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800 E Arapaho Ste 120, Richardson, Texas, USA, 75081

Asian vegetarian cuisine. Buffet or a la carte menu. Specializes in soy meat dishes. Jun 2013 reported change of ownership and no longer ties to suma master chi; previously Suma's Veggie Cafe. 2014 REPORTED SHUT DOWN/CLOSED AT THIS SPACE, REPLACED BY NON-VEG VIETNAMESE PLACE. CONFIRMED BY COW STAFF.

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First Review by eg0001

Out of Business - Edit

Went to location today and found a new sign "Two Little Girls". No longer a Veggie cafe. Not sure what the future of the location will be.

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charming. delicious - Edit

You'd be hard pressed to find a more gracious host than the couple running this restaurant. The food is awesome - try the vegan fish in brown sauce and the double cooked pork. Great prices and huge portions. A winner. Just ignore the dreary cafeteria like decor.

Pros: food, prices, hosts

Cons: location, decor

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even my omni boyfriend loved it!!! - Edit

I would always skip this place and go to veggie garden down the road but boy was I wrong! This place is great and cheap. Me and my boyfriend are in college so finding cheap places is such a great find. The sesame "chicken" is da bomb.

Pros: variety, cheap, fresh

Cons: none

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Delicious - Edit

Yummy! I work down the road from Suma's Veggie Cafe. I invited a large group of co-workers to eat lunch here. They loved the vegan Chinese and said they did not miss the meat. The food is delicious, and heavily soy based, like all vegan Chinese. (I am allergic to soy. I don't eat the buffet. I have to order steamed vegetables and rice.)

The owners are very professional and friendly. I noticed the vegan bumper sticker on the delivery car out front as I walked in to the restaurant.

Pros: vegan, friendly staff, delicious food

Cons: heavy soy

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Delicious! - Edit

I ate here with my husband. We met the elderly and super friendly Taiwanese owners. The owners drive a car with a bumper sticker that advertises their vegan lifestyle. The restaurant serves all vegan food.
The Mrs. recommended we try the mock fish, moc ma-po-tofu, and moc orange chicken. My husband loved all three dishes. We had lots of left overs.

I ate rice and soy-free steamed vegetables. They were very tasty. My husband has been back several times.

Pros: friendly staff, vegan, inexpensive

Cons: too much soy "meat"

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Yummy - Edit

I went out with a large group of friends recently. They raved about how much they loved the vegan food. The owners are a cute, polite, elderly Taiwanese couple. They were very kind to us. The restaurant specializes in soy-mock meats. This is not the place to go if you are gluten-intolerant or if you have a soy allergy.

Pros: vegan, friendly staff, good date night place

Cons: not gluten-free, soy-allergy alert, peanut-allergy alert

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Endless Options - Edit

We tried this place out not knowing what to expect. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but we were welcomed by friendly hosts who were happy to explain the menu and share health benefits of the ingredients. We were informed that for the past few years all food has been 100% vegan, even though they still use an old menu that shows separate vegetarian and vegan items. We were surprised at the variety of options ("chicken", "shrimp", "pork", "beef" and "fish" menus, plus noodle and veggie options); a meat eater would have a hard time noticing any difference in texture or taste. We ended up ordering the hot & sour soup (a small bowl is plenty for 2), orange "chicken", vegetarian "fish" with brown sauce and spring rolls. All of the dishes had great flavor and tasted very fresh (no preservatives are added). The lunch buffet would probably be a good opportunity to try many different dishes, but service was quick for dinner. The dinner portions are very large and easy to share. Overall we had a very good experience and delicious dinner.

Pros: variety, flavor, price

Cons: decor

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Decent food - Edit

The food was pretty good here, but they ran out of several of the dishes which were not replaced while I was there. It was interesting to see so many different kinds of vegan "meats," but I wished there would have been more veggies and fewer fried items.

Pros: Tasty food, Lots of meat substitutes, Cheap

Cons: Mostly fried food, Some items ran out, Not many veggies

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The Buffet is worth it - Edit

I used to go to Suma's once every couple of weeks for the 3 years I lived in Dallas. It's a little hole in the wall with an owner who is extremely gruff (in an adorable way most of the time). Considering how cheap the buffet is, it's pretty good value for me. Tasty and a good selection. However, the buffet items remain the same pretty much everyday. Comfort food for sure.

Pros: good value

Cons: small area

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Vegan - Edit

I like Suma Veggie, I have only eaten there for around 2 years. When I first went I was told that the curry typically served on the buffet had cow's milk. I asked because - I always ask. At the time I never read anything to indicate that all food was vegan - only no meat. Milk is not meat (but you know this) At any rate, the spiritual leader for the owners, also called the supreme master has changed her guidance and no animal products can be eaten any more. The rule has always been no animal products but milk, and now no milk either. All items are now vegan, even items not marked vegan on the menu. Regarding the personality of the owners - mostly it is a language barrier, but I think it is amusing to listen to Philip ask people "What you want" , "Sit there", "No you can't sit there" and now "Vegan - it all vegan"

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Just Okay - Edit

Personally I did not like it because the day I went there were too many meat substitutes and not enough well flavored vegetables. I stopped eating meat because I didn't want it. I don't want to taste it in my vegetables either.

Pros: inexpensive

Cons: tables too close, loud, not enough vegetables

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My own take. - Edit

For my part, I've been a veg and now vegan for over a decade, and until I moved out of state I dined at Suma all the time. I'd like to add my own two cents, in response to the reviews below, which I assume are genuine.

First of all, they have always listed which items do and do not have dairy on their menu. Also, the curry at the lunch buffet should contain coconut milk - I will be in Dallas again in a few weeks and will verify with the owners, and post if I get a different response.

I can't speak to the other poster's sickness after eating the food, but I nor anybody in my family have every felt sick eating there, and I used to eat there literally three to five times a week. I've never had greasy food there - only high quality vegan Chinese dishes.

Finally, yes Philip is a bit "testy" sometimes. All I can say is he's from New York, so his attitude isn't exactly "Texas-friendly". He never bothered me - I just rolled with it - but I can understand how he might get under people's skin.

I encourage everybody to try the restaurant out once - ask Elaine (Philip's wife who's there almost as often as he is) about each dish to verify that it's vegan. She speaks good English and is knowledgable of dietary issues (for example, she's always pointed out which items on the buffet are gluten-free for my wife). Thank you for your time in reading my review and supporting this establishment.

Pros: Goofy Staff, Great Food, Good Prices

Cons: Goofy Staff

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redman_vf 22 Feb 2013 - I have heard from a few people now that they are saying everything is vegan, again. I have even been sent a sign that is on the buffet that states "All Vegan".

I would ask before you do any more reviews that you put your personal feelings about your experiences with Pat and Elaine aside and not just focus on how much you enjoyed the food and think about what I said and mostly, what you said before you try to contradict what others have said. I may not have mentioned, but I never had a problem with Philip, and I loved Elaine, but that doesn't change what happened and how things haven't been as they seem which you clearly, if unintentionally, lay out in your response.

You said "First of all, they have always listed which items do and do not have dairy on their menu. "

Their menu for the entire 6 years that I have dined there had stated "NO DAIRY - NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS". This was also on the door and on fliers under the glass of every table in the restaurant. Wouldn't this mean what it said? Did you read this some other way?

Also, if and when you do travel there, please ask if the curry was always vegan or if they used to use cow milk. Ask Elaine because she will be truthful now. Philip will just keep saying "Everything is vegan....No animal products" like he told me for years, but was not the case. If it was the case, I wouldn't have to ask like you suggest.

While I appreciate that you believed to have found a vegan oasis in the midst of the DFW area, it wasn't completely true. And though they are hopefully remedying this now, you really should check what it is you are saying and think about the implications before posting.

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Not suprising - Edit

I forgot how disappointed I was in this restaurant, until I went back after a year of not going. I wouldn't be surprised at what the commenter below me said. I was always told everything there was 100% Vegan but it apparently varies. I went with a friend once a while back and he asked the older lady who works there if it was all Vegan, and she said no and pointed out what wasn't, which didn't have any markings or signs to let people know. The food is greasy and the entire buffet is the same shade of beige-brown. When my friends and I went, it was a group of 7 people who have all been Vegan for at least 5 years each, and we all got sick after eating the food. We concluded that more than likely some of it is still not Vegan and with no indication of it. The old man who I guess owns it told us to get up and leave when a family walked in and we were not done eating and being polite as we could be. He has been rude every time I have ever gone in there. I am never going back to this place.

Cons: everything

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Amazing - Edit

We found this by chance, and I was so happy we did! If you love little hole-in-the-wall restaurants like I do, this is the place for you! So many options! I got the thai steamed 'chikn' and it was amazing, I ate the entire thing in minutes.

Pros: amazing food, cute owners, good prices

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excellent food/great value - Edit

went for the first time today. while a bit intimidated by the owner others have mentioned, but he was fine today. the food was great. very tasty and service was excellent. definite return trip planned!

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Great Food; Interesting Experience - Edit

Of course the food is great! I have been numerous times and always enjoy it. The tea is to die for! Not sure why, it just make my tummy happy. I have taken many non-vegans there and they always love it. As for the owner, he is a character! In fact, he is the reason I keep going back. I love characters and enjoy different people. He has been nothing but nice and I miss him if he isn't there.

Pros: Tasty, Inexpensive, Experience

Cons: Off the Beaten Path, Parking is Tough at Times

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yummmy chinese food. - Edit

This has got to be the best chinese food I've ever eaten. vegetarian or not, the food is absolutely magnificent. If you dine in on a weekday from 11am-2pm you can get a fantastic buffet for the low price of $6.80. Just make sure you dont go between 2pm-5pm or you will be rather disappointed to learn that they are closed at that time. (of corse they re-open at 5pm until 9pm. Suma vege has nice owners that enjoy talking. Also, they sell meat substitutes... just ask.

Pros: excellent food, healthy

Cons: small eating area, no takeout menus, is noisy during buffet time

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Best food ever - Edit

My family and I stopped by this restaurant when we were looking around in the Dallas area and I must say that they had the best food I have ever eaten in my life, vegan or not. Even my parents, who aren't veg, really enjoyed the food.
I noticed that a lot of people commented on the man who works there but he seemed nice enough when we were there, granted we went there when there were few other people and only went once. We mostly talked to the lady there and she was very friendly and nice to be around.

Pros: great food, nice staff

Cons: none

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Suma's Veggie Cafe - Edit

I love Suma's food!!! But the owner is quite rude...most of the time. Some days he is really happy and welcoming, but most of the time he is just mean! I have eaten at Suma almost weekly for about two+ years, and in that time, I have been kicked out (the owner decided we were ready to stop eating from the buffet and let someone else have the table), I have been TOLD to share a small table with two complete strangers (not a big deal, but I would rather have been ASKED to do so), and have been publicly scolded for taking a large table for few people (some of the company we were expecting never showed up). It was at that point that I decided never to go back to Suma. However, that only lasted three weeks before I was craving their food again! I wanted so badly to stick to my guns, but their food is just too good! So now I go to Suma knowing there is a great chance the owner will be unfriendly to me and my company, but I guess I'll just have to deal with it if I want to enjoy the best vegan meal in town.

Pros: Great Food, Wife is VERY nice, DIRT Cheap

Cons: restroom

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