Vegetarian restaurant serving an extensive Malaysian and Chinese menu. Most items are vegan or can be made vegan. Opened mid-March 2017. Open Mon 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:00pm-9:30pm, Wed-Sun 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:00pm-9:30pm. Closed Tue.

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First Review by vegelover


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22 Sep 2023

Nostalgic classics

I’ve been coming here for years and have not found anything comparable. Really brings me back to my childhood ‘Friday night takeaway’ at the local Chinese restaurant. They’re not trying to be trendy or ‘Instagrammable’ - just effortlessly delicious. Staff are very knowledgeable and will always double check vegan status - eg confirming no egg.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been here, and I’ve never been disappointed.

Pros: Delicious Asian classics, Cheaper if paying with cash



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04 Jul 2023

Great family time

We often go here for family birthdays. Went last night. Service was great. Serving sizes are generous. 3 generations all enjoyed the food. Vegans and omnivores all enjoyed the flavours.


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05 Jun 2023

Veggie bowl

Excellent variety of food and amazing customer service. Mind-blowing and delectable taste, food that warms the soul.

Pros: 10% discount with cash payment , Flavorful food free of onion and garlic, Clean restraunt and restrooms

Cons: None-too good


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08 May 2023

One of my fav places

Come here anytime we can and are near the area! Everything is consistently delicious!!!!! Satay skewers are THE BEST, never found anywhere with ones this good. Also love many of the noodle dishes, wonton soup, honey chicken, I could go on forever!! We always leave rolling out, and so well priced for the quality and quantity of food. We usually get here prior to 6pm and the food is served so fast.



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15 Apr 2023

Great vegetarian and vegan Chinese food in Springfield

Went here for lunch, found the food reasonably priced and tasty, with large portion sizes. Definitely worth a visit.


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24 Jan 2023

Large menu; Good food, service bland, strange vibe

Good choice of dishes easily made vegan with omission of eggs & honey if not vegan already. We had lemon chicken which was a huge serving - delicious but centre was a little cool. Also Char kway teow which was authentic & tasty.
Service wasn't particularly friendly or helpful - wait staff couldn't explain the difference between 2 noodle dishes when asked.
Ambiance feels a little strange.

Pros: extensive menu, large serves


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27 Oct 2022

Enjoyable but I won't be racing back

Would score more like 3.5 if I could. I was pleased that my reluctant, non Vegan hubby enjoyed the meal as well. I believe the Forrest Hill venue is nicer.

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-18

Pros: Sweet and sour mushroom. Hor fun noodles. Satay , skewers. Large menu with lots of options.

Cons: Abrupt service. Not overly friendly. Expensive-ish, Very strange smell Like a nursing home., In old pizza hut covered in graffiti.


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06 Aug 2022

Chinese Malaysian style veggie

First off, there's two of these.
This is the one I tend to head to because the people there are switched on, they're on the way and there's a discount if you pay by cash. Yes I'm a tightarse.
I stopped going to the other one cause they cheesed me off (sorry not sorry).
Fave is their fish head noodle and laksa. I'm also a fan of their spicy fried noodles.
It would be good if they do a Lei Cha (being Malaysia as well) but I don't see that happening.
Getting here is the problem, car is your only option.

Pros: Food, Price - if paying by cash

Cons: Price - if you're paying by card, even debit cards


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06 May 2022

Delicious Asian Food

Always good and filing food here. Mock meat is very tasty and employees are very nice.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-06

Pros: everything can be veganised , lots of options

Cons: bit pricy


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21 Aug 2021


Amazing vegan Chinese/Malaysian/Singaporean food! I was feeling homesick and everything hit the spot.


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12 May 2021

Local favourite Asian cuisine

This is our regular take-away restaurant which is also great for dining in. Lots of options and delicious food. Can BYO containers for take away


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11 May 2021

Why didn’t I come sooner?!

Last night I went to Vegie bowl in Springvale... for the 1st time ever!
How have I never been here?
We clearly ordered too much and attempted to eat it all... anyway I was so deliciously full.
I cannot wait to go back and try more.
Not only were the staff super nice, portions were huge, prices really cheap and I have no after effects from eating too much mock meats, if that makes any sense?!
Vegie bowl is in my top 3!
Oh and did I mention the food was delicious.

We had bbq buns, curry laksa, lemon chicken with fried rice, satay chicken and oolong tea.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Cheap, Delicious


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21 Feb 2021

Asian takeaway like it should be!

So cool to have a Chinese takeaway place l can have old favorites at. The maple 'chicken' is so great and they even have vegan prawn style crackers!

Pros: Cheap, Heaps of options , Mock meat available

Cons: Can sometimes get noisy


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12 Feb 2021

Huge variety, bit pricey, great taste

Really great food, pages upon pages of variety like most good asian restaurants, and all the food comes out in a timely manner and tastes great. Prices may be leaning towards a little high since last I went, but serving portions are quite large, so probs accurate.

Pros: variety, taste, location

Cons: maybe a bit spency


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05 Jan 2021

Vegie bowl

Great vegetarian Chinese food. So many menu options, really yummy and cheap. Lots of choices of mock meat or vegetable dishes. All dishes can be made vegan and they usually check when you order if you’d like egg or not. We find the service great and food comes out quickly. We love coming here.


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29 Dec 2020

Quite nice

It’s Chinese vegan/vegetarian restaurant. If you’re looking for greesy Chinese hang over cure this is the place to go lol 😂

Pros: vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free , Food comes quick , Larger servings

Cons: Very oily


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13 Jul 2020

Good food and good value

We had to take a drive to pick something up in Springvale, and so took the opportunity to have lunch here, just before the Melbourne lockdown restarted. The menu was vast and it would take a lot of visits to make your way through it. We started with steamed dumplings ($4.90)and crispy samosa ($4.20). Both were good value and high in flavour, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the sweet potato or yam in the samosa. For mains we chose the green beans with pork ($17.90) and the braised tofu with vegetables ($16.90), both huge and tasty, with generous amounts of the interesting bits (pork and tofu respectively) and nice with a bowl of white rice ($2). I left full and satisfied. I’d definitely be a regular here if I lived in the neighbourhood.


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08 Mar 2020

Vegie 2.0

March 2020
Good curried veg and lemon chick'n with fried rice.

Feb 2020
(3) The satay skewers were okay, pretty standard. The nasi lemak was a dish we hadn't ordered before and it was pretty good.

(2) The combination hot and spicy noodles were as the name suggests rather spicy but not uncomfortably so. This would be a dish better shared with a group as the noodles got a bit much towards the end. The black pepper mock dish with fried rice was quite enjoyable with a flavoursome gravy and decent fried rice. The lobak and dumplings were nothing to write home about.

(1)The beaf kwai teow and chuck'n curry were both enjoyable and it was good to see that a good portion of veggies were included in the curry.

April 2017
Good to see a second Vegie Hut restaurant in Springvale. As regulars of their Forest Hill eatery, we were keen to try their newest venture. The menu is the same and the food is cooked to the same standard.

More veggies and less mock in the meals would be welcomed.

Updated from previous review on 2020-02-26


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08 Mar 2020


Well lit spacious venue with good, prompt service, offering the same well priced fare as the original Vegie Bowl in Forest Hill.
Top choices: Laksa, chick'n curry, lemon chick'n

March 2020: Busy tonight, great to see. Roti, mixed curry vegetables, and lemon chick'n with fried rice. All good, although the curry is very wet and would have benefitted from more tofu and veg. Definitely one to try though and an all too rare vegetable dish for Vegie Bowl.

Feb 2020: Satay skewers, not great. Roti good, chick'n curry good, and nasi lemak, pretty good, but would probably not get again.

Feb 2020: Combination hot and spicy noodles, okay, but could do with a decent array of vegetables and removal of the faux Prawns.
Black pepper faux with fried rice, salty, but accompanied by decent veg and good fried rice.
Lobak... kinda pointless, dumplings cheap but fairly bland as dumplings tend to be, would suggest that these are better than most though.

Feb 2020: Chick'n curry very good, easily one of the better dishes I have had at Vegie bowl and one of the very rare dishes containing a reasonable amount of vegetables, Beaf kwai teow, okay. Roti and brown rice.

Updated from previous review on 2017-04-13

Pros: Large menu

Cons: Ironic lack of vegies


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18 Jan 2020

Food has changed

Not sure if there are new owners or something but I used to come here all the time but when I went back yesterday the food tasted completely different. Not sure if it’s a different chef or something but the food was no where near as good as it used to be.


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07 Jan 2020

Favourite take away

Forever my go to place when I want take away or want vegan food that’s not far away. Th e staff are very friendly and everything on the menu can be made vegan. I always get the combination crispy noodles as they are my favourite but have never had something that I haven’t enjoyed!


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27 Aug 2019

Great vegan food in the eastern suburbs

This has been our go to take out since they opened as we were lucky enough to live close by. The staff are very friendly and know us by name. The food is prepared fast and is fresh and delicious. It is largely mock meats in traditional dishes, but you can sub in tofu and veg if you'd prefer to forego the mock meat. The restaurant itself has a warm cozy feeling and a good atmosphere. A lot of the dishes are priced to be share plates (around $15-20) but there are budget friendly meals for about $10 each that are more than filling for one person. I highly recommend the curry laksa and the sweet and sour pork.

Pros: Lots of vegan options, Friendly staff, Nice atmosphere

Cons: Share dishes are more pricey if not sharing, Some more veggies & tofu dishes would be good


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25 Aug 2019

Great choices

Great Chinese style cuisine with an entirely vegetarian menu, and no onion or garlic. Everything can be made vegan. Large restaurant that's not too loud, attentive wait staff, off road parking. I only wish they delivered too!


23 Apr 2021


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06 Aug 2019


Great food, best mock meats I've had. Such amazing value for money and really enjoyed every single dish I had.


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27 Jul 2019

Great Chinese food

All vegetarian restaurant with many vegan options. Extensive menu including a range of mock meat, tofu and vegetable dishes. Love this place!


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01 Jun 2019

Just had another delicious meal at Vegie Bowl Springvale. Yummy every time!

Tried the Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs for the first time tonight and loved it. Have always enjoyed each dish. Will take me years to work through the entire menu.

Pros: Huge menu, All vegan, but can add egg.

Cons: Check which noodles as they have egg noodles


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29 Mar 2019

Great flavours, portions and prices.

It can be hit or miss depending on which menu item you order, so you need to know what’s good. However, there are many options that deserve a 5 star rating - such as the satay skewers, hinanese chicken, rendang curry, sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour spare rib, and some others. They also have delicious desserts.

Pros: Cheap great food, Even cheaper lunch menu

Cons: Not all menu items are good

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