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Central Town Road, Vang Vieng, Laos,

Vegetarian restaurant serving traditional Lao and Thai dishes with western meals available such as veg burger, falafel, soup, pasta, spaghetti, etc. Dairy is used, vegan to specify. Opposite Nazim and Sabaidee Restaurants. Open Mon-Sun 8:00am-11:00pm.

Category: Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Thai, Western, Juice bar, Take-out, Laotian

Reviews (28)

First Review by Tofulicious

Decent food from the only veggie restaurant in town - Edit

Good location on the main street of Vang Vieng (opposite the KMart). Decent range of menu options including local dishes, breakfasts, burgers, sandwiches and salads. Good value for money and the food was tasty but a bit too oily for me. Service was good considering only one member of staff on duty but frustrating that drink was served after meal arrived.

Pros: Variety of menu, Reasonable Price

Cons: Loud music from bar next door, Drinks took a long time to arrive

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delishhh - Edit

The mushroom/veggie burger was amazingly delicious. (the portion of french fries that came with it was not so big) Their falafel hummus plate was very good only i like my hummus with a lot of lime but she was happy to give me a lime when I asked. The staff are calm and friendly. The little girl that was walking around gave me the menucard and helped me with putting ketchup on my plate. So cute. :)

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Epic wait times - Edit

Oh wow, was this place fun. First off, the food is actually pretty good, especially for somewhere as achingly soulless as Vang Vieng. We ate here a couple of times, and both occasions were pretty identical. The staff were friendly and took our order, then seemed to get up to all kinds of hi jinks in the kitchen while we contemplated dying of old age. I have honestly never waited this long for food, anywhere. We watched other tables quietly seething with anger as the staff cheerfully told them their food would be with them soon, only to leave them waiting a further twenty minutes or so. Chefs seemed to come and go, one arriving from the street with a bag of vegetables as another walked through the restaurant and out down the road. To top it all, they don't serve drinks until your food arrives, so you can't even take the edge off it all. On one occasion, we were the only people eating in there, and still the food took forever. The killer thing is, the food is actually damn good. An amazing mushroom larp, decent papaya salad, and a tasty veg burger. I suppose you can't rush greatness. Worth the wait? Maybe...

Pros: Fantastic food

Cons: Staggeringly long wait times

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ok - Edit

cheated on us with the change and just gave us 18.000kip to less. they definitely must have known this because we were the only customers at that stage and they made us wait really long for it because they had to search. obviously they didn't have enough change as they gave us very small notes as change as well.
however we were really disppointed about this since we had been there a couple of times and would have excepted honesty atleast..
unless that the food is ok. they don't react on extra wishes. don't take the papaya salad. he offered us "medium hotness" and I barely could eat something of it because it was definitely not medium spicy!

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decent vegan burgers! - Edit

I really liked the vegan pumpkin burger. It's quite a big portion too!

As many vegetarian and vegan places they do not serve beer or any other alcohol. I guess I'll never understand that :)

Talked to some people who have been going there for a 2nd time and I'll do the same for sure.

Pros: great food, nice service

Cons: no alcohol, loud music in the place next doors

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Loved the food - Edit

The food was great. was nice to have vegan sausage with beans and toast after so long without anything like that. falafel was very good too. price was very good , not expensive like I was led to believe. Came back a few times.

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yay vegan food!! - Edit

So happy to have vegan food after a week of trying to not get "namm pa" or "ghai"!! Food is healthy fresh and tasty. Makes your tummy good. Huge menu.

Pros: noodle soup I can eat!, friendly staff and family, reasonable prices

Cons: loud rasta bar next door :(

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awesome place - Edit

The food is very tasty first and foremost. Also very fresh ingredients, and we are eating here every day for a week.

They say it's organic too. In such a small town it's rare to find healthy places, so go for it!

Pros: cheap, healthy, organic

Cons: none

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correction - Edit

We dined here April 2015, Kong the owner and his wife takes the orders and their English is limited, so not sure what previous comments are about. Prices are very good. For a westerner one could not complain about their bill.?? I think you would pay more in a restaurant that serves serves 'dead corpse'. Menu has a variety of dishes and its good to eat without any fear of eating dead bodies. Some of the veggies are organic.

Pros: vegan, clean and good service, priced reasonable

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Delicious! - Edit

Ate here about 5 times, the food was always delicious. They don't speak English so couldn't check if things contain dairy. Staff are lovely. The 'soya balls' on the menu are actually falafel!

Pros: Variety, Tasty, Nice staff and atmosphere

Cons: Minimal English spoken

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they don't understand what vegan means... - Edit

In front of this restaurant are a lot of "vegan" banner, but they didn't understood what we mean, when we asked for vegan food. We showed the staff the vegan sign at the entrance, but they didn't understood what we mean. So we took the falafel plate with humus and pita. It was not bad, but also nothing special. The portions were quit small for this price.

Pros: good atmosphere

Cons: small portions for this prices, they don't understand "vegan", they use microwave

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Lovely place ! - Edit

I ate there 5 times and all the food was fresh and delicious.

Soya sausages with baked beans were very good for breakfast.

Spaghetti was very good too. They put a lot of cheese in it.

Falafel with humus and veggies was the best. Although it was strange that they served it with French fries and bread but next time I ordered it I asked them to make it without French fries and bread and they even gave me a discount on that ;)

Updated from previous review on Tuesday February 24, 2015

Pros: Friendly staff, Fresh food

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Don't get your hopes up if you're vegan - Edit

Ate at this place twice. First time, struggled with language barrier with the waitress. Fully appreciate I'm in a non-English speaking country but at the same time the restaurant has English advertising plastered everywhere outside, so think it's fair to expect the waitress to understand my questioning if certain items were vegan. Resorted to using the V-Cards app (free and highly recommended if you have a smartphone) The food was disappointing but gave it another go as Vang Vieng is not blessed with vegan choices.

Second time I had higher hopes as a woman who appeared to be in charge jumped in to the conversation when I asked the (same) waitress if the pumpkin burger was vegan. Despite the manager-figure confirming it was, it turned up with cheese on. Place has potential but if advertising is mostly in English they really should train staff to understand differences between veggie / vegan, or preferably mark vegan items on the menu.

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Very good but vegans be careful - Edit

I was a bit worried when traveling to VV as I read that there was only one veggie restaurant. I was so happy when discovering that they have very good food. Communication is tricky as they don't speak much English and don't seem to know what vegan means. I recommend having someone at your hotel write a note for you if you are vegan. There were lots of food options and everything we tried was great. Staff were ok and prices were very acceptable.

Pros: great tasting, good price

Cons: not much english spoken, no beer sold

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An ok restaurant - Edit

I ate here twice in June 2014, neither time was I overly impressed by the food served. This may have been bad luck on my part, but my veg burger was bland to the point of tastelessness.

This is doubly disappointing as, while this is the only veg restaurant in town, most other (Buddhist country) restaurants have a sizable, and tasty, veg selection.

Pros: price, decor

Cons: food mediocre

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Better than nothing - Edit

This place is really nothing special. It's good and does the job but it's not wow. Their stuff is quite standard and I really miss the mock meat, which is normally so widely used at veggie places in SE-Asia. I suppose it's because most western tourists who are veggie don't really want mock meat (something I don't really understand).
Pricing is OK but if you're thinking of taking the tofu burger with fries, don't. take the tofu sandwich with extra fries. the price will be the same except the sandwich is bigger, has the exact same ingredients and the bread is better.

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Fairly generic food, but a good backup place - Edit

The simultaneous blessing and curse of this place is that it has quite a diverse menu of fairly similar things.
I'd much prefer a menu with fewer items that were prepared really well.
The reason this would be nicer is that the chefs would be more practised in producing these few gourmet items instead of just throwing together something basic and plain.
Don't get me wrong, a veggie place in Laos is as rare as... well I guess 'veggie place in Laos' could become it's own euphemism, but you get the point I'm sure. It's just that most of the food here is available in a better form at other restaurants (at request)!
Western options may trump the local dishes, but then, what's the point of visiting another country?

Pros: Cheap, Guaranteed veg*nness, Wide range

Cons: Generic food, Bland

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go for the regional food, avoid western - Edit

Ate here twice (in a day) and have mixed reviews. Our first meal was the soy sausage which comes with baked beans, roasted tomatoes, and a good sized baguette. Great portion but unfortunately fell a bit flat with taste. There simply isn't much to this as far as flavor goes. Load on the chili sauce! Nearly didn't go back for the pumpkin burger but dying to try it and happy I did! Excellent texture and flavor.. fries were a bit greasy for me (and keep in mind that I'm American) but tasted great so no big deal. Very satisfied. I'd definitely go back if for nothing else than another pumpkin burger. Wifi wasn't working when we were there however no one else in the restaurant so food came promptly and piping hot.

Pros: pumpkin burger, fries, large portion

Cons: soy sausage was boring, broken wifi

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Excellent restaurant - Edit

I ate here just about every meal while I was in Vang Vieng (for 5 days). I especially enjoyed the burgers especially the pumpkin burger. And the soy sausage was great (a little spicy but very tasty) as I was lucky enough to try it. It was a lovely place with some tables where you could sit cross-legged (some tables with chairs also) and some veg-friendly artwork on the walls. The prices were a little more than I was paying for other meals in Laos but it was well worth it for the great food, the lovely staff and since it was the only veg restaurant in Vang Vieng it was nice to support them. Highly recommended!

Pros: Excellent food, Lovely staff, Nice looking restaurant

Cons: A little pricey for Laos but worth it!

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Don't miss this! - Edit

Really nice place in Vang Vieng if you want to eat some vegetarian or vegan food. We can espacially recommend the Tofu Sandwich (without mayo!) which we had every morning! Mr. kong and his staff is really nice and he is always up for a little chat. Unfortunately we couldn't try the "soysausage with beans" breakfast menu. Mr. Kong goes to Thailand now and then to buy the soysausage, so it should be available! Don't forget to try one of the curry menus as well. All in all the food is really nice, but you can risk sitting around waiting a while. The atmosphere could lifted with some chill music.

The best place to eat in Vang Vieng!

- Martin and Mark

Pros: Tofusandwich, Mr. Kong

Cons: Waiting time, No music

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I recommendz - Edit

Had a few beers with the owner, seems like a very friendly and nice guy. He's been vegetarian for five years now, and has started this restaurant for three reasons. To get people to eat more healthy, to make money for his family, and to be able to do charity work. I recommend talking to Khong and not just have a meal.

Pros: Healthy, Good value, Friendly

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very good - Edit

***please note***
This is not a vegan restaurant, but vegetarian. I forgot to mention to the owner that this needs to be changed on his Happycow advert. If you visit the restaurant, please inform Mr Kong.

I have been helping Mr Kong with his menu and showing him his advert on Happy Cow.
I'll begin by saying that Mr Kong is vegan and is in the process of making his menu more vegan friendly.
It is hoped that in the very near future, the menu will include both soya milk and rice milk so as to expand on the breakfasts and shakes option. There are also vegan sausages and some other fake meats (like ham) that are not readily available on the menu. But the owner and his wife are very good at talking to you and finding out what you would like. They are very accommodating.
The food is great, and my partner and I have been eating here every day. The cost of the food I think is pretty good really and fairly reflects the over heads of a new business which stands alone from the crowd.
This is a must for all veggies and vegans!!!
Updated from previous review on Sunday March 18, 2012

Pros: great staff, great food, nice ambience

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Veggie Fare in Party Town! - Edit

This is a new restaurant that's only been open since 2012. While a tad pricey for Laos, the meals are large ('Western'-sized) and Kong, the owner, is a joy to speak to. Given that it's a Buddhist joint, it's strangely situated between a 'happy shake' and 'happy pizza' bar...avoid them and step into Buddhist heaven instead.

Pros: large serves, friendly service, nice decor

Cons: a little pricey

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