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vego Foodworld

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Lychener Strasse 63, Berlin, Germany, 10437

Vegan fast-food restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. Offers veggie burgers, gluten free burgers, wraps, fries, pizza, salad, coffee and tea, beer and wine. Open Mon-Sun 12:00pm-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan, American, Organic, Western, Fast food, Beer/Wine

Reviews (112)

First Review by nspanee

Beaucoup de choix - Edit

Un restaurant pas très chaleureux de prime abord, mais proposant de nombreuses options, toutes véganes. Décor spartiate, personnel pas très chaleureux, mais plats très bons.

Pros: 100% vegan, très nombreux choix.

Cons: La salle n'est pas chauffée, en plein hiver o

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Great burgers, a gazillion options - Edit

I've never been to a vegan burger place with as many options as this. There were close to 30 items on the menu, all vegan!!

The first time I visited I felt overwhelmed with the menu and wanted to be weird so I ordered the Hawaiian burger. It was alright. I like pineapple on pizza so I thought I'd dig this but the pineapple was as big as the patty and a bit overpowering. I'd go for this option if and only if you reeeeallly like hot pineapples.

The second time I was a plain jane and ordered the veggie burger. I'm not a faux-meaty gal (evident by my experience of the Hawaiian burger). I imagined a patty made from vegetables like most veggie burgers but this was literally patty-sized vegetables on top of each other and it was sooo good. Honestly, I used to be an aubergine hater but since having a tasty one here, I've learned to cook them properly and now I'm obsessed. It goes to show how important it is to cook things properly.

Their fries were average. A bit too skinny and floppy for me,

Their chocolates though! Oh my goodness, we need to talk about chocolate. Vego Foodworld is the same people who make those delicious (but expensive) Vego bars and here they sell them at half-decent prices!! Stock up while you can!

Pros: nice burgers, a million options, VEGO CHOCOLATE

Cons: chips were skinny and floppy

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Great food! - Edit

The interior doesn't really give envy to go inside but don't care about it and try one of the schnitzel burgers! They are delicious!
Burger with tofu are apparently with just a slice of tofu in it (like the vego burger) so avoid it if you're not use to that texture and taste. REALLY DON'T MISS THEIR HOMEMADE FRIES, they are D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S !!

Will go back here on a next trip in Berlin.

Pros: schnitzel burger, fries

Cons: burgers with tofu

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Vegan Junk Food - Edit

Whilst in Berlin, I made a special trip to visit here. Who can resist Vego?! The menu is Vegan junk food, quick, tasty, filling and not expensive.

I had a burger with fries, no complaints here. The burger especially was very tasty. Also could not resist taking some Vego bars home with me.

Staff were really friendly. There is a menu in English also. Seemed to be in a nice neighbourhood also. I'd definitely return.

Pros: Very reasonable prices, Quick, filling and tasty, Friendly staff

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Good food, unfriendly service - Edit

Loved having a vegan fast food option to visit and the food was great. However the service was disinterested and impatient to the point of being rude. To be fair though, I think this is just the Berlin attitude; they are all like that.
They did speak good English so there's that. Price was good.
We thought the fries were fine and we added our own salt so didn't find them salty at all.
Atmosphere is non existent.

Updated from previous review on 2016-09-19

Pros: Lots of burger choices, good price

Cons: service is unfriendly, dull atmos

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very good - Edit

the Schnitzel hamburger was great only the fries were a little to oily for me i would love to see backed fries . the staff girl was not that friendly we were not speaking german and she was a little anxious.

Pros: the hamburgers price

Cons: oily chips staff

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Always a good choice - Edit

Such a nice, unpretentious place. Living near by while in Berlin I had the chance to try out almost half of the burger menu and was satisfied with every burger I tried. I had also the tiramisu, which was delicious. Even when having some problems with raining the staff was nice and friendly.

Just remember to have some cash when visiting.

Pros: Wholly vegan place, Menu had enough options, Dessert also yummy

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Leaky roof and excellent fries. - Edit

We arrived in Berlin for a vegan food pilgrimage yesterday and have already eaten here twice. Good fast food, inexpensive, easygoing place. BUT it might be that the place will be shut for a short time now, today we experienced a heavy thunderstorm right over Prenzlauer Berg just when we sat here, and suddenly it started to rain inside the restaurant too. I hope they didn't get too heavy damage... To the staff's honour I have to say the more water poured in the better the service became!

Pros: Gooood fast food. Made with ambition though simple, Many, many alternatives and an easy to use menu., Cheap.

Cons: A rather small place.

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Delicious are original - Edit

While the burghers look similar to other popular vegan venues (like yoyo) we found some interesting specialities like vegan calamari. Very tasty and chewy!
We also tried the pizzas and they were delicious.

Pros: Unexpensive (snacks from 2 to 4 euro) Original dis

Cons: None

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Great food but... - Edit

1- Location : 4/5 Located in a "vegan" area
2- Service : 5/5 There is no much service as it works a bit like a fast food but they were quite smiling
3- Food : 4/5 Perfect if you're looking for vegan junk food : burgers, nuggets, hot dogs... Etc
4- Price : 4.5/5 it's ok but French fries portions are too small
5- Decoration : 1/5 I didn't like it at all ! The look of this restaurant : it's a bit dark, seats and walls are damaged, the whole thing seems dirty...
To be honest I was expecting way more of this Vego restaurant especially because I find their Chocolate quite amazing so I was expecting the same from their restaurant...

To sum up : food was ok but the restaurant itself doesn't give a good image of veganism in my opinion.


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Vegan fast food done well - Edit

I had already been to Yoyo World and I knew it would be similar and it might be owned by the same people but today I knew I wanted a burger and fries and some chocolate. First of all Tom Petty was playing which scored major points with me.

I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with fries. Delicious and freshly made. What is it about the combo of lettuce,tomato, ketchup and mayo that is just so satisfying. I could have saved a euro without the chz and bacon but nah.

The fries were great and I got a good sized portion. Enough that I only ate half. Which is good because I like leftovers.

Dessert: A large hazelnut choc Vegobar, made by them I assume. I saw them at Veganz (vegan grocery). I mean I knew it. I just knew it was going to be good. It was even better than I thought. Melt in your mouth chocolate with whole hazelnuts. I am really glad I got the big one.

So for fries and a bacon chz burger it cost me 6,90 euro. Which I feel like is pretty good. the candy bar was 3 euros.

Pros: Filling, tasty, good value, vegobar

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scratch an itch - Edit

not normally my bag for food, but vego was great.
had a mixture of fast food all of which was tasty, a bit messy (but that could be me) and at one point I was looking like Hannibal Lector after a meal, but I wiped my face and sat for ten minutes, then tried to move. FULL!
really nice staff and easy to find, if you fancy some fast food in Berlin give it a try. mi chilli cheeseburger was fantastic, and the Hawaiian burger went down a treat.
organic beer as well.

Pros: good value, tasty tasty taaty, staff

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Friendly & delicious! - Edit

Despite the rush of the holiday season and being alone in the kitchen, the food was quick, excellently prepared and tasty. The friendly service was the added bonus. Best last lunch of the year!
Updated from previous review on Thursday December 31, 2015

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just wooooooow! - Edit

We visited Vegoworld twice during our 4 night stay in Berlin.
As a gluten free vegan I was very excited at being able to get a vegan burger with a gluten free bun at a restaurant.
When we arrived (a Thursday eve) it was quieter than I expected with about 3/4 group and one or two people waiting for take out.
We started to decipher the German menu with our dictionary and then the young man behind the counter started to help us. He was very good at making sure my vegan gluten free needs were met and even check if it was okay for my food to be prepare in the same area.

On the first visit the burger was lush. Food of dreams! :) :) The cheese in the burger was stringy and amazing, the burger itself was moist and there was lots of sauce, gherkins and salad within the bun. It was exactly to my tastes.

The potions are huge here- on our first visit we ordered burger, chips and side salad each. It was a bit too much food so we didn't order the side salad the next time.

I also had a 'tropical' milkshake- it wasn't what I expect and was more berries- very, very lovely though.

I must say I was very impressed with work ethic of the team. During the time we were there the tables were cleaned 3 times. I did find that the toilets were a bit dirty. As this was the only negative here I had a little tidy up in there on both visits (be the change you want to see and all that...) if everyone tidied after themselves it wouldn't be a mess ;)

We visited again on a Saturday evening- unfortunately they had run out of the gluten free bread :( :(. However, it was still very nice without and the guy behind the counter charged for the cheapest burger to reflect this.

Just to note- vego bars 'mini' size are €1 here!!!! They sell them for at least £1.99 in the UK. We stocked up and bought 10 bars!!!!!

Overall I would highly recommend vego world. If you like high class dinning this probably isn't for you though!!! It is vegan junk food, so it depends on your reasons for being vegan :)

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OK, aber nicht gut - Edit

Wir haben uns in diesem "Lokal" nicht richtig wohlgefühlt.

Die Bestellung eines gluten-freien Burgers war schwierig. Ich musste drei Mal nachfragen, bis ich den Eindruck hatte, dass meine Bestellung verstanden wurde. Irgendetwas war dann doch nicht glutenfrei (vielleicht das Dressing?) und ich hatte 2 Tage echte Probleme.

Außerdem war alles schmutzig - die Tische, der Tresen, die Toiletten - ekelhaft und klebrig. Ich brauche kein Edel-Restaurant, aber saubere Tische sollten ja wohl kein Problem sein.

Für vegetarisches Essen ist es OK, Gemüse und Salat waren frisch und lecker, man sollte allerdings das Essen nicht drinnen essen wollen. Für "gluten-frei" nicht zu empfehlen.
Updated from previous review on Friday November 13, 2015

Pros: Essen, Gemüse, Obst frisch und lecker

Cons: Tische, Tresen, Toiletten - schmutzig

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My new favorite place !! - Edit

OMG. Just wow. I loved the burguer and the fries, with mayonesse and a beer. Everything looks yummy. It was hard to decided what to eat and I was so full after eating that I wanted a dessert but I couldn't.

The staff was ok, the posters in the place (it is small with four or fives tables but it is ok) Fugazi, Black Flag, the Vegan logo... I loved it. Clean, I would put another type of lights and a little more decoration )It is not elegant or classy, so don't expect that. I love that "punk" attitude so it was better for me.)

I would go there every week.

And of course, I love the Vego chocolate so, what I could say?

Danke schoen, Vego!!! ♥

Pros: Big portions, Has beers, Posters in the place

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Ich würde zurückgehen - Edit

Hier lernt man, dass Fast Food auch ausschließlich tierleidfrei möglich ist. Es gibt eine breite Auswahl an leckeren Gerichten - vor allem Burgern. Verschönern könnte man das Interieur ein wenig, jedoch stört einen dies bei gutem Wetter draußen auf der Terrasse gar nicht.

Cons: Nicht alles ist biologisch.

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junk food heaven - Edit

One thing I noticed on a recent trip to Berlin is there is not only a lot of vegan food, but a lot of 'junk' food. This place however tops them all. They have a huge menu so be prepared to spend ages choosing from so many yummy sounding things. In the end j had the bacon burger with fries which was very good. They also stock their own chocolate bars which are amazing, I'd had them before and made sure to stock up to bring home to Ireland as they are much pricier here!

Pros: yummy junk food, good location , cheap

Cons: none really unless you want a healthy salad!

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Great vegan junk food - Edit

This place has a great menu of vegan junk food. I had the currywurst, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The prices are good and they sell vego bars much cheaper than anywhere else (the advantage of making them)

Pros: Good menu and range, 100% vegan, Vego bars!

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My favourite burger place in Berlin! - Edit

If it's not abour the burger itselves, it's definitely about the delicious sauces and cheese on your burger and side dishes. I ALWAYS take a Sumatra Cheese Burger with peanut and curry cream. Try the calamares rings with remoulade! YUMMY!

Pros: delicious, fast

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Bonkers calamari - Edit

In case you're someone who reeeeeallly misses eating calamari, I have to say this stuff is flawless. Fun & novel vegan junk-food run by a company that makes vegan chocolate bars.

Pros: Fun menu, Calamari!?, Free wifi

Cons: A bit dark, weird

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great burger place - Edit

You gotta love this place. We had five burgers with two large beers and it cost us less than 25 Euros. The burger menu was huge and had at least 20 different burgers to choose from. The burgers were not the best we've had but still pretty good. There were also wraps and pizzas on the menu but these were not available when we were there. There were a few outside tables which was nice as the location is on a quiet street.

Pros: great value, good taste, cheap beer

Cons: service a bit lackadaisical, no English description on menu

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Vegan Junk food - Edit

After being in Berlin for a few days we decided to visit a good old junk food place, and sadly Vego offers greasy burgers and burnt fries.
If we say the benchmark is High Street fast food outlets such as the nasty McDonald's or a horrible Burger King, Vego Im afraid falls well below their standards of cleanliness (dirty cutlery, glasses, and toilets) and presentation.
The burgers looked nice, but all four of us reported changes to our toilet habits afterwards. My own burger (Hawaii) was 'slimy' and the fries were very overcooked with a few completely black or burned ones.
I opted for salad as well, but this was had a very strange taste and I left most of it.
Not many people in the place and I'm sorry to say we won't be going back.

Cons: greasy food, poor hygiene

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Gluten free burgers - Edit

This is the only place I can go for gluten free veggie burgers (note: call in advance to make sure they have the gluten free burger buns), but even so, I just love it. They have perfected the art of burger compilation, with the right sauces and fillings. Mango lassi and the mixed veg fries are also worth a try. Big portions, good value for money. They even have gluten free beer, a rarity in berlin.

They did mess up by giving me a gluten containing patty in a gluten-free bun once (apparently the guy serving me thought that this was what I wanted!), but they apologised and fixed the problem, and I was lucky enough to notice before I ate more than a bite. I've been there many times though and overall, I'm very happy about my experience with them. I'd say it's my favourite berlin restaurant.
Updated from previous review on Sunday June 28, 2015

Pros: good value, gluten free options, delicious

Cons: Messed up once with the gluten thing

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Nah... - Edit

The food is okay (though the seitan currywurst left me a bit disappointed), and very reasonable priced.

The staff seemed annoyed that we didn't speak german, and weren't very friendly.

If you're already in the neighbourhood and feel like you need cheap vegan fast food ASAP, this is an okay place to eat.

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Unfriendly staff

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Unpretentious Burger joint - Edit

Unpretentious, cheap vegan junk food. Really nice staff.
Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but for a fast food hit, it hits the spot!

Pros: vegan junk food, friendly staff, price

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Although it's veg, it's still fast food. - Edit

I was in the neighborhood and decided to hit the closed veg place. It happened to be fast food which I do not like, but tried it anyway. I ordered a seitan burger with salad and fries. It was edible. However, I got really sick after eating the fries. I felt like I had a cannonball in my stomach for the next 6 hours. The seitan burger was tough and chewy, and the bun was probably the cheapest bread available. I expected it to be vegan, but my burger arrived with some kind of mayonnaise on it and I had to rip out all the bread because I wasn't sure how to send something back to the kitchen in German.

The WC, tables and general area seemed dirty and sticky. And the pop-up buch was torn to pieces.

I may have eaten here when I was 18, but I have higher standards for my body.

Pros: veg options, location

Cons: price for what you get is bad, dry, chewy seitan, dirty atmosphere

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yummy fast-food - Edit

Great place to go if you want to enjoy some delicious fast-food. I brought my non vegan friend and she loved it. (We both had the vego burger and fries). Although the staff was busy they we're very friendly. The prices were absolutely reasonable. The food tasted amazing (although one has to mention, that it is definitely fast-food: high in fat & sodium). Only thing I noticed was that the tables outside we're dirty, I guess because there were many costumers and the staff was too busy preparing the food.

Pros: prizes, taste

Cons: dirty tables

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For sure fastfood - Edit

If your looking for a place to have fastfood, this is the place. I had taken the Vego burger + fries + salad, which was a huge amount of food. To bad my stumach wasn't ready for this.
Be warned, although vegan it is not healthy food !

Pros: all vegan, nice personel

Cons: to fat, not healthy

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Fast. Food. Fantastic. Filling - Edit

The sister branch to YoYo Foodworld in Friedrichshain this place is exactly what Prenzlauer Berg needed. What Yellow Sunshine is to Kreuzberg, Vego Food World is to Prenzlauer Berg. Fabulous fast food (burgers, hot dogs, pizza, fries and sausages) made to perfection and at a great price. Ultimate naughty vegan delights in a great setting. Fantastic choice of food, We always tend to go for the fish burger with cheese and pommes and the salami pizza (pepperoni pizza for vegans thank you very much!) This is usually washed down with a nice cold botttle of Lammsbrau organic white bier. I bid you good day.

Pros: food, staff, location

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Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! - Edit

Me and my boyfriend went here on our trip to Berlin in january.
I was looking really, really forward to trying the pizza here, but unfortunately the oven had died (which was extra disappointing as we had planned to go to Sfizy Veg for pizza the day before, but they had just sent their cooks home due to few visitors.).

But there was no need to cry; I ended up trying the so-called bacon cheeseburger with fries, a salad and a banana shake on the side, and it was GREAT!

I see other people complaining about the fries, but me and my boyfriend both loved them, no matter how strange looking they were, haha.

Maybe we're just too big suckers for junk food to care whether or not said junk food looks healthy enough, but we were utterly stoked about this place!

The shake was really good too (I like it a bit thin, though, so if you're into the really thick ice cream-like kind of shake, you might get disappointed)!

Also, our plates were HUGE!
My boyfriend couldn't even finish his, and that had absolutely nothing to do with the tastiness of the food.
I'm a bit more of a glutton, so I finished mine and could hardly walk afterwards.
Quite cheap too, but that might be me as a Norwegian talking, seeing as we would've had to pay maybe 2.5 times as much for the same meal at home.

The staff was nice; not too talkative, but friendly enough, which is quite alright at a fast food place, anyway!

We're SO coming back, and might be bringing my father this summer!
Definitely need to try the pizza next time!

Pros: AWESOME food!, Cheap!, Enormous portions!

Cons: No pizza (not their fault, though)

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Vegan fast food... how exciting is that?! - Edit

I had the worlds largest craving for a burger, I mean, I wanted to eat nothing else but burgers for the remainder of my life at this point in time. And I could not contain my excitement to discover that Vego Foodworld not only offered me a vegan burger, but a selection of numerous vegan burger styles, gluten-free option, fries inclusive, tastes-like-vegan-fast-food-heaven burger. My partner and I ate there twice. In one day. Enough said.
Updated from previous review on Sunday February 01, 2015

Updated from previous review on Sunday February 01, 2015

Updated from previous review on Sunday February 01, 2015

Pros: Many options, large portions, staff were incredibly lovely.

Cons: None

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wonderful pizza! - Edit

Located in beautiful Prenzlauer Berg, vego foodworld offers vegan pizza and burger. I myself tried the vego-pizza (but without the fake bacon) and was amazed!
I liked it even better than the vegan pizza at Sfizy, since here at vego the tomato sauce was nicely spiced - which is an essential for a good pizza imo.
I also tried a chocolate cake as dessert, which was good...but nothing special, just a basic chocolate cake. But I would return there and definitely recommend going there.
(Also the prices were perfectly fine :))

Pros: yummy pizza, well spiced, nice service, good price, beautiful location

Cons: cake was "only" good ;)

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4.5 stars - greasy but great - Edit

I would give Vego Foodworld a 4.5 star rating if possible. I went twice during a recent trip to Berlin. My husband and I ordered a salami pizza, schnitzel burger, bacon cheese burger, and curry wurst on different visits. The pizza had the biggest pools of oil I've ever seen on a pizza. It was kind of gross and the pizza tasted burnt on the bottom because the pan needed to be washed. But once I mopped up the oil, it was fine. The burgers were really good here; I would get those again. The curry wurst was just ok, but not too expensive. All the meals come with HUGE amounts of fries! They are good but pretty oily. I would prefer a side salad or even chips and salsa. On the positive side, the staff speaks great English and is super kind. We had a mixup with ordering and payments, and they were very generous in helping figure it out. I love this place, I just wish it was a little less oily. And before you say I only like healthy food.... Keep in mind that I was the one ordering these unhealthy things. I just wanted them to be slightly less oily and for the French fry portions to be less huge.

Pros: kind staff , inexpensive, delicious burgers

Cons: too oily (even for fast food)

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Love the GF Burger - Edit

I like this place because it's cheap, fast and rather good: A bit greasy, but hey, that's a fast food, right?
I mean their fake meat and stuff are really good, and I'm not so into that normally.
They have a crazy gluten free burger with a "steak" that tastes like tuna! really good, and so are the fries. I wouldn't recommend the salad though, it's not that good. They also sell their chocolate bars which everyone seems to like. I can't tell because I really don't like this sort of treat, full of sugar and lecithin but you defo have to treat yourself with some junk food sometimes!
And try their calamari they are AMAZING!

Pros: great burgers and fries, gluten free options, cheap and quick

Cons: a bit greasy

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Best tiramisu! - Edit

Great stop for some vegan fast food.
They have a range of burgers, pizza and other dishes. And if you are lucky they also have some tiramisu left, which is extraordinary yummy :)

The only negative thing to mention is that it is a bit messy and unclean from time to time.

Pros: cheap, great variety of burgers

Cons: a bit messy and unclean

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Tasty and cheap - Edit

I went there while visiting a friend in Berlin and we both had the wrap with vegetables, which was super delicious! The sauce was excellent and I would definitely go there again, as would my friend.
They could improve their inside seating for my taste, though.

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The best of vegan Berlin - PHENOMENAL! - Edit

We managed to visit a lot of veggie/vegan establishments during our time in Berlin, but my partner and I both agreed that Vego World was the best. The 100% vegan menu boats around six different kinds of pizza and a whole page of burgers that come with or without fries (think bacon cheeseburger, fried chicken style burger, chilli chicken cheeseburger.... the list is endless!). I opted for the salami cheese pizza and was blown away. I'm a massive fan of pizza and this one was utterly delicious. The salami was hidden underneath the cheese which made a nice change and there was definitely a combination of different vegan cheeses used. Well worth 6.50 euros although I would have been happy paying 10. We ate at Vego World twice during the six days that we were in Berlin and we would consider getting a hotel nearby for our next trip. Friendly, down to Earth people, economical, extensive menu and incredibly tasty vegan fast food makes this place an all-round winner. Chaostheorie is on the same road so visit there after your meal and grab a vegan milkshake to top it off. Five cows!

Pros: Exceptional vegan fast food, very affordable, down to earth staff

Cons: That there isn't one in London!

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Disappointed - Edit

I was very excited to eat here with my husband during our trip to Berlin, and we also had it recommended to us. We arrived there at lunch time, and were the only ones there. We could hear someone in the back crying hysterically on the phone, and then she started yelling very loudly. I know she had no idea we had walked in, and I feel bad for her, but we got scared away. It wasn't the atmosphere we wanted to eat in.
I am sure we just went there at the wrong time.
I am very disappointed we didn't get to try the food. Maybe we will have better luck next time.

Cons: Staff was having a bad day

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Good vegan burgers for decent prices - Edit

We ate there on our last two trips to Berlin and wouldn’t mind eating there again. If a good vegan burger is what you’re looking for this is what you get (and served with a smile). For me the number one place for burgers in Berlin.

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It is what it is! - Edit

Fast food but in Vegan form! It's pretty good, I had a chicken burger with cheese, fries and salad. If i'm honest I can't remember the burger (which for me, says it wasn't anything special) and I also remember the fries being a bit odd (like having the scrapings out the bottom of the pan!?) BUT I DO remember really loving the salad...and my boyfriend is mad about the chocolate bar they do. If you're into junk food then definitely make a stop here when in Berlin (as it's nearby some other cool spots like ChaosTheorie and Veganz) BUT if fast food is not your thing, then don't bother :)

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Best vegan fast food in Berlin! - Edit

Definitely love this place! They offer a really large choice of vegan burgers—all of them are, or look, really yummy—, but also pizzas, hot dogs, fries AND... a vegan curry wurst! Do not hesitate to stop here if you are in the area. They also have some good desserts, such as their vegan tiramisu or their own chocolate bar. Awesome place for a vegan junk (but good) food lover! And everything is really affordable.

Pros: excellent (junk) food, many choices, curry wurst!, very affordable, friendly staff

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Good hangover food - Edit

The food here is good if you're hungover and craving fried burgers and chips. I had the chicken burger with cheese, which did the job but it wasn't the best vegan burger I've ever had. The salad was a bit boring and I didn't finish the fries. It did what it says on the tin though.

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cheap slicey vegan junk food - Edit

Why eat vegan junk food? Not well prepared, strange attitude from staff. Only burgers and pizza on the menu.

I would not recommend you to visit this place. I love to support vegan places but the food is simple. You can make a better vegan pizza or hamburger at home.
Updated from previous review on Thursday February 06, 2014

Some one wrote about the fries - they are really strange and the fries were like this time when I was here 3 years ago as well. Not tasty, look kind of burned and for me dangerous to eat!
Updated from previous review on Saturday February 08, 2014

I came back again to try a burger. It was much better this time and the staff more friendly. I guess this place is a little bit uneven. On the other hand it is not a restaurant but a fast food place (with restaurant prices!).

Updated from previous review on Thursday February 20, 2014

Pros: In Prenzlauer Berg, Vegan, quick

Cons: staff attitude, not always well prepared, no quality

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veganvelpenati 21 Feb 2014 - I really love this place and the food there and do not understand what your problem with these wonderful fries is?! Have you ever made fries yourself at home? When I do it, they always look exactly like the fries in the vego and I love the way they look because thus I can be sure that these are really good fries without any flour or other things mixed into it, just potatoes and nothing else! Yummy :) Besides, the people there were great. I had a nice chat and I can really recommend the Gyros and the Cheeseburger menu:) They even make the burgers with gluten-free bread if you ask, so for me this place is heaven and in my opinion the prices are really good, they are almost exactly the same as for "usual" fast food.

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runsten 22 Feb 2014 - Thanks for your response to my review. I appreciate it but will still comment on it;)

Taste is all different, I will not question that. Greasy fat and even burned food could be very appealing for our taste buds.

However, I am a little bit ambivalent to these kind of veggie fast food place. Yes, why do vegans all the time have to healthy food? We should be able to eat some vegan junk food sometimes. Nothing harmful with that.

However, the hamburger seems healthy, as long as they don't burn them as well (I experienced slightly burned hamburgers as well at this place).

I believe that french fries are always unhealthy to eat but it is worse if they are burned. You asked the right (or wrong?) person if I know how really fries taste. I only order French fries in restaurants if they are made IN the restaurant, which means that the slice the potato and prepare it in the kitchen of the restaurant. This is the kind of French fries you would get in any good restaurant but they might not even call it French fries.

These fries at veggie world look not only burned but they are not stiff! They are soft, hanging like sad snakes or something. Dripping of fat (burned old oil as well?). Probably the slice potato and deep fry them but they do something wrong since they burn them and make them soft, greasy and brown!

My question is when you had really French fries because this is not how they are suppose to be. Go to Southern Europe or travel to Africa and experience real Fries, prepared by only potato, sliced in the kitchen and fried AFTER you have order them.

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runsten 22 Feb 2014 - i believe that people come here because it is close to their homes and cheap. But did you know that for 7 euro you get a superb hamburger with French fries and salad at KOPPS? This restaurant might be perceived as expansive, fancy and too snobbish, but at the end, you can get wonderful Hamburgers and Pizza from a REAL kitchen, for the same price as at Veggie World (it is 7 or even 9 euro for Burgers with salad and French Fries). So don't be scared of KOPPS just because you might be a "poor" student, you will get more value for less money there, than in Veggie World

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OK, but not special - Edit

I found this one to be a little disappointing in comparison to the reviews here. Vego serves vegan alternatives to mainstream fast food, such as burgers and pizzas. I've had better faux meat and cheese products than this. Also, our food was a bit over-cooked.

However, the Vego chocolate bar was absolutely delicious.

Pros: All vegan, Vego chocolate bar is amazing

Cons: Not the best faux-meat/cheese products, Venue a bit dull

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Possibly addicted to the Bacon Cheeseburger - Edit

My partner and I came here twice during a short stay in Berlin. Both times we had the Bacon Cheeseburger, which is quite possibly some of the best vegan junk food I've ever had. I agree that the fries were not fantastic, but my partner seemed to really enjoy them. The chicken nuggets were quite tasty too. Also, the chocolate bar with hazelnuts was just amazing, though definitely guilt-inducing (try not to eat it all in one sitting!). The staff were very friendly and spoke English, and the prices were great. The second time we went it did take a while to get our food, as there was only one poor staffer taking all the orders and doing all the cooking. Still, it was totally worth the wait. So happy we found this place!

Pros: delicious fast food, inexpensive, friendly staff

Cons: busy

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Delicious Fast Food - Edit

Cheap and delicious. This is fast food, but it's not terribly unhealthy. The burgers are better than the fries. I had the hot chili burger and it was super tasty. My husband had the Hawaiian burger and although good, we both liked mine better. We will definitely go back when we're feeling it.

Pros: Good value, Good burgers, Friendly staff

Cons: Fries are more like chips

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bad time to go - Edit

we went rather late in the evening (22:00) and they had no more dough, so pizza's and wraps were no longer possible. so the only option was some burgers with fries. Burgers were ok, fries, well not the kind of fries i like, very short hard fries. All in all it's decent fast food, but there are better places to visit in Berlin.

Pros: large choice

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Burgers and pizza place with a chocolate bar! - Edit

My second visit to Vego confirmed that this is a place you can rely on to get a good quick burger or pizza with a salad that will do the job even if it doesn't "make your day". Buying one of Vego's chunky nut chocolate bars to take away and guzzle when you're feeling depressed or indulgent does make it worth walking all the way down Lychener Strasse to find though!
My friend thought that her Vego seitan burger was the best she had tasted so there you go!

Pros: Quick, cheap, tasty

Cons: Not health food

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vegan junk food heaven - Edit

if you like junk food you really have to visit vego Foodworld.
they offer an amazing range of vegan burgers, pizza, snacks and great chocolate bars with whole hazelnuts.
i've been there twice during my stay in Berlin. i had the nuggets, the hawaii burger, the currywurst and a chicken burger. my best friend tried the bacon cheese burger. we were absolutely thrilled.
they have huge servings and you get a lot of delicious fries with almost every menu.
the staff is also very friendly and the place is cute.

Pros: delicious, inexpensive

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Best junk food! - Edit

This is an awesome vegan cafe - very casual, just grab a menu and order at the counter. I got the nuggets with salad which were amazing chicken nuggets. For a main I got the bacon cheeseburger which is PERFECT just like the real thing. My partner got the Hawaiian pizza which he said was divine. They forgot my drink, the mango lassi, but I reminded them and got it - it was really good.

They all make and sell the BEST vegan chocolate bars - big blocks of hazelnut chocolate with whole hazelnuts. You MUST try them!

They also speak English.

Pros: All vegan, Awesome junk, Great chocolate bars

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Great place and good food! - Edit

Friendly fastfood place with nice burgers. Visit this place instead of yoyo foodworld, the staff at yoyo was horrible.

Pros: Great food, Inexpensive and fast, Friendly staff

Cons: -, -, -

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Fast Veg Food - Edit

I enjoyed so much with the "cheese bacon burger", highly recommended.
The seitan burger could be better, but acceptable.

Tiramisu looks like a piece of bread with sweet cream, I don't like it.
Updated from previous review on Tuesday August 20, 2013

Pros: Low price

Cons: Tiramisu

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Great and fast - Edit

The best burguers I've enjoyed in Berlin so far. You have a big selection of different types.

Their French fries are also pretty good!

Pros: Taste, Unexpensive, Friendly Staff

Cons: None

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Great food - Edit

This may not be the healthiest place, but their food is really good, service is good, and finding a table isn't difficult.

I've been here twice, and I sampled several items on the menu with friends. You won't be let down.

Pros: All-vegan, Friendly

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Awesome food - Edit

This place is so good that I had to go twice through my 7 seven days in Berlin. I really wish I had something like this back home.

I had the vegan bacon cheese burger (hhohohoho) and it was scrumptious. Tasty as hell. My girlfriend had the traditional curry sausage with French fries (currywurst) and it was just as good. Make it a priority to go to this place.

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Grear vegan junk food! - Edit

This place is charming and offers a really good selection of vegan junk food: burgers, pizza and lots more. Friendly staff and quite cheap. Must visit!

Pros: Friendly staff

Cons: Maybe a bit lonely, not very crowded

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Loved their spinachburger - Edit

Went here two times last weekend. Had their gyros pfanne, 'salami' pizza and homemade spinachburger. My first encounter with the gyros wasn't good, at first it was cold, so I returned it. The gyros I received next wasn't really tasty, very chewy actually.

The homemade spinachburger and pizza really made up for that though. They also had this great tiramisu and most of the things I tried from my friends tasted good too. I wouldn't recommend having their regular hamburger though, it's just the Fry's hamburger. Go for their homemade burgers!

Pros: inexpensive, friendly staff

Cons: the restaurant can be full

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Great burger place - Edit

Been there a couple of times already. Everytime I'm in Berlin I try to stop by.
Extensive selection of vegan burgers and some other stuff; I actually never get beyond the huge list of burger options. :o)
All burgers built to order, might take a couple of minutes, especially when the house is full. Very very taste and reasonable price for what you get.
Cool, alternative interior and setup.

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One of the best vegan fast food places I know - Edit

Vego food world is my favorite vegan fast food cafe in Berlin - my no.1 place to go to when I need faux meat. The menu is mostly burgers (huge selection), pizza and the like. Their fries are fresh and have that "organic"/homemade feel (the unpeeled variety) and consistently taste good. I never had a salad dish there so far, but the small side salad that came with the burgers etc. was always surprisingly good (fresh vegetables, fresh sprouts, nice vinaigrette).

If you like Greek gyro/Gyros, then this is probably the best place I know for that. Incredibly textured protein strips, with fresh fried onions, and the awesomest vegan tzaztiki I ever had. Garlic-heavy though and ocasionally the gyros is under-fried, so you might want to order it "well done".

One potential downside (at least for me): I tried the pizza once and found it totally disgusting. Terrible texture of the faux cheese and *much* too salty. But I guess I'm biased, since I generally think real cheese (like mozzarella) can't be properly simulated, and I also think the inevitable flavorings found in faux cheese should be avoided as much as possible.

Very friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Order and fetch your meal at the cash register. They have a good selection of reasonably priced soft drinks and beers. Restroom is reasonably clean and well maintained. There's a piano, but I've never seen it played.

Location is a *little* off the beaten tracks, but not too much. If you're in Berlin on holiday, you will most likely pass some interesting shops on the way there. The new "boulevard" of vegan stores at Schivelbeiner Strasse ("Veganz" groceries, "Avesu" shoes and the new vegan-fairtrade apparel store) is within easy walking distance from Vego. There's also an omnivore Asian grocery store at or about Wichertstrasse 49 which stocks a surprising selection of faux meat products (to cook/fry at home).

All in all, Vego is highly recommended. Good cafe for kids too (if you like to have some fast food with them every once in a while).

Pros: High quality of food, Well worth the prices, Friendly atmosphere

Cons: Food sometimes a little too greasy

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Excellent - Edit

Hey this was one of my best burgers i've ever had :-) Sooo delicious!!! i tried the "chicken schnitzel cheese" with fries and salad and all i can say is i have to come back! Nice staff, nice place and excellent food!! next time i try the pizza or perhaps one of the wraps...

Pros: great food, cosy atmosphere, really nice staff

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Bad even for vegan standards - Edit

I came here for lunch on a sunday, I was one of a few customers (i.e. the chef could not have been stressed).
I ordered the Summatra burger with peanut butter sauce, fries and salad.
Well, this was one of the worst burgers I ever had, blunt, no hint of peanut butter and the fries were limp and burnt.

Cons: Food disgusting

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Yum! - Edit

Oh my, I don't think I have ever tasted better fast food before. Sure, it is rather heavy, but every single thing on the menu is one hundred percent vegan and sometimes you just crave really good burgers and fries - and at Vego Foodworld you will find exactly that. We had the Schnitzel plate and a Bacon Cheeseburger with fries, all of which was super tasty. Nice staff, great food, what else could you possibly need?!

Pros: great burgers, excellent fries, inexpensive, one hundred percent vegan

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Amazing!!! - Edit

Probably my favorite vegan place. This makes me miss Berlin even more.

Not healthy food but it tastes amazing. Every single thing from the burgers to the fries to the shakes. A must go if you are in Berlin!

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Good fast food - Edit

I've been here a few times and would go back again. It's a vegetarian/vegan fast food joint. They have burgers, chips/fries, wraps, pizzas and salads as well as desserts such as cakes and pastries. The decoration and atmosphere leave a little to be desired but then again it's not a restaurant and doesn't aim to be on as far as I can tell.

The food itself is good and I particularly like the home-made burgers. It's located in a very nice area so it's a great place to stop for lunch if you're exploring.

One negative thing is that the prices aren't that cheap. A burger, some chips and a salad will set you back a little more than your regular take-away... but then again it is vegan and probably better quality than your average fast food place.

Pros: Quick and easy food, Wide choice of meals, Great location

Cons: A little pricey, Drab decoration/atmosphere

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A bit dingy, but good food - Edit

This is a hundred percent vegan joint that caters to the fast food needs of the animal health lovers. It has a huge menu of pizzas, burgers and hot dogs and serves good drinks including the infamous organic "Biozisch" in all Variations. I tried the seitan burger with delicious fries (thin but with skins) and salad at a reasonable price of € 6,50 and had a Biozisch guarana cola for €1,70 a 0,33 l bottle. The burgers cater to every need from a tofu, seitan or veggie patty as well as some with the closer meat texture that one sometimes needs. Takes a while when the place is buzzing but it's worth the wait.

You might want to wait outside if you don't want your clothes to reek of the oil fumes. The place could be a bit cleaner but hey - it's a fast food joint!

Pros: reasonable prices, huge variety, 100% vegan

Cons: a bit dingy, reeks of cooking oil, slow service

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full & happy - Edit

loved this place when i was in berlin!
my man & i shared the gyros wrap which was AMAZING & huge, the vego pizza which was cheesy & delicious, & the pommes (fries) with avo mayo - also AMAZING.
all vegans you must go here when in berlin!

tip: get the gyros wrap! its surprisingly amazeballs

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It is still fast food...but a good one - Edit

We aren't really the fast food kind of girls but tried this place on our first night since it was very close to our place and we were very hungry!!! ;-)
It is still fast food and not very healthy, the bun is a classic one so made of white flower but nevertheless we tried two hamburgers and both were very tasty! especially the home made hamburger from lentils...the french fries were very nice too! could have been nice if the bun would have been made of spelt or 'a little healthier ' but hey, it is a burger place after all and for what it is it is definitely a good one!

Pros: good value,

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Vegan Fast Food Galore - Edit

Vego's has become my go-to place for when I crave some sinfully greasy food. I love their burgers, the pizzas are delicious, the veggie fries are heavenly when done with sesame seeds, and the prices are more than fair.
Unfortunately they're regularly understaffed, so the fast food ends up not being very fast at all. I have occasionally waited for my food for almost an hour. But they usually warn you before ordering, if they're currently swamped.

Pros: Good place for skeptical omnivores

Cons: Occasional long waiting times

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fast & yummy! - Edit

Everytime I go to Berlin I can't wait to go to Vego! The burgers are really tasty, I tried the "fishy", the "cheesy", the "bacon".. all of them are delicious! I think the french fries are amazing, but I love the kalamaris too.. and don't miss the avocado mayo!

Pros: yummy, lot of options, great value

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Great vegan burgers - Edit

We came here for dinner quite late on a Tuesday evening. Had real difficulty choosing between the 20 or so different burgers/sausages but the staff were very friendly and helped us decide. Burgers tasted really really good - wish we had a choice of vegan burgers like this back in London!

Pros: Tasty, Cheap, Friendly Staff

Cons: Not super healthy

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best fast food in town - Edit

Vego serves the best Burgers in Berlin, none of the competitors has that quality and value! The Wraps are insanely huge and definitely worth every cent :) I also loved the Pizza, though there is not as much variation as at Sphizy Veg for example, but they are great!
Great value for your money, you at best come here when you're really really hungry! ;)

Pros: Value, Quality

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Vegan cheese burger :) - Edit

Delicious vegan burgers, I recommend this place very highly! I came here for lunch, and was so happy when the staff told me it was 100% vegan. They also do great soya burgers in gluten free bread buns which my brother loved. The burgers are tasty, and good toppings of cheese and tomato sauce. Affordable for lunch, and there is outdoor seating in the street.

Pros: Vegan burgers, Affordable, Gluten free options

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We went here three times on our one week holiday. My husband and I are neither vegan nor vegetarian but loved the food. My vegan daughter loved the shakes.The staff were friendly and welcoming and spoke excellent English. Well worth a visit.

Pros: Tasty food, Friendly staff, Good value

Cons: No wine, No mint

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I got the homemade cheeseburger and it was outstanding! I need to figure out the recipe; the consistency was a bit falafel-y and there were dried cranberries inside... sounds weird but trust me, it was delicious! The fries were nothing special, compared to the burger at least.

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Best Vegan burger in Berlin - Edit

I arrived to Berlin a few days ago and decided to look for vegan places online, and I'm so happy I found Vego! They have a list of more than 15 (!!!) different veggie burgers, they also serve salads, pizzas and wraps. I ordered the hot chili "cheese" burger with fried and it was SOOOOOO good!!! The fries were amazing, and the burger, my god, the best veggie burger I've ever had. I'm going to return during my short stay in Berlin and try a few more burgers. This place is a must!

Pros: healty, friendly staff, amazing food

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Great burger - Edit

I had the "Homemade Cheesburger" with fries. The burger was excellent, the fries tasted very good too. Unfortunately, a few other aspects dampened the experience: The place was cold (in winter), so it was very uncomfortable to sit there, wait for the food and eat it there. Even though there was only one other customer it took 15 min to get the food. I found that surprising for a "fast food" place. The fries where tiny potato morsels than fries and it was actually tedious to eat them.

Pros: excellent burger, all vegan

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comfortable, friendly, inexpensive... - Edit

... and you can eat everything on the menu (ohne Gewaehr!)

I love this place so much, I go every time I'm in Berlin, at least twice, and I never get bored.

Maybe that's just me, but here's why...

Big BIG helpings, plenty of variety, a cosy retreat from the streets on cold days, relaxed and comfortable. It's fast food-ish but minus the grease, and plus plenty of organic ingredients and fresh, attractive salads. Don't expect cordon bleu - it's good solid stuff like seitan currywurst with (LOTS of) organic chips, great pizza options with fake cheese (I took an omnivore friend and he
thought it was cheesier than the real thing!) and loads of burgers to choose from. For pudding, there's often a very good tiramisu and your drinking pleasure is guaranteed unless you're a real specialist (in which case my apologies) - I recommend the vanilla soya chai latte, which my omni friend and I enjoyed so much (and this is his first taste of soya milk, folks) we had two in one visit.

The staff are nice, the service is good (you seat yourself when you come in and take a menu from the counter, where you also place your order when ready - the staff will then bring it over to you), the music is the right volume to enjoy both it and conversation. The toilet is unisex and clean.

Oh, and it's open all day till late and won't break the bank!

Pros: central prenzberg, big portions, cheap

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Seitan currywurst... - Edit

Managed to go to this place twice in the course of a weekend in Berlin as it was handy for our hotel. I felt quite welcome even though I was at least twice the age of the average customer. The first time I had the aforementioned currywurst which was good if a bit chewy and not very curry-y by British standards. The second time I had a tofu and salad wrap that was delicious (and enormous). Everyone was friendly and the prices were modest. Make sure you order at the counter - I thought they wanted me to sit down at the table first time and then I didn't get served until I lost patience and went to the counter - but perhaps it was a misunderstanding on my part.

Pros: Vegans needn't miss out on currywurst , Good value, Friendly

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Delicious vegan fast food - Edit

I visited this place on holiday and was impressed with the tasty 100% vegan food and nice vibe. The staff were friendly and spoke excellent English, which was useful as my German is umm.. limited! There is a huge selection of burgers on offer and I chose the "Sumatra burger" which was pork-style, with melted soya cheese and a peanut butter sauce. It had a great flavour and came with a large portion of chips. I also chose the salad to go with it, which again was very nice. I had the tiramisu for pudding, which I had never seen a vegan version of before. Whilst I have no point of comparison as I had never eaten tiramisu prior I thoroughly enjoyed it. They also sell a variety of pizzas and German-style food which I would like to try if I visit Berlin again. The gig posters on the walls of punk bands such as Black Flag and Fugazi was a nice touch.

Pros: Tasty burgers, Friendly and helpful staff, Vegan tiramisu

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Good choice of burgers - Edit

All-vegan burger place. Had their classic burger with French fries. Was tasty, but not amazing. The burger was very good, but the fries were waaay too salty. When this was said, all the owner promised was to have it less salty the next time I come. Nonetheless, service was very friendly. Was not the cheapest of places, but one sits neatly and the toilet is also very clean. There is outdoor seating, but in summer, the bees drove everyone back inside.

Pros: Burger, Atmosphere

Cons: Saltiness of fries, Bees outdoors

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Best vegan burger ever! - Edit

Whilst in Berlin I went to this cafe/restaurant and ordered the Hawaiian burger. The burger was brilliant, plenty of vegan bacon, pineapple, vegan cheese and salad. I was also happy to see a vegan restaurant using pickles as I have not had these on a burger for many years. The burger itself was very tasty and would be good as a plain burger or with many of the other toppings that were available. After this large meal I ordered the tiramisu, which I had not seen in a vegan restaurant before, I was a little disappointed that it was not a coffee flavoured desert, as I am used to, but none the less the pudding was still delicious as an almond flavour instead. If I was in Berlin again I would definitely return here!

Pros: Best vegan burger ever, Large portions, Happy and helpful staff

Cons: None!

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All those things you're craving. - Edit

We were staying a short little walk away and I had searched for vegetarian places before our trip that would be nearby to where we were staying. My husband and I went one night for dinner and had to come back our last night. It was just too good. The atmosphere is perfect, the people that work there/run it are super friendly. We had wanted to go grab lunch before leaving, too, but knew we wouldn't have time before heading to the airport. Bummer. With places like this... I always find myself staring at the menu because I can eat everything on it and, therefore, don't know what I want. I had the sChicken Hawaii burger with fries and the next night I got their Vego burger. I loved both. I wish it was still nearby so I could keep trying things off the menu! Ah, well... let's just say that we'll be back to Berlin since we enjoyed ourselves, and definitely go back to Vego Foodworld... yummm.

Pros: good value, friendly staff, great food

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Good,fun fast food,vegan-style - Edit

I don't usually eat fast food,in fact,I can't even remember the last time I had had french fries,but I decided,since i was on vacation,I would just go for it. I live in Denmark,and we don't really have many veg restaurants,and we don't have any vegan ones,so I figured I'd try out something i never get,even when I'm back in NYC. I had the Hawaiian Chicken Bacon Burger with fries and a salad. The burger was great,for what it was. Definitely fun food. The fries were pretty great,though I like thicker "steak" fries,or whatever they're called. The salad wasn't so exciting,but fresh,though the lettuce could have been washed better. We got a chocolate cake,since they were out of the tiramisu. The cake was a little dry and no icing,but the flavor was surprisingly really great. Not too sweet,which was nice,since I like to eat sweets sparingly and it saved my sugar intake for another place with better desserts,but it was still nice to eat.
Would I go back? Maybe,but I would probably rather try one of the other restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg,first.Basically,they are good at what they do,and if you like junky,greasy,fried foods,on white bread,then this is a great place! If you,like me,prefer vegetables and nothing deep fried,maybe try somewhere else.

Pros: Fun, Different, big,inexpensive menu

Cons: Greasy, many versions of the same thing, Not healthy

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Cheap and cheerful - Edit

While it's not exactly hard to find vegetarian or even vegan food in Berlin, me and my friend hunted this place out and were not disappointed. While I'm not sure it stays open quite as late as midnight (as claimed in the listing), and the place was completely deserted on the weekday evening we were there, the choice of food is impressively wide - made up of fake 'meat' and 'fish' burgers that tasted pretty authentic and gave us a nostalgic taste of things we haven't eaten for many years now :)

The staff were also friendly and helpful, and the prices were very cheap.

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a fast food for vegetarian ;-) - Edit

it's still a fast food ...

Pros: good value, friendly staff

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yum yum 10 Apr 2011 - strange!!!!!sure.it is fast food.it is called organic fast food restaurant.if you don`t like fast food okay..don`t go there...but please don`t give a bad mark just for what it is!!!!strange!!!!

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Yummy burgers - Edit

This is the best vegan fast food place in Berlin. Friendlier than Yellow Sunshine, and way cleaner that Yoyo. Great burgers, great staff!

Pros: great burgers, great fries

Cons: not enough staff, different quality each time

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Fantastic vegan fastfood place - Edit

Great little place, quite a few tables and nice atmosphere with piano and chilled out decor. Very wide choice of food based around pizzas, burgers, and wraps, mostly; the seitan cheese burger was amazing, with a wonderful side salad. Good serving size too, I was full for the whole day! Has a toilet too, which is great as not all small places do. Sadly they were out of the tiramisu as they hadn't made it yet that day (it's obviously all fresh, but maybe there aren't that many staff), but I've heard from locals that it's divine!

Pros: Excellent food, Lots of cheese/meat alternatives, Great value

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gooood - Edit

went here after eating at yoyos a couple of times. very friendly service, not busy at all and fresh, fast, good tasting food.

i had a vegan 'cordon bleu' - something i never had when not vegan, but liked it alot - and my friend got the hawaii chicken burger, which she loved. both with lots of chips and salad. also got a coffee. walked awaz spending about 11 euro combined!

Pros: friendly, fast and fresh, vegan

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Good, fast food, cheap... - Edit

I didn't realize this was the sister location of YoYo Foodworld until I got there - I wasn't a fan of what I got at YoYo so I would have skipped Vego. Luckily I gave it another shot and tried the Sumatra Burger, much better! I liked this location, the prices were right, and the food was good, it's definitely worth checking out.

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yum yum 22 Feb 2013 - hey ho, thanks for your review. By the way we are not the "sister location" of yoyo. I am just one of the former owners of yoyo and opened up vego Foodworld...to do it my own way(also to change little things`-)!
For instance,you should try our cheese on the burgers the next time.We use the yummy Tofutti cheese slices...which are really tasty. see you.Nik

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Vego Foodworld - Edit

This place is amazing! It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the staff is super friendly and the vegan food was wonderful. I visited this restaurant twice during my short visit to Berlin.

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Good food, friendly staff - Edit

We went there two times. They have a lot of different burger options and as well pizza, gyros, fries, salad, sweets etc.
The food is delicious and is served fast. The staff is very friendly and talkative if spoken to. I would definitely go there again and recommend the place. The best place we have been in Berlin so far.

Pros: Tasty, lot of options, Friendly staff, Fast, toilet inside

Cons: -, -, -

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Psychonaut 11 Sep 2010 - We have been there again at 23:40. It was closed already (nobody was there) although on the webpage they say it is opened every day until 24.
Seems that this is a problem a lot of vegan shops share in Berlin, very sad und unsatisfying!

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If you like fast food - this is your place. - Edit

This place is very similar to Yoyo's foodworld on Gärtnerstrasse. The menu is basically the same and so are the prices - very affordable. If you like fast food, this will be your place - homemade chips, all sorts of burgers, pizzas, traditional "meat" dishes and more. To me it doesn't taste very fresh or healthy at all but that's probably not what it was made for ;) The salads are very nice though and don't forget to try one of their lassis.

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Delicious Fast Food - Edit

This is a great laid back cafe offering a fantastic selection of fast food. I chose the salami pizza which was absolutely superb, it was presented wonderfully and tasted delicious. The food is great value and it's a friendly relaxed place.

Pros: Tasty food, relaxed, great value

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Burgertastic!!! - Edit

At last, someone who has worked out how to get the burger patty right. Delicious. Only two minute walk to HelmholtzPlatz, it's in a great location. They really got it right. Staff are very friendly.

Pros: Tasty, Cheap&Friendly, Good Location

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Nick rules :) - Edit

My all-time favorite vegan restaurant. Cosy, in a nice neighbourhood, at walking distance from my home :).
Simply great food. I love the burgers with fries (baked in their skins, lovely) and salad, their freshly-made shakes and mango-lassi, the wraps, the gyros... there is too much too choose from (so the only solution is to return often and steadily work your way through the menu)! Superfriendly and helpful staff, nice music, and a laid-back atmosphere. It doesn't get any better than this.

Pros: tasty food, lots of choice, calm atmosphere

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good burgers and fries - Edit

The burgers and fries here are pretty good. I also thought the service was nice. The cashier spoke english and helped me pick something from the very long menu. The price was also pretty good too. I wanted to return here again, but ran out of time in Berlin. Next time I'm in Berlin I'll have to try it again.

Pros: good food, reasonable price

Cons: chili burger means spicy jalepeno...oops

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best vegan place! yes!!!! - Edit

vegan Pasta,huge Wraps, yummmy vegan Pizza(I`ve never tasted it like this before),beautiful big portions of the best fries(homemade) and burgers in town.And
don`t miss the awesome vegan Tiramisu and Cakes.
The people are very nice and they also offer vegan products like different sorts of cheese, salami, chocolate and much more which are hardly to get (the prices are very fair).
For now my favourite place!

Just go there ..you won`t regret.I will come back!!!!

Pros: excellent food, friendly staff, good value

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delicious fast food for vegetarians/vegans - Edit

The small place close to Helmholtzplatz in PB seems like a spin-off of the marvelous Yellow Sunshine in Wiener Strasse. Burger menus complete with superb fries and a fresh salad and lots of other mock-meat alternatives like vegetarian currywurst, pizza and Gyros.
Prices are affordable but a wee bit above McDonald's.
The atmosphere suggests that there were no females involved in decorating the place, but the food makes up for that glitch which will no doubt be corrected once more people show up for their daily filling of vegetarian fast food.

Pros: affordable, yummy, lots of vegan options

Cons: atmosphere

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fast food, but lovely prepared n tastyyyyyy - Edit

fast food just brings you back into childhood even if i dont like fries and burgers very much. the nuggets were great, the chicken schnitzel burger as well, n the hot dog made me happy in one. they have some very good homemade sauces. the staff is very friendly and they serve the best "malt beer" i've ever tried. müller's malz. being happy without alcohol ;) the shakes are delicous as well. so as im writing, this is the place for my dinner. ill try the pizza, some more nuggets, n a hot dog n whatever will have space cause i wont come back here for quite a while.

Pros: fries look like homemade, very nice staff, good portions

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Good value, yummy food, and good atmosphere - Edit

A short walk from Elweder Strasse Station, Vego Foodworld has a completely vegan menu of 'fast food'-style food (Pizzas, Burgers, Nuggets etc). However, the food there has a much higher quality than a fast food joint, and is tastier too.

I found the food to be good value for money, good portion sizes, definitely didn't go away hungry (approximately €5-6 for pizzas). Servie is good and English is not a problem, the ower, Nick is very friendly and speaks fluently.
There is an outdoor seating area in the front of the restaurant, Vego has a cool, casual atmosphere.
Go in, say hi and order something yummy! Would recommend it.

Pros: Good value, Good food, good atmosphere

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Elven 22 Feb 2013 - Love your review (and I absolutely agree). Not to be a smartass, but the station you mean is called "Eberswalder Strasse" (just to make things easier for first-time intending visitors). Kind regards!

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