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Plant-based chain founded 2006 with its first location in Irvine, California. Offering a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls and more. This one est. 2012. Open Mon-Thu 10:30am-8:30pm, Fri-Sat 10:30am-9:00pm, Sun 10:30am-8:30pm.

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First Review by Miso Vegan


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03 Dec 2023

My absolute favorite fast food

They changed some things lately, sadly. But it is still my favorite fast food place

Pros: Flavor , Presentation , Atmosphere



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22 Oct 2023

Decent fast food

I can’t say the food at veggie grill is amazing, but it’s decent fast food. I’ll keep coming here when that’s what I need. Over the years they have removed all my favorites from the menu. Want to like the burgers, but the buns they use are not very good.


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04 Oct 2023

Très bien

Fast food tres bon avec un personnel adorable.

Updated from previous review on 2023-10-04

Pros: La nourriture , Le personnel

Cons: La salle n’est pas très glamour.


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06 Sep 2023

Good food, make sure to check your order

I went here a few weeks ago to order in person and I got the Santa Fe burger, and my partner got the Classic Veggie Burger. Both of us liked ours a lot, but didn’t find it particularly unique or spectacular. The cookies were amazing though.
About a week later I did an online order and my I ordered my santa fe burger again but got a spicy patty this time (I didn’t order that but it was ok because I liked it more.)
But my partner ordered the Grilled Chick’n sandwich and it was very off. Instead of sprouts it had shredded lettuce, there was no avocado, it was drenched in yellow mustard, and pickles were added for some reason. The chickn was also very soggy and soft. We had driven pretty far away at this point when we realized and didn’t feel like going back through traffic to ask for something else.

This was later in the evening and the person packaging the order was the only one I could see working, and it looked like they had 3 or 4 other order bags to do. In such a busy area like university village, I feel it’s not fair to have only one person doing all the orders, it’s not their fault it would get a little messed up.

I would recommend going here if you order in person, and can check your food. It’s a good restaurant overall, I just hope they hire more staff to help out.

Pros: Fully Vegan, delicious cookies and good food, Quick service

Cons: Order might be a bit off, less unique food options


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03 Sep 2023

Very big selection

This place has a very large selection of vegan options. I had the vegan burger and it was nice although a little dry.


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02 Jun 2023

Veggie grill is

This place fills my heart. Glad they are there serving vegan food near UW. All their stuff has been pretty good that I’ve tried from sandwiches to burgers to burritos


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14 May 2023

Great fast food

Always a good experience. Their menu changes once in a while. Lots of choices

Pros: All vegan, Great burgers/sandwiches, Friendly


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17 Feb 2023

Great fast food

They have some great grain bowls topped by perfectly cooked tempeh. The Corn Bisque is exceptional, chunky and creamy. I wish they had a bigger size on this one. The buffalo wings are awesome too, served with ranch.

The chilli was meh, too much American style fake cheddar in it.

Updated from previous review on 2023-02-17


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10 Feb 2023

Yum! So many options!

If you want a salad, they got it. If you want a burger, they got it. Mac & “cheese” they got it. That “chick’n” they got it. Desserts?! They got it!
This is my second time to this place and yum! It’s a fast casual place that makes take out really easy or you can dine in! It’s actually great. You can get a water to drink for free or get a lemonade or strawberry lemonade which is really tasty. I need one of these in my hometown.
I got a salad that wasn’t even on the menu yet the first time, so tasty! This time I ordered a BBQ burger with Mac& cheese. I was considering the sweet potato fries, but just got the original ones. 😃
Oh and I got the cookies to go before and yum yum!

Pros: Everything is vegan!

Cons: Too many decisions to make! Ha!


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12 Dec 2022

Nice variety of standard dishes veganized!

This chain provides a great selection of traditional. Visited them a few years ago for the first time and have stopped by several additional locations since.


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16 Oct 2022


Wonderful all round; had vegan food


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18 Sep 2022


Wow we were shocked by how good this was. The online ordering really lets you customize your order (no onions, sub type of bun, etc). The lentil soup and Sante Fe burgers we got were awesome! I’d also like to get the soup to put in baked potatoes it’s so good!!

Pros: Delicious food , Clean environment , Easy online ordering and pickup

Cons: None


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03 Sep 2022

Delicious fast comfortable

Plenty of comfortable seating, fast delicious food and lots of choices. It’s not fine dining but it is so good, everything is vegan.


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30 May 2022

Reliably Good Food

Eaten here dozens of times and it is always good. Can’t go wrong with their Buffalo wings, Southwestern nachos, Crispy cauliflower, Far East bowl with crispy sesame chickin’, Steakhouse burger, and of course their chocolate parfait for dessert. Their sauces are tasty. They make their ranch sauce in house and it’s fabulous. Lupita, behind the counter is also very nice! Double check your to-go orders because you can get f***ed sometimes. Menu changes periodically so it’s fun to try their new or limited time offerings.

Updated from previous review on 2022-05-30

Pros: 💯 vegan!, Lots of menu options, Great flavors

Cons: The All Hail Kale Salad is no more


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24 Feb 2022

Always a good choice

So many options! The 7 layer bowl and buffalo chickn burger are delicious! The cauliflower bites are fun. Comes with lots of sauces😄The chocolate chip cookies are crispy.

Pros: So many options


Points +22

14 Feb 2022


love this place. food is good. wish they had more desserts cause i have a sweet tooth


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03 Feb 2022

Delicious familiar food!

Everything on the menu is wonderful, seriously. I've been to Veggie Grill many times and have never had a bad meal. They also change up the menu seasonally which is so fun and really great. A must try for vegans and everyone!

Pros: Great flavors, Wide variety on the menu, Familiar food that everyone loves

Cons: Not enough locations! , We need more Veggie Grills around the country!


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07 Nov 2021

Hit or Miss with some items

First went and ordered Mac and cheese and the pesto pasta. Mac and cheese just tasted like daiya Mac and cheese and was garbage, but the pesto pasta was pretty good. The pesto pasta was served cold and tastes like pestp pasta salad (w/o veggies). Next time I went I ordered the 9 layer bowl and it was super good. My only thing is that the which sauce on top had this smoky flavor to it, that was off putting. I also ordered a carrot cake and it was super yummy. The cake is really crumbly and struggled to stay together without the wrapper but still super tasty.

Updated from previous review on 2021-11-07

Pros: All vegan!!

Cons: Read reviews before buying items, Hit or miss


Points +267

19 Sep 2021

Great selection and prices

I was really happy with my recent Uber Eats order from Veggie Grill -- great timing, food carefully prepared. The selection is really good here, and I particularly enjoyed the burrito from the not-so-secret menu!


Points +1403

16 Aug 2021

Love this place!

We originally stumbled on the Veggie Grill chain while in California and were so excited when we found it here in Seattle too!

We went to this location and I had the hot dog and my partner had the chicken style burger. I love the sides that come with the hot dog - the potato salad is delicious! Everything is completely plant based which is great and they make delicious drinks here too.


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20 Jun 2021

Great experience, kinda hard to get to.

Love this Veggie Grill, very nice, hardworking staff too.


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12 Jun 2021

Best fast food

This place is in the area of university village shopping mall. Lovely to sit inside or out. Very friendly staff and freshly made delicious and nicely presented food. Great Moroccan soup and cauliflower wings. Tasty chicken burger with sweet potato fries. It was all very good.


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27 Apr 2021

Great Vegan Fast Food

Consistently good food. The regular cheeseburger is delicious! They also have some great desserts.

Pros: All vegan menu, Great burger

Cons: A little expensive for what it is


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06 Mar 2021

4.5 if I could

This place is awesome. Convenient and many good options. Variety of food. Modern spin on what everyone loves.

Pros: Vegan, Fresh, Modern


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18 May 2020

It’s just really good

I have never had anything I didn’t like. It’s just really good. The cheese burger and cheesesteak sandwich are my personal favorite!!

Pros: all vegan, wide variety , just yummy


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05 Dec 2019

I just love this place.

I must have tried at least half of the menu options at this point and that’s been over the course of several years...and there’s still more to try.

Pros: Satisfies the urge for greasy comfort foods., Everything I’ve ever tried here I’ve enjoyed., The crispy tacos are so good!

Cons: I wish they would bring back their onion rings.


Points +889

28 May 2019

Great vegan food!

Been here many times and it’s always great, except once near closing time. We got there 45 mins before closing and my mom ordered a Beyond Burger. The patty was still pink and you could tell they just wanted to get out of there. However, every other time we go is great service, hence the 4 stars. The food is always satisfying.

Pros: All vegan, Good prices, Convenient

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