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Plant-based chain founded 2006 with its first location in Irvine, California. Offering a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls and more. This one est. 2014. Open Mon-Thu 10:30am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 10:30am-10:30pm, Sun 10:30am-10:00pm.

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First Review by SonjaCPA


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22 Sep 2023

Veggie Grill for the win!

Veggie Grill is one of my all time favorite chains. They always have numerous delicious and healthy options. You can’t go wrong here in my opinion. I wish there were more of them!

Pros: 100% Vegan, Reliably good food at any location, Lots of healthy options

Cons: There aren’t more of them!, Menu changes, and sometimes favorites disappear



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05 Sep 2023

Great vegan fast food

Always a great option for vegan fast food. My favorite is the Nashville hot chicken, when it's offered.

The mac n' cheese is not that good imo.

Updated from previous review on 2023-09-05


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05 Jun 2023

An old favorite

I've loved VG for years! The Sante Fe Crispy Chicken is my fav. I love the buffalo wings too


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30 Sep 2022

Lots of choices

Full vegan menu, unclear on what the proteins consist of past “gluten and soy.”


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20 Sep 2022

Was the best but got surpassed

This was the first vegan fast food burger spot to franchise and reach out of SoCal. Was the best at the time but many other new vegan spots have surpassed them in quality.

Veggie Grill is awesome if you’re in the suburbs and it’s the only option. The food is good. It just could be better for the price.

Generally the further from Irvine Orange County you get the lower the quality.

Their other project Stand Up Burger is much better (delicious junk food) and their ghost kitchen Mas Veggies is horrible. I really wanted to like it but it was just bad. Basic Mexican food is hard to mess up.. I hope they step their game up.

On the upside it’s a little cheaper than Real Food Daily nearby.

Pros: Decent fast food, Healthyish leaning fast food, Free 90 min parking out back

Cons: Pricey for fast food, Chicken sandwiches could be crispier , Chain Jamba Juice vibe


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15 Jun 2022

Best fast food vegan

For what it is - a greasy, fast food chain - it's pretty much top tier. Really wish I had one close to me. Still dream about the amazing crab cakes


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22 Feb 2022

Exceptional flavor

I got the steakhouse burger with default black bean mushroom patty. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The reviews made me reconsider going but ultimately I’m glad I came here.


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23 Nov 2021

Not impressed

Their menu and all the pictures make it look amazing but we were not impressed with our meals. It just didn’t live up to the hype. I got the Chickpea Masala Bowl and my friend got the kids Mac and Cheese Meal. Apparently his sweet potato fries were good, but that’s about it. I support their cause and everything they’re doing, but I probably won’t be back unless I’m in a pinch.


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15 Oct 2021

Not consistent

This location feels like the least consistent poorest quality of all the locations. Unfortunately its closest to home and I still find myself driving over the hill rather than chance it. Cold food, long waits even when empty, missing items, burnt food. On and on. And this was pandemic so I'm not faulting them unfairly. The only location worse is Santa Monica. Irvine and The Grove are the best locations.

The pro is for someone who has been veg well over 30yrs. where a dinner salad was as good as it got. It is nice to now have a chain option around.

Pros: Free parking, Good comfort food

Cons: Poor service, Poor quality, Slow service


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06 Mar 2021

Absolutely amazing

I’d heard great things about veggie grill before and I was excited to finally go there with my girlfriend (she’d gone there before). We got the fish tacos (which were crispy and delicious and tasted just like real fish tacos) and the loaded nachos (really good! The nacho cheese and sour cream were stellar)—then we had the lemon raspberry cake for dessert. The cake was absolute heaven. The staff were super friendly and the food is so affordable! Can’t wait to go back and try their burgers!!!

Pros: Everything is vegan , The food is delicious , Friendly staff and very affordable prices


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03 Feb 2021

So Many Delicious Options!

Veggie Grill has become my go-to for quick vegan food. There’s a great variety of options to choose from and I love that you can earn points towards some free food! My current favorites are the VG Classic burger, the Buffalo wraps, and the Far East bowl. Everything is so flavorful! I do miss the Mondo Nachos, though😒The newer Southwestern Nachos aren’t as enjoyable for me, but I’ll still order them if I’m craving nachos (I really really love nachos 🙈).

The Veggie Grill Pasadena team has been amazing during the pandemic and I love that I can do curbside pickup. Everyone has always been kind and wearing a mask and face shield.

Pros: Great selection, Flavorful food, Friendly staff


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11 Oct 2020

McDonalds of vegan food

Each meal is a wild guess if it will be prepared in any consistent manner.
Change the menu so much without ever perfecting anything.

Pros: Chain

Cons: Inconsistently cooked meals


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25 Aug 2020

Good default spot!

My partner and I got the buffalo chickn wraps & nachos with sweet potato fries. Let me say that all the food was SUPER tasty. My only gripes were we asked for no ranch and Got lots of ranch, and then asked for chipotle aioli and got ketchup. I would’ve wanted the attention to detail when handling my order, but we wiped off the ranch and kept it pushing. The textures, flavors and that chocolate mousse 😍 good!

Pros: All vegan , Moderate prices Avg $9-15, Super tasty

Cons: Attention to detail on the order


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03 Jan 2020

Lots of yummy options

I got a couple different entrees to share, they were all great.

Pros: Lots of vegan options


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26 Nov 2019

Go to fast food style vegan place

Love the buffalo wings, Far East bowl, bulgogi beef bowl, carne asada burrito (on fire), fish tacos and nachos!


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08 Aug 2019

Won’t dine hear anymore.

First my to go order was wrong and super cold. After opening the salad there was mud all over the lettuce (super gross!!) and the “quinoa salad” had no quinoa like none. I used to really like this place but unfortunately I will not be dining hear again.

Cons: Staff seems not too interested in quality.


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28 Jun 2019

Never a bad experience

We always visit Veggie Grill when we come to the LA area. We have never ever had a bad experience. The sevice is always wonderful and the food is equally good. I soooo wish we had one in Vegas!!!!

Pros: Best Nachos...ever!!!!!, Seasonal menu items, Amazing cookies

Cons: Not one in Vegas😄


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05 Jun 2019

Everything a fast food chain should be.

Affordable, fast and vegan! I love the kale ceasar and gluten-free Mac and cheese.


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13 Jan 2019

Love this place

B wing salad is excellent! I order it without ranch.

Pros: Everything is vegan


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07 Oct 2018

Super Tasty

They have a great selection of food here. I got a burger from their seasonal menu and it was amazing! No complaints. Big thumbs up!


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29 Jul 2018

Vegan Happiness

Veggie Grill is a great place to get delicious food fast from an entirely vegan menu. They have a variety of food types, with seasonal specials. The tacos are not my favorite, but I love the kale caesar salad, nachos and the burgers.


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20 Jul 2018

Veggie Grill

It has a big menu with many tasty options. I personally like the buffalo bomber out of all of the things I tried. The decor is nice and the food is flavorful. The price is decent. (They also have a rewards system).

Pros: good food, decent price

Cons: package food next to where people walk through


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02 May 2018

Amazing place

Simply speechless. Vegan's paradise, has an amazing beyond burger. Also enjoyed the super stuffed nachos. Very good!


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08 Mar 2018

Vegan chain? Yes please!

This is your order and then you sit down type of restaurant. They give you a number and will deliver the food to you once it’s ready.

I’m a huge fan of bowls so I usually order one of their bowls and it fills me up easily. My bf decided to get the buffalo bomber and was surprised at how savory the sandwich tasted.

On a random week night, it was pretty lively but the food came out in a decent speed with everything tasting amazing as usual.

Pros: service , good food, parking


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01 Mar 2018

Love this food chain!!!

Fully vegan restaurant chain. Family friendly and low key- kind of like a Panera feel, only fully vegan. Offering clean, healthy, and delicious foods!


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01 Nov 2017


Really great fully vegan menu with gf options. Lots of choice using ‘beyond meat’ products, which are really tasty, and fresh veg.


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09 Aug 2017


Love the Santa Fe Chicken and BLT... everything there is amazingly good!!!

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