beer and wine. Confirmed closed, Dec 2017.

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First Review by nspanee


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23 Nov 2017

nice place and staff! good prices!

First place I went to when I reached Berlin and I wish I had a chance to go again. The girl working there helped me with the menu and recommended me a ton of things to see in the city. I got the currywurst and fries but they have a really large Menu.

Pros: the food , the prices



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05 Nov 2017

delicious burgers, fries and tzatziki

I ate becon burger with fries and tzatziki sauce and it waz amazing!

Pros: great food, cheap, very nice service


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15 Oct 2017

This place looks dirty

We didn't want to eat here cause it looked very dirty.


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02 Oct 2017

excellent burgers

Burgers are fab, and the “dirty fries” with them are to die for. Would definitely recommend!

Pros: Food!

Cons: The setting is a bit basic


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11 Sep 2017

Vegan fastfood

So many options !! We tried two burgers : chicken cheese burger and vegetable cheese burger. Both were good but my fav was definitely the chicken.
We ordered take away.. the food came out fast and I didn't find it expensive. Two menues with fries 13euros.

Will go back for sure.

Pros: fastfood , cheap prices, a lot of choices


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09 Sep 2017

Great place that deserves more customers.

Enormous variety of vegan fast food options, each more delicious than the last. It's location and asthetics (from the outside especially) don't do it many favors, but it's prefectly fine from the inside and the food is worth it. Please go check this place out if you haven't, when I went there were barely any people (5pm on a Saturday)


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02 Sep 2017

best vegan junk food restaurant

I would give this place 10 stars if I could. Cheap, delicious, and has many choices - bratwurst, currywurst, burgers, schnitzel... everything! I ordered the calamaris (which came a with a delicious dipping sauce) and they tasted like the real thing. This is the best vegan junk food place I have ever been to. You're missing out if you do not visit ;)


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31 Aug 2017

Great fast food

Loved the bacon burger.
Together with the fries and salad i was very full and very happy. Good price as well.
Staff are so friendly:)


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18 Aug 2017

A great choice for fast food

I've been to Vego Foodworld four times now over two visits to Berlin. It is basically as advertised: a vegan fast food joint that specializes in pizzas and burgers. They do have other items as daily specials (e.g., wraps), but pizza and burgers are the main thing. The menu is a little unwieldy in that they provide a long list of variations on either a burger or a pizza. All the times I've been there I've found the menu somewhat difficult to navigate. They could easily simplify the menu and still offer people the same amount of choice. The food is excellent, providing fast and delicious fast food. The fries are outstanding. Service was friendly as well, which helps in a crowded marketplace. There have been a few comments below about cleanliness. The space is looking tattered and could definitely use a new coat of paint and other sprucing up. On the other hand, it doesn't pretend to be anything that it isn't: it's a fast food spot, period. I didn't find it to be dirty as such, and I'm a bit of a germaphobe. They keep it clean--it just looks worn. The menus, however, look worse for wear and should be replaced. I wasn't inspired by the cleanliness of the menus, and as you have to handle them to order it's something they should fix.

I definitely recommend this restaurant and will be back!

Pros: Friendly service , Tasty food, Fast

Cons: Could use a sprucing up, The menu is too complicated, The menus themselves need to be replaced


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15 Aug 2017

Essen gut, Sauberkeit mangelhaft

Zum Essen gibt's nicht viel zu sagen. Burger mit Pommes waren nix besonderes aber lecker. Das Lokal war unterirdisch. Draußen ist ein Tisch fast auseinander gefallen. Die Tische und Stühle waren dreckig und klebrig und der Boden im Lokal verschmutzt. Ein Mindestmaß an Sauberkeit sollte man schon vorfinden können was hier definitiv nicht der Fall war.

Pros: Viele Burger

Cons: Schmutziges Lokal


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12 Aug 2017

Dreckig und wenig einladend

Das Restaurant ist sehr sehr dreckig und das Essen schmeckt einfach nicht (Burger mit Pommes).

Pros: Alles vegan

Cons: Dreckiger Laden, erinnert mehr an runtergekommene


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10 Aug 2017

Good vegan Gluten-free burger

Nice place in Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood serving burger, pizza and other dishes such as schnitzel or gyros. Food tasted good, waiter was friendly but forgot some ordered items. Also would be nice to have the gluten-free option clearly labelled and maybe more than 1. But if you do not have to watch out for gluten this place is amazing for your burger fix!

Pros: cheap, large menu, various portion size

Cons: labeling on the menu, only one gluten-free option , forgotten items


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05 Jul 2017

amazing menu and amazing food!

This place does everything from classic German food to loads of different burgers and loads of different pizzas! The chips when we went we're amazing and the portions were huge for the price we paid! This place also make their own vegan chocolate bars and so you get them at a discounted price in the restaurant. If you're in Berlin and vegan or vegetarian or a massive carnivore, eat here. It will make you question why our world kills animals for food.


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19 Jun 2017

Great vegan cafe

Really good! Not expensive so you get what you pay for. Lovely pizza although could have been a bit crispier. Everything made fresh. Wonderful staff. Chips were great. Currywurst excellent and Seitan burger with cheese very enjoyable. Worth a visit.


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16 Jun 2017

Friendly, fun, fast food

Really nice, friendly cafe serving a huge range of burgers (I think there were 15 choices!), pizzas, kebab, cakes, milkshakes and the infamous vego bars.
We tried the doner, a pizza and desserts. The doner was tasty, served in a roll rather than pitta and the chips were good. The pizza base was nothing special (i.e. didn't taste like a fresh dough base), but the toppings were great, nice melty "cheeze"! Desserts were gorgeous - creamy tiramisu and cheesecake.
Lots of seating inside and out, reasonable prices and excellent service - also, you can pick up Vego bars or bites there!

Pros: Vegan! , Vego chocolate!, Vegan desserts.


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07 Jun 2017

classic burger

The burger was delicious!!! The chips were a little on the salty side but that didn't stop me enjoying it. I do wish I could've tried more


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14 May 2017

ultimate fast food joint

Try the Gyrospfanne for the quintessential greasy fast food vegan delight. Large portion. Always friendly non-attitude service. Basic.


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28 Apr 2017

nice burgers! great chocolate!

had some nice burgers here one evening. there were four of us and we all enjoyed the burgers (and one doner). presentation is probably not the best i don't really understand why they wrap the burgers in paper?
we were sitting outside which was nice too, atmosphere inside wasn't too nice.

vego also profuces their own branded chocolate which has a weird but nice melty texture! definitely check that out if you have a sweet tooth! the bars are huge!

Pros: selection of food, price, location

Cons: atmosphere

Rosa veg

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27 Apr 2017


Excellent food , very nice staff , inexpensive . Lots of burgers and sandwiches, very tasty . This is a must to visit


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22 Apr 2017

Many burger options

Their menu has tons of burgers listed. I had the cheeseburger which was tons of veggies and cheese. The veggies were good but a little overwhelming and not that much cheese

Pros: Many options, good price, location


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19 Apr 2017


Came in December 2016. The whole menu is fantastic! One of the best restaurants in Berlin for Vegans for sure!

Pros: Cheap and Affordable

Cons: Was out of a few food ingredients!


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18 Apr 2017


We had the Gyros plate and Jägerschnitzel. It was bland, gummy Seitan, Gyros sauce had no flavour and with the Schnitzel there was no sauce at all. The fries were limp.

Place is run down, furniture broken.


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06 Apr 2017


Had the fried chicken burger, it was nice enough, nothing special and nothing that I couldn't make at home. The place is a little shabby, staff are a little rude, but if you just want cheap quick vegan junk food its perfect.


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28 Mar 2017

such an extensive menu

I had imagined a McDonalds type establishment but actually it's more like a little hipster cafe, a little tough around the edges but kinda cool.

the menu is so extensive and I had the novelty of struggling to decide what to have. I went for the fried sChicken burger and fries and my husband chose bacon cheeseburger. both were amazing and the fries were fantastic -like a plate full of the little crispy bits you get at the bottom of a bag of chip shop chips!

despite being stuffed we decided to be greedy and get dessert because it's something we never get in restaurants at home. I had tiramisu (a massive portion) and my husband went for the lemon cheesecake which he says was amazing. The tiramisu was so good as well.

I think we're going back tonight because there were so many more things on the menu we want to try. I fancy the salami pizza!

the staff were friendly as well and the bonus was buying four giant bars of Vego to take home!

Pros: a brilliant choice

Cons: none


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07 Mar 2017

Spoilt for choice!

Had this place recommended so came to try the food. Huge choice of burgers, options to have with fries, salad or both. I chose cauliflower cheese burger, partner went for hot chili burger. Friendly staff, food arrived quickly and was very tasty!

Pros: Huge choice

Cons: Menu in German only for international travellers


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14 Feb 2017

Beaucoup de choix

Un restaurant pas très chaleureux de prime abord, mais proposant de nombreuses options, toutes véganes. Décor spartiate, personnel pas très chaleureux, mais plats très bons.

Pros: 100% vegan, très nombreux choix.

Cons: La salle n'est pas chauffée, en plein hiver o


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02 Feb 2017

Great burgers, a gazillion options

I've never been to a vegan burger place with as many options as this. There were close to 30 items on the menu, all vegan!!

The first time I visited I felt overwhelmed with the menu and wanted to be weird so I ordered the Hawaiian burger. It was alright. I like pineapple on pizza so I thought I'd dig this but the pineapple was as big as the patty and a bit overpowering. I'd go for this option if and only if you reeeeallly like hot pineapples.

The second time I was a plain jane and ordered the veggie burger. I'm not a faux-meaty gal (evident by my experience of the Hawaiian burger). I imagined a patty made from vegetables like most veggie burgers but this was literally patty-sized vegetables on top of each other and it was sooo good. Honestly, I used to be an aubergine hater but since having a tasty one here, I've learned to cook them properly and now I'm obsessed. It goes to show how important it is to cook things properly.

Their fries were average. A bit too skinny and floppy for me,

Their chocolates though! Oh my goodness, we need to talk about chocolate. Vego Foodworld is the same people who make those delicious (but expensive) Vego bars and here they sell them at half-decent prices!! Stock up while you can!

Pros: nice burgers, a million options, VEGO CHOCOLATE

Cons: chips were skinny and floppy

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