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Plant-based chain founded 2006 with its first location in Irvine, California. Offering a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls and more. Reported closed July 2023.

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First Review by SLC


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21 Jul 2023

Closed Permanently

Veggie Grill is one of the best but unfortunately this location is now permanently closed



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13 Jul 2023

Great service and food

I still get overwhelmed with so many choices but I settled on trying the Korean Kimchi bowl and carrot soup. It was really yummy and fresh. The staff was very friendly and service was great.


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08 Oct 2022

Reliably awesome

This is my 2nd or 3rd time at this particular veggie grill location and it has always satisfied. We shared the nachos, a power greens Caesar salad, and the Reuben sandwich. The Reuben was a little heavy on the dressing for my taste but it was definitely still delicious. The Caesar was nice and fresh with a really good dressing. The nachos were probably my favorite. The guac and cholula crema were super tasty. All around a great affordable (for SoCal) vegan option. We need these in Santa Barbara (and everywhere else)

Pros: All vegan, Relatively affordable , Lots of variety


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Non Veg
19 Sep 2022

Check for points

I came with a lady friend that is experimenting with Vegan food. She got cauliflower and the chocolate cake. I got the Classic burger which came with free fries for national cheeseburger day. She tried some of my burger and gave me some cauliflower. The food and service at Veggie Grill is always good Only thing is I didn't get my rewards points and didn't request a receipt to save a tree. When the bank texts my receipt I'll try getting my points at Irvine which is close to me.

Pros: Great Food

Cons: Didn't get my rewards points


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30 Jun 2022

Quality Food

I went for the Far East Bowl with the sesame chik’n. Fairly tasty and fresh. I would give this place a shot if you’re on the fence.


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02 Mar 2022


Very good food! And very friendly staff!

Pros: Lots of Vegan options


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19 Oct 2021

VG spicy

The new house burger is SUPER SPICY even without Chipotle sauce.
Combo NEW smoky potato salad should be renamed Super SPICY potato salad. One bit and forced a 2nd bit to confirm. The New chef and direction VG are going isn't good. Miss the old hale kale salad, mashed potatoes, quinoa burger of the past.

Pros: Open til 10pm

Cons: Did I mention spicy?


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31 Aug 2021

All Vegan

Ordered: Tuna Melt, Crispy Buffalo Chickin Wings, Roasted Garlic Broccolini, Sweet Potato Fries, Loaded Red Yams, Yukon Gold Fries and Diablo quesadilla burger

All the food was good, personally liked the Buffalo Chickin Wings and diablo quesadilla burger. The beans on the Loaded Red Yams could have been cooked a bit longer. Non-vegan friend didn’t like the beyond meat used for the burger. Had been a long time in my life since I had a tuna melt and it was good, it also tasted good reheating it at home the next day in a pan. Staff was very friendly and great with suggestions. Everyone I was with enjoyed the garlic Broccolini.

Updated from previous review on 2021-08-31

Pros: So many options, Friendly helpful staff


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28 Feb 2020

Good food, like a fastfood vegan place

Good food but they need a couple more bus boys to tidy up the place.


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10 Aug 2019


By far our family’s favorite restaurant. Yummy foods for kids and salad lovers. Great seasonal menu, too.


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08 Apr 2019

The Ultimate Fast-Casual Food for Vegans

I f'n love this place. Never had a bad dish and love that GrubHub will bring it right to my door.

Going plant-based was tough for my cheesy nacho addiction, but Veggie Grill's nachos saved me....and ruined me as I've become hooked on these.

Their healthy options are great (veggie bowls and salads), but having a vegan burger (get the steakhouse burger....just do it), nachos and wings for diet failing meals is fantastic.

Love the buffalo wings (especially the wing wrap!).

Our kids love the vegan mac-and-cheese.

Wish they had a few Italian style options like spaghetti and veggie meatballs for kids (ok, fine for me too), eggplant parm, etc.

1 - Parking is a nightmare unless you want to do the LA thing of overpaying for valet, so we just GrubHub it even though we're a mile away.
2 - Some items come a little different every time. Nachos will have different amounts of things or missing some things, so if you love say jalapenos, make sure to ask for extra as you may only get a few or sometimes none.
3 - Very often our orders are incorrect. Not sure if that's a VG issue or a miscommunication with GrubHub, but I'd say every 3rd order from them has a mistake. They are very helpful in making up for it which is good.
4 - The seasonal menus items are great, but there's nothing more frustrating than when you (or say, a very picky family member) falls in love with the item only to see it disappear.

Pros: All items are delicious, can't pick wrong, Nachos Nachos Nachos Nachos NACHOS, Delivery available (GrubHub)

Cons: Incorrect orders, Parking


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18 Jun 2018

Good and Fast

Pretty consistent with all other Veggie Grill chains. The food is fast, consistent and entirely vegan. But a lot of their food is fried, breaded or greasy. Our go to is the kale Cesar with chicken added. They also have a good kids menu with great chicken nuggets. If you are looking for a quick lunch Veggie Grill is perfect. On a nice day, we love to sit on their outside patio.

Updated from previous review on 2018-06-18

Pros: All Vegan, Fast, Good price

Cons: Chain, Lot's of fried food


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15 Mar 2018

Loved it! :-)

Great food and reasonable prices...I will definitely return as often as I can! :-)

Pros: Fully plant-based, as far as the menu indicated.

Cons: Parking is a bit of an issue at this location.


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13 Feb 2018

Best Vegan Fast Food

When you just want to enjoy a fast food burger and fries or you’re craving that spicy chicken sandwich you always used to get... Veggie Grill to the rescue! They have all the comfort food you want... and all vegan so you don’t worry about customizing your order without cheese or anything. Seriously the best when I want something fast and filling! They also have some great homemade sodas.

Cons: more locations please!!


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20 Jun 2016


Finally made it to this VG location. It's just like all the others. The chain is very consistent with its décor, menu and staff. I was with a group of friends, so it was easy for each of us to order separately, but the food arrives very quickly. I decided to order off the new summer menu with Thai tacos and butternut bisque. Both good, but the bisque wasn't very thick. Everyone ordered something different and was pleased. I tend to prefer their burgers with fries, but there's plenty to choose from. So glad that they have expanded.

Pros: all vegan, casual and fast

Cristinabella D.

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21 Sep 2015


Service was amazing at this one too. Amy the cashier gave fantastic service today. I got the chill wings again just to be safe since I am not a fan of the food. I tried something new herb roasted veggies and my 5yr old approved. 50% of proceeds are going to kidsmakeadifference.org so worth the drive. Andy Mars runs the program and it's great. I got a chocolate chip/walnut cookie and it was yum. Any Mars has been a vegan over 30yrs.


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22 Jul 2015


This was my very first stop when I arrived in CA last weekend.

I ordered the Buffalo Wings, Cauli-Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, a 1/2 All Hail Kale Salad, and the Chargrilled Street Corn without the parmesan.

Buffalo Wings were amazing, as always. Love their spicy buffalo sauce!

The Cauli-Mashed Potatoes & Gravy is one of my go-to dishes. So yum! I actually wanted a side of steaming kale but was put down for a 1/2 All Hail Kale as part of a Pick a Pair deal instead. This was fine with me, but I do prefer the ginger-miso dressing that comes with the steaming kale over whatever dressing is served with the All Hail Kale.

Chargrilled Street Corn. I missed it last year when they debuted this summer treat, so I was elated to try it and it was everything I dreamt it would be. The corn was so fresh, and it was seasoned to perfection. This is definitely an addition to my go-to items from now on (when it's in season).

The one waitress we had, who brought out our food, could use an attitude adjustment. Aside from her, everyone else (the cashier, the male waiter or manager- not sure which he was) was great.

Parking can be a little tricky here. They'll validate up to an hour of parking, but the parking lot fills quickly. Luckily, I found street/ metered parking across the street.

I'll definitely return to this location!


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22 Jan 2014

Great food (though small portion for the price)

We really liked the posole, but the portion was quite small. The bowl itself was small enough, but they only filled it about 60% (whereas the posters show bowls completely filled). It was our first time here, so we don't know if they're always skimpy by design or if we just got unlucky this time with a kitchen hand who wasn't paying attention, but either way, they could use better attention to portions.

Other than that, everything was quite good. The sweetheart (sweet potato) fries were tasty and with great texture. The grilled cookie was nice, too.

Pros: Delicious food, All vegan

Cons: skimpy soup portions


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28 Nov 2013

Love Veggie Grill

The fourth Veggie Grill location I visited and I love them all. Great food, friendly place, glad they are here for us!

Pros: Great food, Friendly service


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18 Aug 2013


We were very happy to have been there. The service was super friendly and helpful. I had the All Hail Kale Salad, which is heavenly. The grilled tempeh is atop the nice plate of kale salad. The dressing is a ginger/papaya, which is amazing. My son had the vegan mac/cheese, which is amazing too. I only wish they were on the east coast too.

Pros: great value, nice portions, friendly service

Cons: nothing negative to report


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14 Jun 2013

A GREAT Vegan Restaurant

Well, I've eaten at the Hollywood location 3 times and once at the Encino location and I have yet to have a bad meal. I highly recommend the 'Hail Kale' if you want a salad and both the Grillin Chickin & Sante Fe Chickin were very good. and, if you do go, you surely have to get their Sweet Potato Fries which were the best I've had!

Pros: Delicious Tasting Food!

Cons: Pricey, Need to add a Pasta Entre to menu


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18 Apr 2013

Love veggie grill

I have a hard time coming up with anything bad. This place is amazing and it attracks a very different crowd than your usual vegan joint which I love. This one also has a nice patio. The employees were outstanding and so friendly it was a joy!!! The food was delicious. I particularly appreciate the option to order burgers etc kale style and skip the bun in favor of mor veggies.

Pros: food, prices, parking validation

Cons: highly processed food

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