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Veggie Heaven

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631 Valley Rd, Montclair, New Jersey, USA, 07042

Vegan Chinese food restaurant. Extensive menu with many mockmeat dishes in addition to vegetable and tofu. Has natural juices and a range of vegan cake and desserts. Open Mon-Thu 11:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-11:00pm, Sun 11:00am-10:00pm.

Category: Vegan, Chinese, Take-out, Asian

Reviews (31)

First Review by pandora_13

love this place! - Edit

Delicious food and great service. Not from Jersey but have family there and luckily this is close enough to stop by in the way over or way home. Easy way to eat delicious vegan food and then not have family worry about "what you people eat" later lol

Pros: "chicken" and broccoli , general tsos "chicken", pickled cabbage they give as appetizer is out of t

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delicious sushi - Edit

They have great food here. The sushi especially.

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Great food, great service! - Edit

Fabulous Asian/American food. The sushi is great and the entrées are cooked to perfection with tender veggies and soy protein. The staff kind and patient. Very impressed.

Pros: Staff, Food, Variety

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Veggie Heaven is Vegan Paradise in NJ - Edit

We recently went here a week ago and were so impressed with the food, service, and atmosphere we will be frequently going back. Everything we ordered was fresh and vegan. We are so impressed with the sushi appetizers, Singapore rice noodles, and our entrees of General Tso and ting ting were excellent. Soy cheesecake was the bomb!

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Went for the first time this past Tuesday, this place is absolutely amazing! The place was clean and comfortable, the wait staff was very friendly and helpful. I had the steamed dumplings and they were delicious, I also had the lunch special General Tos's chicken and OMG if you weren't told it was vegan you wouldn't know! the hot and sour soup I had with my lunch special was the best I've ever had. I highly recommend this place and will be returning many times in the near future!

Pros: Delicious, Clean, Good Price

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YUMMY - Edit

Most definitely gets a 5/5!
Not the best place for a vegan who is trying to be as healthy as possible, but their food is delicious, the service is excellent and the restaurant has a very nice vibe.
I love this place!

My boyfriend is not a vegan, and he prefers most of their meatless/fake meat dishes over the original any day!

Pros: flavors, service

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Veggie Heaven: Where the Good Vegans Go - Edit

My Boyfriend and I come to these Chinese vegan eatery regularly. He is not a vegan, but he also loves it! The ambiance is great, the food is also great, and it's not that expensive. Everything on the menu is vegan (even if it is called "chicken" or "beef", etc). This is a must for vegans who miss eating Chinese food(and it's much better than takeout). Try the bubble tea and tofu ice cream!

Pros: Excellent Food, Friendly Staff, Great Atmosphere

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Tasty, probably not healthy - Edit

A friend of mine took me here. I didn't know what to expect, but possibly from living in Jersey City, I didn't expect too much. Wrong. Montclair is a beautiful college town (at least downtown seems to be that way), and this is a prime location for a vegan restaurant. Great atmosphere inside, food served very quickly, better Chinese food than I'm used to, complimentary tea (forgot what it's called, but it's GOOD), and lots of choices on the menu. Serving size is a more than that of an average restaurant, but probably a little less than what you'd get with traditional take-out. Does not seem to have raw-friendly options. Also doubt the food is very nutrient-dense; high probability that the mock-meats are soy based. Very happy for what it is.

Pros: Complimentary tea, Wide Variety, Great location

Cons: Could be more nutritious

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Veggie Heaven, Montclair - Edit

I've been to two Veggie Heaven locations, Montclair & Teaneack, NJ and at both locations I had the mock-chicken lo mein. I definitely liked the food at Montclair better because it had more flavor to it. If you enjoy Asian food, are a vegan and in the area, I'd recommend Veggie Heaven in Montclair for a quick meal. This is not healthy eating at all though.

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very pleased - Edit

I'm happy that I was able to stop by this establishment while I was in town. They have a ton of choices and are reasonably priced. My device was excellent. Although, I will probably bring a book with me next time because the waitstaff tend to stand watch for when you need something. That's totally a good thing, but if you're flying solo for a meal you probably dot want to repeatedly make eye contact with your server.

Pros: variety, friendly staff, good prices

Cons: 60 min street parking

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Always reliable - Edit

We always find something to enjoy at Veggie Heaven's Montclair location. Although heavily reliant on fake meat, it's still nice to have a wide variety of chinese food to choose from. I like this locations cozy feel. Great to sit with a pot of hot tea, sharing several appies and a tasty meal.

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Easy Meals for After School - Edit

I go to school right up the road and I would always get a dinner from Veggie Heaven. Every single meal I have from here is delicious and the outside of the restaurant looks so-so but when you enter it's lovely! Also, the waiters and host are welcoming and warm. This restaurant makes being a vegetarian so much easier! I once brought my meat eating friends here and they couldn't believe it wasn't meat!

Pros: Great food, Great location, Nice staff

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Fun! - Edit

Five of us ate here tonight & all of us were happy with our meals! Three of us had dishes w mock-meat and it was really good, no wierd soy tastes, just good food.
Although the General Tso's chicken was good, it wasn't hot, which was disappointing.
The waitstaff was very nice and the atmosphere was nice as well. Good restaurant for a large group.
Updated from previous review on Saturday July 13, 2013

Pros: Atmosphere, Yummy , Large selection

Cons: Wasn't spicy, so ask

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yummy - Edit

I tried out this place today. Very yummy. Their mock meats had my occasional meat-eating friend doubting it was fake meat! He liked it. We will be going back to try their sushi. The prices were reasonable, it looks small from outside but its big inside and looked clean. there's ample parking too across it.

Pros: good food, healthy, fast service

Cons: too quiet

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Vegan our backyard! - Edit

After seeing a movie with my family, we happen to see Veggie Heaven and decided to try it out. I was shocked it was completely vegan and so close to home! I am not a huge fan of most mock meats but their vege chicken was delicious. We ordered steamed dumplings, broccoli & chicken, veggie fried rice and veggie lo mein. The one mistake was ordering tofu & tomatoe & basil. I always get sucked into an Italian sounding dish..not recommended. Even the waiter scoffed at my choice. The fresh drinks were a huge hit with my kids that love any type of fancy juice. We will be returning.

Pros: vegan, large menu, healthy

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Excellent - Edit

Veggie Heaven in Montclair is very consistent in serving great tasting food. The service is always very nice and prompt.

Favorite dishes: scallion pancake deluxe, curry chicken noodle soup, almond chicken.

They have a great avocado salad and a fine selection of fresh juices as well.

Pros: Great Food, Good Service, Reasonable Prices

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Fine example - Edit

Wow! What a restaurant. The food was very good and the price was reasonable. I took a "newer" vegetarian here to sample the food (it was my first time here also, but a long time user of "Happy Cow"). Parking was on the street, no lot - but residential areas all around. Dry cleaners next door has a parking lot, but don't park there. Clearly marked.

Each dish we had was full of flavor and texture. Well done. Those that are new to vegetarian restaurants will love this one. Very good atmosphere, "meat-like" texture to the "meat" dishes, and prices that won't scare them.

Pros: Excellent food, Price/value, Friendly staff

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I love Veggie Heaven in Montclair! The service is great and fast. There is a great variety of foods to select from. It's clean and everyone I've brought there, vegetarian or not -- loves it! They are so reasonably priced too. And there's parking along the side streets near the restaurant.

Pros: Excellent Food, Variety, Good Service

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Phenomenal! - Edit

I visited this restaurant after touring NYC on vacation and the Vegan/V-friendly restaurants it had to offer, but after the three other places I had eaten at, this place tops the carrot cake! I went with two of my relatives who are omnivores and they had actually told me about this place which is not too far from them. I'm glad I agreed to go. How could I not? :) We tasted each other's meals to get the full experience. To start off we each got a serving of soup which consisted of wonton soup for me and miso soup for them, delicious so far for both soups. Then came our appetizers, I got garlic seaweed, it came very fresh and tasted amazing. My relatives got dumplings, I forgot which one exactly but it tasted great. Then came our entrees, for entrees I got mango 'chicken', it was very sweet not what I would have gotten for brunch but it was cooked well and it was the waiter's recommendation, I should have picked something else because I really never eat sweet entrees. My fault, I can't really rate that dish because of my biased taste-buds. My relatives got spicy General Tao's 'chicken' and beef with broccoli and a side of 'pork' fried rice. In order of greatest tasting entrée it would be General Tao's 1st, fried rice 2nd, and beef with broccoli 3rd. The General Tao's tasted very much like my relatives have had it usually and if none were the wiser that it was a Vegan dish they would have been fooled into thinking it was the real deal they said, which is great. All the dishes are made with olive oil and not soybean or canola oil and they came with no MSG which I prefer. For dessert I had Carrot Cake, they had the Butter Pecan ice cream and the soy cheesecake. The soy cheesecake was to die for! Best cheesecake I have had in a long time! The butter pecan ice cream was great by itself but would have gone better on the cheesecake or on my carrot cake to make it a la Mode ;). My Carrot cake came out fantastic too; the cream was perfect, better than I remember it tasting on non-Vegan Carrot cake! The total price for all this food was very reasonable for the amount; it came out to around 70-80 dollars. I wish I lived in this place, or at the very least had not gone to this restaurant my last day in NJ/NY :'(. You better bet I will be coming back to this place if I ever go on vacation again! At the end of the meals I could see their eyes glistening from how good the food was, they said they were on the verge of tears, and so was I! :D

Pros: Awesome Prices, Wide selection, Nice atmosphere

Cons: None that I can think of!

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A lucky find for a newcomer - Edit

My husband and I love this place. We've just moved to Montclair and were thrilled to find a restaurant that has so many options and delivers to us! The staff is very nice and the delivery guy thanked us for ordering from there and becoming a new customer. We love Chinese food but are usually restricted to dumplings and steamed veggies. I'll be using Happy Cow to find some other places for us to eat, but I'll be ordering their Five-flavored Chicken at least once a week. The ring of taro (at least I think that's what it was) in the Chicken a-la King was a little weird to me but it is served on an extremely delicious bed of veggies. I don't eat mushrooms, so it's a relief to find a veggie restaurant that doesn't rely on mushrooms for everything

Pros: Large varied menu, friendly staff, not too expensive

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Not any different than the Denville location - Edit

Fake meat= fake murder. Most of the items here are fake meat, meant for meat eaters who are trying to be healthy and not true vegans. There are still some good vegan choices at Veggie Heaven mostly their organic salads and juices. The real reason to go here is the amazing dessert!

1 Response

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xvx 23 Jun 2010 - What is fake murder?

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Great location-not so many options. - Edit

Not as stellar as the Teaneck location. They do not offer steamed entrees for healthier options. Their Shu Mai (steamed dim sum appetizer) is better than Teaneck but the service is much slower and I do NOT like the atmosphere. I never seem to be satisfied when I leave there. I'll go because Montclair has a fantastic downtown so it's worth trying but Teaneck has better food and service.

Pros: Location, Veggie

Cons: Atmosphere, Limited Menu

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Good Food Fast - Edit

We ate here on the way to a concert down the street. I had the vegan beef and broccoli and it was delicious. When you sit down they bring you tea and some raw cabbage dipped in some sort of yummy dressing. It was priced on average with most vegan restaurants. The food came out within 10 mins of ordering which was awesome. The only drawback was that the portions were on the small side for what they cost.

Pros: Fast service, Wide selection, Vegan Desserts

Cons: Small portions

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So many choices! - Edit

I love Veggie Heaven. The last time I visited, I had the "fish" sticks and the fried tofu. Both meals arrived hot and fresh. I can't figure out how they get the fish entree to smell like fish and have a similar texture. The steamed vegetables served were cooked to perfection. Also, the sauce was served on the side with my tofu dish, so I really could control how much to use. I try to order something different each time and there are so many choices. Of course, I always end the meal with a slice of their tofu cheesecake. Just like the name says -- heaven!

Pros: vegan, large menu, great food

Cons: none

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Excellent - Edit

I have been a customer of this restaurant for years. My family and I love their food! Great service and a pretty cool selection of vegan dishes. I can eat here everyday!

Pros: Healthy, Good size serving, Nice Vegan variety

Cons: Busy Saturday nights

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New Jersey JEWEL!!! - Edit

An awesome vegan Chinese restaurant. Everything we had there was very good! This place is NOT certified kosher, unlike it's sister restaurant in Teaneck, but everything is vegan. I'm still not sure, but I have been wondering if it is related to the Manhattan Veggie Heaven and queens Bamboo Garden which were Vegetarain restaurant greats in their era. The restaurant itself has a nice chinese feel to it, and has two floors of seating. When you enter it is as if the sumptuous aromas beckon you to sit down and dive into the culinary delights. If you like hot and sour soup, it is a can't miss here. The Orange beef was also a highlight. No matter what I've had there nothing is bad. The sweet and sour chicken as well as the General tzo's are positively succulent. The chow fun can be alittle over sticky and the curry tofu isn't the best thing on the menu, but NOTHING is bad here. What more the service is friendly corteous and excellent. Recently i ordered in and they forgot my soup. I called them and the woman must of apologized to me at least 4 times for forgetting it. She sent the delivery man back within 10 minutes with an enormous soup much bigger than the one i ordered. I highly recommend Veggie Heaven as they serve you incredible food with a smile. This restaurant is so good, you'll leave smiling... guaranteed!!

Pros: Excellent flavours textures, and content, Great service, Big inexpensive portions

Cons: NO Kosher Supervision

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Green Tea cake rules! - Edit

I love all Veggie Heavens but Montclair has become new favorite. My favorite dishes include black pepper beef, hot and sour soup, deluxe scallion pancakes, broccoli with garlic sauce, and of course green tea cake. Huge menu and almost everything is very good.

Pros: fast , delicious, all vegan

Cons: varies from other VH menus

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My Chinese Cravings Here - Edit

Vegan hot and sour.... need I say more? Try the Taro Chicken a la King. It is really tasty except for the lack of hot spice. I was not a big fan of the General Tso's here but I've liked everything else I've tried. The Curry Noodle Soup is so warming on a cold day.

Pros: Vegan Chinese, Vegan Desserts, Vegan Appetizers

Cons: Lack of hot spicy choices, Some pricey dishes

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Delicious Food, Nice Atmosphere - Edit

This is one of my favorite culinary destinations. Though the menu here is not nearly as extensive as the Teaneck location's, they still offer a large array of creative and delicious fare. The hot pots are delicious. The Crispy Vege Jumbo Shrimp is amazing. My personal favorite dish here, though, is the Double Delight Eggplant: eggplant with chicken and shrimp in an incredible spicy garlic sauce, served with baby bok choy. Oh the yum. You can't go wrong here, really. Everything is fresh and well prepared, not greasy or overcooked. It will go over well with omnivores, as well. Do try it!

Pros: large creative menu, well prepared, not greasy, nice cozy atmosphere

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fabulous! - Edit

I recently went to Veggie Heaven for the first time for my birthday. I brought my non-vegan family and friends and they all liked the food too. My brother, who is scared of fake meat, had the fake sesame chicken and loved it. (I stole some and thought it was good too). I also suggest the vegetable lo mein and the green tea cake. Since it was my birthday, they paid for the cake! =] Great relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. I will definately be coming back.

Pros: nice staff, great food, nice atmosphere

Cons: none!

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