Health food vegan bistro est. 2015. Uses whole food ingredients with natural seasoning. Open Mon-Fri 08:00-17:00. Closed Sat-Sun.

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First Review by DenisPrague


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Mostly Veg
03 Oct 2023

🌱 Veggie Garden astounded us with their innovative and flavoursome vegan creations.

🍽️ During our visit to Veggie Garden, we relished the daily menu delights. We commenced our culinary journey with a heartwarming bowl of broccoli soup, brimming with exquisite flavours. The homemade kale patty, accompanied by velvety mashed potatoes and zesty sauerkraut, served as a truly satisfying main course.

🌟 The quiche, adorned with wild mushrooms, undeniably stole the spotlight with its extraordinary flavour profile. Each forkful was an enchanting fusion of savoury perfection.

🍰 As for dessert, we succumbed to the temptation of the heavenly tiramisu and the decadent chocolate “cheesecake,” both artfully crafted with plant-based milk.

🌱 Veggie Garden astounded us with their innovative and flavoursome vegan creations. If you find yourself in Prague and yearning for delectable plant-based cuisine, look no further than this must-visit gem. Their daily menu boasts an array of delightful options that will undoubtedly leave you craving more.

🫶🏼 Look for Anna there and tell her you are referred by me! She is everything to the place - chef, manager and server!



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01 Sep 2023

Healthy and Tasty

We had the falafel wrap and a quiche which came with a beetroot salad- simple tasty and healthy food.
Really enjoyed a little banana muffin and some homemade lemonade as well!

Pros: Lemonade, Healthy food


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25 Aug 2023

Simple and delicious

Very tasty food, kind of homemade… delicious


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19 May 2023

Little gem beside my hotel!

Seitan cesar wrap was lovely, accompanied by an oat milk latte. Set me up for the day ahead!!


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03 Apr 2023

Perfect place to stop near bus station

Food was delicious, got the curry ramen, but I could only finish half, very filling, and not good to take on the bus, would recommend splitting with someone if you can! They also had outlets and a Togo cup of veggie sticks with hummus


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18 Oct 2022

Bizar betaalbaar

Bizar lekker en betaalbaar eten!
Wij bestelden twee flat whites, een champignonquiche, een sandwich BLT, een bakje Tabouleh en een Aztec soup. Het was zo lekker! En dat alles voor ongeveer €16. Het personeel spreekt ook Engels overigens🙂🙏🏽

Updated from previous review on 2022-10-18

Pros: Heel erg lekker, Betaalbaar, Vriendelijk personeel


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11 Oct 2022

Really lovely vegan food

I had menu and it was delisious, felling of home-made bistro with great cakes. Really worth to try it and vist 😉 And lovely staff is taking care of it ❤️


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18 Sep 2022

Great place with healthy options

I used to work close to Veggie garden, so I was going there very often. They offer lunch menus, which are quite cheap and tasty. They used to have a really great burrito, which I used to order very often, but they don't offer it anymore. I really like it that they offer healthy food. Would recommend 10/10.

Pros: Healthy food, Tasty, Cheap


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29 Aug 2022

Great bistro

Update August 2022 - even better now, great lunch options, do not miss!

We tried their burrito, it was very good, not the biggest though (meaning you will be able to move after it:). The bistro is very small and simple, open kitchen. Since they don't have a lot od staff, you could wait a bit. Overall I really like it and will come back.

Updated from previous review on 2018-08-14

Pros: Tasty food, Small local business

Cons: Very small, No toilet


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11 Aug 2022

Not great

I had a coffee and a cheesecake but it was tasteless


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09 Aug 2022


We bought some sandwiches, wraps and vegetables with hummus to take with us on our train journey. I had a cafe latte as well.
We didn’t really like any of the food, and usually we aren’t picky eaters.
They have one of my favourite oat milks for the coffee, but they didn’t really steam it right, so it wasn’t smooth at all.
I don’t think I’d come back, but if I did I’d go for iced coffee and maybe some cake.


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01 Aug 2022

Excellent pie

Had probably the best vegan pie I've ever tasted here. Apple pecan pie! So delicious. 5 stars! My smoothie was room temperature though... That was weird. I'd never had a warm smoothie. It tasted okay and really nice that it was served in a glass with a metal straw... But...

Pros: All vegan, AMAZING 🥧!

Cons: Warm smoothie


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16 Jun 2022


Great coffee and delicious vegan treats!! I opted for all the indulgent treats but they also have fresh and healthy lunch menu. Cakes and quiches galore 🫶🏽


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25 May 2022

little busy place

I got only a cake as I was after lunch. However, the food looked delicious and the queue was pretty long ( there's not much seating space and people were getting takeaways) as it was lunch time. adn that's a sign people must like it ther!

Definitely will come back to try more.

Cake's crust taasted somehow weird to me, but the filling was pure chocolate heaven.

Pros: take away food and lots of options on the counter


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Mostly Veg
01 May 2022

The food is very good

and the menu is changing each day.

Pros: Food is delicious and also looks nice, You can use and return boxes

Cons: Quite expensive, Small bistro, Sometimes, you havš to wqit for your food.


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06 Apr 2022

Now i don't want to leave Prague

I truly wish i discovered this place sooner, and not on the last day of my stay in Prague.

Small place with a lot to offer, a lot of tasty plant based food

I hope to dine here next time when i visit Czechia

Pros: Wide range of soups, quiches, falafels and wraps, And few desserts options as well :), Some packaged food to grab for a long ride home


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04 Apr 2022


I went to Veggie Garden having read a lot of nice reviews, and I must say I was disappointed. I had a soup main, and it must be said that the broccoli cream soup I had was delicious. Then I had the main, which was goulash. It had a lot of interesting components to it, but the taste was almost non-existing, and the food was close to cold. Sad experience, but I hope I came at the wrong time, so I will be back!


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29 Mar 2022

Amazing ! Fresh and delicious food 🍀

I pretty much loved everything. Lovely stuff, lovely place and delicious food is the way of happy day.


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30 Aug 2020

Lunch menu every day

Delicious lunch menu each day. Lot of cakes and special humus made by bistro.

Cons: Medium


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25 Jun 2020

Small joint with great food.

They have a different meal every day. Great taste. The joint is small so it’s usually crowded.


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12 Jun 2020

Tiny vegan bistro

Veggie garden is a small venue without bathroom but they managed to fit some seating, about 5 tables. Has daily offer - two soups and one main dish that comes cheaper if you order both (soup and the main dish). Also they have burrito, hummus bowl and hummus wrap everyday and some other snacks on display, such as quiche, salads, cakes and sweets. I had the daily menu which was dall with chapati. It was tasty but could be a bigger portion. My fiance got the burrito and while I am not a huge burrito person, I insisted that we swich meals😄It was so tasty and juicy with some marinated seitan, not just beans and rice. Excellent choice that I am planning to go back for.

Pros: tasty meals, has Sproud milk for coffee (extra charge applies)

Cons: small venue, lack of bathroom, plastic containers for take away food


21 Dec 2021

Thank you so much for the wonderful review. We are happy you liked our food. Sorry about the bathroom, hope our staff informed you that there is a bathroom available for our guests next door.
We would like to make it clear as far as our containers and take away boxes go, they are disposable. We use Vegware containers and no plastics.


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23 Nov 2019


Nice place, I took a tea and a cheesecake. The tea was in a teapot, that was great, more than just a mug. The rest was good.

Pros: Good prices

Cons: No toiletts

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22 Nov 2019

Mmm visiting so often

As this place is located close to all corpo worlds, we visit this place quite often (if not day by day). Daily manu (3dishes) are changing every day, they also have falafel tortillas, falafel plates, lots of cakes, sandwiches, ICE CREAM and fresh juices. Very tasty mniaaam :):):):)

@podrozowanie_na_weganie (vegan travelling with HappyCow)

Updated from previous review on 2018-08-15

Pros: Mniam, Mniam, Mniam

Cons: Tiny place , A bit small portion to the price


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18 Nov 2019

Falafel and hummus like in TEL Aviv.

Very delicious 👍👍👍👍


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06 Nov 2019


Ok place to stop in and have a coffee, nothing that leaves an impression- just all in all ok


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29 Oct 2019

Nice vegetable focussed selection of vegan dishes

This place offers a nice selection of quiches, falafels, salads and vegan dessert. A must-visit for those interested in vegetable focused cuisine that shines without substitute products. Nice atmosphere and friendly staff!


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14 Oct 2019

Tasty plant-based food

They serve the “standard” dishes there, e.g. chia pudding or smoothie bowls but they also have some not so common dishes: I tried a pumpkin quiche and a bought a „tuna“ sandwich for take away. Both were really tasty 😋

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